Cavendish Beach Music Festival

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2018 Headliner Announcement: Luke Bryan

If the first artist announcement for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival is any indication, country music fans in Prince Edward Island are going to have a lot of fun July 6-8, 2018!

Tuesday morning the festival announced that Luke Bryan, the man with 19 #1 hits, will take the stage to headline Sunday, July 8 and finish off a weekend of partying and country music.

We’ve seen Luke Bryan on a big stage before, in 2014 and 2017 at Boots & Hearts, and if you haven’t seen him, we can promise that it’s a good time. The energy, fun, and music from the stage turns the whole thing into a big party, and you won’t want this night to end.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan

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The festival is excited to have made the announcement and to be bringing Bryan to the festival, with Whitecap Entertainment President, Jeff Squires saying, “We’re thrilled to be bringing Luke Bryan to Cavendish. He’s been the #1 requested artist for many years and it’s the perfect year for him to see what our festival is made of, 10 years strong! We’re looking forward to another beautiful weekend full of friends, family and the breathtaking beaches of Cavendish at CBMF 2018!,”.

With past performers including Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and more, you can trust that Cavendish Beach Music Festival will be adding more big names to their 10th anniversary festival in 2018.

We don’t know who yet, but if you’re looking for some guesses, we’d tell you to look out for…

🎵 Kelsea Ballerini

🎵 Thomas Rhett

🎵 Brothers Osborne

🎵 Andrew Hyatt

🎵 Madeline Merlo

🎵 The Hunter Brothers

Stay tuned for more information when it comes, and get your tickets starting Friday, December 1 – CAVENDISH BEACH MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKET LINK!!!

Country Closet Cleanout Contest

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website design and features, we’re cleaning out our country music prize closet with a monster giveaway of CDs, clothes, and merch.

This prize package has 15 pieces that will all go to 1 lucky winner. They’re perfect to keep for yourself, perfect to share with friends and family… and absolutely perfect to wrap up and give out as gifts.

You can do anything you want with this prize – we just want to give it to you!

Entering is easy. We promise!

Now, without any further ado, here’s the list of country music swag included…

Dolly Parton Baseball Tee – Womens (Large)
Rock N Horse Saloon T-Shirt – Womens (Medium)
Rock N Horse Saloon T-Shirt – Mens (X-Large)
Meghan Patrick CD – Grace & Grit
Madeline Merlo CD – Free Soul
Blake Shelton CD – If I’m Honest
Aaron Pritchett CD – Body Of Work
The Lovelocks CD – Born To Love
Johnson Crook CD – The EP
Lindi Ortega CD – Faded Gloryville
Cory Marquardt CD – This Man
Cavendish Beach Music Festival Bandana
Calgary Stampede Bandana
Boots and Hearts Sunglasses
Boots and Hearts Beer Koozie

Country Closet Cleanout Contest CD Collage

If you’re counting, there are 8 country artists’ CDs on that list, merch from 3 festivals, and t-shirts from one of our favourite spots in Toronto AND the legendary Miss Dolly Parton herself.

Like we said, entering is easy. All you have to do is use the widget here in the post to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to be the big winner.

Note: Please pay attention to the details in the comment entry. We need you to use the comment section at the bottom of the post to leave your comment – and then click the button on the widget to say you did it. Got it? Good!

Good luck to everyone. We can’t wait to name a winner and ship off this monster prize!

2017 Summer Music Festival Essentials: Dollar Store Haul

Summer music festival season is here. The 1st weekend of July hosted music of all genres on stages in small towns and big cities, and we love it. We also want to help.

So, if you’ve got festivals coming up, use this post as a checklist of things that you want to make sure you’re bringing with you – especially if you’re camping!

Some of these things are very basic and easy to remember, some of them are easier to overlook and forget… and maybe we’ve forgotten something that you think is super important.

The best thing about this list though, is that everything was picked up at Dollarama for no more than $4 an item (Herbal Essences dry shampoo) from top to bottom. You know you’re going to spend money on food and drinks and clothes and accessories and gas and camping gear – so why not save some money on your essentials?

Now, let’s get started with your shopping list. Have fun this summer, we’re going to!

ps. If there’s something you think we forgot that you know you can find at your local dollar store, leave a comment so everyone can add it to their list!

Sunscreen and Bug Spray!

It’s summer, that means sun, it also means sun burns, and you don’t want that. So, remember to grab some sunscreen (30 spf is probably the minimum you should be picking up) and remember to apply and reapply to avoid painful burnage.

