Rebuilding A Brand With Hot Cars And Innovation #FordBlue

Last night was one of those nights that it was lucky to be me. I got to go to the Liberty Grand with the Super Friends and hang out at the Ford Blue party. If you hang out on Twitter I’m sure that you saw the #FordBlue hashtag flying around in the evening. There was a good reason, they threw a good party.

Depending on who you ask there were many different highlights from the party.

  • The DJ was an attractive dude who played some good music.
  • The bartenders were flashy and on the ball and pouring free drinks.
  • The food was outstanding (I was personally blown away at the quality of the roast beef).
  • There were 3 dudes who played the drums together in this wild percussion set up.
  • There was foosball.
  • There were prizes.
  • And there were cars!

Note: I won a pair of Toronto Rock tickets for March 9th against Philly at the ACC. I haven’t been to see a game since 2002. I’m excited.

The reason that the party was thrown was to introduce some of the 2013 Ford line up. And it’s a good looking line up. We saw the new F150 parked out front. We saw the Fusion looking good. And we saw a really hot Shelby GT500 that was the undisputed Belle of the Ball.

I grew up a Chevy kid because my family worked in Oshawa at the GM plants. But the first truck I ever drove was my step-dads grey F150. So Ford will always have that memory in my heart.

By all accounts Ford is doing some pretty great things these days. They are working on environmentally efficient and responsible models. They are building cars and trucks that people want to drive. And they are rebuilding a brand that once stood tall and proud in North America and will again.

Thanks to all who were responsible for throwing the party and for getting me invited.

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