Boots and Bourbon Saloon

Dang If We Didn’t: The Cadillac Three Take Toronto

Call it Country Fuzz, call it Southern Country Rock, call it whatever you want, the bottom line is that The Cadillac Three are loud, tight, and they’re on a roll.

With the recent release of their latest album, Legacy, these Nashville boys have doubled down on the connection to their fans, their catalogue of songs, and the dedication with which they go about their business.

We had the chance to see The Cadillac Three open for Dallas Smith on the Side Effects Tour in Oshawa, ON – and then got to catch up with Jaren, Kelby, and Neil in Toronto at Boots & Bourbon Saloon before they played an intimate show for some very dedicated and enthusiastic fans on a Thursday night in the city.

We’ll get to the live performance stuff in a minute… but while we had the guys in the booth at the bar, we took the chance to ask them about the music, memories, covers, and we even got a new answer to a question we’ve asked many times before.

One question we asked, for no reason other than curiosity, was this – Cold Beer of Good Whiskey? The response, overwhelmingly, from the entire band, was both. We even got reminded that we have two hands.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

When we asked about the response to Legacy so far, all three members of the band told us that things have been great so far. They’ve heard good things from fans and the industry. And while they did the same worrying that many artists do when it’s time to release new music (will anyone like it, is it any good, are there any hits, etc.), the guys told us that this is the record that they really wanted to make. They believe in it, and they like it, and that’s a big win. As an added bonus, at shows like the Canadian dates they’ve played on this run with Dallas Smith, they’ve been able to see the crowd singing along to the new tracks just like they do on their earlier favourites. That singing along brings us to that new answer to an old question.

We’ve asked a lot of artist to try to explain what’s it’s like to hear the crowd sing along to your songs… and we’ve had a lot of artists have a hard time answering. However, The Cadillac Three were ready, and told us almost immediately that it makes them feel like they must be doing something right. And whether it’s because everyone digs a song, or is drunk and can’t help themselves, it doesn’t matter, it’s still cool to hear.

While we were on the topic of fans and reactions, we asked what it was like for three guys from Tennessee to have fans all over the world, and to know that they can travel thousands of miles away, or even cross an ocean to the UK, and have a crowd excited to see them. With genuine affection in their voices, TC3 told us that they never expected the kind of love that they now get in England and Germany… but they hoped for it. And just like in the States years ago, it started in small clubs in London, and has grown to headlining tours now. In fact, The Cadillac Three are getting set to start a run of 16 dates in 20 days in Europe, with stops in the UK and Germany, as well as Ireland, France, and the Netherlands.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Note: Brothers Osborne are making the trip over to play with The Cadillac Three on some of those dates… which is going to make for an awesome show.

We asked Jaren real quick about being a new dad on the road, and while he did admit that it’s hard, he told us that me makes a lot of calls and facetime chats with both his wife and their baby boy to stay connected and make it work. He had actually just gotten off the phone with them a few minutes before we sat down. More than anything, it was freaking adorable to see his face light up when talking about his little dude at home.

When The Cadillac Three hit the stage in Oshawa on the Side Effects Tour we watched as everyone in the floor seats stood up and got into the party. And even on the big stage, the band seemed to be able to find a way to connect with the crowd in the arena, which made for a great atmosphere. Then, on Thursday night when we saw them climb up on the small stage in Toronto, with fans pressed right up against the edge and only a small chicken wire fence separating Jaren from the front row, they connected immediately and held onto it from the first note of Cadillacin’ to the very end of The South.

There is no denying that these boys have earned their space on big stages in big rooms, and to have their names at the top of the marquee on tours across Europe and at home. BUT, with all that said, I would choose to see them play a long, loud, sweaty set of their country fuzz in a small club 10 times out of 10. It was awesome. It won’t happen much in the future the way this band’s following and brand are growing, and we were fortunate to be there to see it.

There were boots stompin’, hands clappin’, drinks spillin’, and a whole lot of good timin’ going on in Toronto while The Cadillac Three rolled through their 10 song set. The beat from Neil’s drums thumped in the room, and the sweet combination of Jaren’s electric and Kelby’s lap steel guitars roared and rattled from start to finish. It was everything we’ve come to expect from TC3 live, and from the reactions of the fans in the bar and the looks on their faces, nobody went home disappointed on Thursday night.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Big thanks to Jaren, Kelby and Neil for hanging out with us at Boots & Bourbon Saloon before the show, and an extra high five to Kelby for stopping over to talk a little NFL football before the boys hit the road. We won’t get into too many details, but we definitely talked about the Music City Miracle – 1999, Bills vs Titans in the AFC Wild Card playoff game. He remembers it fondly, sorry Bills fans.

The Cadillac Three Setlist, October 26, 2017 – Toronto

✰ Cadillacin’
✰ Slide
✰ Tennessee Mojo
✰ Take Me To The Bottom
✰ American Slang
✰ Hank & Jesus
✰ Tennessee
✰ Dang If We Didn’t
✰ White Lightning
✰ The South

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon
Mike Fuller KX94.7 - The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Mike Fuller, KX94.7

Jerry Archer KX96 - The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Jerry Archer, KX96

Smokin’: Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon, Toronto

Drew Gregory, the 2015 Alberta Country Music Association Male Artist of the Year, came to Toronto to make his first appearance at Boots & Bourbon while on a quick trip to southern Ontario – and he made the most of it.

With a set that lasted just over an hour, and a crowd made up of country music fans and industry professionals, Gregory hit the stage with a full band and rolled through a collection of his own songs and popular covers. The full sound, and a couple little surprises, made for a good time on a Thursday night in the city, and we’re sure it won’t be the last time we see Drew on the Toronto stage.

Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto

The Alberta boy showed off tracks including Like A Country Boy Can, Truck.Beer.Girl., All About It, and I Was There, giving everyone a taste of the music he’s been making over the last few years and three albums – Country Hurricane, The Way I Was Raised, and I Was There.

Note:During his set, Drew played a song that he told us he wrote with two artists and people that we know and like very much. Know Good’s Comin’ was a co-write with Brad Stella and Trinity Bradshaw, and if we have our way, we’ll hear it again.

One of the most pleasant and unexpected surprises of the evening came during All About It when Drew pulled out a washboard and became only the second man we’ve seen play the old standard in the venue. It also served a little notice to David Roberts of The Washboard Union that he’s in the game too.

Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto

During his time on stage, Drew played a series of covers and medleys that included Jack & Diane, Johnny B. Goode, Honey I’m Good, Dead Or Alive, Shine, Thinkin’ Out Loud, and more. But the highlight of the covers was certainly the inclusion of The Tragically Hip’s Wheat Kings. In a week where a nation wept for Gord Downie, it felt right to hear them represented.

After seeing Drew Gregory live on stage it’s clear to see that his ACMA Male Artist of the Year win wasn’t a mistake. He’s got a stage presence that fits his sound. He’s got songs that are ready for sing alongs… and tapping your toes or having a little dance. And we know that he’s got the passion and drive for what he does.

Be ready to hear and see more of Drew Gregory on country radio, and on stages across Canada. We know he’s looking forward to seeing you!

Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto Drew Gregory at Boots and Bourbon in Toronto


CMW Preview: The Rifle & The Writer!

One of the best parts of Canadian Music Week is discovering new music. And this year as we’ve been prepping we’ve discovered that we love brother/sister country music duo, The Rifle & The Writer.

Colby and Rebekka have a showcase set coming up during CMW 2017 at Boots & Bourbon on a bill that also includes Kayla Luky, Trevor Panczak, 90 Proof Twang, and Them Dang Rattlers.

The Rifle & The Writer (already one of our new favourite band names) have a brand new album, Flowers of Chance, available to stream and download and listen to now… and to make it easy for you, we’ve embedded it at the bottom of this post. Really, you should hit play now and listen.

And while you’re letting the songs wash over you, check out the Q&A that we did with Rebekka and Colby while they’re getting ready for Canadian Music Week 2017!

Thanks to both siblings for playing along, we’re positive that their set and that showcase are going to be a lot of fun!

Q) Give everyone a little background… Where did you grow up? When did you start playing music together?

Rebekka: We grew up in the country just outside of Brockville, ON. We started performing music together in a band in 2006 at the ages of 14 & 15 – mind you, Colby and I would record ourselves singing on our tape recorder together quite before that.

Colby: I don’t remember a time in our lives when music wasn’t a part of it. It’s just always been a mainstay.

Q) And now a little more about yourselves… Can you tell us 3 fun details about you?

Rebekka: 1) I am a very shy person, and get pretty bad stage fright.
2) When I am writing songs I always have my guitar with me as I like to make a melody at the same time – they are very intertwined. I also always write songs with pen and paper in cursive writing. It feels most natural to me.
3) As a pastime I love to go to the movie theatre – there are always so many great movies to see.

Colby: 1) I love reading. I don’t think I’ve ever had a social interaction which didn’t start with or include the statement “I read this [article, book, etc] somewhere that said…” I probably sound like a pretentious idiot most of the time, but I just like sharing interesting things I’ve read with others, and usually don’t pick up on their feigned interest until long after their eyes have glazed over. It’s kind of a curse. Nearly all of my spare time is spent reading.
2) My favourite movie is Tommy Boy. We used to watch it all the time as kids. It’s one of those movies that is hilarious, yet sentimental in a very real and genuine way. Whenever I bring it up to people, not many people have seen it though, which is a real shame. On the TV side of things, I usually like shows that are more black comedy/mockumentary types. On the note of things people haven’t probably seen, I highly recommend Delocated, and Review. The latter which sadly just ended the other night.
3) I generally have very eclectic interests. Recently the pedal steel guitar has become a big one, as I’ve been trying to master what Smith Curry recorded for our album. The pedal steel guitar is an instrument for masochists. When people compliment you on your performance, it’s frustrating because you wish you were better. It’s completely irrational, but for those who play the instrument, it probably makes sense. There are so few out in the wild (especially in Canada) that I’m happy to do my part though.

Q) The new album, Flowers of Chance, was just released – how does it feel to have those 8 songs out in the world now?

Rebekka: It is very exciting, and scary for me. We have worked so many years now to get this CD release. It’s also a relief that it is finally out, and people can hear what we have been working on.

Colby: To elaborate on what Rebekka said, when people asked me how it felt to get the album released, the only thing I could really say is that it was strange. The album reflects on a time in our lives when the possibility of never making music again was a very real thing. Country music has always been a big part of our lives. I’ve personally taken so much from the genre, and it’s helped me with a lot of different things over the years. I’ve always known that I had to contribute something back in return.

We wrote all of the songs on the record ourselves, without the help of co-writers. These days most acts write a song in a room with 10 people, or are pitched a song from a list and they record it. That’s not to say that method is bad, or wrong, or even new. It’s been that way since George Jones. However, I feel these days it’s leaning even more towards just checking the boxes of certain things and looking for a hit. Literally the first thing I said to Rebekka when we formed The Rifle & The Writer was that I wanted the songs to be whatever we wanted them to be. I wanted the music to be personally expressive, and work as a sort of catharsis for the hard times we’ve had. I’ve always said we wouldn’t do what is popular just to sell CD’s. Been there, tried that. I didn’t like it then, I don’t like it now.

I think it’s strange to have the album released because it’s like inviting strangers into take a look at the most personal aspects of your life. I will say that it is the first thing I’ve ever made that I wasn’t ashamed to put my name on. That’s not hyperbole either, I am very proud of this album. Hopefully others enjoy the journey and are willing to see where we were coming from with the material.

Q) We’ve been able to talk to a few sibling duos… what do you see as unique in your partnership as artists?

Colby: When it comes to certain things, Rebekka and I couldn’t be more different. However, on the fundamentals, we always see eye to eye, and I think that is why we work so well together. As we are siblings, I would be lying to tell you that we don’t fight about a lot of different things. I am an incredibly difficult person to deal with, and there are a lot of different people who would be willing to attest to that. I’m really awful at explaining myself, and why certain things should be a certain way, and am therefore naturally contentious. During these times, it’s like the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object. Our fights usually result in a complete halting of work, and is always due to a breakdown in communication. Ironically, we are usually fighting on the same team, as we more often than not have arrived at the same solution. Basically, we argue about the same position, and then are yelling at each other that we both agree. It’s a weird work environment.

Q) You’ve got an awesome Saturday night showcase lined up at Boots & Bourbon during Canadian Music Week – what are you most looking forward to from the show?

