Gone Camping – Don’t Forget Your…

I love camping. It’s the bees knees.

So I’m super excited to be leaving for a camping trip with Rannie and Jason in a couple hours.

There will be sun and shade and beer and fire and food and good times all around.

It will be awesome.

However, I’m not here today to brag. I’m here to educate. Every time anyone goes on a camping trip they forget something. It’s bound to happen.

So, let’s put together a list of things that you should always remember to have with you when you leave.

*If I forget something (or lots of things) please add them in the comments.

◊ Beer
◊ Utility knife
◊ Socks
◊ Sunscreen
◊ Bug Spray
◊ A Hat
◊ A Tarp
◊ Rope
◊ Matches/Lighter
◊ A Can Opener
◊ Utensils
◊ Sleeping Bag
◊ Bottled Water
◊ Food
◊ Something to Read
◊ Music
◊ Garbage Bags
◊ A Pot
◊ A Ball/Frisbee
◊ Flashlight
◊ Sunglasses
◊ Coffee
◊ A Cup/Mug
◊ Tent

Did I miss anything?

Here’s hoping that you all have a great weekend. I know I will!

Be awesome!

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4 thoughts on “Gone Camping – Don’t Forget Your…

  1. You’ve got lots covered, but don’t forget:

    first aid kit
    air mattress
    folding chair or stool
    biodegradable soap to clean cooking stuff

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