90210 Tuesday #13

When you make 293 episodes of a TV show over 10 seasons there are bound to be a few shows that don’t quite measure up to the quality of the rest.

Well, that’s what I imagine at least. I’ll let you know when my show, Return to Dawson’s Creek gets there.

Anyway, 90210 certainly had some weak moments sprinkled into the greatness that it was and is remembered for. And today, in lucky week number 13 we vote on the worst 90210 episode.

Now, I do admit that I removed a few of the nominees in this category because there were just too many and 5 seemed like a good number. If you remember an episode that was worse than these options please, please, please tell us which one it is!

Who gets your vote?!

Claire on College Jeopardy… pretty awesome/awful!

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