Rebekka: Having a good time on stage with my band, and performing our show to a new audience. We have never been in Boots and Bourbon so we are very excited to be performing for the first time in this Toronto venue.

Colby: I wish we were in Toronto a little while longer so that we could check out more bands at CMW. It’s awesome to be in a city with so many musicians performing in all these different venues. I’m looking forward to performing at Boots & Bourbon for the first time. You never really know what to expect when you play at a new venue, and as such it’s always an exciting experience.

Q) In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

Colby: We’ve worked hard to contribute our own story to the tapestry that is Country music. We’re just going to be up on stage telling that story the only way that we know how. Hopefully people will be able to relate to what we’ve tried to do with our music.

CMW 2016: Country Music Friday with Cold Creek County, Chris Lane, River Town Saints, Petric & Domino

If you judge a party by how hot and sweaty and packed and fun… then Friday night at Boots & Bourbon was a banger.

If you judge a concert by a talented lineup and tight musicianship and engagement and great music… then Friday night at Boots & Bourbon was top notch.

As Canadian Music Week 2016 moved into the weekend we headed to Queen Street East for a country music showcase that featured some sweet tunes from Canadian artists + a special performance by an up and coming American that the crowd was certainly happy to see up on the stage.

We were there, in the hot, sweaty, awesome, party… so let’s get to it!

Boots & Bourbon CMW 2016 Lineup, Friday May, 6

✮ Petric
✮ Domino
✮ River Town Saints
✮ Chris Lane
✮ Cold Creek County

Let’s start at the start… Petric had the “open the show and start the party” slot on Friday, and they didn’t shy away from it. The brothers from Winnipeg were playing their first true Toronto show, and they invited the crowd to come up and enjoy it right from the front of the stage.

With an extra guitar playing with them, Petric treated the early party goers to an acoustic set that included Band of Brothers, It Girl, Let The World Roll By, Payphone (Maroon 5), If I Was Your Man, Somebody Somewhere (Dallas Smith), and Here Goes Everything… and more.

The set was a great way to start the night, and as a quick point – the way Jason and Tom Petric sing together is enough to make anyone think maybe they should sing more with their siblings… until we remember that we don’t sound that good at all.

Check out It Girl from Friday night and more photos at the bottom of the post.

2nd on the Boots & Bourbon stage was Domino, the 2015 Alberta Country Music Association’s Group of the Year and Fan’s Choice Award Winners.

The quartet started their set with a pretty awesome rendition of Alabama’s Mountain Music, and that was all the crowd needed to get up to the stage and into the show. Domino continued their set with sweet harmonies, tight play, and some really good country music. It’s easy to see why they’re so loved back home!

Tracks like One More Kiss, We Were Right (at country radio now), Big Blue Sky, and even a cover of Little Big Town’s Day Drinkin’ were a fantastic way to keep the party going as the sun went down outside on a Friday night in Toronto.

Well done y’all!

Domino Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016

The middle slot in the night went to a Boots & Bourbon CMW repeat performer. We saw River Town Saints play B&B last May with Kira Isabella, and we were pretty darn happy to see them back again this year.

The 5 dudes from RTS took the stage and brought the crowd even closer to the stage (this is when it started to get real hot and sweaty and amped up) for their set. They kicked things off with huge energy for Don’t Stop and didn’t let down for a minute til they left the stage.

Note: Our new photographer Ray Williams sent me a text confirming that this was the best set he’s ever seen River Town Saints play.

The rest of the set was a ton of fun with performances of I Like It Like That, Cherry Bomb (new single at radio now), A Little Bit Goes A Long Way, Hungover It, a cover of Eric Church’s Drink In My Hand, and a killer medley that included Dust On The Bottle, Sun Daze, The Lazy Song, Party Up (Up In Here), Thrift Shop, and Pour Some Sugar On Me… it was awesome, got a HUGE pop from the crowd, and they deserved it.

Atta be boys!


In the 11pm slot, all the way from Kernsville, North Carolina was Chris Lane!

The American singer took the stage to a great crowd response and dove into a set that kept the party turned all the way up, and the temperature rising. Things started with Broken Windshield View and was on fire from there…

The band brought a ton of sound to the room, and had feet moving, heads nodding, voices screaming, and the energy level all the way to the top!

Lane also gave us a sweet medley that included Use Your Love, Locked Out Of Heaven, Don’t Stop Believin’, Rock and Roll All Nite, Firework & Wrecking Ball… and then added his own tracks like Her Own Kind Of Beautiful, Let Me Love You, For Her, and his track currently featured in Toronto Blue Jays TV ads, Fix.

This is a dude with a big future ahead of him, and in my opinion, he’s a guy that would look good on a tour with Thomas Rhett.

Keep an eye on Chris Lane!
Chris Lane CMW 2016 Boots and Bourbon

Last in our night of awesome country music for Canadian Music Week at Boots & Bourbon was Cold Creek County!

It was easy to see that a lot of fans were in the building for the breakthrough group of small town Ontario boys, and it was even easier to see that their goal from the very start of the set was to give them everything they had to give.

Cold Creek County fills the stage with musicians, and fills the venue with sound, and nobody complains when they do it. With tracks like Our Town, Till The Wheels Come Off, and summer anthem (book it, you’re going to hear this one a lot) Beer Weather… plus a sweet cover of Fat Bottomed Girls and more, these 6 dudes came to party, and that mission was accomplished.

Not a fan in front of the stage was dry or standing still as CCC worked through their set and showed everyone why they won Best New Country Group or Solo Act at the Canadian Radio Music Awards earlier in the day.

Congratulations boys, you earned it!


More photos from CMW Friday at Boots & Bourbon

PetricJason Petric Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Jason Petric Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Tom Petric Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Petric CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonPetric CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonPetric CMW 2016 Boots and Bourbon


Domino Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Domino CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonDomino Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Domino CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonDomino-CMW-5

River Town Saints


Chris Lane

Chris Lane Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Chris Lane Guitarist Boots and Bourbon CMW 2016Chris Lane CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonChris Lane CMW 2016 Boots and Bourbon

Cold Creek County

Cold Creek County CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonCold Creek County CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonCold Creek County CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonCold-Creek-County-CMW-2Cold-Creek-County-CMW-6Cold-Creek-County-CMW-11Cold-Creek-County-CMW-7Cold-Creek-County-CMW-15

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CMW 2016 Preview – Trish’s Top 5 Must-Sees

Canadian Music Week is just around the corner, and I’m in love.

