#ALSIceBucketChallenge – Completed!

Joshua Murray ALS Ice Bucket Challenge HeaderThis morning I took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after I was nominated by both my little brother Christopher and my cousin Shannon over the weekend.

So with the help of Brian (in charge of water) and Chris (in charge of the camera) I completed my Ice Bucket Challenge on the front lawn at the office.

I also made a donation at ALS.ca and encourage you to check out the website to learn more about ALS and to make a donation if you are able and feel so inclined.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to raise awareness and funds through this challenge – you’re doing a good thing!

Keep being awesome!

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Wake Me Up – Tebey at the 2014 CNE Bandshell

Tebey CNE 2014 Bandshell BannerSaturday night the CNE Bandshell went country for the first of two nights during this year’s fair.

Singer, songwriter, and charmer Tebey was the first to take the stage and did a fantastic job of getting the Toronto crowd into the night’s 3+ hours of good country music.

Tebey CNE 2014 Bandshell ReviewThe dude looked relaxed and comfortable up on the stage in his jeans, white t-shirt and trucker hat. There’s a low maintenance, high energy feel about Tebey. He’s fun and likes to talk, but didn’t talk too much – and it was clear to see that he loves to be in front of the crowd.

With songs from his new album Two, and his debut offering, The Wait, the Peterborough/GTA boy put on a fun set. And he did an excellent job of placing his Top 5 hit Wake Me Up (a cover of Avicii’s smash single) in the middle of his set to make sure he really, really had everyone hooked before he brought it home with the rest of his set.

Tebey wrapped up his time on the CNE Bandshell stage with a great 3 song combo that included a cover of Kip Moore’s Beer Money and his own singles Now I Do and Somewhere In The Country.

When it was all said and done I was sold on the 2012 Boots & Hearts SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase winner – and I hope we see him again sometime soon.

Check out more photos of Tebey and the 2014 CNE from Trish HERE!

Tebey CNE 2014 Bandshell Big Screen

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Runaway Angel in The Junction

Last Sunday my day started in The Junction. I headed out to watch Runaway Angel perform at 3299 Dundas Street West. What I didn’t know is that I was going to a Community BBQ, and there was way more going on than just their performance. The 100 year anniversary of the Lynett Funeral Home event was well planned and well attended.

We were treated to free BBQ, ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy and Sno Cones. There was a short speech, followed by the fairly dramatic unveiling of The Frank Lynett Memorial. There were Irish Dancers. The Malta Band performed and Runaway Angel played two sets.

Between sets I had a chance to speak with the ladies who were gracious and thrilled to be a part of The Junction community event. I thought to myself ‘this event is amazing.’ I loved it so much I took a ton of photos of the dancers, community members in attendance, bands and more! I will be posting those on The Adventures of an Urban Flower Girl shortly.

Runaway Angel in The Juction

Here are some of the questions that I asked Ann, Stacey and Cadence of Runaway Angel.

Q. How did you hear about the BBQ? How did you get involved?

A. Ann: I know the guy that put it on. I’ve always loved the community in the Junction. There’s a real, real sense of neighbours, and it’s great. I live in this area, It’s a great area, I really like it.

Q. What was the last thing you listened to on your phone, and what platform did it come from?

A. Ann: ‘I do’ by Jesse Decker. I sang it for someone’s wedding yesterday and I had to learn it. It’s a pretty song. I always do iTunes.

Cadence: I have to admit that the last thing I listened to on my phone was Chris Brown, and it was an iTunes song. I figured you guys were expecting Katy Perry, but surprise, Chris Brown.

Stacey: And me, I listen to a lot of 8Trax, it’s similar to Rdio or Spotify, so just whatever mood I’m in, I’ll be like, chill mood, and I’ll just find a random playlist and then you learn so much, and then I fall in love with so much music that I would never search on my own, so that’s what I listen to a lot.

Cadence: My biggest if I just want a random playlist is Songza, I’m like, in love with Songza.

Q. I know Burlington Ribfest is coming up, what else is on deck for Runaway Angel?

A. The girls told me that they’re excited to be headed to Music in the Fields in Lucknow where they will be opening for Tim Hicks and Dierks Bentley. By winning the Sepoy Saloon Showdown they earned their spot on the side stage Saturday night of the fest. They’re looking forward to a fun show with their full band on stage and are especially happy that Music in the Fields is a community run festival that is almost entirely volunteer operated and all of the money made will go back into the community.

Note: Part way through the interview Ann asked me if I wanted to move so we moved from beside the stage area to the back. It was a little quieter and less distracting. The ladies even graciously offered to help me move my things.

Q. You girls are great on social media. Has your involvement online made a big difference in your fanbase?

A. They were quick to agree that social media is making a difference and helping to grow their fanbase. Coming from solo artist backgrounds all three girls were able to bring in their own fans and are now growing the Runaway Angel numbers. They seemed especially excited that more followers are coming onboard before the release of their first single which means that when it comes out, they’ll have an excited audience ready for it!

