Boots & Hearts 2015 Big Announcement – October 28

Boots-and-Hearts-Hay-Field-Banner.pngLast week we had the start of a rumour that Boots & Hearts may be leaving Bowmanville and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. And then, out of thin air, we got a HUGE (and unexpected) announcement on CityTV’s Breakfast Television as Florida Georgia Line let is slip that they will be headlining the festival in 2015.

Later in the day Boots & Hearts confirmed the FGL announcement in a Facebook post and then gave us something more to get excited about.
Boots and Hearts 2015 Florida Georgia Line Announcement

And since I do make a habit of predicting things for Boots & Hearts, I’m going to do it again right here, right now!

1) Confirmation of Venue
Whether Boots & Hearts 2015 will be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville or Burl’s Creek Family Park in Oro Station, we don’t know. But any announcement on Tuesday should include the answer.

2) Full Weekend and Camping Tickets on Sale
People have been begging for ticket sales info on Facebook. And this is the longest anyone has ever had to wait to purchase their B&H passes – opening sales (or announcing a sale date in the near future) and moving forward with Boots & Hearts 2015 seems like a solid expectation for this announcement.

3) More Acts Announced for Boots & Hearts 2015!
A source tells me that the Republic Live and Boots & Hearts team had acts lined up as far back as the weekend of the 2014 festival – and with Florida Georgia Line confirmed, it makes sense that more acts could be announced as well to encourage ticket sales and excitement.

4) All of the Above
The fans have been waiting. They are ready and willing to spend their money – and more than anything they are starved for information. An announcement that confirms venue, ticket sales and acts would certainly start to satisfy the masses. And while there will never be consensus on these things (people will either be disappointed that the venue is moving or it isn’t, some will be upset about ticket prices, and fans will beg for their favourite acts and complain about acts they don’t care for) the announcement needs to be made.

We’ll have some or all of the answers on Tuesday – and then we can start talking about how we feel about them and what might come next.

Stay tuned.

Work hard. Play harder. Be awesome.

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Rumour: Boots & Hearts 2015 Headed to Oro Station, Ontario

Oro Station Burls Creek MapA week and a half ago I wrote my Will There Be A Boots & Hearts 2015 post with all signs pointing to yes… and my gut telling me that it would be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park near Bowmanville for the 4th year in a row.

But today, while looking at the comments here I came across a HUGE TIP from a dude named Jeremy in Oro Station.

Boots and Hearts Save the Date 2015Jeremy is telling us that he’s been told that the investors of Boots & Hearts Music Festival purchased the Burls Creek Event Park in Oro Station and will soon be making an announcement that it will become the new home of Boots & Hearts starting in 2015.

Looking at the map and searching for directions, I found that Google tells me it’s the exact same 1 hour and 14 minutes to drive to Burls Creek Event Park from Parkdale, Toronto that it is to drive to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Now, at this time I cannot confirm Jeremy’s tip. And the people at Boots & Hearts haven’t made an announcement yet (October 20, 2014) – so it seems premature to be planning your route and packing your tent.

But this change would explain why tickets for 2015 have not yet gone on sale and what is holding the process up.

As with any change, there will be people who are disappointed if this tip pans out for 2015 – and there will be others who are very happy. I urge you to remember this… Boots & Hearts has been a great festival and party for the last 3 years and a new home, if planned out well, won’t change that!

Stay tuned for more information, we will be.

Work hard. Play harder. Be Awesome!

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How You Inspire Me

Get InspiredA year and a half ago I wrote a post called 31 Things That Inspire Me as part of a series of posts leading up to my 31st birthday.

Since then the post has consistently pulled search traffic, which makes me happy, not because it’s my post that’s getting some hits – but because people are looking for inspiration.

So today I’m sitting here with coffee and thinking about inspiration. Not a list of things that inspire me, but a list of qualities in people that are inspiring.