I was a CMW attendee long before I started writing about and shooting shows. I love this festival so much, I’d book vacation time so I could take in as many bands as possible. I love the way it makes our city feel, filling the streets and clubs with musicians, and I love covering this festival. My only regret is that there’s no possible way to see all of the bands that I’d really like to see. It’s just not possible!

CMW 2016 will feature over 800 bands, appearing in 58 venues, over 7 days, with the lion’s share happening Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Trust me, you’ve gotta plan and pace yourself kids!

If you’re a regular reader you won’t find anyone absolutely new on my list, all of my picks are bands I’ve written about before. I’ve either seen them before or I’ve interviewed them, and I can’t wait to see them live. In chronological order, here are my top 5 picks.

Meghan Patrick at Phoenix Concert Theatre on May 3rd – 10:00 PM
The Hot Shots CMW Showcase
Presented by: KX Country and Boots & Hearts

Meghan Patrick CMW 2016I have a special spot for Meghan Patrick in my heart. She was the lead singer in the first band I ever shot. Let me just say, she set the bar very, very high and she continues to raise that bar every single time I see her. She’s warm, sweet, charming and real when you talk to her, and then there’s her talent. When she sings soft and low it gives me goosebumps and when she lets it rip, her voice is rich and strong. In three short years she’s come a long way, and I like to say I knew from the second she opened her mouth that she was destined for big things. Meghan is an absolute must-see!

Poor Young Things at Lee’s Palace on May 4th – 10:00 PM
The Julian Taylor Band Showcase
Presented by: 94.9 The Rock

Poor Young Things CMW 2016Originally from Thunder Bay, Poor Young Things now call Toronto home. The five-piece rock band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Matt Fratpietro, Michael Kondakow on guitar and vocals, Dave Grant on guitar and vocals, Scott Burke on bass and Konrad Commisso on drums. You can expect great musicianship, intense energy, amazing harmonies, laughs, and feeling the need to jump up and down, seriously!

I’m sneaking this one in here, I’ll definitely be sticking around to check out The Julian Taylor Band!

Ivory Hours at The Horseshoe on May 5th – 1:30 AM
Tommy Stinson w/ Special Guests Showcase

Ivory Hours

The London-based band features Luke Roes on vocals and guitar, Chris Levesque on bass, and Thomas Perquin on drums. I’ve fallen hard and fast for this band. Their version of pop-rock is catchy, sassy, with lyrics that make you think. I love the tone of Luke’s voice, and I can’t wait to see them live. Ivory Hours have lots of great videos on their YouTube channel, you should check it out and maybe I’ll see you at The Shoe.

Petric at Boots and Bourbon on May 6th – 8:00 PM
Cold Creek County w/ Special Guests Showcase
Presented by: KX Country

PetricJason and Tom Petric hail from Transcona, just outside of Winnipeg, and this handsome country duo are steaming up Canadian country radio. Their current single All She Wrote is full of sweet guitar and banjo, seamless harmonies, and a great story. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason and Tom and they’re smart, funny, talented and super likable. I’ll be riding east to Boots and Bourbon to see Petric, and I’m sure they’ll be worth the trip.

The Lazys at The Cameron House (back room) on May 6th – Midnight

The Lazys CMWThe Lazys will be performing an acoustic set at The Cameron House in the back room Friday, May 6th. They’ll be hitting the stage at midnight. When they were here last they blew up The Horseshoe with their balls out, no holds barred, ridiculously energetic rock and roll show. The Lazys have come all the way from New South Wales, Australia for this showcase and while I’m not quite sure what an acoustic set from this band will sound like, I can’t wait. The Lazys are Leon Harrison on vocals, Matty Morris on guitar, Glenn Williams on bass, Liam Shearer on guitar, and Andy Neilsen on drums.

It was a real challenge narrowing my must-see list down to  5 bands. I have to mention that my CMW schedule also includes spending my Saturday afternoon at the Aussie BBQ. There’s nothing like live music on a Saturday afternoon!

Get your CMW 2016 wristbands here, and start building your must-see list.

We’ll have coverage throughout the festival. Stay tuned!

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No End In Sight: Runaway Angel Album Release Party

Two years in the making, No End In Sight, represents thousands of miles spent on the road, thousands of hours working on the music, and one big, full introduction to country music fans.

Runaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonWe first saw Runaway Angel at Boots & Hearts 2014 as part of the SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase, and quickly followed that up with our first interview and feature at a community event in Toronto. Since then we’ve kept tabs on Cadence, Ann, and Stacey as they’ve pushed to release their first radio single, Run Angel Run, book shows at the 2016 Havelock Country Jamboree, and now release their first full length album to the world.

Friday night at Boots & Bourbon in Toronto we celebrated that release with the band, family, friends, and fans – who all brought their own excitement to the party.

Note: This isn’t a full review, but I can tell you that I’ve already listened to No End In Sight, front-to-back, three times. It’s a well put together album that does an excellent job of featuring all three of Runaway Angels’ talented voices (really, their harmonies are fantastic), and should serve as an excellent push to their burgeoning careers. I would recommend these 10 tracks for a listen, and I won’t be the only one to tell you that.

The party kicked off with Cadence, Ann, and Stacey playing Tumbleweed from the record, and continued for a total of 15 songs on the same Boots & Bourbon stage that has seen Miranda Lambert and Brett Kissel.

Runaway Angel, No End In Sight Release Party Setlist

‣ My Someday
‣ Our Story
‣ Do What I Want
‣ If You Only Knew
‣ Around The Bend
‣ Her*
‣ Run Angel Run
‣ Devil’s Doorbell*
‣ Heart to Break
‣ Easy
‣ Life is a Highway°
‣ June
‣ One Last Time°
*new song

Runaway Angel did a fantastic job up on stage, they were full of energy, they entertained the crowd, and they were amazing as they stayed to meet, talk to, and take Polaroids with everyone. And we aren’t surprised. Every time we see them, big show or small, or even just in our travels around the city, Cadence, Ann, and Stacey show us that they’ve grown into Runaway Angle more and more.

