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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from and Friends!

This year, to celebrate the holiday season, we asked some of our musician friends to send us pics and videos sharing their best wishes to you!

We would like to thank everyone that helped us out with this project, the artists and their teams, and we would like to thank all of you for enjoying the messages when you’ve seen them on social media.

Now, in case you missed any of them, here are a heap of wishes that we would love to pass on to you!

And from our team at, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a safe and awesome New Year!

Dean Brody

Jessica Mitchell

Chad Brownlee

Madeline Merlo



Leah Daniels

Kansas Stone

The Lovelocks

River Town Saints

The Dead Love

The Hunter Brothers

Leaving Thomas

The Dead South

Andrew Hyatt

The Katherines

Mike Robins of Autumn Hill

Andrew Allen

Shae Dupuy


1 year ago

Shake These Walls/Hearts On Fire Tour Q&A: Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks

If you’re a Canadian country music fan, you’re probably already aware that Chad Brownlee and Tim Hicks are hitting the road together in 2017 for co-headlining dates and a Hearts On Fire/Shake These Walls combo tour.

But what you might not know if how funny Chad and Tim are when they get in the same room together… or what toy Chad would wish for this Christmas, or Tim’s favourite classic Christmas carol to sing.

So to give you a little more insight into 2 of Canadian country’s biggest stars, we got the boys to ask each other a few questions so we could share them with you!

But before we get to that, let’s look at just how impressive these tour dates are going to be…

We’ve had the chance to see both Tim Hicks and Chad Brownlee on a few stages over the last few years, and if you’ve seen 1 or both of them as well, you know a few things.

1) They both like to play loud. This isn’t soft, slow country music all the time. Although some of that lives in their full sets. This is good timing, boot stomping, beer drinking music and it’s a lot of fun.

2) They both have hits to play for the crowd. In the last few years Tim and Chad have both released some awesome songs that have resonated with audiences. And if you’ve never had a chance to sing along live to Stronger Beer, When The Lights Go Down, Stompin’ Ground, or Hearts On Fire – you need to take that chance and enjoy it!

3) Chad and Tim are both solid dudes. Good guys that we have been privileged to meet and hangout with even a little bit. That’s always a nice bonus!

Now… dates and cities. Check them out and if you can see Tim or Chad, or if you’re lucky, both of them together, we highly suggest looking into tickets!

Jan. 6, 2017 – Kelowna, BC – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 7, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 8, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 11, 2017 – Fort McMurray, AB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 12, 2017 – Saskatoon, SK – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Tenille Arts
Jan. 13, 2017 – Calgary, AB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 14, 2017 – Edmonton, AB – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 16, 2017 – Winnipeg, MB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks
Jan. 17, 2017 – Thunder Bay, ON – Chad Brownlee
Jan. 19, 2017 – Regina, SK – Chad Brownlee
Jan. 19, 2017 – Hamilton, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 20, 2017 – Oshawa, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 21, 2017 – London, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 22, 2017 – Sudbury, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 26, 2017 – Montreal, QC – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band
Jan. 27, 2017 – Moncton, NB – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band
Jan. 28, 2017 – Halifax, NS – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band

And now… please enjoy this little Q&A session with Chad Brownlee and Tim Hicks!

1 year ago

Lonely Girl: David James at Boots & Hearts 2016!

2016 Canadian Country Music Award nominee David James is still trying to wrap his head about the success and love he’s seeing as an emerging artist. But the more we see and hear from the Rising Star hopeful, the more we believe he should start accepting it!

We checked out David on the Boots & Hearts front porch stage and then had a chance to hang out for a few minutes in the shade to talk about how things went, what’s coming up, and then posed for some pics!

On stage we got to hear and see David James entertain the Friday crowd with songs from his debut EP. We heard The One I Always Wanted, Lonely Girl, What We Weren’t Looking For, Some Hearts, Starts With A Girl, and Lay It On Me. David also peppered in covers like Sweet Thing (K. Urban), Can’t Feel Me Face (The Weeknd), Treasure (Bruno Mars), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin), and You Wreck Me (Tom Petty) to keep everyone in a singing and grooving and dancing mood at the tented stage.

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

During the set, as David James sang What We Weren’t Looking For we saw a couple together in the crowd, singing at each other – it was very lovey and sweet.

We asked David about seeing people singing in the crowd and he told us that it’s cool, especially as a new artist to see and hear the connection country fans are having with his music.

When we talked to David we asked him about being the only MDM artist at the festival this year, and he told us that he was happy to be there to represent, and that Jess Moskaluke and Chad Brownlee gave him some advice and encouragement coming in… and then when we were talking about the upcoming CCMAs and related festivities, he let it slip that he’ll be closing the MDM party in London… and we can’t wait to see that. It’s going to be one hell of a party, and he’s going to be a big part of it.

