WayHome 2017 Preview: Danny Brown Top 10

One of the biggest late night acts hitting  WayHome will be Detroit’s Danny Brown, slated to take the WayAway Stage at 12:15 am on Friday night. This is one we’re really looking forward to.

His latest tour to support his new album, Atrocity Exhibition has taken the rapper all over North America with stops in The UK, Sweden and The Netherlands still to come. Brown stated that he was inspired by both the Joy Division song of the same name and J. G. Ballard’s novel (same name) when choosing a title for his 2016 album. Atrocity Exhibition has received accolades from industry and fans alike with the album making many of the big Top 50 lists for 2016 including Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Spin.

Brown’s latest video release is for the track Lost, directed by Matilda Finn is a black and white odyssey rife with claustrophobic and sometimes disturbing shots. Clips of an apartment peephole, Brown cooking money and tin foil aprons with a myriad of interesting characters, it’s a masterpiece of paranoia. We’re going to warn you, if you’ve got a weak stomach, you may want to skip the introductory sequence.

Brown is a pro on stage and this festival provides the best in everything. Expect clear vocals, high energy and loads of hits. If you missed him in November in Toronto, now is your chance. We’re wondering if ScHool Boy Q will be around early to join Danny on stage for a song.

We bring you 10 Danny Brown songs to help get you ready for the live version.


Get Hi

Grown Up

Really Doe


Guitar Solo

Fresh Off the Boat Theme

Black and Brown

Shootin’ Moves

Kush Coma

NXNE 2017 Port Lands: Ferraro Q&A

Friday was the first day of the NXNE Port Lands shows and we were there for the first band of the day, Ferraro.

Ferraro is Cosmo Ferraro on guitar and vocals, Tally Ferraro on bass and vocals, Gianni Ferraro on drums and vocals and Tom Ionescu on guitar and vocals. They are a band of three brothers, plus Tom. The brothers Ferraro come from a very musical background and if you’ve ever been to The Cameron House one of the guys may have served you a drink or two. The Cameron House is the family business and it’s no surprise that music is in their blood.

We took in their set and then sat down for a Q&A.

The band took the NXNE Skyline Stage at 4:45 PM and the audience continued to grow throughout the set. The music is fun and catchy. They have great harmonies and the music makes you want to dance. The guys looked right at home on the big stage and it’s no wonder, they’ve played with the likes of Sam Roberts and The Strumbellas and have been honing their skills for 10+ years. We heard songs from the Losing Sleep album including the title track, On the Ropes and Shake It Off.

The 50’s inspired music is modern and fresh and I woke up Sunday morning with Shake It Off in my head. Let’s get started with the Q&A.
Q. What are your earliest musical memories?

Ferraro: Way back. We all started on piano. We all took piano lessons. None of us accomplished very much on that instrument. I think we got a little appreciation for music and then when we chose our own instruments and we started playing together in the basement and that was the first thing, to learn your instrument well enough to be able to play with another instrument. That was the first milestone, it was the first thing to check off. That happened in the basement, making a lot of noise in our parents’ house.

Q. What’s the best thing about playing with your brothers?

Ferraro: The best thing… hmm… I’m looking for something positive to say here [laughing]. I think they’re pretty good musicians. You can say things that you might not say to someone else. It’s a very open and honest experience.Q. And for Tom – What’s the worst thing about playing with 3 brothers?

Tom: They keep pretty chill. I’ve been told I’m the pacifier.

Ferraro: You know, when you have a guest you try to behave.

Tom: I’ve heard that when I’m not around things get crazy so I kinda wanna see… actually maybe I don’t.

Q. Have you come to blows?

Ferraro: It’s been a while since we’ve physically hit each other. That’s not true, it’s been less than a year. It’s more verbal than physical. We argue. That comes again to being a brother. You’d probably say more to your brothers than to people who aren’t related to you. I think it gets more heated quickly and then forgiven more quickly as well. It’s just like hockey. You just fight out and then you go to the penalty box for five minutes.

Q. Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Ferraro: [Laughing]

Q: Why are you laughing, that sounds like a yes?