And the journey has just begun… you might say there’s No End In Sight…

Pick up your copy of Runaway Angel’s No End In Sight on iTunes, and stay tuned to the girls’ social media channels for updates from the road as they continue their press and radio tour…

Facebook: RunawayAngelMusic
Twitter: @runaway_angel
Instagtam: @runawayangelmusic

Photos from the Runaway Angel, No End In Sight Release Party

Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonRunaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonCadence Grace Runaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonAnn Chaplin Runaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonStacey Zegers Runaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and BourbonRunaway Angel Runaway Angel CD Release Boots and Bourbon

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Country Day at Steve’s Music Store: Toronto

On Saturday October 17th, right smack in the middle of Indie Week, Steve’s Music Store in Toronto held  “Steve’s Country Corner, Country Day”.

Steve’s is supporting new and emerging country artists in their brand new “Country Corner” space in conjunction with Boots and Bourbon. This seems to us like a very good match and they’ve been spreading the word about this space via live shows sporting a cool banner. Love the look and warmth of the room and love the great signs made by Jynx at Creatively Jynx. They’re adorable!Steve's Music Store Country CornerSteve's Music Country CornerThe performance which included Elyse Saunders, Don Graham and Alessia Cohle, was broadcast live on CIUT 89.5 and it gathered quite a crowd on Queen Street. Elyse got things started for us.

The Mississauga resident is originally from Peterborough and has been making her way in country music. This performance showed her talent and rapidly growing experience in the genre. Steve's Country Corner Elyse SaundersOn the flip side of the emerging artist coin was Don Graham, our second performer.

Don has been playing, writing and producing country music since the 1960’s. He’s partner in a music publishing business and he has a new album out titled “A Willing Heart”.Steve's Country Corner Don GrahamOur headliner for the day was the lovely and talented Alessia Cohle.

Accompanied on guitar by Gianluca Mauro, Alessia took control of the crowd and delivered an amazing performance. This emerging artist has a long history in music, having started at the age of four!

She has multiple music degrees and also teaches. Alessia is touring to support her EP “Let’s Get Gone“, and word has it she’ll have a new album out in early 2016.Steve's Country Corner Alessia CohleSteve's Music Country Corner Alessia CohleBoots and Bourbon has been in the forefront of country music since opening in Toronto in 2013 and winning the Country Club of the Year award from the Canadian Country Music Association. And Steve’s has been supporting the Toronto music scene since 1977.

This is a terrific partnership which will continue to benefit emerging artists. Thanks to Dorrian Promotions for putting this event on our radar.


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Feels Like Freedom: Twin Kennedy at Indie Week 2015

Born and raised in a small British Columbia, twin sisters Carli and Julie Kennedy have been performing together, and generally attached at the hip (figuratively) since they could talk.

Twin Kennedy-8931We sat down with the girls of Twin Kennedy at Boots & Bourbon Saloon in Toronto as part of Indie Week 2015 to talk about home, their new single, what to do in Nashville, and more… and then we stuck around to hear the girls hop up on stage and show their stuff as part of the night’s showcase event.

Back in May we ran in the same circles as Carli and Julie during Canadian Music Week, and now they’re back again. We asked what it is they love about Toronto, and why they keep making the trip to visit.

Both Kennedy sisters told us that one of the big reasons they love it in Ontario’s capital is the country music family they get to see. Between Toronto and Nashville it seems you can find most of Canada’s country singers and songwriters. They are happy to have scheduled co-writes and meetings and hangouts with friends they don’t get to see very often. And if we’re lucky new music and projects will come out of that!

Since we were talking about cities, and Nashville came up, we had to ask about their favourite things about Music City.

Julie’s first answer: The People
Carli’s first answer: The “Small Town City” feel

Twin Kennedy-3956The girls told us what so many artists have told us, we need to take the trip ourselves to hang out and enjoy the city. From the honky tonks to the Sunday night swing dancing there is something to do all the time. Plus, Twin Kennedy regularly hits writers circles to perform when they’re in town, and we’d love to catch some of that.

Did You Know: Salsa dancing skill can be translated to swing dancing? We didn’t either until Carli and Julie told us that they had salsa skills and one night they wandered into a swing night in Nashville where women were limited, and they fit right in. They tell us that they’ll be back for more of that fun!

This year Twin Kennedy was nominated for their first Canadian Country Music Award (Interactive Artist of the Year) so we had to ask a couple questions about it, and their week in Halifax this September.

1) How important is social media to you as emerging artists to stay connected to your existing fans, and also bring new fans in?

The twins told us that social media has been great for them, allowing them to connect with people in Canada, the United States, and all over the world. In fact, 1 super fan made the drive from Massachusetts to Toronto to see their CMW set after interacting almost daily through Twitter. These girls are awesome on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – click any of those links to check them out and give them a follow.

2) How was the Rise & Shine show at the CCMAs and how did that come together?

Twin Kennedy It's A Love Thing Album CoverIt turns out that Twin Kennedy put together the show in partnership with Hilton hotels. They called up Trinity Bradshaw, Livy Jeanne, Lindsay Broughton, and Tenille to put together the ladies of country music morning, and had a great time doing it. They also enjoyed the rest of the week, playing a set at The Lower Deck before hitting the award show and loving the heck out of every minute of the experience.

After we were done talking about all of this and more (we got off track a few times, naturally) Carli and Julie took the Boots & Bourbon stage to play songs from their new album It’s A Love Thing and entertain the Indie Week crowd.

Included in the set was Feels Like Freedom, their newest single which has been at country radio for the month, and getting great reviews and love from fans and the country music community. There’s also a video on the way very soon, so keep your eyes on the Twin Kennedy YouTube channel for that!

We want to thank Twin Kennedy for taking the time to hangout and talk with us for way longer than we planned or expected, it was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again soon. AND we also want to thank them for being awesome.

Carli and Julie have donated 2 CD copies of It’s A Love Thing that we will be giving away to 2 people who donate to our MusiCounts fundraiser on Tilt. Any donation, even $1 enters you to win these CDs and other awesome swag on the way.

Click on the widget to join us in helping a great cause.

And if you still haven’t checked out Twin Kennedy, the time is now!