Here’s what we know, the success that David James has experienced so far in his early career is just the start of what’s the come. If he can keep doing what he’s doing we’re going to be seeing him and talking to him again real soon!

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-Greg Keyes - David James' Band BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James with Joshua Murray BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

1 year ago

Cherry Bomb: River Town Saints at Boots & Hearts 2016!

“You can tell everyone that Timberlake is our favourite Justin.”

That’s just one of the tidbits that came from our hangout with River Town Saints after their Sunday set at Boots & Hearts 2016!

Earlier in the afternoon, in front of a raucous crowd of country music loving individuals, the boys went to work and put on a helluva show with the exclamation point coming during Cherry Bomb.

The crowd was 100% ready for the boys’ breakout hit, and when the time came, they sang louder than I think any of the 5 dudes on stage could have imagined or even hoped for. In fact, when we asked them about it later on they told us that it felt like it was the loudest of the summer circuit so far. They also told us that it was cool to look out and see people singing along to songs that haven’t even been released yet meaning that A) They’ve been to a lot of shows and have learned them, or B) They’re paying attention and picking them up as they go – and Chris, Chris, Dan, Jordan, and Jeremy seem to be cool with either of those options being the truth.

Note: It can be hard to stay on track in interviews, especially when it’s not the first time you’ve talked to someone. But this one was especially hard because we’d never done an official interview together, and these guys are way to funny to keep on a tight Q&A schedule!

River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-

Between the talk about custom action figures, bobble heads, and Pez dispensers designed for the guys, we actually did find out some stuff we were looking for.

🍒 There’s an EP coming at the end of 2016!

🍒 There are plans for a full album early in 2017!

🍒 River Town Saints are working in the studio now to make those 2 things happen.

🍒 The band is super excited for their CCMA nomination for 2016 Rising Star Award…

🍒 and they’re excited to have real live passes to CCMA events this year so they don’t have to sneak in like they may or may not have done in 2015.

🍒 The guys are pumped for the 2016 One Horse Town concert in Truro, NS where they’ll open for Dean Brody and Chad Brownlee (we really wish we were going to be in Truro for that one.) on September 16.

🍒 They do a lot of driving between shows (like a lot!) and van rules dictate that the driver gets to pick the music. So we asked what’s been played lately and the list is so varied that it’s hard to know where to start. There’s Maren Morris (who we love), The 1975, Justin Timberlake’s newest record, Metal, 2000’s pop punk, and an assortment of other musical genres and artists that we couldn’t even try to keep track of.

Note: This question is what brought us to the “Justin” conversation and the statement from the top of the post.

The guys also told us to tell you to keep an eye on and their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for details on what’s coming up, behind-the-scenes fun stuff, and more.

The first time we saw River Town Saints was Canadian Music Week 2015… they’ve done a lot of work and come a long way since then – including to Boots & Hearts. We’re willing to bet we’ll see them back again, and we’re hoping to see them before that too!

River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-

1 year ago

Hearts On Fire: Chad Brownlee EP Review & Contest!

Chad Brownlee has been riding pretty high on the success of 2014’s The Fighters. He headlined a cross-Canada tour (that we saw in March 2015 at The Mod Club in Toronto), he earned new fans, a ton of radio play, and he further cemented his place on the Canadian country music scene.

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8357And now, just under two years after that release, Brownlee is back with new music.

Hearts On Fire is a seven track EP that opens with the title track, and current single. I’ve listened to the tracks more than a few times each in the lead up to the release and this review, and I think the first, and maybe the best thing I can say is that it I’ve wanted to each and every time.

This is a fun EP, with great songs from an artist that I’ve enjoyed throughout this decade.

Country fans have already responded positively to Hearts On Fire, pushing the single into the Top 10, and they aren’t wrong to have done it. And having heard the rest of the songs that are coming, I won’t be surprised to see Chad Brownlee back in the Top 10 two or even three more times this year.

Chad Brownlee, Hearts On Fire Tracklist

ChadBrownlee_HeartsOnFire Album Cover1. Hearts On Fire
2. I Hate You For It
3. Something We Shouldn’t Do
4. Might As Well Be Me
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Gone Gone
7. Damn The Radio

With zero inside information it’s hard for me to tell you what the 2nd single from the EP will be… but if I’m making guesses, I’d say I Hate You For It or Might As Well Be Me are my picks.

Hearts On Fire is a fantastic, full-sounding EP. It’s well produced and doesn’t miss out on showcasing Chad’s voice, the emotions in the songs, and everything that has earned him the respect and adoration that fans have heaped on him in the last 7 years.

