Boots & Hearts 2015 CMA Award Announcement – Brad Paisley and Eric Church

Well this is exciting news!

True to their word, the good people from Republic Live and Boots & Hearts have made their CMA Award night announcement – and it’s a big one!

Brad Paisley and Eric Church have been added as headliners to the 2015 line-up, joining previously announced headliners Florida Georgia Line.

So, let’s take a look at the acts that we have so far and what we might expect from them.

Florida Georgia Line

The biggest bros in country music will no doubt put on a high energy show that gets the ladies dancing, the dudes fist pumping and the beer flowing.

The release of ‘Dirt’ leads me to wonder whether or not we’re going to see a little more slow down in their set than some people anticipate. I’m looking forward to a balanced set that brings the heat and has people cheering for an encore and screaming when the fireworks go off when they’re done.

Brad Paisley 

I saw Paisley on stage in Ottawa (Kanata) a few years ago and this guy puts on a helluva show. The guitar action is something special to see and there were beach balls and video screens and all kinds of fun.

My gut tells me that a Brad Paisley festival show with a general admission crowd is going to be a whole lot more fun than that arena show was. And I think that the people at the festival are going to love it too. I don’t know which night we’ll see the 3 time Grammy winner, but I’m excited to see him any night between August 6 and 9.

Eric Church

Eric Church is one of the “new outlaws” in country music. He’s a little bit of a throwback and I like it. And I’m not alone. Church has been putting hits on the radio and garnering critical acclaim for his records along the way.

Along with the music is the image and the crowd. Country music fans (and Boots & Hearts attendees) are known for drinking beer… but when Eric Church takes the stage we should all be prepared for a few clouds of smoke to fill the air. And I’m not talking about cigarettes – I’m talking about marijuana. It’s going to happen.

Trinity Bradshaw Boots and Hearts 2014Trinity Bradshaw

As the winner of the Boots & Hearts 2014 Sirius XM Emerging Artist Showcase, Trinity will be back on the B&H stage in 2015. We had a lot of fun watching Trinity on stage this year and know that her set is going to combine her east coast manners with her Calgary country… and she’s going to make a bunch of new fans.

We’re also excited to see what new material Ms. Bradshaw brings to Burl’s Creek after her time in Nashville this fall.

Stay tuned for more information about Boots & Hearts as it becomes available… and if you still haven’t bought your tickets you really should CLICK HERE and do that now!

Work hard. Play harder. Be awesome.

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Boots & Hearts 2015 Predictions – CMA Awards

Boots and Hearts 2015 PredictionsOn the eve of the 2014 CMA Awards and Boots & Hearts next big announcement we thought it was a good time to put out some new predictions for the 2015 festival line-up at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds.

As others have already predicted (like our friends at Sound Check Entertainment) it looks like a solid point to think that Brad Paisley will be announced as the 2nd headliner of Boots & Hearts 2015.

Paisley will be co-hosting the show with alumni Carrie Underwood which makes the CMA show a great opportunity to name him… and we’re pretty sure it won’t be Underwood for 2 reasons…

1. Carrie Underwood headlined Boots & Hearts 2012.
2. Underwood has a spring due date with her first child which makes early August in Canada an unlikely option.

TheReviewsAreIn Trinity Bradshaw Interview Boots and Hearts 2014So, look for that to be Wednesday night’s big announcement. But what about the rest of the line-up?

Thus far we have only Florida Georgia Line and Trinity Bradshaw on the schedule – and there are a lot more slots to fill. Which means it’s time to start predicting some more of the 2015 country artists!

High Valley… fresh off of hosting duties in 2014, their new album County Line released to the public, and their tour already started – it would be no surprise to see Brad and Curtis Rempel on stage in 2015.

Leah-Daniels-Northern-Comfort-Saloon-CNELeah Daniels… Trish spoke with Daniels at the 2014 CNE and her new single Go Back (and the video for it) have just hit the airwaves. This Ontario singer could be a great fit for an afternoon slot on a 2nd stage.

Lady Antebellum… This is a long shot for the 3rd headliner, but I think it could happen. Lady A is one of the biggest acts in country and we haven’t seen them play B&H yet. So why not 2015? We all know that they would be a big hit.

Little Big Town… It’s unlikely that we would get both Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town on the same schedule, but there is a chance we could be in an either/or situation. I would love to see LBT up on the stage and know that they would put on a fun show either as a headliner or a lead-in act.

Small Town Pistols… More Ontario content here, the Wilkinson siblings have been on stage for years and have a huge library of songs to go to. I’ve predicted them in the past and been wrong. But I’m willing to give it 1 more chance!