Ferraro: Well today we were very short on beer. Today we were desperate to get some beer so we chugged a beer and went on. For a big a show we normally get together right before we go on stage and say “let’s have a good show guys” [laughing]. On a regular basis Tally does the whole School of Rock thing. I would answer with a no [laughing].Q. Do you have a favourite place to play?

Ferraro: The Cameron House baby! It’s our home base. It’s where we’re comfortable. We’re on tonight from 10 to 4. It should be a good show. We’ve learned a lot there, good bad and otherwise. We’ve had shows of all kinds.

Q. “Losing Sleep” was released last year. How has the album been received?

Ferraro: It did as well as we expected. It was our first full-length record and that was a big accomplishment. It took more work than expected to get it out and be happy with the final product, which we were. But it felt good to have our first full-length record out.

Q. Are you working on new music?

Ferraro: We’ve been working on new music. The new stuff is coming. There are some new songs coming. And we’re hoping it’s sooner rather than later before we have some new music out.Q. I love the “Shake it Off” video, tell me about the concept and getting The Strumbellas involved?

Ferraro: That was very largely Kat Webber‘s brainchild. She was the director, she’s a friend of ours. We talked to her casually about making a video, that’s what she does. She looked at us, saw we’re brothers, we’re family. We use mannequins in some of our promotions and we have a bit of 50’s influence in our sound. So she took those 3 things and started mulling them over in her head and remembered this history class she had of the atomic bomb testings.  And they would make model homes with mannequins and see how everything reacted. That’s where it began and it was very, very much her brainchild and we were just, whatever you need us to do. Tell us where to be, tell us what to do. She came to us with the idea and I think expected some input. She told us the whole story and we were like. It’s awesome let’s go with it. We were like, we love it, just tell us what to do.

What also worked out was that we didn’t have a budget to make that video but what was very serendipitous was that our grandmother had this 1950’s looking house. That was our grandparents’ house that we grew up in. They passed away a few years ago and the house has just been empty. It was exactly what we were looking for. We wouldn’t have been able to shoot it off the budget we had without that.

Trish: That scene in the room after the explosion with is amazing! It was so fun to watch.

Ferraro: We did that and she was like okay, really go over the top and rock out here. And we did it and it was amazing. We went for it and we were like, that was fucking amazing and we like, DONE. And they said, that was great, let’s do it again. [Laughing} And we were like “I can’t, that’s the one, we’re just doing one. We were exhausted. It was pretty fun to shoot. That was the last scene of the day and we were ready to let loose a little bit.

And the question about The Strumbellas was that they came up through The Cameron House. So we met them very early on in their career at The Cameron and Kat asked if there was a band or someone famous or a big name you could add in for a little cameo to help. So I called them and they were very, very gracious with their time. They went straight from that shoot to the airport to fly to Australia for their tour.

They used to do a Monday night residency and the first time I saw them it was just me and the bartender. It was just me and him in the room watching The Strumbellas. They have not forgotten any of the people in their past. They’re very gracious that way.

Q. Who are you listening to?

Ferraro 1: They’re a bit old but I’m just getting into The Growlers.

Ferraro 2:
Fast Romantics are friends of ours and they just put out a new record that I’m digging into.

Ferraro 3
: Radiohead just got put on Spotify and I’ve been a longtime Radiohead fan. I used to get all the rare records and now that they’re on Spotify I can get all the crazy stuff on there too.

Ferraro 4: Dan Auerbach. I liked his last solo album better than any of his Black Keys stuff. Also Michael Rault. He’s very underrated. He’s not a really that well known. We tried to befriend him. We had one amazing hang. A great late night. We spent the whole night talking and never saw him again. Maybe we came on too strong. [Laughing]

Q. What do you do for fun when you’re not making music?

Ferraro(Tally): Work at The Cameron House. I’m a bartender there, Cosmo’s the manager there, Gianni’s a bartender…

Trish: What do you do when you’re not working.

Ferraro: Play hockey, we all play hockey. Baseball. There’s a Cameron House baseball team. There’s a Queen Street baseball league. We play The Horseshoe. Softball. Yeah, Sunday softball. I take it maybe too seriously.