Note: The, Chad Brownlee former hockey player, story has been written and talked about more than a few times now, including a very well put together story by Maclean’s. But the more new music we hear from Chad, and the more we see him evolve and improve on stage, we have to wonder when that will fade away and we can just tell stories about Chad Brownlee, Canadian country music star.

There’s one more thing I need to add about the Hearts On Fire EP… it’s going to be A LOT of fun live.

Chad Brownlee NHL Preview 2015We’ve been lucky to see Chad perform a few times now, and knowing what that’s like (it’s good), it’s safe to assume that these seven songs are going to sound great when he steps up on stage and plays them to a crowd that will no doubt be singing along.

If you want to be one of the fans singing along the next time you see Chad Brownlee live, or when his next single comes on the radio… we can help.

Enter now using the widget below and you could win 1 of 3 copies of Chad Brownlee’s new EP, Hearts On Fire. Take care to follow all instructions provided to confirm your entries count, and for an extra chance to win, follow @thereviewsarein on Twitter this Wednesday, April 27 for your chance to win as well.

Good luck!

Chad Brownlee: Hearts On Fire

2 years ago

Tougher Than Love: Bobby Wills EP Review and Q&A

Bobby Wills is back!

Not that he ever left really, but every time an artist releases new music it feels like we’re getting them back after they’ve gone away for a little while.

Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8020For the Calgary country singer it’s been nearly 2 years since his last album, Crazy Enough was released to the world, and now the follow-up EP, Tougher Than Love, is ready to come to fans and stick some songs in people’s heads.

The 6 track set of songs is a great showing of what Bobby offers to country music, a mix of uptempo tracks that you can sing along and stomp your feet and clap your hands to… and some slowed down moments that will drag you deep into a story and put your feelings at risk of being twisted in a knot.

Across all of the songs it’s easy to see that Bobby Wills is still in love with what he does. His voice is true, not trying to be something that he isn’t or hasn’t shown us that he can be in the past – but not sitting back on his past successes either.

Do you follow?

Lead single Won’t You Be Mine is already a Top 10 hit in Canada, and there’s a strong chance that 2 or more other songs on the EP make that kind of statement on the charts.

Bobby Wills Tougher Than Love Track List

1. 30,000 Feet
2. Down By The River
3. Won’t You Be Mine
4. Tougher Than Love
5. If It Ain’t Broke
6. You Lost Me There

If we’re playing a guessing game for the next single to come from Tougher Than Love we’re stuck between the choice of the title track and 30,000 Feet. Both songs are top quality, but are very different. If you’re holding our feet to the fire, we’d pick Tougher Than Love… and we’d be okay with that.

In the middle of all the work he’s been doing to promote the new EP, and being a dad and a Calgary Flames fan, Bobby took a few minutes to play along in a brand new Q&A about the new EP, the fan response to Won’t You Be Mine, and more for us. Check it out!

Q. A year ago you were crossing Canada on the When The Lights Go Down Tour (with Chad Brownlee and Jess Moskaluke), and this year you get to release new music to country fans, how busy has that year in between been for you?

A. It’s been a whirlwind! 2015 was an incredible year, and 2016, with the release of my new album Tougher Than Love, promises to be even crazier!!

Q. How happy are you with the 6 tracks that you’re releasing with Tougher Than Love?

A. I am very excited to share these songs with my fans! With each new project I like to mix it up a bit, integrating my sound with a little something new. On this album we experimented with various sounds and incorporated varied instrumentation; it was an incredible experience to create and record this album!

Bobby Wills Tougher Than Love EP ArtQ. The album art for the EP is different than a lot of what we see these days (you face isn’t on the cover!), and we dig it (not that we don’t love your face)… were you in on the design?

A. Geoffrey Hanson designed the album. He is an incredible talent!! He’s done work for Kings Of Leon, Robert Plant and Ryan Bingham (just to name a few). Honestly, I can’t claim any credit for design, the only instruction was to do something different than what we normally see. He crushed it!!

Q. Won’t You Be Mine is already a fan favourite, and people haven’t even heard the rest of the music yet… how great is to get that response to kick off a project?

A. It’s very cool! We performed it for the first time last summer during festival season. We were pretty confident it was going to work based on the fan reaction, it was wild!

Q. There’s a lot of great new music on the country scene right now, is there anyone that you’re listening to and loving?

A. The diversity that is country music right now is so great! I am listening to the new Lovelocks record a ton these days, along with Chris Stapleton. The Maren Morris record is killer as well.

Q. In 50 words or so, can you tell us what you hope country fans take away from Tougher Than Love?

A. The making of this album was fun, with a capital F, and I hope my fans enjoy it just as much! Mixing a little something for everyone, for me this album is a happiness-fuelled musical experience, exploring classic country sound with a modern edge. The tracks resonate with me, not only as an artist, but as a music lover as well. This album is about simply enjoying the music and sharing that joy with my amazing fans!

Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8068

2 years ago

Hearts on Fire Preview: Chad Brownlee

Friday April 29th, mark that date in your calendar. That’s the official release date for Chad Brownlee‘s Hearts on Fire album.

Today I got to do one of my favourite things, attending an intimate acoustic performance. Chad happens to be one of my favourite artists. We were treated to a taste of the new album including the title track which is currently playing on radio stations and on CMT.

Chad Brownlee

The short set included new songs including the next single, I Hate You For It. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

Chad’s got a busy year coming up including appearances at Craven Country Jamboree, Country Thunder (in Calgary, AB) and Havelock Country Jamboree.  Need a Chad fix sooner? You can check out his appearance on Rogers Hometown Hockey this weekend, on Sunday February 21, 2016 in Abbotsford, BC.Chad BrownleeChad Brownlee at Corus-2 Chad Brownlee at Corus-3 Chad Brownlee at Corus-2139

You can  find Chad Brownlee online at these fine locations…

Official website:
Facebook: Chad Brownlee Music
Twitter: @ChadBrownlee
YouTube: Official Chad Brownlee

2 years ago

Country Music All-Star Hockey Fantasy Draft

With the NHL All-Star Game coming up in Nashville on January 31, we decided to have a little fun with some hockey loving country music stars and hold a fantasy draft of our own.

2016 NHL All Star Game LogoThere are 14 players on the board, 12 skaters and 2 goalies… all picked because of their experience on the ice and/or love of the game.

There are a couple rules… and then we’ll get to the draft!

How It Works…

1. Trish and I will take turns making our picks from the list of country artists below until we each have a team of 7 players.

2. Each team must consist of 1 goalie and 1 woman skater.

3. All other players are up for grabs in any order.

4. Jason & Tom Petric and Brad & Curtis Rempel may be picked individually or as a combo, but if drafted as a pair the next drafter’s turn will have 2 picks to even things up.

The Players

Alan Doyle (Juno Cup goalie)
Brett Kissel (Family Tournament goalie, 2015)
Carrie Underwood (wife of NHL player Mike Fisher, Predators fan)
Jess Moskaluke (Floor Hockey Experience on tour with Chad Brownlee)
Chad Brownlee (former Vancouver Canucks Draft Pick)
Theo Fleury(Former NHL player)
 Cory Marquardt (Former Junior player)
 Bobby Wills (floor hockey experience on tour with Chad Brownlee)
 Tom Petric (High School player)
Jason Petric (High School player)
Brad Rempel (Juno Cup player)
Curtis Rempel (Juno Cup player)
Jim Cuddy (Juno Cup captain)
Dierks Bentley (Nashville Rec. League player)

Trish won a coin toss, so she’s got the 1st pick… here we go!

Round 1

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015Trish: Chad Brownlee
Not a big surprise to my readers that Chad was my first choice. I watched him work his magic at The Mod Club and I have faith. His NHL career was cut short by injury but I think. at 6’2” in this field, he’s my star defenceman.

Josh: Theo Fleury
Theo Fleury spent a bunch years playing NHL hockey, played in 7 All-Star games, and won a gold medal with Team Canada in 2002… and he’s got a country album that he released in fall 2015. I’m happy with this pick!

Round 2

dierks-bentley-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Trish: Dierks Bentley
Dierks’ spends his spare time playing with the Nashville IceHoles and from what I’ve heard, he can’t get enough hockey. He carries his hockey gear with him while on tour just in case he can get in some ice time. That’s the kind of dedication I want on my team!

Josh: Cory Marquardt
The former junior player has a lot of high energy, and I’m betting his hands are just soft enough on the ice to make some plays.

Round 3

Brett Kissel CNE 2015Trish: Tom Petric
I’ll be counting on Tom as a forward and I’m thinking I’ll put him on a line with his brother.

Josh: Brett Kissel
Brett’s a big hockey fan who strapped on the pads last Christmas to play back home. We’re playing 3 on 3, so I’m not hoping for miracles here, just someone to stop some pucks.

Round 4

Petric 2015Trish: Jason Petric (picked in combo with Tom)
Jason may have spent a little time in the penalty box  during his hockey career. I’m happy to have him as muscle on my team.

Josh: Jim Cuddy
Cuddy’s a vet who knows what he’s doing on the ice. I need a captain, and his experience being the man in charge at the Juno Cup works for me!

Round 5

Jess Moskaluke Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixTrish: Carrie Underwood
Married to Mike Fisher, Carrie knows hockey. Can she shoot and skate? I hope she’s been practicing since the Oprah video in 2012. She brings a great energy and I’m glad to have her.

