Black Suspenders or Hawaiian Shirt – What To Wear To A Gutsy Affair?

Last year it was cowboy boots. And I rocked them hard!

This year I don’t know what my go to is going to be for A Gutsy Affair at Revival on April 26.

I’ve never worn a bowtie and they’re pretty popular. But I don’t want to show up and be one of the many dudes rocking one.

When it comes down to it I am torn between 2 very different looks.

I can either go super formal. James Bond type good looking with a martini in my hand all night long. (And there will be a martini in my hand, all night long.)


I can go for a more Magnum P.I. look. Minus the mustache, but including the casual attire, flowery shirt, great hat and sweet red Ferrari.

Note: I will not have a red Ferrari… but Trish does have a little red convertible!

You see, I’m torn because in my heart I know that I’m more of a laid back, laughing, good time kind of guy. But this is a classy event that will have a lot of good looking people hanging out with good looking clothes and charm and such.

Friends, I don’t know what to do!

Either way, I know I won’t be wearing my cowboy boots again this year… but will I have a black tie and suspenders or a Hawaiian shirt and an imaginary Higgins?

I sure could use your help!

Thanks a ton! Here’s hoping that we’re going to see you at Revival on the 26th for the awesomest fundraiser of the Spring!

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