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Joshua Murray Toronto phjoshua
creator of content, manager of social media at Blade Creative Branding, writer, tweeter, coffee drinker. sports, comics, movies, food, music & pop culture geek.
Proud Mo Bro: #MoChaKaTO

Political Experience: Student Government Prime Minister, Port Hope High School (2000-2001)

Likes: beer and bacon, steak and red wine, baseball and hot dogs, movies and popcorn, tacos and tequila.

Dislikes: Liver and anything.

Lives in: Parkdale, Toronto.


Follow me on the Twitter: @phjoshua

Bio via @BladeBranding:

Fuelled by ideas, opportunity and coffee, Joshua attacks the social media landscape every day with a purpose. His experience in retail, customer service and public relations have combined to give him a 360 degree view of social media for brands and he is committed to helping all of his clients leverage their voice in the social sphere.

When Joshua isn’t attached to the internet he is most likely watching sports, singing karaoke or wishing he was Batman.

Joshua may not be a guru or a ninja, but he does believe in the power and necessity of community and what it means for brands and their business.

What We Can Do!

This is the spot where I’m going to tell you how awesome you are. All of you.

And this is also where I tell you that you can make a difference. Whether you aim to make a stranger smile or by raising money for a good cause or by supporting a great campaign – you can make a difference in the world.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. You don’t have to give me money. I’m not a street preacher offering you salvation for your change. I’m just a guy telling you that you can make a difference yourself with only your attitude and actions.

Doing that is what makes you awesome.

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