Josh: Jess Moskaluke
Jess is a sweetheart, but we’ve seen her amp up the energy on stage, and she spent the When The Lights Go Down tour with a floor hockey stick in her hands. Sign her up!

Round 6

High Valley Boots and Hearts 2015Trish: Curtis Rempel
Curtis grew up playing hockey and with a Juno Cup under his belt I’m sure he’ll be an asset to my team.

Josh: Brad Rempel
I’ll take the other half of High Valley, if nothing else we should create a little healthy rivalry between the brothers Rempel!

Round 7

Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8020Trish: Alan Doyle
The most mature member of my team, and a lifetime lover of the game, Alan’s proven his worth in the net.

Josh: Bobby Wills
Bobby is another When The Lights Go Down alumni, and I’ll take him to skate with Jess, there’s got to be some chemistry there!


1: Chad Brownlee, Tom Petric, Jason Petric
2: Dierks Bentley, Curtis Rempel, Carrie Underwood
Goalie: Alan Doyle

1: Theo Fleury, Cory Marquardt, Brad Rempel
2: Jess Moskaluke, Bobby Wills, Jim Cuddy
Goalie: Brett Kissel

Results and Evaluation!

Trish: I’m happy with my picks and can’t help but think how awesome their team photo would look. Now if only we could make this game happen!

Josh: Trish has a great team, but I’m pretty happy with my 7 players… and I’d be happy to send ‘em out on the ice for a Country Music All-Star Hockey game any day of the week!

Now tell us whose team you think would win by voting in the poll!


2 years ago

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 3

Twice before we’ve shared lists of 10 awesome country covers of pop songs… and now we’re back with a 3rd list to share.

10 More Awesome Country Covers

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 2

This time we’ve got songs from Canadian stars, Nashville hitmakers, emerging talent, a double shot of 1 of the biggest songs in a long time, and 2 tracks from one of our current favourites. Some of these were recorded recently, some are a couple years old, but there’s a strong chance that many of you haven’t heard nearly all of these versions.

Have a listen to the ones you haven’t heard before and leave a comment telling us which country artists have recorded pop/rock covers that you love!

Thomas Rhett: When I Was Your Man

Miley Cyrus: Jolene

Cam: Uptown Funk

Cam: Hello

Cory Marquardt: Sorry

The Band Perry: Fat Bottom Girls

Madeline Merlo: Crazy/Crazy In Love

Eric Ethridge: Honey I’m Good

Kira Isabella: Dark Horse

Chad Brownlee: Thinking Out Loud

Dylan Scott: Thinking Out Loud

2 years ago

27th Annual Havelock Country Jamboree Lineup Announcement

This morning Havelock released their first list of artists and we’re pretty excited. They’ve chosen some of my favourite artists. Let’s get started!

The Band Perry, one of my absolute favourite live acts. Kimberley, Reid and Neil Perry have been at this since 2005 and they’re getting better and better. They’ve got a new single out, “Live Forever” and I can’t wait to hear what else is coming from this super talented country/pop/rock trio. (Saturday, August 20th, 2016)the-band-perry-at-boots-and-hearts-2013

Sammy Kershaw has been around since the ’90’s winning his way into the hearts of country music fans with his initial offering which went Platinum and included four hits including “Cadillac Style,” “Queen of My Double Wide”, “Don’t Go Near the Water”, the title track, and “Yard Sale”. Sammy’s got a new album out “I Won’t Back Down” and he’ll be bringing a whole lot of country experience to Havelock. (Friday, August 19th, 2016)Sammy-Kershaw

Chad Brownlee one of the hardest working Canadian musicians I know, and that’s saying a lot! Chad always brings his best to the party and never disappoints. We’d be surprised if he wasn’t in the line up. (Thursday, August 18th, 2016)Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015

Asleep At The Wheel have been known as one of the best western swing outfits in the business. Based out of Austin they’ve released over 20 studio albums and charted more than 20 singles. (Friday, August 19th, 2016)Asleep At The Wheel

Jess Moskaluke, riding high off her latest CCMA Best Female Artist of the Year Award, is a natural for this festival. Jess’ new album “Kiss Me Quiet” is dazzling the Canadian country music scene. I love Jess and I’m thrilled that she’s getting the recognition she deserves. (Saturday August 20th, 2016)Jess Moskaluke

Jaydee Bixby who some of you might recognize from Canadian Idol Season 5 has been honing his country presence most of his life. Raised in a musical family Jaydee has comes by his talent naturally. The young singer songwriter is a welcome addition to the Havelock lineup. (Friday, August 19th, 2016)Jaydee Bixby