Kindness is a beautiful thing. The way you treat the people around you: friends, family, co-workers, strangers, etc. is a direct reflection on the person you are. We all have shitty days – and sometimes we aren’t as kind as we could be. But being kind in the face of stress and unfortunate circumstance shows the true colours or a person.

Every kind action has the opportunity to make a difference. It has the chance to change someone’s day. To put them in a better mood. To do good.

In the words of a great man…
Mr. Feeny: Even you. Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.
Topanga: Don’t you mean do well?
Mr. Feeny: No I mean do good.

Faith TattooHaving faith is always inspiring to me. Faith in people, faith in good, faith in God, faith in the thought that things are going to be okay.

It isn’t always easy to have faith in this world. Every day we hear stories of bad people doing bad things and good people making bad decisions. But the ability to take a moment to see the good in the world and trust that those people will come out on top is fantastic – and I hope that it never goes away.

Thinking of others, problem solving, conflict resolution – finding ways to think things through and saving the day in a big or small way is pretty awesome. Too often are we quick to act or yell or run when there is a solution available. The people that find those solutions and defuse situations that could be otherwise terrible are important to everything I want to see in the world.

Whether it’s talent as a musician, writer, speaker, professional, athlete, or anything else, it’s inspiring to see people who are good at things, use that skill. It takes a lot of hard work to be extremely talented at anything. And that hard work, dedication, and practice make me want to better at everything I try to do.

Much LoveBeing able to love and be loved is a special thing. It can be hard and scary and sad sometimes. But the reward is the feeling that you get when you see someone you love get something they deserve, or the feeling you get when someone you love gives you the support you need when you really need it. Love is inspiring. And the people who can show love are inspiring too.

I love being inspired by people. I love the feeling of wanting to be better because of the way I see other people acting in the world.

If you see these qualities in other people, appreciate them – They are awesome!

And if other people see these qualities in you, good work – You are awesome!

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Will There be a Boots & Hearts 2015?

Boots and Hearts 2015 Facebook Cover PhotoWill there be a Boots & Hearts 2015?

Judging by recent Google search results a bunch of people are asking this question.

The quick answer is… I don’t know.

But, there are some things we can look at that can help us to find a more certain answer to the question.

Boots and Hearts Save the Date 2015Save the Date: Before Blake Shelton took the stage on Sunday night at Boots & Hearts 2014 we were all told to save the dates of August 6-9, 2015 for the 4th annual Boots & Hearts Music Festival.

The B&H website still has the Save the Date box on the homepage, and while clicking on it does absolutely nothing, they haven’t taken it down or tried to backtrack on their original announcement.

Ticket Sales: In 2013 early bird tickets were released at the festival for 2014… This year we didn’t see that option. Currently a click on the Buy Tickets link on the B&H website quickly redirects to the homepage again which makes me think that there are still details to work out on pricing, packages and maybe even venue.

Boots and Hearts Instagram Luke Bryan TBTSocial Media: The Boots & Hearts social media team has continued to be active with posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis.

As a professional social media guy I can pretty safely say that if there wasn’t a strong plan to hold another festival in 2015, there wouldn’t be an ongoing investment in building and connecting with an online brand community.

Also, keep an eye on those social media platforms and pages for information – Boots & Hearts has always done a good job of keeping us updated with posts.

Boots and Hearts WebsiteWebsite: The Boots & Hearts website continues to be updated with new content about alumni artists and country music in general.

As mentioned above, the Buy Tickets link goes nowhere, and the Win Tickets box just links to the Facebook page – and while those are oversights that should be corrected with landing pages that give some information or option for an email update or something – I don’t think it’s an indication that the festival is shutting down.

Venue: A look at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park website and the B&H website shows a lack of confirmation that the festival will return to the racetrack. However, the Facebook cover photo does include Bowmanville, ON with the August 6-9, 2015 date…

Is there a chance that 2015’s Boots & Heart Music Festival moves to a new venue? Yes. But other than the sports fields at Waverly Road and the 401, I can’t think of another option in the area. And being in town is not going to be a good option for the noise that the festival generates.

