Happy Valentine’s Day – You Are Loved!

Hey kids, tomorrow marks the return of that sparkly, red and pink, candy-filled day. You know the one I’m talking about… Valentine’s Day.

While I know there are those among us who do not care for V Day I still choose to look at the cute side of things and embrace it for what it is without cynicism or sadness.

I love, love. It’s a fact. I’m a hopeless romantic that falls hard for John Cusack movies, the story line of How I Met Your Mother, old fairy tales and great ballads. I started writing poetry a long time ago because I was crushing and didn’t know how to get it out. They were awful, terrible poems. Poems that are so stereotypical that you would tell teens to avoid them at all costs. But at the same time I think that they were a right of passage. So I’m not really ashamed of them.

Here’s 1 of them… as I remember it, 15 years or so later.

As I sit here I’m a lucky man
I’ve travelled off to distant lands
I’ve seen things some have only dreamed
I’ve had you standing next to me

You listened close when no one cared
Through thick and thin you were there
When I was down you helped me up
And when I cried you showed me love

Without you life is not the same
You can make me smile on any day
So name the things I need to do
And they’ll be done just for you

And please forgive the things I’ve done
Let them go down with the sun
And when the sun comes up again
We’ll be here, true best friends

Pretty bad right? I mean, that’s a lot of rhyming for no reason.

The point is, love and crushes and all that comes with it (good and bad) are part of what I love about life. It isn’t always fluffy clouds and puppies and kittens, but it’s powerful and meaningful.

And maybe I can write this all right now because I’m happy in my own personal bubble and have someone that makes me pretty darn happy when she isn’t poking me or tickling me.

So, while I understand that tomorrow will be hard for a lot of people who are lonely or going through break-ups or have lost loved ones, remember that it has also been a good day. And while I also understand that Valentine’s Day is very much a marketing coup that we’ve all fallen for, it’s only because of love that we fall for it.

So, from me to you – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

You are loved.

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