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CMW 2017: Joshua’s 3 Don’t Miss Shows ft. The Honest Heart Collective, The Beaches, High Valley

Canadian Music Week 2017 is coming faster than you might be ready for… and that’s freaking exciting. It means there’s a week of music coming that will mix what you know, what you don’t know, what you already love and what you’re going to fall in love with.

And to get you started with your planning, I’ve picked three shows that you shouldn’t miss during CMW 2017!

The Honest Heart Collective – Adelaide Hall

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Honest Heart Collective / Texas King / Bad River – all on stage to put on a show… and if the Facebook event is to be believed, The Danger Bees and our Aussie boys, Silver Love Club (formerly Mabel) will be there too!

If there ever was a time to go out and see live music on a Tuesday night, it’s during CMW… and if you’re looking for the show you want to be at – this is the one.

Last year Trish hooked up with The Honest Heart Collective for a CMW preview which was awesome, and we’ve seen Texas King on the Adelaide Hall stage before – add together all of the previous experience and I’m sure that this is a Tuesday night concert that you do not want to miss out on.

Get ready to have some fun and kick off your week.

The Beaches – The Horseshoe Tavern

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Beaches / The Brains / shy kids / The Dead Love

1) Who doesn’t want to hang at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern on a Friday night?
2) You should want to see The Beaches be the bad ass women they are on stage during CMW!
3) Aussie rockers, The Dead Love are on the bill – and we certainly don’t want to miss that!

For real, this is going to be a Friday night concert that goes loud and hard and punches you right in the face – in the best way.

We’ve seen and hung out a little bit with The Dead Love, and we can’t wait to do that again. AND we saw The Beaches in all of their GRL BAND glory at the WayHome Xmas party in 2016… and we liked it a lot. Add in some new to us music from The Brains and shy kids and this is going to be a Friday night worth talking about on Saturday morning.

SiriusXM House w/ High Valley – The Great Hall

Saturday, April 22, 2017

High Valley / Madeline Merlo/ Jess Moskaluke

As far as country music shows go, this is going to be a good one! With three Canadian acts lined up to take over The Great Hall stage, we know what we’re going to get. Or at least we think we do.

UPDATE: 3-Time CCMA Female Artist of the Year and 2017 Juno winner for Country Album of the Year, Jess Moskaluke has been added to this show!

We’ve seen all of these performers more than once, and have had the chance to talk to each of them as well. They’re all doing what they love. They’re all good at what they do. And they’re all good to their fans.

There may be a few surprises on this Saturday night full of music… and that’s fine with us. We’ll be ready!

Now… check out some pics of the acts we’ve seen before, and get ready for more this April during Canadian Music Week 2017!

Texas King

Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016

Silver Love Club

Mabel The Nightowl CMW 2016

The Beaches

The Dead Love

The Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 Horseshoe

High Valley

High Valley Boots and Hearts 2015High Valley CNE 2016 Bandshell

Madeline Merlo

Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

River Town Saints

River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonRiver Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and Bourbon


I Do: Lisa Loeb Live in Toronto!

On a hot July night in Toronto a 90s pop legend took the stage at Adelaide Hall to put on the kind of show that some fans have been waiting two decades for, and some have waited since the last time they saw her. But either way, they all loved it. We all loved it.

Lisa Loeb burst onto the scene in 1994 with Stay (I Missed You) and while you may not have heard her on the radio much in the last few years, she’s still working harder and more than you may know. Her children’s music, acting, writing, and voice work has kept her busy. With 10 studio albums now in the books, Lisa has no shortage of material to pull from when it’s time to put together a set, but even then she lets her fans in on the action.

Here’s the setlist from Adelaide Hall, everything we expected – but instead of an encore – a request section that was pretty darn cool…

Lisa Loeb Toronto Setlist, July 13, 2016

✰ No Fairy Tale
✰ Do You Sleep
✰ Wishing Heart
✰ Sick, Sick, Sick
✰ Everyday
✰ Falling In Love
✰ Truthfully
✰ You Don’t Know Me
✰ 3, 2, 1, Let Go
✰ On Top Of Spaghetti
✰ The Disappointing Pancake
✰ Stay (I Missed You)
✰ Snow Day
✰ Taffy
✰ How
✰ I Do
✰ When All The Stars Were Falling
✰ The 90s
✰ Alone
✰ Sandalwood

Lisa Loeb-8541

Note: We have to give some real love to The Mandevilles who put on a sweet little acoustic set to open the night. Serena and Nick did a fantastic job warming up the crowd, and did an even better job of getting everyone a little more interested in what they have to offer. Stay tuned for more on them from us in the future.

