Being 30 – The 2 Month Update

Alright, it’s been just over 2 months since my 30th birthday and I figured that I would stop in with a little update for everyone.

Being 30 really hasn’t been much different than any other age so far. I am finding that I am continuing to improve in my ability to mellow out and step back and see that I am living a pretty charmed and blessed life. And I am happy about that.

I look around and notice that I’ve got a good job (I got to live tweet UFC 145), a great girl (she supports my ridiculous ideas and loves baseball), a sweet group of friends (The Superfriends and more and more and more) and grey hair. Yup, grey hair…

Note: The pre- A Gutsy Affair haircut really showed the grey in the sides of my head. Which is exactly what I thought it was going to do. So far I’m pretty okay with it. And if I can keep that frame of mind going this may be the time that I actually keep my hair short for a while.

30 has also been my best year for baseball so far. I’ve hit 5 of the first 9 home games and will be adding 2 more tonight and tomorrow to bring that total to 7 – and it’s still April! Big thank yous to Brian and Joseph for hooking a dude up and being great friends and baseball fans.

Now if only the Blue Jays hitters could wake up and hit a few balls out of the park I could be happy and a tad more optimistic about the rest of the season in the AL East.

I’ve also been smoke free for all of 30 thus far. The running total is now close to 100 days and I don’t think I ever want to go back. I’ve added muscle to by upper body. I look and feel good and I’ve made many, many fewer trips to the convenience store on the corner to spend my money. Thanks to the Break It Off team for their support and invitation to be part of their program!

Alright kids, it’s time to get my shtuff cleaned up and head to the ballpark to cheer on the boys in blue and maybe snag us a win to get back on track. Have a great night and an awesome weekend full of friends, family, food or whatever else makes you happy.

You deserve it!

PS: How great is this song?!

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2 thoughts on “Being 30 – The 2 Month Update

  1. The BEST part about this post is that I was reading it in your voice in my head.

    Glad everything is going so well and congratulations on the George Clooney grey 😉

    1. Thank you very much. I’m quite glad that things are going well too. And my voice is awesome and manly, so I can see why that would be the best part!

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