Festivals out in wooded areas are also (often) full of flying biting insects that can be a real pain. So, get yourself some bug spray, and make sure that when the sun goes down, you’re ready!

Wipes, Dry Shampoo, and Deodorant

Your friends may love you, but they may not like you too much if you don’t keep things fresh. The combination of wipes (makeup, face, baby, etc.), dry shampoo, and deodorant will help keep you presentable, looking clean, and feeling (and smelling) fresher than 3 days in a bunch of fields should allow.

Dudes, all three of these products are great for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wipes and dry shampoo are women’s only products. They don’t need to be in man packaging to be smart choices!

Chapstick, Advil, and Mouth Wash

We’ll take, Things You’re Going To Want In The Morning, for $400, Alex.

If you’re camping/partying for more than 2 nights in a row, you’re going to want to be able to reach for some Advil when you wake up dehydrated, tired, and hungover. You’re also going to be happy for that chapstick when you notice how dried out, and maybe even burned, your lips are.

The mouth wash, that should be pretty explanatory. Use it as needed.

Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

Tissues and hand sanitizer are great for your car, tent, or the bag you’ll be carrying around on the festival grounds. Maybe you’ll need to wash your hands after you eat, maybe you’ll get muddy, or maybe the porta potty situation leaves a lot to be desired… in any and all of these times of need, you’ll be happy you have these with you.

Also, you’ll be a hero to your friends and strangers if you decide to share the wealth.

Hair Elastics, Comb, and Brush

People with long hair, or hair that needs to be addressed, these are items that you don’t want to forget – but also don’t want to spend a lot of money on. Elastics break, so buy a bunch and make sure you have back-ups available. And you don’t want to lose a good brush or comb, so get one that works, and if you lose it, or lend it out, or break it, you’re not going to cry over it.

You know you feel better when you can brush your hair in the morning. And you know how good it feels to get long hair off your neck and back on a hot hot hot day… do the right thing.

Poncho and Eye Mask

Last but not least, 2 items that are too often overlooked and missed in the summer music festival packing process… ponchos and sleep masks.

We picked these bad boys up for a combined total of $3. That’s a steal when you think about what they provide. 1st, the mask. The one we grabbed is a gel mask that will cool down if you put it in your cooler with your food and drinks. Throw it on to block out the sun for an afternoon nap. Roll over and put it on in the morning to grab some sleep after the bright sun comes up. Or, just put it on to rest and cool yourself down and take some of the puffiness out of your eyes!

Next, the poncho. We get a lot of rain at some festivals, so much that it almost feels like tradition. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself. The poncho is well packaged, so you can keep it in your bag if it’s cloudy, or leave it in your tent if it’s not. And as a bonus, a poncho also works well as a water proof blanket if the grass is wet and you want to sit down. Nice!

We hope this list has helped with your summer music festival packing plans… and we hope you have a great time, no matter where you go and what music you love.

And like we said, leave a comment if you think we missed a dollar store item that we should all be packing!

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2017 Preview: Tim Hicks Top 10

Dear Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2017 attendees, be prepared for a party when Tim Hicks hits the main stage on Sunday, July 9th!

This Canadian country music star has been burning things up since he first hit the charts in 2012 with Get By. In the time since, he’s been all over the radio, played stages from coast-to-coast, and earned the love and respect of country music fans all over Canada.

If you haven’t seen Tim Hicks live, you’re missing out. His energy, passion, and effort to connect with a live crowd is fantastic. His band is loud and rowdy and full of entertainment value. And more than once we’ve seen great surprises pop up in the middle of a Tim Hicks set.

To get everyone ready for Sunday night at Cavendish Beach Music Festival, we’ve put together our Top 10 tracks from the Ontario artist. Click play on them one at a time, and if we left off one of your favourites from the Tim Hicks library, leave a comment.

Tim Hicks Top 10


Stronger Beer

Slide Over

Young Alive & In Love

Stompin’ Ground

So Do I

She Don’t Drink Whiskey Anymore

Here Comes The Thunder

Hell Raisin’ Good Time

Slow Burn

Get By

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2017 Preview: High Valley Top 10

On Friday night (July 7, 2017) at Cavendish Beach Music Festival, country music fans will see two of Alberta’s favourite sons come to Prince Edward Island, take the stage and make it theirs.

High Valley, perhaps the most successful Canadian country act in the United States right now, will bring their bluegrass inspired songs the beach, and it’s going to be a good time. We’ve had the chance to see Brad and Curtis on a few occasions, including in a festival setting at Boots & Hearts and the Canadian National Exhibition… and we can tell you, with 100% confidence that these boys from the countryside, will put on a show that will entertain the heck out of you.

