The Weekend Is Here – Let’s Go To The Country!

The weekend is here (for some of us and coming soon for the rest of us) and I am excited!


Let me tell you!

Tomorrow is @photojunkie‘s birthday. You know, that guy who takes the pictures and is well known and loved and has that website that I write at ( and is an all around good dude. And to celebrate Rannie’s bday we’re going out to my mom’s place for some country relaxation.

There will be water (pond)

There will be meat (bbq)

There will be fire (pit in the back yard)

There will be booze (beer for me, amaretto & coke for him)

There will be a trampoline (I don’t know if anyone will get on it)

And there will be good times for all.

I love being out there (for a few days at a time) to sit on the deck and look at the grass and trees and the dog playing in the yard. It’s a good time. It’s quiet. You can see the stars at night. And the cops only drive by once a month or so instead of every hour.

I also love the friend time. And that’s what is so great about this weekend coming up. It’s not just me hanging out back home with my mom. It’s me and my friends hanging out back home with my mom.

If you have a friend who lives out in the country. Or family. Or a friend of a friend. I highly recommend taking a weekend and getting out there. It’s a good idea to refresh and get out of the lights and sound of the city.

On the flipside. If you’ve got a place out in the country and friends or family that live in the city, invite them out. Tell them to bring food and beer and enjoy the weekend.

I’m ready to get out there tomorrow morning.

What ever you’re doing, I hope you have a great time.

And don’t forget to wish Rannie a Happy Birthday!

Stay Awesome!

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