Reviewing My Resolutions/ Wishes/ Goals For 2010

Hello there and welcome to the New Year.

It’s the first week of 2010, the week when everyone is making their resolutions and wishes and goals for the year. To this point I’ve only made one, to be happy. So at this time I think that I should maybe expand and see if there are some other things that I can get set up for 2010.

Some of these will be resolutions, some will be wishes and some will be goals. Let’s see what we can figure out.

-Be happy. As I said before, that’s the only one that I’ve made before this list started.

-Become more financially stable. Whether through better budgeting, a higher grossing job, or something on the side that brings in some cash. (Or the lottery of course)

-Read more. And not just comic books.

-Read more comic books. I enjoy them, so why not.

-Eat healthier/ better. I don’t think that the 2 have to mean the same thing.

-Write more. I write quite a bit now, but I’d like to really hammer out a couple of significant pieces.

-Drink more water. I’ve been getting better at this in the last little while so really I’m just hoping to keep up the pace that I’ve set.

-Move to a place with more space and a better neighbourhood.

-Learn to be a better house keeper.

-Enjoy the city of Toronto more.

-Go to Canada’s Wonderland.

-Sing like nobody’s listening.

-Make sure that the people I love know it all the time.

-See my pops more.

-Visit my mom’s place to enjoy the company, the outdoors and the hot tub whenever possible.

-Cheer for the Habs in a bar full of Habs fans.

-Play more board games.

-Go fishing.

-Get a cowboy hat.

-Remember that I’m not as old as I feel sometimes.

I’m well aware that this list isn’t really sorted or organized and it’s pretty random. But that’s the way I operate.

I hope that you and your families and all of your friends have a great, safe, loving and prosperous 2010. Thank you for stopping in to read and supporting my love for words and writing.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Celebrate your birthday with your favourite Aunt and some friends. Be sure we know you love us. And play some board games while there. The Aunt, Uncle and Cousin have LOTS of board games 😉

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