EcoLoving At The 2012 Green Living Show!

Yesterday we hit up the 2012 Green Living Show to see what was going to be new this year and who would be returning to share their info and wares with the green loving people of Toronto.

In a city filled with hipsters we found the hippies.

And I mean that in a good way. The hippies at the show were all ages, races, clothing styles, hair colours and backgrounds – but the thing that binds them is the fact that they all came to the show to see what is coming that can help the planet.

Note: Before we hit the show I read a great review from Ryan on his blog. He checked out the show on Friday night and saw some pretty cool stuff. Check him out!

Last year we were blown away by the food available in the Farm Fresh Fare section at the show. So we didn’t hesitate going to find it as soon as we walked in the doors. It seemed that there were more dessert options this year than there were last year… and that was okay with us. The highlights were the strawberry/raspberry smoothie with goats’ milk yogurt and the apple crisp. Outstanding.

The biggest crowds were (predictably) in the food aisles where there were things for sale and sample. It was a little too congested for my laid back Saturday tastes, but we made it through, saw the excitement and moved along.

One of the displays that caught my eye as we walked past was the Fashion Takes Action. The folks at FTA are “Changing the way we Create and Consume Fashion” and were visible recently at Fashion Week. I’m thinking they’re worth looking into some more.

I also really dug the Fido display with the yard and dog house and Earth Month promo going on. For every entry in the Earth Month Countdown Contest $1 will be donated to Evergreen.

Bonus: They’re giving away a Prius c and 11 other prizes during the month. I’m not making this up. It’s a good contest. Check it out. Now, before you forget.

Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a nice yard and a little dog house and room to play? I know it’s on my wish list in life.

In the end this is a show that I am glad we went to again this year and that I am happy to write about year after year.

The local, organic, eco-friendly, responsible, innovative, awesome people that put it together and bring their stuff are doing great things and should be acknowledged.

Good job y’all, can’t wait til next year!

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