5 Quick Questions

5 Quick Questions with Silver Love Club

In our latest 5 Quick Questions, we talk to Michael Votano of Silver Love Club about changes, new music, food and more!

Silver Love Club have lots of shows during Canadian Music Week including opening night at the Honest Heart Collective Showcase and The Aussie Night Out ShowcaseCheck here for dates, places and times!

Q1: It’s been a year since we saw you last, and a lot has changed… Can you tell us about your new name, new drummer, and whatever else might be new with you?

MV: A whole year already?!? Feels like only yesterday we were sitting out the front of The Horseshoe chatting music with some beers. New year, new name, new drummer!! Unfortunately, we ran into another artist with our previous name, who was quite a bit more established than we, so we thought it best to make the change. Also ‘Silver Love Club’ is way more fun!! As for the new drummer, our best mate Neel who we’ve been friends with since forever was able to make the commitment necessary to take on the role this year, which was perfect! He’s a killer drummer & killer dude so couldn’t have found a better brother if we tried!!

Q2: You’ve also got brand new music to share, how excited are you for that?

MV: Super pumped to play almost an entirely new set at CMW this year. Really happy with the development of the new tunes. They’re a little dirtier & filthier but still a goddamn party! The tunes also all say something. I feel as though I’ve gotten a lot of my chest through the new tracks.

Q3: You’re going to be super busy during CMW with 4 scheduled shows, but are there things you want to do/places you want to visit while you’re in Toronto?

MV: YES!! We want to eat!! Point me towards to tastiest wings, poutine, burritos, dumplings, pizza & I’ll be there!!

Q3: What is your favourite thing about Canadian Music Week?

MV: The vibe is killer! So many bands, so many music lovers, you’re continually surrounded by people who share your greatest passion. The week is a great way to feed your musical soul. Also, it’s one massive party!!

Q4: What does the rest of 2017 look like for Silver Love Club?

MV: New tracks! Lots of new tracks! One every couple of months is the plan. Also touring there’s nothing better than playing your tunes for a room full of people who want to feel something.

Q5: In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

MV: A dirty, sweaty, loud party! Fuzzed out guitars, thumping bass, stomping drums & screaming soulful vocals. Probably a few swear words too. We are Australian!

Thanks to Michael for taking the time to answer our questions.

You can find Silver Love Club at these fine internet locations. 

Facebook: SilverLoveClub
Instagram: silverloveclub
Twitter: silverloveclub
Youtube: SilverLoveClub

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