Brett Kissel on Stage at Boots and Hearts 2014Brett Kissel… Brett is currently on the road with Brad Paisley, opening shows on the Canadian leg of the tour – and after absolutely killing it on the Thursday night kick-off stage in 2014, there are a lot of fans who would love to see Kissel get a chance to do the same thing on the main stage. This would be a great lead-in booking like we’ve seen with Dierks Bentley and Lee Brice in the past 2 years.

The Road Hammers… After getting washed out by the rain and hail in 2014 it feels right to think that these truck-rockers would end up at Boots and Hearts in 2015.

Tim Hicks Smoke 2014 CNETim Hicks… This is a longshot prediction. Hicks has been on stage at all 3 Boots & Hearts festivals so far, and it feels like he should be there every year. But when I spoke with him at the CNE this August he acknowledged that there are going to have to be years that he takes a break from the festival. However, when I asked him if the odds were at least 50/50 that we’d see him at Boots & Hearts 2015 he smiled and said yes!

So there you go friends, 7 more predictions for Boots & Hearts 2015.

I don’t know how many are going to be right and how many are going to be wrong, but I can’t wait to find out… starting with Wednesday night’s announcement during the CMA Awards.

Stay tuned for more!

Work hard. Play harder. Be awesome.

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Movember Journal 2014: Day 3 – Movember Challenge Karaoke is Coming!

MoChaKaTO 2014Movember is here, I have a little stubble above my upper lip, and I have good news!

The Movember Challenge Karaoke Toronto event page has been officially created and you are very invited!

On Thursday, Movember 20th at 9pm we will start the party at the Marquis of Granby (418 Church St.) and we’ll keep things going until 1am… or maybe even 2am.

#MoChaKaTO 2010. @sboulton & @phjoshua

#MoChaKaTO 2010. @sboulton & @phjoshua

If #MoChaKaTO is new to you, let me explain a little. In 2010, Sean and I were sitting at karaoke thinking about ways we could raise money for our first Movember campaign together. Out of that conversation came the idea for challenge karaoke. A night where people could pay to see their friends sing the songs that they picked for them. That 1st MoChaKaTO was held on a cold and rainy Tuesday, November 30th at Tequila Sunrise and we raised $500. We were super happy. And every year since then, we’ve grown!

In 2011 we raised $1116. In 2012 we raised $1680. And in 2013 we raised $2200.
Our 4 year total sits at nearly $5500, which makes us even happier than we were with $500 in our hands in year 1.

With the history out of the way, here’s how Movember Challenge Karaoke Toronto works.

When you walk into the Marquis of Granby you will want to go immediately to see karaoke host Jason Rolland to put your name in the rotation. If you wait to do that, you’ll be waiting longer for your chance to sing!

When Mr. Rolland calls your name for your turn to sing, make your way to the microphone in a timely manner with your $5 donation ready to put in the bucket.

Now the fun part… Challenges.

You’ve arrived at the bar, you’ve grabbed a drink, you’ve put your name in the rotation (or you haven’t, we’re not pushy) and you’ve found somewhere to be comfortable – awesome! Now the singing has started and one of your friends gets their name called, so what do you do? You yell CHALLENGE!

Our #MoChaKaTO 2013 Man of Movember, @photojunkie

Our #MoChaKaTO 2013 Man of Movember, @photojunkie

For a donation of $20 you can challenge your friend (or a stranger) to sing any song in the Jason Rolland library that you want (banned songs excepted, we’ll get to those in a minute) to hear. The key to a great challenge is picking a song that works with the singer. A song that they probably know (at least a little) and that they can sing (maybe) and that they can have fun with (definitely) is the way to go.

However, if the singer decides they don’t want to sing your challenge song, they can get themselves off the hook with a donation of $30. If this happens, you will get your $20 back to save for another challenge!


Jason Rolland has a list of banned songs and artists that includes Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Clay Aiken, Josh Groban and Celine Dion.

If you would like to sing one of these songs, or you would like to challenge someone else to sing them, the donation is $50.

If the banned song you want to sing/challenge is Celine… that donation is $100.

Every year we’ve had 1 singer bust out Celine Dion – this year we’re hoping for 2.

And please don’t let the $100 scare you away, you can pool your money together with friends to make the challenge happen. We are big believers in team work!

In addition to the singing, we will have a raffle that always includes a ton of fun prizes. And we’re working on another surprise that we think will be a ton of fun (and a good reason to donate your money) as well.