Trish to Tom: You look like you’re thinking really hard.

Tom: Yeah I’m really bad at sports, I’m ok at baseball and I’ve played one game.

Ferraro: Tom is very, very talented. There’s nothing this guy can’t do until I saw him attempt sports. And I thought, okay he’s got an Achilles heel, there’s something he can’t do.

Tom: A big Achilles heel. My one softball game was good but then I was like, Peace I’m out of here.

I do a lot of the graphic design and artwork for album covers.

Ferraro: He’s made a lot of our posters and Cameron posters. He’s quite a talented artist.

Thanks for Ferraro for hanging out with us and spilling some great stories. Don’t let the handsome faces distract you, these guys are educated, smart, funny and talented. Keep your eye on them.

Check out the video for Shake It Off and watch for a cameo from The Strumbellas.

MORE PHOTOS OF FERRAROWhitney Rose with Ferraro The Cameron HouseWe pulled this one out of the archives! Ferraro backing up Whitney Rose at The Cameron House in 2014.

NXNE 2017 Club Lands: Crown Lands, The Anti-Queens and Sweatshop Kids – NXNE Curator Series – Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent)

Sweatshop Kids started off the showcase. The trio of Walsh, Turvey and Hover were loud, they were sweaty and they weren’t kids. Listing hardcore-dance-punk-nu-metal-knuckle-funk as their genre on their Facebook page, we going to go with that.

The music was great, the singer super interesting and that haircut just kept making me smile. It’s weird but good weird. When he starts moving, you can’t look away. I’m intrigued.Sweatshop Kids - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe second act of the night was The Anti-Queens. The band is Emily Bones on vocals and playing lead guitar, Mary Deth on bass, Dallas Conte on drums and Valerie Knox on lead guitar. Valerie is also known for her role as singer and guitar player for Black Cat Attack.

They were loud, they were tight, the songs were honest, they were well rehearsed, in sync and so much fun to watch. This might be the grungiest punk rock/grunge pop I’ve ever heard. The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernFollowing The Anti-Queens, fresh off their 97.7 win and the premiere of Recording “Rise Over Run” – Episode 4, Crown Lands.

We caught up with Kevin Comeau just before their set at the NXNE Curator Series – Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent) and chatted about their win, the upcoming album Rise Over Run and new merch. He joked about all the things that have to be done in a day for the one hour where they get to get up on stage and play for us. It’s everything.

It’s been almost a year since we first saw Crown Lands at Rivoli. They’ve been working hard and that work really shows on stage. Everything is better, and that’s hard to say because they were so good when we saw them last year.  Crown Lands - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernCrown Lands - Cody Bowles - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernCrown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe guys were perfectly in sync and everything was perfect. One thing that’s clear, Kevin and Cody are having a really good time doing this. And the fans were having a really good time watching them do it.

There was a  new addition to the set from last year, and it was amazing. We’re going to let the photo and video do the explaining.
Crown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Thanks to DyAnn Rusaw for sharing her video with us. Amazing!

The crowd got a chance to hear some new music along with some of my personal favourites off their debut EP Mantra . and it wouldn’t be complete without some amazing covers like When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin and Rush’s Working Man.

We’re really excited for the new album we can hardly wait for the next episode of  Recording “Rise Over Run”. We love this documentary series, it’s giving us a look at the stuff we don’t normally get to see and we love that.

NOTE – If you get a chance to pick up some merch, grab one of the handmade tie-dyed tanks. They’re awesome and were made by Kevin and Cody themselves.

If you’re looking for all the news on The Lazys check out our post here!

Crown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern Crown Lands - Cody Bowles - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern Crown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern Crown Lands - Cody Bowles - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernCrown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Crown Lands - Cody Bowles - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Crown Lands - Kevin Comeau - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernCrown Lands - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Sweatshop Kids - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern Sweatshop Kids - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern Sweatshop Kids - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernMORE PHOTOS OF THE ANTI-QUEENS
The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Anti-Queens - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

NXNE 2017 Club Lands: The Lazys – NXNE Curator Series – Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent)

The Lazys are not a band for the faint-hearted and on June 22nd at the Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent) Curator Series at The Horseshoe Tavern, The Lazys brought everything they had and left it on the stage.


