Reviewing Some Folks I’d Like To Meet

A bunch of these people are going to be famous, some may be fictional, some may be dead and some are real and you won’t know them… but that’s the fun of this type of list.

-President Obama (politician)

-Kevin Smith (director, author)****

-James Redfield (author)

-John Olreud (athlete)

-Oliver Queen (fictional)

-Rachel Ray (TV personality)

-Prime-Minister Trudeau (politician)

-Ben Harper (musician)

-Jean Beliveau (athlete)

-Chuck Bartowski (fictional)

-Oprah (TV personality)

-My great grandpa Carl (family, regular dude)

-Anderson Cooper (TV personality)

-Kristen Bell (actress)

-Dave Grohl (musician)

-Patrick Roy (athlete)

-Martin Luther King Jr. (human rights activist)

-Ellen DeGeneres (TV personality)

-Bruce Wayne (fictional)

-Ken Griffey Jr. (athlete)

-Paul Beeston (sports executive)

-More of the Great Grand Child Generation on the Murray side of the family (family)

There are a ton of people I’m sure that I’ve forgotten. I’ll admit, I love athletes so there were a ton more that could have made that list and I love celebrities as a guilty pleasure so there could have been a whole lot more of them too. As far as politicians and other influential people go, there are hundreds of them. I may come up with more later on add them the comment section. If you have people that you’d want to meet put them there as well.

****I met Kevin Smith (and by meet I mean I watched him give a press conference with Walter Gretzky and then shook their hands and got a picture) on February 3rd in Toronto, ON.  So he becomes the 1st person that I can cross off of the list.

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