From No Fairy Tale to Sandalwood, Lisa Loeb had the crowd in the palm of her hand. She was engaging and charming and funny. She’s a hell of a storyteller, which doesn’t surprise us because we’ve seen what she has written and shared and performed over the course of her career.

Lisa Loeb-8532And to tell you that the crushes people had on her in the 90s are still going strong may be an understatement.

Read More: 3, 2, 1, Let Go: Lisa Loeb Q&A

By the end of her 20 song set, Lisa had given the intimate crowd everything they could have hoped for when they lined up outside of Adelaide Hall earlier in the evening.

If and when you have the chance to see Lisa Loeb in concert, we ask that you take it. No matter what city or country you’re in. No matter the venue. No matter what the circumstances, we are 100% confident that you’re going to go home happy – just like we did on Wednesday night in Toronto.

Lisa Loeb-8546Lisa Loeb-8534

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Toronto Women in Music Showcase: For Esmé, Etiquette, REPARTEE & Hush Pup!

On a wintery spring night in April, a crowd of music fans came together at Adelaide Hall in Toronto to celebrate great music, dance, and generally just enjoy the hell out of a Thursday night.

The Toronto Women in Music showcase brought Hush Pup, REPARTEE, For Esmé, and Etiquette to the stage to show us all what they’ve got – and one at a time, they did exactly that… with pleasure.

Over and over we heard from the women leading the 4 bands talk about how awesome Toronto Women in Music (TWIM) has been for them. And looking through Facebook posts from those same artists, it’s clear to see that they love having a group of talented, supportive, badass women to collaborate with, and call friends. It’s a really cool thing to see and know is happening in a great city like ours. We really hope that women in other cities are getting the same opportunity.

Hush Pup at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSICFirst up on the Adelaide Hall stage Thursday night was Hush Pup, a synthy/groove/pop act that did an excellent job of warming up the crowd as they came through the doors and took their coats off. The combination of Ida’s soft, sweet vocals + keys, guitar, and bass gave us a sound that we’d gladly come in to listen to again. High fives to Ida, Fizzy, and Torrie for a job well done!

2nd on stage, and ready to dance, was REPARTEE – a 4 piece outfit fronted by Meg Warren – originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

REPARTEE at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSICThese 4 really did come to have a good time, kicking things off by telling the assembled music lovers that they were “gonna play some dance tunes” for us. And did they ever. With a super fun energy, REPARTEE gave us everything we could have hoped for… they’re the kind of band, playing the kind of music, that you’d be 100% hearing sometime between 12am and whenever you were too tired to stop dancing. In fact, you should probably look at their massive list of 2016 All Lit Up Tour dates so you can see for yourself… and check out the All Lit Up album on April 29th.

Etiquette at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSICThursday night’s headliner was Etiquette, another full sound, 4 piece (with bonus vocals from Hannah Georgas) bringing their brand of Dreamy Synth to the stage and entertaining the Toronto crowd. Lead singer Julie Fader owned the microphone, and her keyboard, as the band moved through their music. They’ll be back at Adelaide Hall on April 22 with Casper Skulls and Suuns… you might want to think about checking that out!

Then there’s the reason we hit the show… the 3rd act on stage, and one of our Canadian pop favourites, For Esmé!

For Esme-0942Led by the talented and lovely Martha Merideth, and freshly back from 3 shows at SXSW (where we hear they were a big hit, and Nathan told us they had an awesome time hanging with a heap of Canadians + the teams from Facebook and Spotify… plus other shenanigans) For Esmé did what they do, and owned the stage.

Just like REPARTEE before them, Martha invited the crowd to dance with her as she sang and moved. The crowd loved it… showing their appreciation with cheers and bouncing heads and shuffling feet. And when the trio played Make A Sound (which has a wicked video, click to check it out) we were all – all of us – in on the action with the band.

For Esmé will be back on stage in Toronto again as the city celebrates Canadian Music Week… check out The Silver Dollar on Saturday, May 7 at 11pm to check them out in person!

Much love to Toronto Women in Music for putting on a great show with 4 talented and engaging acts…we can’t wait for the next show.

Check out more pics from the night… and stay tuned for more awesome music coming soon.

Photos from Toronto Women in Music at Adelaide Hall

For Esme-0931

For Esmé

For Esme-0974

For Esmé

For Esme-1127

For Esmé

For Esme-4790

For Esmé

For Esme-4888

For Esmé

For Esmé

For Esmé









Etiquette at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSIC


Hush Pup at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSIC

Hush Pup

Hush Pup at Adelaide Hall - TORONTO WOMEN IN MUSIC

Hush Pup

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Feel An Emotion: Lost Cousins Live at Adelaide Hall in Toronto!

