Reviewing My Entertainment Guilty Pleasures

So I had no idea what today, so I Googled “what to write about” and followed the first link that I found. I found a blog that had a list of 100 things to blog about. One of the things on the list was “guilty pleasures”. So I decided that I would write about my entertainment guilty pleasures. So far I’m thinking about 3, but we’ll see how it goes.

First on my list is the Family Channel. I love a lot of the programming on the Family Channel. The American stuff, the Canadian stuff, I love a whole bunch of it. There is some stuff that I don’t like, but overall, it’s a hit at my apartment. I know that it’s a little weird that a dude of my age watches Hannah Montana and Ned’s Declassified School Survivor Guide and Suite Life and Wizards of Waverly Place and such. I have no idea why I like these shows so much. I think part of it could be my childhood not being super hilarious or touching as far as I can remember. It may be that I have more or less blocked out a bunch of years from those ages. I also think that the jokes are pretty funny. Especially when they are jokes that can be pretty adult in under tone. There was a fire extinguisher joke that was quite amusing one week on Suite Life. I also dig the fact that there aren’t any commercials during the shows. I can handle 5 or 6 minutes of ads and promos between shows, that’s cool with me. I have a lot of little kid in me, nobody is going to argue against that point, and the Family Channel gives me a chance to pretend that I’m that young again, but with cable TV this time.

The second one stays with the childish theme. I’ve recently, like in the last few years, gotten into the comic book thing. I didn’t collect or read comics when I was a kid. But now that I’m older and have friends that are comic books dudes I have started to enjoy them and own them and read them. I also dig the movies that come with them. Whether they are live action or animated I quite often get a kick out of them. I’m a big fan of Batman, he’s pretty awesome. I think that the Green Arrow is pretty alright too. The dudes that don’t have super powers seem to speak to me. I like Superman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern and the X-men mutants and Spider-Man and such. But those billionaires with costumes and a desire to beat evil are my favourite. Right now on the bookshelf I have Batman and Green Arrow and Justice League and bad guy books. I also have a bunch of comic book DVDs. In the animated field I have Wonder Woman, Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies, Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: New Frontier and Justice League the Animated Series DVDs. In the live action world I have 4 Batman movies, 3 X-Men movies, Spider-Man, Iron-Man and I think that there may be more that I’m not thinking of off the top of my head. I love the adventures and stories and secret identities and crazy good and bad ideas that come with the genre. Judge me all you want, but it won’t change a thing.

Last but not least on my list is the Chick Flick. I have a collection that could probably rival a whole lot of women. I like movies with love stories and happy endings and awkward pauses and dudes that go through transitions before they are able to be happy and successful. I am the Kevin Smith fan that likes and owns Jersey Girl. I am the Jennifer Garner fan that digs 13 Going On 30. Oh and don’t forget Catch and Release. That’s a flick that I’ve actually watched in a bar. I like date movies, ones that make folks cry, ones that make you feel for the characters and what is happening to them. Maybe there are a lot of other guys that like these movies too but just don’t talk about it. Maybe this doesn’t have to be such a guilty pleasure after all. But because of the stigmas and social regulations that govern my manhood, a guilty pleasure it is.

There you have it, 3 entertainment based guilty pleasures. Maybe you share them, maybe you’re judging me right now. Either way, it felt good to write about something.

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