Twin Kennedy-3903Twin Kennedy-3886Twin Kennedy-3866Twin Kennedy-3871Twin Kennedy-3933Twin Kennedy-3941Twin Kennedy-3911

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5 Reasons We’re Excited to See Kira Isabella at Boots & Hearts 2015

Kira-Isabella-and-Josh-at-The-Rockn-Horse-3147Kira Isabella is the kind of performer that we’re excited to see for the 4th time in the last 12 months. Each opportunity has been different (2014 CNE, Acoustic at the Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon, Canadian Music Week 2015 at Boots & Bourbon) and Boots & Hearts 2015 will be the biggest of all of them!

We’re already imagining Kira on the main stage as the sun goes down. And while we don’t know yet if that’s how it’s going to shake out, it sounds about perfect to us. From previous experience we can tell you that Kira’s a helluva performer – and it would be foolish to think that her 3rd turn at Boots & Hearts won’t be her biggest and best!

If you love Kira, even just a little, and want to know more about who she listens to, who she’d love to record a duet with, and more – check out our Q&A from last November.

And now, 5 reasons we can’t wait to see Kira Isabella at Boots & Hearts 2015…

She Just Keeps Getting Better

Kira-Isabella-CMW-2015-Boots-and-Bourbon-BarEvery time we see Kira up on stage she gets better and better. The last time we saw her we were in a packed Boots & Bourbon, and she was killing it. The crowd was into it. She got on top of a bar to sing a few songs. She always has a killer outfit (that doesn’t make her sound any better, but it sure is awesome) and we know that Boots & Hearts will be no different.

Her stage show continues to improve as she gains more and more experience on the road, and seeing Kira up on a big stage with a bigger crowd and a bigger sound is going to be great.

Singing Along with the Hits

From her biggest hit ever, Quarterback, to her earlier offerings like Love Me Like That and A Real Good Radio, there is no shortage of songs to sing along to when Kira Isabella takes the stage.

If you really want to be prepared we’d suggest having a listen to those 3 tracks we just mentioned along with…

A Little More Work
Little White Church
Shake It If Ya Got It
Gone Enough
Make A Sinner Out Of Me

If you take the time to study and practice you can be part of the crowd singing back at Kira this summer 🙂

She has a lot of Fun

Kira-Isabella-Band-2014-CNEKira Isabella sings a lot of really entertaining, upbeat songs. Yes, Quarterback and Make A Sinner Out Of Me slow things down a little bit, but more often things are going to be faster and peppier and a whole lot of fun.

Also, Kira has some rapping skills that we hope she busts out in a version of the medley we’ve seen a couple times in the past. You may not think of this country girl from the Ottawa area as a rapper, but she’ll bring it!

We have never not had fun at a Kira Isabella show. We don’t think this will be any different.

Energy Energy Energy

Young performers typically bring a lot of energy to the festival. And while the odds are stacked in favour of Florida Georgia Line bringing the most pop to the crowd in 2015, Kira won’t be a slouch in that category. She’ll get the crowd involved through her banter and songs, she’ll probably bust out that medley we talked about a minute ago, and she’ll get thousands of people to make a whole lot of noise.

We Love Canadian Tomatoes

Kira-Isabella-2014-CNE-BandshellWe love the women making country music in Canada. And Kira Isabella is definitely in the top section of that talent right now. She’s consistently making awesome music and entertaining fans all over the country. She’s selling tickets and records and writing songs and working her ass off to be a country star. And we appreciate all of it.

For a long time we’ve been asking when women would get back to equal footing on country radio, and with nearly 50% of Boots & Hearts performers representing female musicians, we feel like we just might be getting a little closer.

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CMW 2015 Country Friday ft. Kira Isabella

Friday night we went full country at Canadian Music Week.

Starting at Boots & Bourbon on Queen St. E, and finishing the night at the Cadillac Lounge on Queen St. W, we got to check out three acts as they each put on their set to show CMW fans exactly what they had to offer.

As country music fans, this was a fun night. As music fans in general, it was great to see 3 acts all put on a show they can be proud of.

CMW Friday Country Lineup

Ashley Robertson
River Town Saints
Kira Isabella

Here we go…
Ashley Robertson CMW 2015

Ashley Robertson

Making the trip all the way from Winnipeg to play CMW, Ashley made the most of her 2am set at the Cadillac be mixing her original songs with a couple covers, and entertaining the music fans with the stamina to enjoy her.

Ashley brings a true country voice to her music. Twangy without being cartoonish, classic without drawing an immediate comparison or looking like a copy of a country music legend. Added to her full 5 piece band (2 guitars, bass, fiddle, drums) her voice fills her songs. It was also strong enough to carry the load when songs were broken down to their roots.

With original songs like Woman in the White Dress (the title track from her 2nd album, released in 2008) and How Are You My Love (which can be found on the “We Canada Walk” album) Robertson shows that she has chops. She can craft a song as well as sing it.

And when she decided to turn to covers, she picked good ones. Little Big Town’s Girl Crush was a prime example of her voice carrying a stripped down song, and her set closing version of The Guess Who’s American Woman was a fun way to close out a late night set of music.

Stay tuned, we’re pretty sure Ashley Robertson’s going to be around for a while.

note: It was great to see Cadence and Ann from Runaway Angel in the crowd even as the 2am set was going on. These girls are proud to be part of the country music community in Canada, and it’s encouraging to see emerging artists supporting each other.

River Town Saints 2015 CMW Boots and Bourbon

River Town Saints

These 5 country rockers from Ottawa made the drive down on Friday to play the Boots & Bourbon stage and show Toronto what they’ve got.

They didn’t screw it up.

With great harmonies they make party songs sound more complete than your average rock song. And when the boys stripped it down to an acoustic offering, those same harmonies became even clearer, and stronger.

The pop from the crowd was impressive. Perhaps a testament to the country music fans in Toronto (don’t underestimate our country girls in the city) but more likely because the River Town Saints put on a really fun show on a Friday night.

Their mix of original songs (keep an ear open for Cherry Bomb over the next few months, the boys have a strong lead single with this one) and covers (Eric Church’s Drink In My Hand was a lot of fun) allowed the band to control the crowd and have a good time. Also we need to give a high five for their medley that included…

  • Dust On The Bottle – David Lee Murphy
  • Sun Daze – Florida Georgia Line
  • The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
  • Get Back – Ludacris
  • Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

River Town Saints are ready for their break. The sound is right, the live show is fun, they’re TV ready, and they’ve got a busy summer coming up. Keep an eye out for them at a fair or festival near you.