November 20th is just a couple weeks away – so check your calendar, clear your schedule, and put aside some cash because this is always one of the best karaoke nights of the year!

We can’t wait to see you. And we can’t wait for you to see our ‘staches!

Be awesome!

Movember Challenge Karaoke Toronto 2012!

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Movember Journal 2014: Day 1

Movember 2014 headerIt’s here again. That wonderful time of year when we give up our faces for a better cause than a good looking beard. Welcome back to Movember.

This is my 6th Movember, and every year my moustache has grown in a little differently, so believe me when I say that I have some nerves about how I’m going to look over the next month. However, I have no nerves about Movember being something I want to be involved in.

I’ve been lucky to team up with some awesome Mo Bros and Mo Sistas over the years – and this year is no different. We already have 5 team members signed up to the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647, and we’re looking for more!

Joshua Fresh Face Movember 1 2014Thanks to Sean, Terri Leigh, Mike, and Michel for jumping on board so quickly again in 2014.

Note: That is my Movember 1st face right now as I type this post. So smooth, so cold, so odd.

This Movember we will also be celebrating the 5th annual Movember Challenge Karaoke Toronto fundraiser!

If you’ve never been to, or never heard of our little shindig, I’m telling you right now that it’s a party you don’t want to miss. Every year we have more fun than the last – and every year we raise more money as well. So look for more info to come but save THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20 from 9PM to 2AM to meet us at the MARQUIS OF GRANBY on Church Street in Toronto.

I’ll be inviting all of you that I know on Facebook, and I know the rest of the team will be doing so as well. And I’ll be talking more about the event and sharing links as we get closer to the date.

Note: Sean and I are still flabbergasted when we think about the fact that this will be the 5th #MoChaKaTO event. When we started this thing we didn’t even know if it would work – and now it’s one of my favourite nights of the year. Special thanks to Jason Rolland for hosting us for the last 5 years.

Moustache Growers Union Local 416647Now, for the important part. The reason that I’m doing this again in 2014, the reason that all the members of the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647 are Mo’ing it up this month is to raise awareness and funds to support Men’s Health initiatives in Canada and around the world.

Not a single man is immune to prostate cancer, testicular cancer or mental health issues. That means that your dad, your brother, your cousin, your boyfriend, your husband your best friend – they are all vulnerable. And because of that, we fight to find new ways to protect and treat and support every man who has to go through those fights.

If you would like to support my moustache you can click this link:
Or you can visit the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647 page:

If you’ve participating in Movember as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, leave your name and page link in the comment section so everyone can follow your progress and donate. We’re all in this thing together!

Be awesome!


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Boots & Hearts 2015 Big Announcement – October 28

Boots-and-Hearts-Hay-Field-Banner.pngLast week we had the start of a rumour that Boots & Hearts may be leaving Bowmanville and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. And then, out of thin air, we got a HUGE (and unexpected) announcement on CityTV’s Breakfast Television as Florida Georgia Line let is slip that they will be headlining the festival in 2015.

Later in the day Boots & Hearts confirmed the FGL announcement in a Facebook post and then gave us something more to get excited about.
Boots and Hearts 2015 Florida Georgia Line Announcement

And since I do make a habit of predicting things for Boots & Hearts, I’m going to do it again right here, right now!

1) Confirmation of Venue
Whether Boots & Hearts 2015 will be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville or Burl’s Creek Family Park in Oro Station, we don’t know. But any announcement on Tuesday should include the answer.

2) Full Weekend and Camping Tickets on Sale
People have been begging for ticket sales info on Facebook. And this is the longest anyone has ever had to wait to purchase their B&H passes – opening sales (or announcing a sale date in the near future) and moving forward with Boots & Hearts 2015 seems like a solid expectation for this announcement.

3) More Acts Announced for Boots & Hearts 2015!
A source tells me that the Republic Live and Boots & Hearts team had acts lined up as far back as the weekend of the 2014 festival – and with Florida Georgia Line confirmed, it makes sense that more acts could be announced as well to encourage ticket sales and excitement.

4) All of the Above
The fans have been waiting. They are ready and willing to spend their money – and more than anything they are starved for information. An announcement that confirms venue, ticket sales and acts would certainly start to satisfy the masses. And while there will never be consensus on these things (people will either be disappointed that the venue is moving or it isn’t, some will be upset about ticket prices, and fans will beg for their favourite acts and complain about acts they don’t care for) the announcement needs to be made.

We’ll have some or all of the answers on Tuesday – and then we can start talking about how we feel about them and what might come next.

Stay tuned.

Work hard. Play harder. Be awesome.

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