A Gutsy Affair 2012 – FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!

We are less than 3 full days away from Toronto’s awesomest Charity Event of the Spring!

That’s right – A Gutsy Affair is Thursday and I am pleased, proud, excited, jazzed, hyped and happy to tell you that I have 2 tickets available to give away for the event.

Note: Martinis included.

Last year I had a ton of fun at this shindig and I have no doubt that this years’ party will be just as great.

In fact, knowing that Val and CJ are involved makes me totally and completely confident about that fact.

Also, having Cabral Richards of Cabbie on the Street and Money Jane (that’s right, Cabbie was in the Money Jane video) hosting the party is always a big bonus and means there will be high fives, sexual innuendo and all kinds of hilarity.

Here’s the deal. I want you to win these tickets. And I want you to bring a friend/ date/ roommate/ your mom/ high school vice principal – I don’t care who you bring!

To win the tickets I need you to do only 1 thing. Tweet.

Yup. Just Tweet to win.

And this is what you will Tweet.

Hey @phjoshua I wanna drink martinis at #AGutsyAffair on Thursday night at Revival.

Note: The party is at Revival.

If you already have your tickets please, please, please feel free to Tweet the hell out of the contest anyway and give the tickets to friends if you win. Or just let your friends know so that they have the chance to win.

A winner will be announced Wednesday evening and each contestant can enter 1 time per day (including Monday night before midnight) for a chance to win the 2 Tickets to A Gutsy Affair 2012.

When you win remember that you will have a chance to win some amazing prizes and auction items including:

  • All-inclusive trip for 2 to the Dominican Republic (donated by Sunquest)!
  • Round trip for two to anywhere that WestJet flies!
  • Blue Jays tickets
  • Dinner for 2 at Canoe
  • Autographed jerseys from your favourite sports teams
  • Art Gallery of Ontario membership
  • 3x Cut and colour package at Mazz Salon
  • Pole dance party for 12, and 4 week class at Brass Vixens
  • 1 year membership and photography class from Toronto Botanical Garden
  • AND MORE!!!

This is going to be a great night for a really amazing cause guys. Please take a minute to look at the WEBSITE.

And if you’re entering this contest because you want to come to the party… think about grabbing tickets for yourself. $50 is a steal. It really is.

Thanks a ton – NOW GET TWEETING!

Check for your boy Cabbie at the 2:33 mark of this classic Canadian Hip-Hop video!

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