Kira Isabella CMW 2015 Boots and Bourbon Bar

Kira Isabella

And now… the main event.

Kira has been referred to as Canada’s country music sweetheart, and she certainly showed why on Friday night at Boots & Bourbon. Between her waves and blown kisses to the crowd, she put on a great set that showed off the huge voice that comes from the little Ottawa girl.

The packed house was ready for Kira even before she took the stage, cheering the second her band came on, and immediately falling in love with the live show. Kira’s audience control and performances continue to improve every time we see her, and last night was no exception. Bringing the crowd up with songs like Real Good Radio (a personal favourite) and back down with Quarterback (her biggest hit to date and Spin Magazine’s top country song of 2014) was impressive to see. From hands in the air, to couples slow dancing, and back to a party again with the next song, this audience was hers.

Kira also gave the crowd a little medley action, breaking into a 5 song combo that included…

  • Counting Stars – One Republic
  • Jackson – Johnny Cash and June Carter
  • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  • Fishin’ In The Dark – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

Already in the upper echelon of Canada’s country music community, Kira Isabella looks like she’s going to be around for a very long time, and if she continues to grow the way she has over the last 4 years, we’ll be very okay with that.

Ashley Robertson Cadillac Lounge CMW 2015River Town Saints Boots and Bourbon CMW 2015River Town Saints CMW 2015Kira CMW 2015 Boots and BourbonKira Isabella Boots and Bourbon CMW 2015

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Canadian Music Week Preview: Kate Todd [Interview]

Kate Todd has been singing and performing since her early teens, and the hard work is paying off. The 27 year old is recording her sophomore album, and getting ready to take this stage this May as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

My introduction to Kate came on TV, which we’ll get into in a minute, and then MySpace. Honestly, we were MySpace friends back in the day (way back)… but since then she’s been working hard to become a strong songwriter and performer. She’s played shows with the likes of Jesse McCartney and Keshia Chante – and her most recent single, a cover of Hit Me With Your Best Shot, features guitar work by the legendary Jeff Healey (recorded 8 years ago)and is poised to make people take notice on radio and online.

In the middle of getting ready for CMW, and playing shows like her recent weekend stint at Toronto’s Boots & Bourbon, Kate Todd took a few minutes to catch up with us and answer some questions about her TV career, how her music has progressed, and more.

Have a look!

Kate Todd

Q. We saw you perform 3 years ago at the Mod Club in the Landmark Showcase Competition, how far do you feel you’ve come in your career since then?

The Landmark Showcase Competition was a great experience for me. The band and I won runner up in the battle of the bands competition from a panel of industry experts. I can tell you since then it has been an amazing journey and I have been very fortunate to have shared the stage with some amazing musicians, write and record my sophomore album and play all over there GTA even securing some residencies to showcase and have a place to road test new material.

Q. You told us that you’re busy recording a new album… can you tell us anything about it and what we’ll hear?

I was awarded a FACTOR grant for my sophomore album, ‘Anywhere With You,’ I made my first trip to Nashville in the summer and we wrote 10 songs in a week with some of the top writers. It was a complete thrill and honour for me. I had the pleasure of writing with notable Canadians such as: Patricia Conroy, Tim Taylor, Ralph Murphy and Daryl Burgess. The songs we got were so much my style and sound. People can expect to hear some anthemic rockin party tunes, soaring ballads as well as my rootsier and raw sound.

Q. You’re working on the actress/musician hybrid career a lot like another one of our favourites, Mackenzie Porter. Do you see similarities between the 2 of you and what you are trying to accomplish as an entertainer?

My first role was that of a singer/songwriter on a television show called Radio Free Roscoe where I played a musician. For me, music has always come first. Since then the two have continually intertwined and I have found myself playing songwriters and singers in other shows such as Cashing In. I have also been fortunate to have my original music licensed to Disney, Showcase and CTV networks. As an entertainer, I strive to reveal myself through my music and when I step up on stage you are getting Kate Todd. I’m not playing a character; I get to be myself and say what I feel and think through my songs and I feel very grateful for that.

Kate Todd - Lily Radio Free RoscoeQ. It’s hard to believe that it will be 10 years this May that Radio Free Roscoe wrapped up. Do you look back on those 4 years as a big part of who you are now as an entertainer?

I do connect very much with my character Shady Lane/ Lily Randall on RFR. When I got the part I had virtually no acting experience. I was a small town girl who played music and I believe that was a big reason why I was chosen for the role. I wasn’t acting so much as I was just playing myself. I remember in my first audition I had to sing and play guitar in front of the producers and directors and at 14 I was incredibly nervous. Well, good thing because Lily (my character) was also nervous in the script – no acting required ha! I think they saw a lot of similarities between her and I. Sometimes when I step on stage and I am singing in front of a room or a theatre of people it feels like Lily Randall all grown up. She’s taken her electric guitar from the basement radio show and playing it up on a stage (almost completely sans stage freight) 😉

Shania Twain - Honey I'm HomeQ. If we were to sneak a peek at your playlist right now, what 3 artists would we find on your most played list?

Eagles- Take It Easy
Natalie Imbruglia- Torn
Shania Twain- Honey, I’m Home

Q. Last one… in 50 words or less, what can fans expect when they see Kate Todd perform at Canadian Music Week

A little bit of lace a little bit of leather and a whole lot of country rock n roll!

Thanks to Kate for taking the time to play along, we look forward to seeing her on stage at Canadian Music Week – and we’re excited for the release of Anywhere With You.

Find Kate Todd online at these fine locations…
Facebook: Kate Todd
Twitter: @KateTodd
YouTube: Kate Todd

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Boots & Bourbon Saloon: Toronto’s CCMA Nominated Country Club

Boots and Bourbon Saloon BannerWe all know that summer in Toronto means construction. And this summer perhaps no neighbourhood has been hit harder by torn up streets than Queen Street East near Broadview. Unfortunately the construction can’t be sped up or stopped, and that means that businesses and residents have to keep doing their best to keep their lives going and thriving as much as possible.

