Guest Post: Marvel’s The Avengers – It’s Finally Here!

Marvel's The Avengers 2012Note: I haven’t seen The Avengers yet… but James has and he wrote this post for me. James knows his comic books, movies, games and culture and whether he knows it or not, is totally my barometer.

(He knows this stuff like I know baseball. And usually I try to be modest about what I know… but this time I mean it in a big know-it-all kind of way)

If he says something is worth reading, playing or watching, I trust him. If he says something works, I trust him.

Because of this knowledge and expertise and the fact that he’s seen the movie… I tapped James to hook us up with a post. When you see him say thank you.

This is what he says about Marvel’s The Avengers.


While I may not have made it to a midnight screening I did get out to see The Avengers opening day.

The Avengers was respectful of the source material where it needed to be, adapted it freely where it served the film, swung moment by moment between intense, irreverent, and iconic.

As a benefit of being part six in the franchise the cast is clearly hand picked more for their ability to bring out their character then how they look posed out for a promo splash.(not that they don’t pull that off, too)

Samuel L Jackson made an almost required character shift from Iron Man 2’s “Sam Jackson cosplaying as Nick Fury” to full on Ultimate Nick Fury and along with a literal S.H.I.E.L.D. battalion of extras and supporting cast help create a back drop to breathe troperriffic superhero team-up all over.

An infectious enthusiasm rolled through the crowd. As a group they clapped, cheered, and laughed. The kid beside me spent a good chunk of time explaining each character’s back story, comic and film continuity, to his friend. I almost felt bad asking them if they could just do it a little more quietly.

A grade A bit of action/adventure. Fun for all ages, unless your young ones count antiquated vulgarities among their vocabulary.

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