Things To Remember For Summer 2012…

Summer is coming. We’ve had the May 2-4 weekend in Canada, Memorial Day is weekend has hit the US of A and pools & beers are being opened everywhere.

With the warm weather coming we all want to get out with friends and family and enjoy the hell out of it. There are a few things that I’d like you to keep in mind when you do though. And yes, don’t pee in the pool is one of them.

Wear your hat and sunscreen. I know that this should be obvious and yada yada yada… but judging by my May 2-4 sun burn I can tell you that sunblock isn’t always on the top of mind.

Beer on a deck or patio with friends and family is about as it gets. Honestly, I love the ballpark and I love live music and I love walking around. But when it comes down to it, people you love and cold drinks and sunshine and shade make pretty much the perfect combination.

Baseball is the best game in the world. There’s a reason that they’re called the Boys of Summer. And that the All-Star Game is called the Mid-Summer Classic… Baseball is the best and I will fight you with opinion and stories and folklore until we either throw punches or pass out drunk from the cold beer we drink during the discussion.

Note: As long as we can still be friends after I would love to talk to any and all of you about baseball while we drink beers.

Don’t wear a fanny pack.

Don’t leave your garbage on the beach. Really, I mean, come on. This isn’t even something that I want to include here, but I think I have to because when I go to the beach to mellow out and nap and tan and read and relax I don’t wanna see your empty juice boxes or granola bar wrappers or whatever. Pick it up kids. Thank you.

Stay Hydrated. For reals. It’s important. You’re gonna wish you had that Gatorade or water or juice when you’re light headed and spacey and hot and sweaty.

Music makes the sunshine even brighter. It’s true. Scientifically. I just can’t find the study right now. Whether you like pop, rock, country or something cooler, the right music for you and your crew can make a good day great. Turn it up and sing along loud!

Unless your socks are wool and your sandals are Birkenstocks, don’t wear them together. Ever.

Note: If you’re wearing wool socks and Birkenstocks I will assume you have granola in your pockets and I may ask for some.

Be safe. 

Have fun.

You’re awesome.

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