We also want you to know that you should be prepared to sing and dance throughout the show, and to get you ready for that, we’ve put together our High Valley Top 10.

So, hit play on one or all of these tracks and have a karaoke dance party wherever you are. And if we missed a High Valley song that’s in your Top 10, leave a comment to tell us!

High Valley Top 10

Make You Mine

She’s With Me

I Will Stand By You

On The Combine

County Line

Come On Down

Love You For A Long Time

I Be U Be

Dear Life

Every Week’s Got A Friday


Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2017 Preview: Zac Brown Band Top 10

If you love country music, and you love festivals, and you love to party… then Sunday night at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival is def. going to be your scene!

Zac Brown Band have been on top of their game since Chicken Fried became a sing along favourite. And last summer when we had the chance to see them live for the first time at CMT Music Fest, they blew our minds!

To help you all get ready for ZBB on the big stage, we’ve got a top 10 list of videos that you can work through. BUT, what we can’t prepare you for are the live covers that you’ll hear if you’re lucky. We’ve seen videos of Zac Brown Band covering Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, and Charlie Daniels… and when we saw them in 2016 they played, S.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Baba O’Riley – The Who, Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya, Let’s Go Crazy – Prince, and Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.

You’re gonna have a good time. Promise.

My Old Man

Chicken Fried

As She’s Walking Away

Sweet Annie


Highway 20 Ride

Day For The Dead


Goodbye In Her Eyes

Colder Weather

My Bad Imagination: The Band Perry Toronto Pop-Up

It was cold on the streets of Toronto, but inside the Mod Club it was hot when The Band Perry took the stage on Sunday night’s My Bad Imagination popup tour.

We’ve been following The Band Perry since 2009 release of Hip To My Heart, and have had the chance to cover them at Boots & Hearts and follow their radio career in the years since. And now, with a change in the program, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry have moved out of the country world and into pop as they move forward with their music.

While we believe in never judging a book by its cover, or crowd by its clothing, it was clear that about half of Sunday night’s audience was country (hats, plaid, etc.) and half was ready for pop music in leather, black, and more.

And yes, this was a pop show. The start of what The Band Perry hopes is a successful run in the genre, so those dressed accordingly were in the right place. BUT, those country fans, the ones that have followed since the first time they sang along to If I Die Young, were rewarded for their loyalty and fandom as the show went on.

Note: The crowd sang along as loud as they could when the band played a traditional country version of If I Die Young on Sunday. It was strong and emotional, and showed where they came from… and that they haven’t forgotten that.

The show started with Make You Happy – a new song that proved instantly that things have changed. And from there we got a 45 minute mix of new and old, with popup dates, that had the audience dancing, singing, and happy.

The Band Perry, My Bad Imagination Set List, Toronto

‣ Make You Happy
‣ Better Dig Two
‣ Stay In The Dark
‣ The Best One Yet
‣ Comeback Kid
‣ If I Die Young
‣ Forever Young
‣ In It Together
‣ Medley: Seven Nation Army/ Sexy Back/ Heartless/ Work It/ Milkshake/ Pony
‣ Done
‣ Look At Me Now

Note: Pop music will not be a problem for Kimberly Perry or her sassy/boss lady attitude. If you want to admire a woman that controls the joint and has fun doing it – this is her. Was then, is now.

The set was tight – and in Better Dig Two and Done, where the band rewarded fans with tracks they knew, they updated the backend to make them feel more like pop anthems than the country radio hits they’ve been in the past.

There was an air of inclusion and excitement at the show, with a pop-up stage placed on the Mod Club floor for the singing siblings to perform on. And with high fives, handshakes, and hugs The Band Perry showed that the fans that they were there for them, and that they appreciated the fans being there with their support.

Here’s what we can tell you about The Band Perry, their show in Toronto, and their new musical venture… they’re into it. It’s legit. There is nothing about the way they played, the energy they brought, or the music they showcased that makes us believe that they are anything less than 100% into this idea and this move to pop music.

And guess what… we’ve got their backs. We did when they announced the move, and we do even more now that we’ve had the chance to see it live and up close.

IF you have the chance to see The Band Perry on this My Bad Imagination popup tour – or on a bigger tour when their new album comes out, we suggest you take it.

Be ready for fun. Be ready for change. Be ready for The Band Perry.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2016 Photo Review!

Sadly we weren’t able to get down to PEI this summer for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. BUT, with the help of our friends, we do have some awesome photos to share with you.

