What I’m Loving On TV – February 2012!

I love TV. I always have. I love growing to know the characters in great series. I love the twists and turns and awesome writing. I even love the frustration that comes with waiting a week between episodes and months between seasons.Right now there are a few shows on my “can’t miss” list. I make sure that I’m catching them either as they air “live” or later with the on demand service.I know that entertainment and opinion are subjective, but I really do enjoy these shows. If you haven’t yet given them a shot I suggest that you do.

Two Broke Girls

Filthy rich girl becomes dirt poor girl when her old man goes to jail for running a ponzi scheme in NYC. Girl becomes waitress and moves in with Max, her funny, sarcastic, pretty, bitchy co-worker (played by the amazing and crush worthy Kat Dennings from Nick & Nora and Thor). Max reminds of a girl I once knew. She also makes fun of the hipsters in Williamsburg which reminds me of the hipsters in Parkdale.

Note: I have a little happy moment every time Johnny (Nick Zano) is in an episode because it reminds me of What I Like About You.


302 men disappeared the night that Alcatraz “closed” and now they are coming back… one at a time. And the team of Jorge Garcia, Sarah Jones and Sam Neill have to capture and contain them before the real world finds out what is going on. But there seems to be a secret mission that these men are on when they come back. Who are the working for? Where were they? Why are they back? JJ Abrams has got me wrapped his little finger already. Bastard.

The Finder

From the creator of Bones (Hart Hanson) comes a show with a handsome, brain damaged, war vet, Michael Clarke Duncan and a blonde gypsy girl on probation under threat of going back to juvie. This dude Walter can and will find anything… or he will die trying. I’ll admit that I watched the first three episodes of this show in a row on demand. And it was only because I was caught up on everything else. But I can tell you that I’ll be ready and waiting for episode 4 and beyond!

Once Upon A Time

The fairy tale characters have all ended up in the town of Storybrooke and none of them know why. Except 2 that is – the evil queen/mayor who cast the curse that brought them all there and her adopted son who has figured it all out from a mysterious story book. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and Jennifer Morrison (House, How I Met Your Mother) there is a ton of twist, plenty or turn and just enough familiarity to make this a show that you want to come back for every Sunday night.

Happy Endings

It’s kind of like Friends in that we’ve got a couple, a pair of exes and 2 singles… but this isn’t Friends. The couple are a hi-larious mixed race duo that continuously make me shake my head. One of the exes is Canadian bombshell, puck bunny, Popular Mechanics for Kids alumni Elisha Cuthbert (who is pretty good in the role). And there’s Max, the most ridiculous gay that I’ve ever seen in a sitcom.

Honorable mention goes to New Girl (Zooey Deschanel), How I Met Your Mother (still love it), House (Hugh Laurie is awesome), The Walking Dead (I can’t wait for new episodes), The Mentalist (Patrick Jane is one of my fav TV characters), House of Lies (so good to see Kristen Bell back on TV all snarky) and whatever you’re loving right now!

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