Trinity Bradshaw Backstage Boots and Hearts 2014Artist Interest: I’ve talked to Tim Hicks and Tebey about Boots & Hearts 2015 and both said they would love to be there.

I know that Trinity Bradshaw is pumped to be coming back after winning the SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase.

And with the long list of artists that have played B&H in the past, and the long wish list of artists that I have – and that are plausible – I can’t think that a lack of artists to put on the bill would be a problem for Republic Live in 2015.

In the end I think I’ve talked myself into a strong Yes answer to the question.

Now I’ll wait for more information, and when it comes I promise to pass it along here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

If you have any predictions for Boots & Hearts 2015 (artists, location, changes, surprises) leave a comment and we can all make predictions together.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome.

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20 Half- Assed Predictions For The 2014-15 NHL Season

NHL Faceoff 2014The NHL season starts tomorrow night with a marque match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens…

And so here we are, the same as every season, with my list of predictions for the new hockey season. Some of these predictions are more likely to come true than others. Some are pretty far fetched. But in some reality, somewhere, all 20 of these guesses could end up being correct.

Let me know how far off from your reality I am and pitch in any predictions of your own.

Hockey Puck emoticon Weekly Power Rankings cause fist fights between fans AND the experts that vote on them… especially in the West with Anaheim, LA, St. Louis and Chicago.

Hockey Puck emoticon The San Jose Sharks don’t make it out of round 1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and everyone gets fired and half the team gets traded.

Hockey FightHockey Puck emoticon There will be 50-75 (294-419) fewer fights in the 2014-15 season than there were in 2013-14 (469).

Hockey Puck emoticon The Islanders and Rangers both qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs… and my fingers are crossed that they meet in the 1st round!

Hockey Puck emoticon Winnipeg struggles all season long and makes a slew trades including Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien.

Hockey Puck emoticon Toronto misses the Playoffs and fires Randy Carlyle.

Hockey Puck emoticon This will not be Jaromir Jagr’s last NHL season.

Stamkos and CrosbyHockey Puck emoticon Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos will go to the last week of the season fighting for the Rocket Richard Trophy.

Hockey Puck emoticon The bottom 5 teams in the NHL: Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Buffalo, Florida.

Hockey Puck emoticon Josh Gorges and Brian Gionta will combine for 21 goals and 55 points in their 1st season in Buffalo.

Hockey Puck emoticon Manny Malhotra will finish in the top 3 in faceoff win percentage and become a Montreal fan fav with a big playoff goal.

Hockey Puck emoticon Don Cherry will be reprimanded by Rogers after his controversial comments land on the front page of major news outlets.

Hockey Puck emoticon Detroit misses the Playoffs for the 1st time in 75 years and Mike Babcock becomes the biggest free agent head coach in a generation.

Hockey Puck emoticon Phil Kessel scores 43 goals for the Toronto Maple Leafs – 15 more than anyone else on the team.

Hockey Puck emoticon Ryan Miller has an okay, but not great, season as the Canucks fight for 8th place in the West all season.

Carey Price and PK SubbanHockey Puck emoticon The Dallas Stars will be the dark horse team in the West and will challenge for 2nd in the Central.

Hockey Puck emoticon Carey Price wins 41 games and posts a sub 3.00 GAA AND stays healthy for a Habs Playoff run.

Hockey Puck emoticon Pernell Karl “P. K.” Subban steps up and earns his massive new contract money – and becomes Canadiens captain in 2015-16.

Hockey Puck emoticon The Chicago Blackhawks and LA Kings meet in the Western Conference Finals.

Hockey Puck emoticon The @LAKings remain the #1 NHL team on Twitter – but look for @BlueJacketsNHL to make a push with the support of their fans.

I don’t know how right or wrong I’m going to end up being on any of these 20 predictions… but hey, that’s what the internet is for.

Have a good season!

Be awesome!

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