Not to be outdone, their fans took it up a notch and matched the band with their energy and enthusiasm.


We’ve been telling you about The Lazys since late 2015 and this band of Aussies have continued to up their game along the way. They’ve just finished recording a brand new album and they’re touring Ontario playing new tunes and old favourites. You can find out everything you need to know about the summer tour here.


Things of note from Thursday’s show – there were great supporting acts, it was really hot, it was packed, Matty left the stage, there were many adult beverages consumed, there was an aggressive mosh pit, and Leon, Matty, Glenn, Liam, and Andy killed their set.


Here is our photo show review in case you needed some evidence?

The Lazys -Leon Harrison - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Glenn Williams - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Liam Shearer - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys -Matty Morris and Leon Harrison - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Leon Harris & crowd - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Leon Harrison - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Leon Harrison - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys - Liam Shearer and Glenn Williams - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe TavernThe Lazys -Matty Morris - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys -Matty Morris - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys -Matty Morris - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Kira Isabella and JoJo Mason at Mohawk Racetrack

On Saturday, June 17th I had the pleasure of attending 34th running of the North America Cup at Mohawk Racetrack. It wasn’t the horses and drivers that brought me there but the live entertainment.

Woodbine Entertainment put on an amazing event with prizes including the best seats in the house, a $1000 prize, fun NA Cup swag, great food and drinks, and more. With a $1,000,000 prize up for grabs in the big race, we had the cream of the crop of horses and drivers. Topping this off, a sweet country music show starring JoJo Mason and Kira Isabella.

What started out as a bit of a crap shoot weather-wise, turned into an amazing time complete with warm temperatures and no rain. There were lots of people in attendance and they were ready for exciting races and the great entertainment and they got both!

Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella

Kira Isabella took to the stage just after 5:00 pm and she very quickly let us know she’d dressed for rain and maybe, just maybe, a black jumpsuit wasn’t the best choice for the 30-degree temperatures. She looked awesome and she sang and danced enthusiastically throughout her set. Kira played through her hits, including Quarterback, I’m So Getting Over You, and Shake It If Ya Got It. She did a great cover medley which included Hotline Bling, Shape of You and Jackson and then she played us a brand new song, I Don’t Wanna Know. It’s a great ballad and I’m hoping you get to hear it on the radio soon.

She won over the crowd and finished up her set by introducing her band and while her guitar player sang, she disappeared off stage and came back waving a Canadian Flag. Who doesn’t love a little Canadian pride? The set ended and the substantial crowd slowly wandered back to watch Kira sing the American and Canadian anthems before the racing began.

JoJo Mason was up at 7:00 pm and while we waited for him to get started, Kira wandered back over to the merch tent hang out and chat with fans. She chatted, took photos with fans and even signed an Unfollow Delete I’m Done tank top for a fan.
Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella

JoJo Mason had the tough job of getting the crowd to leave the track and come listen to him sing. He arrived on stage with his signature JoJo smile and as he sung, the crowd started towards the stage. With his smooth voice and amazing audience engagement, he played a handful of songs and then let the crowd know he’d be back in a bit. JoJo sang throughout the evening, doing a couple of songs and then letting the racegoers head back to place their bets and watch their horses and drivers race past the finish line.
Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason

I’m not sure how he did it, but JoJo kept his cool, in spite of the very warm evening. The crowd got to hear Made for You,  Good Kind of Love, Red Dress and his brand new single Something to Wrap My Heart Around. He threw in some covers including Wagon Wheel and he may have dropped in a little of Bob Marley’s One Love into one of his songs.

It’s always about the fans with JoJo and he made sure to take the time to talk to everyone who wanted to talk and take photos with everyone who wanted them including these two sweet girls who were thrilled.