We heard it got a little chilly, but more than anything else we heard that it was a great time with great music – and some awesome fans! We can’t wait to check it out live and in person next summer…

Check out the big name headliners, the up-and-comers, and country music favourites from Cavendish, PEI 2016!

Kenny Chesney

photos by Patrick Callbeck

Kenny Chesney Cavendish 1 Patrick CallbeckKenny Chesney Cavendish 3 Patrick CallbeckKenny Chesney Cavendish 2 Patrick CallbeckKenny Chesney Cavendish 4 Patrick Callbeck

Blake Shelton

photos by Jimmy Bennett

Blake Shelton Cavendish A Jimmy BennettBlake Shelton Cavendish D Jimmy BennettBlake Shelton Cavendish B Jimmy BennettBlake Shelton Cavendish C Jimmy BennettBlake Shelton Cavendish E Jimmy Bennett

The Band Perry

photos by Patrick Callbeck

The Band Perry Cavendish 1 Patrick CallbeckThe Band Perry Cavendish 2 Patrick CallbeckThe Band Perry Cavendish 4 Patrick Callbeck

photos by Jimmy Bennett

The Band Perry Cavendish A Jimmy BennettThe Band Perry Cavendish C Jimmy BennettThe Band Perry Cavendish B Jimmy Bennett

Dean Brody

photos by Jimmy Bennett

Dean Brody Cavendish A Jimmy BennettDean Brody Cavendish C Jimmy BennettDean Brody Cavendish B Jimmy BennettDean Brody Cavendish D Jimmy Bennett

Meghan Patrick

photos by Jimmy Bennett

Meghan Patrick Cavendish 5 Jimmy BennettMeghan Patrick Cavendish 2 Jimmy BennettMeghan Patrick Cavendish 3 Jimmy BennettMeghan Patrick Cavendish 4 Jimmy BennettMeghan Patrick Cavendish 1 Jimmy Bennett

The Washboard Union

photos by Jimmy Bennett

The Washboard Union Cavendish 3 Jimmy BennettThe Washboard Union Cavendish 2 Jimmy BennettThe Washboard Union Cavendish 4 Jimmy BennettThe Washboard Union Cavendish 1 Jimmy Bennett

Blackjack Billy

photos by Jimmy Bennett

Blackjack Billy Cavendish 1 Jimmy BennettBlackjack Billy Cavendish 2 Jimmy BennettBlackjack Billy Cavendish 3 Jimmy BennettBlackjack Billy Cavendish 4 Jimmy Bennett

Cold Creek County

photos by Jimmy Bennett

Cold Creek County Cavendish 1 Jimmy BennettCold Creek County Cavendish 2 Jimmy BennettCold Creek County Cavendish 3 Jimmy BennettCold Creek County Cavendish 4 Jimmy Bennett

Old Dominion

photos by Eric Creed

Old Dominion Cavendish 1 Eric CreedOld Dominion Cavendish 3 Eric CreedOld Dominion Cavendish 4 Eric CreedOld Dominion Cavendish 2 Eric Creed

2 years ago

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2016: Q&A with The Middle Coast

It’s been a while since we saw The Middle Coast perform at The Horseshoe Tavern and we were thrilled when we heard they’d be playing the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this year.

Not afraid to travel for a show, The Middle Coast will be on the Cavendish Farms Kitchen Stage on Sunday, July 10th. We caught up with the band via email and asked them a few questions about the festival and they were kind enough to answer.

The Middle Coast The Horseshoe 2016

Q. Is there one thing you’re most looking forward to about playing Cavendish Beach Music Festival?

The Middle Coast: We’ve heard great things about Cavendish through our many artist friends who’ve played it. Beautiful location, great music, East-coast hospitality, what’s not to love?

We were quite excited when we were booked for Cavendish – we’re not a Country act and we had never played out that way before, but we were definitely stoked. I believe I received word when I was playing a song live on the radio in Winnipeg, and it just popped up on my phone!

Q. If you were creating a summer playlist, what are the top three tunes?

The Middle Coast: This summer I’ve been digging the new Justin Timberlake, obviously Spirits by our home-grown Strumbellas, and I’ve been really into Paradise by Daniel Caesar.

Q. Who are you most excited to see at Cavendish?

The Middle Coast: On the main stage, probably Ricky Scaggs, on the Kitchen Stage we’re stoked to see River Town Saints!

