It’s Game 7 Season!

Tonight, NHL: Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers
Tonight, NBA: Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers
Sunday, NBA: Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies

April 25, NHL: Washington Capitals 2 – Boston Bruins 1 (OT)
April 26, NHL: New York Rangers 2 – Ottawa Senators 1
April 26, NHL: New Jersey Devils 3 – Florida Panthers 2 (2OT)

It’s Game 7 Season… and if you don’t believe me, check this out.

We’re wrapping up Round 1 of the NBA playoffs and Round 2 of the NHL playoffs and we’re hitting 6 game 7’s so far. I love it.

There’s little better in the world of sports than a game 7 elimination game in the post-season. But if you add overtime to the mix things get even better.

In round 1 of the NHL’s Stanley Cup tourny we saw 2 overtime games, including a double OT offering between the Devils and Panthers.

And now here we are sitting on a game 7 weekend. 3 games in 2 days. 3 winners moving on and 2 losers going home. 3 cities (maybe 2) with happy fans and 3 (maybe 2) cities of sad/angry/depressed/ fans.

So if you are a sports fan in LA, NYC, Denver, Washington or Memphis or you are a fan of the Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, Rangers, Capitals or Grizzlies living somewhere else – good luck this weekend.

Either way, this is going to be a hell of a weekend for sports. 3 teams go on. 3 teams go home.

Game 7’s make dreams come true and break hearts.

Who are you cheering for?

Which side will you end up on?

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