This was the first outdoor show of the season for both of these performers and they’re both happy to be back out, playing for the people of Canada. Kira’s currently got a duet with the Chris Buck Band, That’s When You Know, out on radio and JoJo released a brand new, full-length album on May 24th. It’s entitled Both Sides of the Bar and you can read our review right here!
Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo MasonMORE PHOTOS OF KIRA ISABELLA

Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira IsabellaMohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Kira Isabella MORE PHOTOS OF JOJO MASONMohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo Mason Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Jojo MasonPHOTOS OF THE PEOPLE
Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People

Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup The People

Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Behind the Scenes Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Behind the Scenes Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Behind the ScenesMohawk Racing

And what would race day be without these guys?

Mohawk Racing Pepsi NA Cup Trumpet Fanfare


NXNE 2017 – Where We’ll Be

North by Northeast has revealed the final pieces of their schedule and it includes the one-day Future Land conference. They’ve got some cool sessions on Wednesday, June 21st, the price is a very reasonable $29 and you can get them here.

Want to know all about the festival? Visit our previous post – NXNE 2017 – Round 1 Artist Announcement.

With all the pieces in place, we’re ready to let you know who we’ll be checking out. The Club Land Shows lead into the weekend Port Lands shows and we’re happy to be hitting up some of our favourite venues to see a couple of our favourites bands, The Lazys and Crown Lands, as some that are new to us, too.

To start with, let’s talk about our favourites. The Lazys have just started a tour of Ontario and not only are they playing on the 22nd at The Horseshoe, they’ve also announced a free listening party on June 21st at The Bovine, doors are at 5:00 pm. If you’re around, it’s a great chance to hear the new album. If you’re not going to be in Toronto next week head to their website for tour details.
The Lazys CNE 2016Not to be outdone, Crown Lands have been up to some pretty amazing stuff. They’ve been working on a new album which they recorded at the legendary Chalet Recording Studio and Friday night they competed in the finals of the 97.7 HTZ FM Rock Search Contest.

The guys are already winners in our books but on Friday night, they took home the big prize! $2,500 in cash from 97.7 HTZ-FM and the opportunity to play four 97.7 HTZ-FM events over the year. They’ve also won an in-person consultation session with the artist development team at Dine Alone Records, $1500 in custom merchandise from Presstime Design & Screenprint, a recording package from Iguana Studios,  and last, but not least, a $1500 gift card to spend at Long and McQuade Musical Instruments.

Congratulations to the guys! Previous winners of this competition include Finger Eleven, The Trews, The Standstills and The Glorious Sons, that’s a pretty great list. In addition to playing the Ian D’Sza (Billy Talent) Curated Showcase on Friday the 22nd, you can also see them at Cherry Cola’s on June 17th.

Now, let’s move on to our show/band choices!

 Date About the event venue
 June  19Rural Alberta Advantage Curated Showcase
The Northern Coast
Jordan Normal and the Wisdom Teeth
Alex Vissa
The Dakota Tavern
 June  20Nick Rose (Dwayne Gretzky, Teen Ravine
Curated Showcase
Vast Asleep
Twin Within
Evan James Redsky
 June  21The Dirty Nil
Curated Showcase

Dead Soft
Secret Satanists
Big School
New Love
 The Garrison
 June  22Ian D’Sza (Billy Talent)
Curated Showcase

The Lazys
Crown Lands
The Anti-Queens
Sweatshop Kids
Horseshoe Tavern
 June  23    4:45 FerraroPort Lands – Skyline Stage
 June  24    3:00 CaveboyPort Lands – Canal Stage
 June  25    6:45 Yukon BlondePort Lands – Canal Stage

We know there are no headliners on our Port Lands list. But we’ll see what the days bring, we might see some Post Malone, Kaytranada or Passion Pit.

We’re stoked to see Ferraro, Caveboy, and Yukon Blonde. Shockingly, we’ve never seen any of these bands live. What?! Yes, we need to fix that! Stay tuned for pictures, interviews and reviews from NXNE 2017!

Tickets are still available and you can get them here!

