90210 Tuesday #17

Valerie Malone was one bad-ass bitch! She was a manipulator and a player and a thief and rude and mean and etc.

That’s not the point of today’s post though.

Today’s poll centre’s on the things that happened on 90210 that caused people to talk at the water cooler in the morning then… but wouldn’t cause a single one of us to tweet today.

It’s the story lines and events that helped change TV. They brought us to the point where we are now. With almost nudity and parties and drugs and sex on network TV every night.

So, take a look at the list. Think about now and ask yourself – which one of these things is the smallest deal if you saw it on TV tonight?

Is it the fact that someone was legitimately super excited to see the Rolling Stones in concert? When was the last time that happened? Sarstock?

Is it Steve and Claire meeting on the internet? I mean damn, something like half of new relationships start online now.

Maybe it’s Andrea offering her virginity to Brandon and him saying no thank you. I’m not saying that anyone’s virginity isn’t a big deal. I’m just asking if it’s still a huge TV event.

Or, maybe it’s Valerie getting a tattoo. It seems that most people I know these days have a tattoo. If your favorite TV show had the most bad-ass character get in a tattoo chair tonight would you be shocked?

I’m excited to see your votes.

Be awesome!

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