They also understand the importance of creating and sharing new content to keep their fans engaged and entertained, but admitted that it can sometimes be a little tough keeping up and finding new things to post for their fans online in social media but they clearly love it. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Q. Okay, back to music! If you were putting together a tour, what artists would you want to take out with you?

A. Ann, Stacey and Cadence gave an impressive and entertaining list of artists including Sam Hunt and a host of Canadian acts like The Road Hammers, Marshall Dane, Tim Hicks, and Small Town Pistols.

Note: Sam Hunt was the first named called out and I asked if they got to meet him at Boots & Hearts… but sadly the answer was no. Hopefully they get to meet the next time they’re at the same show.

Q. If you could bring a Canadian male voice in for a song, who would you choose?

A. Again I got quick answers that I totally agree with in Paul Brandt and Brett Kissel who I saw at Boots & Hearts just a few weeks ago. I’m sure either of them would be great up on stage with the girls of Runaway Angel.

It was a great afternoon for a community BBQ in The Junction and I’m glad that I was there to experience it as well as sit down with Runaway Angel. I hope that I get to speak with them again in the future to talk about their music and the success that they’re sure to find. If you’re headed to Lucknow this weekend make sure you check them out.

Runaway Angel Ann Chaplin

Runaway Angel Stacey Zegers

Runaway Angel - Cadence Grace

More photos of Runaway Angel from Boots and Hearts 2014.

Boots and Hearts Runaway Angel

Boots and Hearts Runaway Angel Cadence

Boots and Hearts Runaway Angel Stacey

Runaway Angel Boots and Hearts

Runaway Angel Boots and Hearts

Runaway Angel Boots and Hearts

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Leah Daniels at the 2014 CNE Northern Comfort Saloon

Leah Daniels CNE 2014 BannerIn case you missed it, the Canadian National Exhibition is on RIGHT NOW! And this year the CNE has added a touch of country with the Northern Comfort Saloon, open 7 days a week with cold drinks, comfort food and country music on the menu.

On Sunday at the CNE, CCMA Nominee Leah Daniels sat down with Trish for a few minutes after her Saloon set to talk about her music, what’s coming up next, and how excited she is for this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards in Edmonton.

Along with her band, Will Hebbes – lead guitar, Al Rowe- acoustic and electric guitar, Rich DaSilva – Drums, Ben Miller- Bass, Leah played a great set that included a cover of Teenage Dream, Go Back, and a medley that included Best Day Of My Life, Fly, Semi-Charmed Kinda Life, and she ended her set with our fav Leah Daniels track so far, One Night.

Leah is an Ontario girl who grew up on a farm in Uxbridge with her parents and 3 younger brothers, which made for a busy life. But not too busy for music. Her youth was filled with choirs, school musicals and then a run at Canada’s Wonderland as part of the daily performance team during the summer season. And now that she’s come into her own, we are thankful that Leah has settled into country music.

Leah Daniels Northern Comfort Saloon 2014Leah is nominated for Interactive Artist of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Country Music Awards with Johnny Reid, Tenille, Jess Moskaluke, and Brett Kissel. It’s Leah’s 2nd nomination in a row in the category, and with a look at her Facebook and Twitter pages it’s easy to see why she’s part of the group that has a chance to walk away with a trophy in Edmonton.

While she’s in Edmonton in September, Leah will also be performing a series of showcase events that will give fans and some of the most influential people in Canadian country music a chance to see her play and fall in love with her on stage.

While Trish and Leah were talking a few fun things came up, including an unexpected answer to a question that we’ve asked a few artists lately.

Q) What was the last song that you played on your iPod?

A) The latest mix of her upcoming single “Go Back”, produced by friend and Hunter Hayes band member, Sam Ellis. The song isn’t available yet, but look for it very soon with a planned release before the CCMA’s on September 7th.

Speaking of Hunter Hayes, Leah has a fun story about her 1st trip to Nashville and the young country superstar.

On her first trip to Nashville with Ellis four years ago Leah was writing with new people, taking in what the city had to offer and then one day she was out and her car broke down. But, it gave her a good story.

“My car broke down, I was so embarrassed. But there’s Hunter in his pick up truck, I guess he had just turned 16 and in Nashville you can drive when you’re 16. So he’s like don’t worry, hop on in. So I got in his truck and he drove me to the gas station… and he drove me back. He saved the day.”

Thanks to Leah for taking the time. We wish her all of the luck with her new single and in Edmonton at the CCMAs. Check her out all over the place online like:

And thanks from me to Trish for the pics and for sitting down with Leah!

Stay tuned for more from the 2014 CNE here and on our Facebook page until the gates close and they tell us it’s over.

Be awesome!