One of these local businesses is one of my favourite new spots in the city… Boots & Bourbon Saloon opened in 2013 as one of two new country bars in Toronto and has been doing great business since day 1. They’ve got a great menu that includes Spicy Deep Fried Pickles, Taco Salad, Beer Can Chicken and lots more. They have a drink menu that makes me happy with Grandma’s Texas Lemonade, Hillbilly Champagne, AND Molson Stock Ale on tap. And the TVs have always had sports on when I walk in the door.

And because it’s a country bar you know that there’s line dancing, live music and all kinds of country themed contests and giveaways on the schedule. In fact, it was Boots & Bourbon who supplied the tickets to Little Big Town and Keith Urban at the ACC earlier this year – that was an awesome contest to win. They have also given away tickets to Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Tim Hicks and Boots & Hearts in recent weeks – prizes that country music fans in Toronto have been very happy to win… trust me.

Canadian Country Music Association LogoAs a reward for all of their hard work and contribution to the country music community in Toronto, and Canada as a whole, Boots & Bourbon has been nominated as Country Club of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association in 2014!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know there was a Country Club of the Year category until I was looking at the list of nominees for this year’s awards… but it was a really cool surprise to see Boots & Bourbon on the list with Cook County Saloon (Edmonton), Knoxville’s Tavern (Edmonton), Cowboys (Calgary), and Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall (Calgary). The fact that B&B is the only club outside of Alberta to make the list is an extra feather in their cap. Think about it, this is a big country – and outside of 2 cities in Alberta, Toronto has the best country bar in Canada. And you can go check it out any night of the week.

Right now all of the businesses on Queen East need your support while the construction continues. I know it’s not super convenient to get there by either TTC or car, but you can walk through Queen St. E and check out the local shops and food and drinks and dancing and fun.

So, on a nice day why not head east, take some time and a few dollars, and enjoy the area. I promise it’s not that crowded most of the time right now, but it’s totally worth the trip and dealing with the street closure. And if you love great food, drinks or country music, CCMA nominated Boots & Bourbon Saloon is definitely worth checking out.

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Hey Toronto, It’s Time To Cowboy Up!

Rock N Horse SignThere’s a new place to wear your hat and boots downtown with the launch of the Rock ‘N’ Horse Saloon at 250 Adelaide St. West.

Wednesday night I went to check out the private launch party (Thank you Liz & Strut Entertainment for the invite) and get a look at the newest country getaway in the city.

Note: At the exact same time I had friends checking out the preview party at Boots & Bourbon in Riverside and they made it clear that I need to get east of Yonge to check it out too.

As a country boy and a country music fan I was excited and sceptical going in. It didn’t take long for me to lose the scepticism.

When we checked in I could hear the music coming from upstairs and the night started with Luke Bryan (can’t wait to see him at Boots & Hearts 2014). From there the DJ did a great job all night long. At a country bar in downtown Toronto it took 2 and a half hours before Taylor Swift came through the speakers. That’s not a bad thing at a country bar! As much as I love T. Swift, she’s not the be all and end all of country music.

Rock N Horse Elvis Pinball and 8 SecondsIt was also awesome to see 8 Seconds (1994, Luke Perry as Lane Frost) and sports playing on the TVs in the joint. I’ve already got a list of cowboy movies in my head that I would love to see playing when I walk in again.

And oh ya, there’s an Elvis pinball machine against the wall, just past the pool table with a brand new red felt. not too shabby.

Rock N Horse Saddle StoolsOutside of the obvious “every country bar ever” decor, there are also some other special tidbits like the bar stools with saddles for seats and the mechanical bull and inflatable ring set up in the far corner of the bar.

I didn’t ride the bull last night. I thought about it. But I didn’t do it. I regret it a little bit, but I’m sure that I’ll get another chance some day.

The night was hosted by CMT Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown‘s Paul McGuire who was good on the mic. Made some semi-adult jokes while one of the Spurlesque (the country dancer girls) ladies rode the bull and he did a great job handing out trivia questions and prizes throughout the evening.

He also made sure to point out the fact that Gord Bamford and Kira Isabella showed up to say hi and have a drink. The DJ noticed too and played Bamford’s Is It Friday Yet? as soon as he got in the door.

Back to the trivia, the 1st question of the night was “Who Wrote Wagon Wheel?” and I totally knew the answer. But some other dude got it first and my hand in the air got me nothing. BUT, Paul McGuire saw my hand in the air and called me out in front of the entire bar to tell me that I was going to get the 1st crack at the next question…

Rock N Horse Prize PackMy question, “Name 3 Dolly Parton Songs”. Now, I love country music, that’s an established fact. And I LOVE Dolly. But I don’t love being caught off guard in a crowd of strangers. So, I immediately spit out I Will Always Love You and 9 To 5 – but then I went quiet and couldn’t come up with number 3. However, I was saved by the crowd which included the adorable Kira Isabella yelling

No items found.

at me.

The answer made me a winner of a prize pack that included Miranda Lambert‘s Four The Record, The Pistol Annies’ Annie Up, Jason Aldean‘s My Kinda Party and Country Heat 2014. But that’s not all. I also got a Jabra Soulmate Mini bluetooth speaker that will work with my phone or laptop or whatever I want it to. Not a bad prize. And thanks to Kira for the help.

Note: Bob Dylan wrote Wagon Wheel. I had the right answer.

Rock N Horse Rye and CokeHere’s the final skinny: the drinks were strong (rye and diet for me), the food was tasty (try the Pulled Pork Sliders and Jalapeño Bacon Corn Bread), the music was good, the bull looks fun, the staff were friendly and cute, the decor isn’t too cheesy and I enjoyed myself. I look forward to going back soon (maybe Friday) to see what it’s like with the public.

I do wonder what the pricing is going to look like for drinks and food since it was an open bar event on Wednesday. Remember that this is a downtown, Entertainment District bar. But overall I think that the Rock ‘N’ Horse Saloon has a strong chance to succeed for a while and capitalize on the revitalization of country music and its current pop culture relevance.

Rock N Horse: Gord Bamford, Kira Isabella, Paul McGuire
Rock N Horse Crowd at the Bar

The Bull Still Doesn't Have A Name. Any Ideas?

The Bull Still Doesn’t Have A Name. Any Ideas?

4 years ago
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