Stop Gun Violence Now… But How?

In the wake of what has happened earlier today in Aurora, Colorado I am shaken.

Whatever is going on in my life, or your life probably pales in comparison to what is going on in too many families lives in that city right now.

And in Scarborough.

And at Lawrence Heights.

Gun violence isn’t new. It isn’t a mystery. But it is a problem.

And a problem that I wish I knew the answer to.

The easy solution is, outlaw guns. If you’re found with a handgun or an altered rifle or shotgun, you get locked up.

edit: I don’t mean all guns here. But assault type weapons that do not have a hunting or reasonable personal protection purpose need to be in any civilian hands.

Or there’s the Chris Rock option: charge a ton of money for bullets.

I don’t know how feasible either one of those things are.

I can tell you this… people who want to do bad things will find a way to do them no matter what laws or limitations you put in front of them.

That’s why you have to get to them before they want to do bad things… and no, I’m not talking about pre-cogs and a pre-crime unit.

I’m talking about education and prevention.

I’m talking about social programming.

I’m talking about a fundamental shift in how we deal with youth, gang culture, inner-city living, schools, bullying, drugs, life and death.

Confession: I’m writing this right now with fast fingers and high emotions. There may be edits later when I’ve had time to think and re-read this and read more and research more and think and etc. I’ll do my best to make those edits clear with coloured text or notes or something like that.

I’d also like to take 1 second and send out my thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of everyone who has been touched by gun violence this week, this month, this year, ever… those memories never go away for them. Even if they don’t get major news coverage or become campaign issues or front page status.

I know that no amount of condolences or justice will make things right or fair or better… and still I offer mine, because right now that is all I have to give.

In the end I’m not sure what purpose this post serves other than to get some of my feelings on the internet. I wish I could tell you that I think it will make a difference. But I’m not sure right now. In fact, I’m 100% sure it won’t. I’m so disillusioned that nothing seems like it will help in this moment.

Take care of each other. Love each other. Fuck, at the very least respect each other’s right to live.

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  1. This is a burning issue. Gun violence are very serious issue and it needs to be resolved.

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