Runaway Angel, I’ve been a huge fan of these ladies from the first time I heard them. Their wonderful harmonies, relatable lyrics and passion are all part of the package. Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin and Stacey Zegers have all had success as solo artists but the blending of these talents is other worldly. Runaway Angel is a staple in the Ontario music scene and they’re starting to get a lot of attention. I’ve said it before, watch these ladies! (Thursday, August 18th, 2016)Runaway Angel

Kansas Stone is completely new to me and I love that. I’ve done a bit of digging and they look and sound like something I can get behind. This high energy, seven piece band is a great choice for the opening day lineup. Listing influences as Alabama, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings and Jason Aldean their sound makes a lot of sense. They’ve shared the stage with headliners Dallas Smith, Brett Kissel, Aaron Pritchett, Beverley Mahood and Tebey.  (Thursday, August 18th, 2016)Kansas Stone

Paula Chopik & Ed Leslie won the Impact Award at the CMAO’s this year for their work on The Havelock Country Jamboree.  They know what they’re doing and they’re putting together a stellar lineup for 2016. I can hardly wait for the next announcement.

2 years ago

2015-16 NHL Canadian Country Music Season Preview

The NHL season starts this week with Montreal in Toronto, Vancouver in Calgary, New York in Chicago, and San Jose in Los Angeles… and to get us all ready for hockey we recruited 10 of our own Canadian Country Music All-Stars to give us their preview!

We asked each artist 3 questions (Favourite Team, Why/How Long Have You Loved Them, What Do You Expect This Season) and got some awesome answers.

HUGE thanks are going out to Chad Brownlee, Brett Kissel, Bobby Wills, Lindsay Broughton, Tim Chaisson, David Roberts, Cory Marquardt, Tim Hicks, Petric, and Yoan for playing along with our brand new idea this season. We love that there is so much love for puck in the country music community.

So, have a look and see which singer shares the same NHL team love affair as you – and leave a comment to tell us your favourite team, the story of you loving them, and what you expect from them this season!

2015-16 NHL Preview!

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee NHL Preview 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
Vancouver Canucks

Why / How long have you loved them?
Since I can remember. Growing up in BC with my Dad being a huge Canucks fan made it pretty easy to decide which team to cheer for!

What do you expect from them this season?
I think the changes they made last season was the beginning of something great. This year is simply going to add to the success that I see growing in years to come!

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?

Why / How long have you loved them?
“I’ve literally loved the Oilers since I was born. Interesting story, I was born the day the Oilers won their last Stanley Cup in 1990. My brother thinks I’m a curse to the team, because as long as I’ve been alive, they haven’t won the cup since…”

What do you expect from them this season?
“I truly believe that the Oilers will make the playoffs this year. With all that young star power, I mean, they’ve got to! If Calgary got into the playoffs this past season, then the Oilers NEED to!”

Note: On September 3, 2015 at the CNE in Toronto, Brett gave the crowd a guarantee that the Maple Leafs would make the playoffs this season. Remember that 😉

Bobby Wills

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Bobby Wills-8043What is your favourite NHL team?
Calgary Flames

Why / How long have you loved them?
My favourite team as a little guy was the Bruins as we have Massachusetts roots, but the battle of Alberta pulled me in.

What do you expect from them this season?
A playoff spot, hard to say from there. The west is so competitive it is going to be a dog fight!!

Lindsay Broughton

Lindsay Broughton at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

What is your favourite NHL team?
The Detroit Red Wings

Why / How long have you loved them?
HA! Weeell this isn’t awkward at all! To be quite honest I’m fairly new on the Detroit bandwagon! I was a long time lover, supporter and most often defender of the Leafs (stop laughing!) However I was forced to change my ways, burn the blue clothes, convert and become the enemy when I started dating a player in the Detroit organization about a year and a half ago. Yep, I am the ultimate traitor but if it’s any consolation sometimes I still secretly cheer for the Leafs… shhh..

What do you expect from them this season?
Uhmm a cup? haha..kidding. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens without Babcock being there but obviously I’m excited about the season and have faith that the new changes are going to bring big things. 🙂

Tim Chaisson

Tim Chaisson Lost in the Light Release Party ShowWhat is your favourite NHL team?
Montreal Canadiens!

Why / How long have you loved them?
Well, my father pretty much brainwashed my brothers and I since we were born to love the Habs, so as long as I can remember I guess!

What do you expect from them this season?
I’d love to see a strong play-off season myself! I also think it’s pretty cool that P.K. Subban is giving so much back to the community.

