And Sometimes I Take Pictures. #Toronto

Note: I’m not a photograhper

Not even close. In fact, I’m not really all that great at taking pictures and I rarely like having my own picture taken.

But sometimes, when something happens and the world is shouting at you that it needs to be remembered or shared, you just have to reach for your camera… or iPhone.

Admission: If it weren’t for instagram I probably wouldn’t take nearly as many photos as I do right now.

I found this yesterday. Cropped it and uploaded it to Facebook today. I love it. It’s a chalk drawing at Queen West and Portland.

This one here is one of my favs recently because I had never even noticed this Fisherman on King Street West (Shaw-ish) until that morning on the streetcar. And against my usual habit of just looking at something and then walking/riding away, I pulled out my phone, opened the window on the streetcar and started taking photos.

Does anyone know who painted this dude? When I posted it on instagram someone asked if it was Banksy… but I’m pretty sure it’s not. And what’s with the red dot? Is it like MS Paint, they started with the wrong colour but forgot to erase the mark when they started over again?

I’m so confused and intrigued and impressed.

The pictures with the beer and coffee in the image at the top of this post were taken from the balcony at the office. It’s awesome. The breeze is frequent. The sun is shiny on sunny days. And we even have some sweet furniture to lounge/meet on.

This is what it looks like when you look east and west.

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