Get Me That Audi! The 2012 Canadian International Auto Show

So yesterday Trish and I went to the Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre because Ford was cool enough to include 2 tickets in my end of the night swag bag at the #FordBlue jag a couple weeks back. It was the first time that I had ever been to the show. And while we may have waited until the last minute, it was a pretty cool experience and I look forward to going back again next year.

It’s tough to say whether or not there was a true vehicular highlight for me on the floor. I did love the little Audi that I’ll show you in a minute. And the Toyota Tacoma looked pretty cool (I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture).  I know that Trish dug the Mazda set up as well.

I wish it had been just a little less busy so that I could jump in the drivers seat of a couple of the cars, but it just didn’t feel like I was going to be able to sit down and enjoy the experience with the large crowd of people around me.

Note: The coolest display of a car was a Mini perched about 30 feet high on a box riser in the middle of the floor. Not bad.

There was a pretty cool orange Subaru with 2 bikes on the roof that I wanted to hop in and hit the highway on the way to the country somewhere to camp. I didn’t even take a real look at the car, it just gave me that instant feeling of wanting to go camping. I think that’s a winning pitch on Subaru’s part. Too bad for them I’m not in the market to buy right now.

I also dug the little Chevy that was painted up and looked like a rally car. I’ve never driven rally, and I have never really considered Chevy the kind of manufacturer that made rally cars… but that’s what it made think.

In the title of the post and in the body here I’ve mentioned the little Audi that looks like a toy that I wish I had. I want it. It would be the coolest thing. It reminds of downhill soap box derby type cars. But it’s sleek and sexy and an Audi.

I took the picture in the 5 seconds that I had between kids climbing up on the platform and standing in front of the car and all of those things that kids do at trade shows.

I’ve always been an Audi fan. The TT is one of my fav little sports cars and has been on my wishlist for a long time. It just made sense for me to fall for this little silver beauty.

In the end it was a great Sunday afternoon in a building full of people checking out some pretty impressive machinery. I think I entered a contest or 2, fingers crossed that I won something shiny and cool and impressive and etc, etc, etc.

Thanks again to Ford for the tickets (these guys are doing some pretty cool things).

Have a good one kids. Be awesome.

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