Foo Fighters – Back and Forth and Beyond

So for Christmas I got the DVD of the Foo Fighters Back and Forth documentary. And this afternoon I sat down and watched it for the first time. It was awesome. I don’t watch a lot of docs, but this one was a pretty sure thing for me as I love the band and the man and the music and etc.

In the beginning I was surprised that there was as much Nirvana story and info and footage included as there was. I didn’t think that so much time was going to be spent putting that Dave Grohl origin story out there in the flick. I’m not complaining. I appreciate it. I enjoyed it. It entertained me.

I’m not even sure what I want to talk about when I’m thinking about this thing. I’m such a fan boy when it comes to this band that I know I’m not being impartial when I talk about things.

I love the stories of buying a house and recording There’s Nothing Left To Lose in the basement  in Virginia and then winning 3 Grammys. I love the story of re-recording an entire album in 7 days because the first time they recorded it they hated it, their manager hated it and it could have been a black spot on their career. I love the goose bumps that I got when footage from Wembley Stadium came on the screen.

The Foo Fighters are my favourite rock and roll band. They are the 1 band that I would choose above all others to meet, talk to and see in concert above all others. In concert again that is.I was lucky enough to see Dave and his boys in Ottawa (well Kanata) in March 2008 at Scotia Bank Place. My friend Megan and I sat in the 100 level and sang and screamed along. I bought Foo Fighters socks that I have worn down over the years. I took shitty cell phone video footage on my Sony Ericsson. And it was awesome. Check out the less shitty video that someone else took of Everlong that night.

Foo Fighters (19/03/08) – Everlong

At the end of the day I can tell you that Back and Forth is an hour and 45 minutes that were well spent and at some point I’m sure that I’ll watch it again.

For now I’ll be on YouTube watching a bunch of songs that I love over and over again.

I suggest you do the same.


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