Q. In 50 words or less, can you tell us and the fans what we can expect to see when you hit the stage at Cavendish?

The Middle Coast: You can expect some funky, hooky, harmonized jams played by three prairie boys who love to make people groove!

the middle coast fb cover photothemiddlecoast 1000

2 years ago

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2016 Q&A with Petric, Cold Creek County and Bobby Wills

With the Canada Day long weekend behind we’re looking forward to next weekend and Cavendish Beach Music Festival!

July 8th, 9th and 10th we’re going to see some of the biggest names in country music including The Band Perry, Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton. CBMF is bringing us 36 major acts over the three days and that doesn’t include the Emerging Artists who will be rocking the RBC Emerging Artist stage all weekend.

On top of the headliners, you’ll see The Road Hammer, Tebey, Dean Brody, Bobby Wills, Meghan Patrick, Washboard Union, River Town Saints, Petric, and Cold Creek County.

We’re getting into the meat of the summer music festival and we wanted to know what some of our favourite artists are thinking. We’ve asked Petric, Cold Creek County, and Bobby Wills, three questions about festival season, CCC’s Trevor MacLeod and Petric brother, Jason answered for us.

Here we go!

Q. In 50 words or less, is there one thing you’re most looking forward to about playing Cavendish Beach Music Festival?

Petric Cavendish Social 300Petric: We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this festival. We’ve heard the music fans out there are the best, so that gets us really excited!

Cold Creek County: 
One thing we are looking forward to about playing Cavendish is the amazing vibe! Sharing the stage with The Band Perry, The Road Hammers, Black Jack Billy, The Washboard Union and Olivia Lane. That mixed with an awesome turnout of music fans, makes the experience one of a million.

Bobby Wills: The East Coast is always special and I expect Cavendish to take that to the next level! All the musicians and artists I have spoken to about the event talk so highly of the whole event! I can’t wait.

Cold Creek County Social Media 300Q. Who are you most excited to see?

Neither of us have ever seen Blake Shelton, so that will be a pretty cool experience!

Cold Creek County: 
The Band Perry, their show is unbelievable.

Bobby Wills: I have never seen Kenny Chesney and hear he is one of the best in the business.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about festival season?

Bobby Wills CavendishPetric: The vibe at a country music festival is one of a kind. Great music—and hopefully great weather—it always ends up being a lot of fun! We’ve dreamed of getting to play at these shows for years. It’s really cool to now get this opportunity.

Cold Creek County: 
All the people having a good time, and how they project their energy outward to the music.

Bobby Wills: The fans! The atmosphere and fan interaction at festivals is totally a unique experience.  Nothing like it!

Petric 2015Cold-Creek-County-CMW-10Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8020

2 years ago

5 Reasons to See Meghan Patrick Live, Summer 2016!

Meghan Patrick is one of the brightest rising stars in Canadian country music. If you’ve seen any of the coverage we’ve had of Meghan over the last two years, you know how we feel about that… spoiler: we think it’s great.

Meghan Patrick The Phoenix CMW 2016Meghan’s debut album, Grace & Grit is available now on CD and on iTunes & Google Play, and if you don’t have it yet, we recommend picking it up because that’s going to make seeing her live a lot more fun.

Ms. Patrick will be all over the place this summer, appearing at CMT Music Fest, Boots & Hearts, the Calgary Stampede, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest, Peterborough MusicFest, Murillo Country Fest, and more… which means you have a lot of chances to catch her up on stage, which we highly recommend.

In fact, we recommend it so much that we have 5 reasons to break down for you right now!

5 Reasons to See Meghan Patrick Live, Summer 2016!

1. The Music

Meghan Patrick Grace and Grit Album ArtIf you haven’t taken the chance to sit down and listen to Grace & Grit yet, it’s time for you to get on that!

The debut single, Bow Chicka Wow Wow, is already a favourite with live crowds and Canadian radio – and the title track is poised to do the same thing for fans across the country with more play and the new video (check it out at the bottom of this post).

Plus, if you’re lucky, Meghan will play her cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and you can enjoy the hell out of that too!

2. She’s a Cherry Bomb

To borrow a line from our pals the River Town Saints, she ain’t a fire cracker, she’s a cherry bomb!

Meghan’s voice, song writing, and performances will make her a star… but her look on stage is going to make a lot of people take notice too. Is that more important than her talent? Heck no! But it doesn’t hurt 😉

3. IT

the-stone-sparrows-meghan-boots-and-hearts-2013We’d love to tell that we knew Meghan had “it” the 1st time we saw her at Boots & Hearts in 2013, but that might be over the top. What we can tell you is that she showed us her chops on the mic, guitar, and stage when she fronted Stone Sparrows then… and she continues to do that now as a breakout solo artist.