Enter Now: Boots & Hearts 2017 Emerging Artist Showcase

Presented by Chevrolet (new in 2017), the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase has helped to launch the careers of Tebey and Tim Hicks (2012), The Reklaws (2013), Ty Baynton, Runaway Angel, Trinity Bradshaw (2014), Johnson Crook, Kris Barclay, James Barker Band, (2015), Jesse Gold and Vanessa Marie Carter (2016) and more!If you think you’ve got what it takes, the process starts with the applications. Country artists, ages 12 and over, can submit a video for a chance to compete at Burl’s Creek Event Park this summer. Visit bootsandhearts.com/showcase to submit your video.

After all of the videos have been submitted (end date: July 2. 11:59 PM EST), 8 finalists will be hand-picked by the judges, who are respected industry professionals, to play live at Boots & Hearts 2017.

Once the top 8 have been selected, fans will then have the opportunity to vote on their favourite artist. Fan votes will determine the time slots for the finalists. Keep in mind that getting the most votes will have you playing last, and historically this is when the crowds are bigger!

The top two will as perform in a sing-off on the main stage at Boots and Hearts 2017. The winner will have the honour of performing on before Brett Eldredge takes the stage, there will be a big crowd watching!

Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase 2017 Grand Prize!

The winner of the 2017 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase will have a chance to…

1. Play the main stage before Brett Eldredge on Sunday.

2. Record and release a single on the Universal Music Canada label.

3. Travel to Nashville, the prize includes flight, hotel accommodations for a week, $500 spending money, professional photo shoot, media training and a beautiful new Gibson guitar.
This could be a life-changing experience for all involved and while winning the contest is definitely the carrot at the end of the stick, remember, Tim Hicks was runner-up in 2012. This is going to be a great opportunity for eight new country acts and for 1 of them, it could change their life!

Find out everything you need to know about the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase by visiting bootsandhearts.com/showcase.Do you know someone that you think should be up on the big stage? Of course, you do, send them this link. Or if you’re a country artist hoping for the next big break we wish you luck. Go enter and tell your friends!

Coming Soon: JUNOFEST 2017 – Ottawa, ON

The JUNOS are coming! The JUNOS are coming! But, before we get to the JUNOS, we’ve got JUNO Week and JUNO Fest.

JUNO Week starts March 30th with the JUNO Cup Jam.2017 JUNO Cup Jam poster Featuring performances at The Bourbon Room with Adrian Sutherland (Midnight Shine), Amanda Rheaume, Barney Bentall (High Bar Gang), Cosmo Ferraro (Ferraro), Darryl James (The Strumbellas), Devin Cuddy Band, Doug Oliver (Cold Creek County), Gord Bamford, Jay Bodner (Eagle & Hawk), Jim Bowskill (Blue Rodeo/Sheepdogs), Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), JJ Shiplett, Jon Gallant (Billy Talent), Jonathan Roy, Matt Sobb (MonkeyJunk), Matthew Barber, Menno Versteeg (Hollerado), Peter Kesper (NQ Arbuckle), Steve Marriner (MonkeyJunk), Beard Guy (Walk Off the Earth), Tim D’eon (Wintersleep) and Vince Fontaine (Eagle & Hawk/Indian City). I’m overwhelmed at the talent in that list and you’ll be overwhelmed by their performances. Tickets are just $25 and they’re on sale now.

One of my favourite highlights of the week happens next. On March 31st, the JUNO Cup pits NHL Legends against Canadian musical greats. This game is always a hoot and the lineup this year is stacked! Watch as Brad Dalgarno (New York Islanders), Brendan Bell (Ottawa Senators), Chris Phillips (Ottawa Senators), Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa Senators), Gary Roberts (Toronto Maple Leafs), Jim Kyte (Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators), Luke Richardson (Ottawa Senators), Mark Napier (Montréal Canadiens,Juno Cup Edmonton Oilers), Paul Coffey (Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins) and Troy Crowder (New Jersey Devils) coached by Grey Cup Champion Henry Burris from the Ottawa Redblacks vs. Aaron Pritchett, Adrian Sutherland (Midnight Shine), Amanda Rheaume, Barney Bentall, Beard Guy (Walk Off The Earth), Chad Brownlee, Cosmo Ferraro (Ferraro), Dallas Smith, Darryl James (The Strumbellas), Devin Cuddy , Doug Oliver (Cold Creek County), Gord Bamford, Jay Bodner (Eagle & Hawk), Jim Bowskill (Blue Rodeo/The Sheepdogs), Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Jon Gallant (Billy Talent), Jonathan Roy, Kathleen Edwards, Matthew Barber, Matt Sobb (MonkeyJunk), Sam Roberts, Steve Marriner (MonkeyJunk) and Vince Fontaine (Eagle & Hawk) with Legendary Ottawa 67’s bench boss, Brian “Killer” Kilrea coaching The Rockers.