Leah Daniels Backstage CNE Northern Comfort Saloon 2014Leah Daniels Northern Comfort Saloon CNELeah Daniels CNE Northern Comfort SaloonCNE Northern Comfort Saloon


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Boots & Hearts 2014 Wrap and 2015 Predictions

Boots and Hearts 2014 Night Crowd 1It’s been 2 weeks since we stood with 30,000+ country music fans at Boots & Hearts 2014 – and we’re still thinking about it.

From Thursday night’s start with The Reklaws, Natalie Stovall & The Drive, Brett Kissel, and Dallas Smith to Saturday and Sunday night’s headliners Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton the music was hot, the crowd was into it and everyone had a great time!

We would love to thank Republic Live, the Boots & Hearts staff, volunteers, security and all of the vendors for helping us have an awesome time and making us want to come back again in 2015.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2014We also want to thank Brett Kissel, The Reklaws, and Trinity Bradshaw for being awesome off stage when we chatted and laughed and took pictures together. It was a great addition to covering the music and we appreciate it.

I’ve been at Boots & Hearts each of the first 3 years, and I can safely tell you that 2014 was the biggest, loudest, most electric atmosphere yet. We had performances from newcomers and legends and artists that are littering the charts with their hits right now. And all of them gave their fans awesome sets.


I had no idea Dan + Shay were going to be as HUGE as they were at Boots & Hearts. When they came onto the Front Porch stage it was packed with young fans (mostly young ladies who were very vocal in their support) who knew every word to every song those 2 dudes sang. It was a pretty great surprise for me as a fan of live music.

TheReviewsAreIn Trinity Bradshaw Interview Boots and Hearts 2014Trinity Bradshaw – SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase Winner! We had the chance to meet Trinity backstage and do a little interview and get to know you session after her Saturday performance in the Emerging Artist Showcase contest – and we pretty much fell in love with her instantly. Not only does she have a killer voice and stage presence, and forget the fact that she’s gorgeous, Trinity was funny and at ease and lovely to talk to about her career, the music she loves and even her Canadian country music crush.

Tim Hicks x 2. Trish is a big Tim Hicks fan and getting a chance to see him and shoot him on stage twice on Saturday was a great treat. The acoustic set he played at his album release party was a fun way to start the day, and Tim did not disappoint when he took his turn on the main stage later in the afternoon.

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 Saturday NightThe Headliners. Truth: We skipped out on Toby Keith because of the weather situation on Friday night – but the combination of Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton on Saturday and Sunday totally made up for it. If you get a chance to see either or both of these dudes in a big concert setting where they can put on a show like they did in Bowmanville, take it.


Friday night’s weather was a bummer and really severe with the wind and rain and hail. And while it’s true that it rains every year at Boots & Hearts, this year was heavier than the others. Here’s hoping that 2015 breaks the trend.

Thanks to the weather we lost out on seeing The Road Hammers in 2014. That sucked.

2015 Predictions

If I had to guess about any 2014 acts returning to Bowmanville in 2015 I would choose The Road Hammers and Tim Hicks.

The Road Hammers become an easy choice because of their washout this year. I don’t know if they’ll be able to fit Boots & Hearts into their schedule next August – but it would sure be cool if they did.

Tim Hicks Boots and Hearts 2014 SaturdayTim Hicks has been at Boots & Hearts all three years that the festival has been running. He finished 2nd in the 2012 Emerging Artist Showcase, came back in 2013 to play at the Kick Off Party, and has now graduated to the Main Stage. When he says that he looks forward to Boots & Hearts all year, I believe him. And it’s hard to imagine the festival without him.

A couple days before this year’s festival I made predictions for the 2015 headliner announcement – but then we didn’t get an announcement. However, the predictions are still pretty solid in my mind.

Lady Antebellum: With a brand new album, 747, coming at the end of September it’s fair to think that Lady A will be touring for a while to support it. And a crowd pushing 40,000 strong has to be a tempting audience to pitch an album to.

Keith Urban: Mr. Urban is a superstar, and in 2014 he added the Calgary Stampede to his list of the big shows he’s got under his belt. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Aussie would make an appearance in Bowmanville on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. Plus, I know he puts on a great show and would be a big ticket seller.

Eric Church: When I was making predictions for 2014 I had a choice to make – Eric Church or Luke Bryan. I chose Luke Bryan and I was right. So it makes sense that I would add Eric Church and his new brand of outlaw country music to my list of 2015 predictions.

It would also be easy to predict that there will be a bigger crowd at Boots & Hearts 2015. The only. only thing working against it is the fact that August 6-9, 2015 isn’t the long weekend. However, this festival is gaining momentum – and as announced after this year’s weekend wrapped up, has now become Canada’s largest camping and music festival. It’s hard to argue against those kinds of facts.

Final Word

Boots & Hearts continues to be one of the highlights of my summer – and I can’t wait for the 2015 festival lineup to be announced piece by piece.

Stay tuned for more predictions and coverage of Boots & Hearts announcements as we get count down the next 11.5 months.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome.
Boots and Hearts 2014 Crowd Girls Photobomb
Boots and Hearts 2014 Night Crowd

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