My Thrive Gum Review – Chew, Chew, Stop

So this morning someone searched “Thrive Gum Review” and landed on the blog. It was a little weird since I’m pretty sure I only mentioned it once. But at the same time I understand that I’ve been talking about the whole non-smoking thing a lot so I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

So, even though I only had one piece of Thrive Gum on my first day of non-smoking I’m going to give you the best review possible.

I picked up my pack of Thrive at Shoppers Drug Mart on a whim because 1) I quit smoking about 12 hours earlier 2) It was right after brunch at the Skyline Restaurant and I was fighting a craving 3) Nicotine gum has always done a good job of marketing 4) It was on sale for $11.99

I cashed out and we headed across the street to the Mod Club in the middle of the afternoon for the Landmark 2012 Showcase thingy. While we were there I chewed on a tooth pick and a straw, drank a red bull and then I decided that it was time to try out my new gum as I still really, really wanted a cigarette.

I cracked open the package, popped a piece in my mouth and did that whole “Chew, Chew, Stop” thing. Each piece of Regular Strength Thrive packs 2mg of nicotine so it totally took care of my craving within a few minutes of tossing it in my mouth. That is the most important part of this whole review – it worked.

However, it made my tongue feel kinda funny. Not quite numb, but a pins and needles kind of feeling that you get in your hands and feet from beta alanine. That funny feeling is one of the reasons that I didn’t use it again.

The other reason is because I made a conscious decision that I was going to beat this addiction with will power and the amazing support of my friends, family and social network. And for the last 20 days I have done just that.

As I mentioned, I picked up my Thrive for $11.99 on sale – but you can grab yours for about $15 any time!

Note: If you’re in Toronto and want some Thrive Regular Strength 2mg gum let me know and we can make that happen.

If you’re a smoker and you’re trying to quit I can’t honestly tell you that Thrive is going to make it significantly easier for you. However, it did crush the craving I asked it to and for $12 to $15 it’s a pretty good investment on the journey to non-smokership.

Note: Today Klout decided that I am influential about Smoking. I would like for that not to become a strong subject in my list. I am quite proud to have Smoking Cessation there and am very pleased that both Coffee and Bacon are present. So if you’d like to dish out some Klout to the good stuff on the list I will not be sad.

Thanks a bunch for all of the support kids. You’re the best!

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4 thoughts on “My Thrive Gum Review – Chew, Chew, Stop

  1. I used nicorette for a bit, but picked up thrive this week,,WOW, does that gum work or what, love it, will never go back to nicorette, love, love, thrive gum.

  2. Thrive Gum is free under British Columbia smoking cessation program in Canada. 3 months per year supply free of charge. You get 3 packs per month for a total of 9 packs a year. I had just picked up my first month supply. I chose the 4mg and popped one in right away. I haven’t had the craving to smoke and that was 6hrs ago. WOW!.

  3. I was given both the gum and the lozenges by my doctor to help me quit smoking. I would never have made to ‘smoke free’ without Thrive. In fact, cigarettes are gone, only the gum & lozenge left now. I actually like the taste and its 3 months smoke free – my doctor says I can stay on the 2 mg dosage for life (if I need to do so). I really hope this time it works! This is try number 10+!

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