Watch for more names to be added to these lists! And yes, tickets are $20 and on sale now, you can get one here!

Friday, March 31
and Saturday, April 1 we get JUNOfest, over two nights, the music2017 JUNOfestfestival features more than 100 artists playing on stages in more than 15 venues across Ottawa and it’s an integral part of the 2017 JUNO Week. You can see Kelly Prescott, Caveboy, Repartee, The Dirty Nil, Dilly Dally, Bleecker, The Julian Taylor Band, Sykamore, The Abrams, Cold Creek County, Common Deer, The Strumbellas, Stuck on Planet Earth, The Honest Heart Collective, Colin Linden, The Balconies and so many more acts!

Wristbands are only $30, they’ll get you into all of the venues and you can get them here. You can check out the schedule and plan your weekend by following this link. 

On April 2nd we get to the big show, the JUNOS. This year’s lineup features more than 35 JUNO nominees, including Shawn Mendes, Arkells, The Strumbellas, The Weeknd, Monster Truck, Alessia Cara, The Tragically Hip, Chad Brownlee, Coleman Hell, Marians Trench, The Dirty Nil, Whitehorse, Tasha The Amazon, Holy Fuck, Cold Creek County, and more! For the full list of nominees check out the official JUNOS page.

There are so many of our favourites are in the lists above and we can hardly wait!

Five Favourite Things That Happened on the Grammys

First I’m going to start by saying, last night’s Grammys show was a long one. It wasn’t perfect but it didn’t need to be. James Cordon did a good job as host and I honestly wasn’t sure when he started with his entrance, if it was for real or not. And then he rolled down the stairs removing all doubt that this was a bit.

There were many great moments throughout the night and I’m going to give you my top five favourite things that happened on the Grammys.

1. Chance The Rapper was joined by Kirk Franklin, Francis and the Lights, Tamela Mann, and a huge gospel choir giving us a heart felt performance that left me moved.

Nominated for seven awards including Best Rap Album for Coloring Book which beat out albums by Kanye, Drake, and De La Soul. A change to the rules last year made Coloring Book eligible as a streaming only entry. Chance also picked up
Best Rap Performance for No Problem, and Best New Artist.

2. Twenty One Pilots collect their Grammy wearing no pants. For all the artists who remember where they came from, the boys took it to another level.

3. In what might be, quite possibly the most political statement on the Grammy stage, the legendary hip-hop act A Tribe Called Quest teamed up with Anderson .Paak (and Busta Rhymes and Consequence) to give us some classics, Can I Kick It? and Award Tour and some new material, Movin Backwards and We the People. Energy filled and straight to the point with their statement on the failed Muslim ban from “President Agent Orange”. To emphasize their point, groups of people of many ethnicities were brought up onto the Grammy stage, ending the performance with Q-Tip shouting “resist!”, their message is clear.

4. And in the “Performance That Made Me Cry” category, John Legend and Cynthia Erivo singing The Beach Boys, God Only Knows during the In Memoriam portion. They delivered a moving version of the song which perfectly framed the long list of people we lost in the last year.

5. Adele for so many things! Her opening performance, her George Michael start and stop, her acceptance speeches and so much more! Even with an on air curse, she’s a classy lady and I love her.

In the honourary mentions category:

Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham performing a mashup of Peter Pan and 7 Years. I’ve read that some people didn’t get it, I’m not in that camp. I loved this performance and thought they blended the two songs beautifully.

Metallica and Lady Gaga it was interesting and fun! I wouldn’t want to be the person who was responsible for James’ mic failure.

Did I miss your favourite? Tells us about it.

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