David Roberts of The Washboard Union

David Robertson The Washboard UnionWhat is your favourite NHL team?
Toronto Maple Leafs

Why / How long have you loved them?
Since I was a kid of 6, we had seasons tickets at Maple Leaf Gardens, up in the Blues, Section 29

What do you expect from them this season?
Here are my ​2015/2016 predictions:
a) ​In a Wed Oct 7th press release it will be revealed that ​The L​eafs will work a deal with ​season ticket holders who will now only pay for winning games.
b) It’s a rebuild year, or decade or whatever the term is for the 49 odd years they have been waiting to win the cup back….
c) Record Producer and world’​s biggest Leaf fan GGGarth Richardson will be hired as the new head coach and will guide the team to ​victory and win ​the ​2015/2016 Stanley Cup aka La Coupe Stanley
d) The Leafs will continue to sell out night after night…Go Leafs Go

Cory Marquardt

Cory Marquardt CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
Toronto Maple Leafs

Why / How long have you loved them?
My Dad is from Toronto and my grandpa was a big fan. I still picture them in 94-96 Potvin, Clark, Gilmore, Tie Domi and the list goes on

What do you expect from them this season?
They made some pretty big changes and I’m sure they’ll be making more. Not sure what to expect but I see them winning a cup in 20**…

Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks -7769What is your favourite NHL team?
I’m a Leafs guy

Why / How long have you loved them?
It’s sort of ingrained in the culture where I grew up that you must be a Leafs fan or face the consequences lol! Geographically, they’re the closest Canadian team and I always root for home.

What do you expect from them this season?
I’m expecting them to finally throw us a bone! Come on boys!!


Petric Live in StudioWhat is your favourite NHL team?
We’re both huge Jets fans! Toms also has a love for the Detroit Red Wings

Why / How long have you loved them?
We’ve been proud jets fans, even the years they didn’t exist in the league. Those were the years the Red Wings jersey got worn a lot. The year we both started playing hockey the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, and Stevie Yzerman was Toms all time favourite player.

What do you expect from them this season?
The Jets have a lot of young blood, which may bring some growing pains, but should also bring a lot of exciting hockey. GO JETS GO!


Yoan CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
The Montreal Canadians.

Why / How long have you loved them?
I think Hockey is a part of our culture and heritage and so are the Montreal Canadians. I played hockey for 5 years and my dad has always been a really big fan of the team so we used to watch the games together when I was growing up. The last two years have been so busy for me that I don’t have as much time to follow hockey religiously as I did before but I try to support the team every time I can.

What do you expect from them this season?
I wish them the best and hopefully the Stanley Cup!

2 years ago

Canadian Takeover: Dallas Smith and Chad Brownlee at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2542Saturday at Boots & Hearts we got a double shot of Canadian country music talent when Chad Brownlee and Dallas Smith took over the main stage back-to-back.

First up was Chad Brownlee, who we just saw at the Blue Jays pre-game – and who we are happy we saw again. This guy puts on a great show, and the fans knew it. There was a nice cheer to start off the show when the band took the stage, and the evening crowd kept filing in throughout the set to make it a pretty great group of people singing and dancing.

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2576With a selection of country radio hits to choose from, a 2015 nationwide tour under his belt, and a voice that was made to sing, this former Vancouver Canucks draft pick made people happy.

Chad is also incredibly handsome, which we saw people saying both in the crowd and on the side of the stage. It’s not news to anyone who has seen his face before, but it’s worth mentioning – just look at the pics.

But our favourite thing, and we’re pretty sure Chad loved it too, was looking over the crowd and seeing how many people knew the words and were singing along.

Chad Brownlee Boots & Hearts Set List

Love Me Or Leave Me ♪ Hood Of My Car ♪ Listen ♪ Matches ♪ Just Because ♪ Carried Away ♪ Fallin’ Over You ♪ Thinking Out Loud ♪ Where The Party At ♪ Hey Now ♪ When The Lights Go Down ♪ Free Fallin’

Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2747After a short turn over break, Dallas Smith came out to a great crowd reaction, which I’m sure felt good for a guy who wasn’t originally booked for that slot. In a great move, Dallas slid over from Sunday to fill in for Little Big Town, and it was the perfect decision. From the first song the Boots & Hearts crowd was jacked up and ready to party. And the rock and roll country sound was a great lead-in to headliner Eric Church.

Dallas isn’t new to the performing thing, he did with Default and now he does it country – and he’s not new to Boots & Hearts, we saw him in 2012 and 2014, and this was bigger and better and showed that this is a guy who just keeps putting in the work and keeps making new fans.

Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2682The 19 song set gave us a little bit of everything with a cover of Pontoon as a Get Well Soon tribute to LBT’s Jimi Westbrook, some Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive, a brand new song Kids With Cars, and all of the hits we were ready for and sing along to on the radio all the time.

Somewhere north of 25,000 people loved every minute of Dallas Smith’s set. And that includes us.