If you haven’t seen her live yet, you’ll see “it” this summer when you do!

4. The Band

Meghan is a solo artist, but she isn’t up on stage alone. Her entire band is talented and help to put on a hell of a show for every crowd they play for.

We especially have a soft spot for Ollie on the fiddle/guitar/everything he plays, that dates back to his days with Meghan as part of the Stone Sparrows.

5. Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Meghan Patrick Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016 Photo Credit Ray Williams - @APerfectPixelWe started with music, and we’ll end with it as well.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow has become a party anthem that the ladies love (the men do too). And when the ladies in the crowd are singing, dancing, and stomping along to the music, you know you’re in for a great show!

Check out Meghan’s website for all of her your dates and locations this summer and beyond.


Meghan Patrick Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016 Photo Credit Ray Williams - @APerfectPixel

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CMAO Awards 2016 Wrap and Photo Review!

Markham, ON – On a gorgeous Monday night, country music gathered to celebrate the Ontario artists and industry leaders that are making music so many of us are enjoying all across Canada at the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) Awards!

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoyFrom the red carpet to the award show, hosted by Jason McCoy (who was hilarious and engaging from start to finish, which was no surprise), it was a night of celebrations, surprises, amazing performances, and the chance to meet up with some of our favourite people in the country music world.

But most importantly it was a celebration… a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate just how great the country music in Ontario is. We are lucky to have great artists and producers and festivals and fans in this province, and this was a chance to recognize that.

We have a ton of photos from the CMAO awards, and we have the full list of winners for you too. But before that…

During the award pre-show, and throughout the night, we had a chance to talk to some of the artists in attendance, and we want to share some of the things we learned from them…

CMAO Awards 2016 Tebey★ Tebey was really excited to get up on stage and sing his new song, Old School, and thinks that it could turn into a real crowd favourite.

☆ Tebey also has big tour news coming for this fall… but it’s a secret right now, and we weren’t able to talk him into giving us any details. He’s sorry and we’re sorry – but we’re sure it will be exciting!

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine★ Jason Blaine is getting ready for the most exciting summer of his career with festival dates at Boots & Hearts, Pomeroy Guitars and Wagons, Lucknow Music in the Fields, and Smoke & Spurs + he’s playing with Rascal Flatts in Halifax, and more!

☆ Jason is also getting ready to golf with his 3rd annual charity golf classic coming up on June 14 at Pembrooke Golf Club. Click to learn more!

★ Runaway Angel had a great time on their radio tour for the release of their debut album No End In Sight.

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel☆ 2 of the 3 angels are all for fun stunt adventures… but 1 isn’t. We won’t tell you who, but if you have a guess we want to hear it!

★ Meghan Patrick has been rocking hard all over the country, and broke a guitar in Edmonton last week… but it will be fixed soon and ready for the summer.

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick☆ Meghan will be at Boots & Hearts, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, CMT Music Fest, Ottawa Bluesfest, and she’ll be at the Calgary Stampede to open for Lady Antebellum. She’s excited and we’re excited for her.

★ Andrew Hyatt loves to work with his hands, and the wooden 6-pack holders he made last summer gave him a chance to marry his trades background with his 2015 EP, Never Back Down.

CMAO Awards 2016 Andrew Hyatt☆ If you want to hear more from Andrew call your local country station and request Me And A Girl And A Radio!

★ The Lovelocks have a packed summer that will take them to Havelock, Huntsville, Dauphin, Lucknow, and Tilsonburg… and they will also be at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto as part of Jim Cuddy’s Fort McMurray fundraiser on June 27. Click for more info!

CMAO Awards 2016 Ali Rainey The Lovelocks☆ Ali and Zoe are also very happy to have released Time After Time to radio. It’s their 1st cover as a single, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. We saw it live back in March, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to go find it.

★ The Reklaws will be MCing at Boots & Hearts this summer… extending the relationship that they’ve built with the festival. AND they’ll be taking the stage, which is always a good time.

Now, let’s get to the big info from the night… the award winners. HUGE congratulations goes out to both Jason Blaine and Cold Creek County for taking home 3 trophies each. And we’re also very excited for Leah Daniels who won the 2015 Rising Star Award and is now the 2016 Female Artist of the Year.