It all started on the first day of University…

No, it’s not a love story, but Lost Cousins is the product of members Dylan and Cam living on the same floor on a Queen’s University dorm and playing songs together on acoustic guitars. Over the next two years they picked up Lloyd and Thomas, and eventually started writing and playing their own music after getting things started the old fashioned way… playing covers.

Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016

Thomas, Dylan, Lloyd. missing in action… Cam

If we zoom out a little more, we find out that the boys all bring their own musical influences to the table. From Metal (Thomas) to Ska (Lloyd) to the more contemporary sounds of Arcade Fire and Jack Johnson (Dylan), it seems Lost Cousins wasn’t so much destined to be as much as it was the right combination of influence, taste, and talent.

Less than three years into their run writing and performing their own music Lost Cousins already have some major milestones checked off. The boys played the WayBold stage on Sunday at WayHome 2015, they finished Top 10 in the 2015 CBC Searchlight Contest, and with their US visas in hand they have designs on crossing the border shortly to play for crowds in New York City, Boston, and Nashville.

Add in gigs like the Oh Geronimo album release party at Adelaide Hall in Toronto and it’s clear that things are on the right track for these four dudes.

We asked Dylan, Lloyd, and Thomas about Lost Cousins’ creative process and found out that the seeds of songs often start with Dylan and Cam, whether it’s a riff or a melody or just an idea, and then the band gets to work writing songs and arrangements that are ready for the studio and the stage.

Lost Cousins Album ArtThey also told us that the planning stages of a full-length album have begun, with a plan to nail down single worthy tracks, and a cohesive album that works as one piece of art from start to finish.

Before we let the band get stage ready we also asked who they’ve been listening to lately (because we’re always looking for new music) and got an awesome list that included Tame Impala, Hey Rosetta!, Yukon Blonde, Seoul, and Tears For Fears.

Big love to Lost Cousins for hanging out before they’re fun loving set on the Adelaide Hall stage. Seriously, these boys put on a great set putting their musicianship on display, and giving us something that music has seriously been lacking… saxophone!

Note: It would be negligent and foolish not to tell you how much we enjoyed the performances by Sweet And Lowdown, Texas King, and Oh Geronimo too. Friday really was a good night for live music at Adelaide Hall in Toronto!

Check out the tracks online, and the video for Feel An Emotion, and keep an eye out for a live show near you, because that’s where they shine brightest.

The boys told us that performing on stage is pretty much their favourite thing ever, but seeing is believing.

We saw it. We believe it.

Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016Lost Cousins Adelaide Hall 2016

Oh Geronimo at Adelaide Hall

Oh Geronimo Adelaide Hall 2016Oh Geronimo Adelaide Hall 2016Oh Geronimo Adelaide Hall 2016

Texas King at Adelaide Hall

Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016

Sweet And Lowdown at Adelaide Hall

Sweet and Lowdown Adelaide Hall 2016Sweet and Lowdown Adelaide Hall 2016

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Something’s Comin’: Jill Hennessy Live at Adelaide Hall Toronto

On a Friday night at the gorgeously renovated Adelaide Hall in Toronto, the equally stunning Jill Hennessy took to the stage to celebrate and launch her newest full length album, I Do.

Jill Hennessy Adelaide Hall Toronto Black and WhiteIt was an intimate performance, with roughly 100 people in the crowd, and all of them interested in every song and joke and story that Hennessy had to share with them. The set included a mix of tracks from her first album (Ghost In My Head, 2009) and the new album – plus a fantastic little French number and an awesome cover of Springsteen’s Thunder Road.

Joined on stage by her twin sister Jacqueline (vocals) and keys/accordion player Buck, the sound was exactly what I was hoping for. The stripped down instruments (including Hennessy on acoustic guitar) have the tracks a folk/country sound that I have always loved. And it very clearly works with the new material.

Jill Hennessy Adelaide Hall Toronto October 2015Live versions of I Do, Edmonton, Something’s Comin’, Aimee, and Digging My Own Grave all did the record justice, and showed us that Jill Hennessy is much more than just the actress that we’ve enjoyed on Law & Order, Crossing Jordan, The Good Wife, and Madam Secretary. She’s above all else, an entertainer.

Many thanks to Jill and her team for being awesome on Friday both on stage and in our quick meet and greet hello backstage. She was sweet and kind and quick to make a joke. There was no tension, only a smile and a happy look on her face. The same look she had throughout the show.

Jill Hennessy looks happy playing music. And that’s exactly what every musician should be aiming for!

Jill Hennessy I Do album coverJill Hennessy Adelaide Hall Toronto


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