CMAO Awards 2016 TebeySINGLE OF THE YEAR (sponsored by KICX 106)
“When the Buzz Wears Off” – Tebey

ALBUM OF THE YEAR (sponsored by hmv Canada)
What Love Is All About – Johnny Reid

Jason Blaine, Deric Ruttan – “Country Side” performed by Jason Blaine

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsFEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Spring Tree Farm)
Leah Daniels

MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Havelock Country Jamboree)
Jason Blaine

GROUP OR DUO OF THE YEAR (sponsored by The Remington Group)
Cold Creek County

ROOTS ARTIST OR GROUP OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.)
The Good Family

CMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek CountyRISING STAR AWARD (sponsored by Slaight Music)
Cold Creek County

RECORD PRODUCER(S) OF THE YEAR (sponsored by MetalWorks Studios)
Jason Barry – Run Angel Run by Runaway Angel; Now Playing and Sweet Harriet by The Western Swing Authority; Boomerang by Genevieve Fisher; Toes by Scotty James

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason BlaineMUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Kylemore Communities)
“Country Side” – Jason Blaine

FANS’ CHOICE (sponsored by Ontario Media Development Corporation)
Cold Creek County

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Prairie Oyster

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees, it was a great night… but we’re not done!

Check out some of the photos we grabbed of the performances and award presentations at the Flato Markham Theatre!

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick

Meghan Patrick singing Bow Chicka Wow Wow

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick

Meghan Patrick singing Bow Chicka Wow Wow

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel singing June

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel singing June

CMAO Awards 2016 Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell singing Workin’ on Whiskey

CMAO Awards 2016 Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell singing Workin’ on Whiskey

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine singing Dance With My Daughter

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine singing Dance With My Daughter

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill - Tareya Green

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill - Mike Robins

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels singing Your Kiss Is Killing Me

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels singing Your Kiss Is Killing Me

CMAO Awards 2016 River Town Saints

River Town Saints singing Cherry Bomb

CMAO Awards 2016 Chris Labelle - River Town Saints

River Town Saints singing Cherry Bomb

CMAO Awards 2016 The Road Hammers & Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Clayton Bellamy & Tim Hicks-6951

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy & Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Lindsay Ell & Patricia Conroy

Lindsay Ell and Patricia Conroy present Male Artist of the Year

CMAO Awards 2016 Marshall Dane & Aaron Pritchett

Marshall Dane and Aaron Pritchett present Female Artist of the Year

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason BlaineCMAO Awards 2016 Clayton Bellamy & Heather BallentineCMAO Awards 2016 Jason BarryCMAO Awards 2016 Prairie OysterCMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek CountyCMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy

2 years ago

Grace & Grit: Meghan Patrick Album Review & Contest!

Two and half years ago Meghan Patrick told us that she was going to embark on a solo career in country music… and now, on April 29, 2016, Meghan will introduce country music fans to her debut album, Grace & Grit!

Grace & Grit is a 13 song record that moves from upbeat and sassy, to slowed down and sad. There are songs that are going to make you want to dance (you’ve all heard Bow Chicka Wow Wow) and there are songs that are going to hit you right in the feels (just wait til you hear I Won’t Drink) as you move from the top of the tracklist to the bottom.

Meghan Patrick Supermarket Full Band CMW 2015Note: The first time I heard I Won’t Drink was at an acoustic songwriters circle, and when it was still in my head 24 hours later I sent Meghan a message to tell her how great it was. I sent her another message this month to tell her how happy I was that the track had made the record.

Meghan worked with a pile of heavyweights on this album. At the top of the list is Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill, and he’s followed quickly by names like Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford, Chantal Kreviazuk, Patricia Conroy, Chad Kroeger, and more… and when an All-Star team like that is put together on a project, the results are going to speak for themselves.

Meghan Patrick, Grace & Grit Tracklist

Meghan Patrick Grace and Grit Album Art1. Grace & Grit
2. Bow Chicka Wow Wow
3. Still Loving You ft. Joe Nichols
4. Long Way From Waylon
5. I Won’t Drink
6. Be Country With Me
7. I Believe In Beer
8. Thanks To You
9. Breaking Records
10. Nothin’ But A Song
11. Forever Ain’t Enough Time
12. Who Knew
13. Kiss Me Already

There’s a strength and vulnerability in Meghan’s voice that gets to shine on this record. Song to song there’s an opportunity for it to change, but through it all, you will get to know that it’s her.

Radio has already fallen for Meghan with Bow Chicka Wow Wow in high rotation and finding the Top 20 – and songs like Grace & GritKiss Me Already, and Still Loving You should also get that love before long.

Meanwhile, country fans missing the old days should be happy to hear songs like Long Way From Waylon, I Believe In Beer, and Forever Ain’t Enough Time.

Note: It’s coincidence, but the Prince reference at the beginning for Breaking Records make it a must listen right now for fans with memories of listening to The Purple One.

Meghan Patrick The Stone SparrowsGrace & Grit was one of my most anticipated albums of 2016, and now that I’ve listened to it more than a few times, I’m happy to say that it was worth the wait and excitement. Meghan Patrick is coming to country fans ready to prove that she belongs. And if you’re a country fan, you should be on the look out for your chance to see Meghan play these songs live, very soon. With a slew of festival (Boots & Hearts, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, CMT Music Fest) and concert dates coming, you’re not going to have an excuse to miss her.

And to make sure you know the words to all of these songs when you see her, or you hear them on the radio, we’re giving it away right now!

Enter now using the widget below and you could win 1 of 3 copies of Meghan Patrick’s new album, Grace & Grit. Take care to follow all instructions provided to confirm your entries count, and for an extra chance to win, follow @thereviewsarein on Twitter today (Wednesday, April 27) for your chance to win as well.

Good luck!

Meghan Patrick: Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Meghan Patrick: Grace & Grit

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2016 Cavendish Beach Music Festival Main Stage Artist Announcement!

Back in November we learned that Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, The Band Perry, and Old Dominion would be headed to Cavendish Beach to headline the 2016 country music festival…

And today we’ve learned that 11 more country artists will join them on the main stage in beautiful PEI this July to start filling out the bill and turn this thing into a full blown party for country music fans on the east coast!

With a list that now include 15 acts, we know that fans are going to start getting excited… and we understand – so we want you to share this information with your music loving friends down east, because there’s a chance (there’s always a chance) that we might be able to hook someone up with a little something special for someone this summer!

Get Cavendish Beach Music Festival tickets for you and all of your country friends right now… you don’t wanna miss this!

Now, without any more dilly dallying, let’s look at this list!

2016 Cavendish Beach Music Festival Lineup!

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Blake Shelton
  • The Band Perry
  • Old Dominion
  • Dean Brody
  • Emerson Drive
  • The Road Hammers
  • Tebey
  • Blackjack Billy
  • Cold Creek County
  • Bobby Wills
  • Jason Benoit
  • Petric
  • Jojo Mason
  • The Washboard Union

Cavendish Beach 2016 Main Stage Artists

2 years ago

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2016 Headliners Announced!

We’ve got another major festival announcement for you today. Cavendish Beach Music Festival has released their first round of performers. Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, The Band Perry and Old Dominion are on the bill for the 8th year of the biggest east coast outdoor music festival. Dates are July 8th through July 10th and tickets go on sale November 5th at 12:00PM Atlantic Time!

Blake Shelton is riding a wave of success having won the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year Award in 2015 and Male Vocalist five years running. He now has 15 consecutive number 1 hits and I’m sure you all watch The Voice. Blake Shelton is everywhere and he’ll be on the Cavendish Main Stage on July 9th.Blake Shelton Cavendish

On July 10th Kenny Chesney will step up as headliner and with 40 top 10 hits we’re pretty sure you’ll be singing along. No slouch himself, he took home the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year Award in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Kenny hits the road for the “Spread The Love Tour” in 2016 and he’s bringing the love to PEI. Kenny Chesney Cavendish

Let’s backtrack to Friday night. On July 8th The Band Perry will be hitting the festival stage. Their self titled debut album went platinum in Canada and the US and their follow up album “Pioneer” has already reached gold status in both Canada and the US. They’ve won awards from the CMA’s, Academy of Country Music, CMT Music Awards and The Grammys! They’ll be touring to promote their “Heart + Beat” album which will be in full release November 20th. Reid, Kimberly and Neil Perry know how to put on a great show and you’re in for a treat Cavendish. The Band Perry Cavendishthe-band-perry-at-boots-and-hearts-2013

The final band from today’s announcement is Old Dominion. We had the pleasure of seeing these boys at Boots and Hearts this past summer and let me tell you, they are amazing! Super talented singers and songwriters. If you haven’t seen them you’re in for a surprise. They’ve written and co-written many of today’s major hits and these boys have energy to burn!Old Dominion CavendishOld Dominion Boots and Hearts 2015

This is just the first announcement in what’s looking to be a fantastic lineup for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2016 season. This festival is growing and it’s become one of the top tourist draws for Prince Edward Island. Cavendish, like many other festivals has become a big supporter of local charities and environmental initiatives. Check out their website for all of the details. We can hardly wait for the next announcement!


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