Dallas Smith Boots & Hearts Set List

Slow Rollin’ ♪ If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go ♪ Nothing But Summer ♪ Wastin’ Gas ♪ Wrong About That ♪ Pontoon ♪ Lifted ♪ Girl Like You ♪ This Town Ain’t A Town ♪ Thinkin’ Bout You ♪ Kids With Cars ♪ What Kind Of Love ♪ Wasting My Time ♪ Heat Rises ♪ Jumped Right In ♪ Radioactive ♪ Somebody Somewhere ♪ Cheap Seats ♪ Tippin’ Point

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

More pics of Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2556Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2567Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2545Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2518Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2558Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts -2552

More pics of Dallas SmithDallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2742Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2636Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2690Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2788Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2613Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2632Dallas Smith Boots and Hearts -2628

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10 Reasons We’re Excited for Boots & Hearts 2015!

Boots & Hearts starts Thursday afternoon with the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party… and while some of the hardcore fans/campers/partiers are already in the gates – the majority of us will make our way up in time for The Reklaws at 5pm.

To get us all ready at the last minute (in case you aren’t already pumped right up) we’ve got a list of 10 reasons we’re excited for this year’s festival!

The Venue

Boots and Hearts Burls Creek SunsetWe’ve already had the luxury of touring around the Burl’s Creek park during WayHome, and it’s pretty awesome. We know there will be some changes made to the grounds from 1 festival to the other, but if the Main Stage and the Front Porch stage are where we think they will be, it’s going to be just fine.

There’s also a ton of room for bars, porta-potties, food trucks, water refill stations, lounging in the sun or the shade, and dancing to the music.

We can’t wait to get inside and check it out again.

The Headliners

Eric Church 2015Brad Paisley, Eric Church, and Florida Georgia Line are big names who play big stages in front of big crowds – and Boots & Hearts will give all three of them that opportunity.

All 3 acts also have impressive libraries of music that the fans will be to sing and shout along to throughout the sets, and that always makes for a good time.

We’re guessing that Eric Church’s set will inspire the more whisky to be consumed and the most smoke clouds to rise – and Florida Georgia Line will give us the most pop from the young crowd, particularly the ladies when they take the stage and start playing their brand of good-time party country music.

The Emerging Artist Showcase

BnH emerging artist showcaseIn Year 1 Tebey won the contest (and Tim Hicks finished 2nd), in Year 2 The Reklaws took home the grand prize, and in Year 3 our pal Trinity Bradshaw claimed the title… so who will win this year?

The answer is… we don’t know.

Here are the contenders: James Barker Band, Eric Ethridge, Leanne Pearson, Johnson Crook, Tenille Arts, Birds of Bellwoods, Ray Gibson, and Travis Wood.

Good luck to all of the finalists, winning this thing can go a long way to kicking off a career!

The Women on Stage

When this year’s lineup was announced we were impressed and excited at the number of female acts that were included. Last year’s number was really low, but now we’re back!

Kira-Isabella-Band-2014-CNEThe Reklaws, Jess Moskaluke, The Stellas, Lennon & Maisy, Maddie & Tae, Small Town Pistols, The Lovelocks, MacKenzie Porter, Kira Isabella, Leah Daniels, Trinity Bradshaw… and more awesome and talented women will being singing songs for us from Thursday to Sunday and we can’t wait to hear them.

The women of country music deserve every play and stream and download they get – so pay attention this weekend and find a new favourite.

Little Big Town

Dallas Smith

Boots and Hearts Dallas SmithYes, we were very excited to see Little Big Town before the announcement was made that they wouldn’t be able to play the show…

BUT, we are very excited for Dallas Smith to take that slot opening for Eric Church on Saturday. Not only because Lifted is an amazing album and the show is going to get people ready for the headliner, also because Dallas is a good dude and deserves the chance to give us some Canadian content in a prime spot.

The Fans

Boots and Hearts FansThis festival is special for 2 big reasons – the talent on stage and the fans in the crowd.

Every year more people show up and sing and dance and drink and camp and have a great time. And we’re looking forward to 2015 being no different.

Yes, you’ll see people that are too drunk to function, and yes, someone will pass out and look silly… and maybe a couple dudes will try to start a fight, but with an expected 35,000 in attendance we’re expecting the same good ‘ole country fans to show up and be awesome.

The Camping

Boots and Hearts Burls Creek Camping WayHomeSpeaking of the fans, a lot of them will be camping. And while we won’t be among them, we’re looking forward to the stories from those of you who are.

As of Wednesday afternoon it seems a whole whack of people have set up camp and cracked open drinks… so the party is already starting.

Just be safe in there. Be smart. Have fun.

The Late Night Dance Parties

BnH Late Night Dance PartiesAll 4 nights of the festival will feature a late night dance party at the Front Porch Stage. The music starts at 11 with sure highlights coming from Thursday’s White Out party and Sunday’s Foam Party.

We can’t wait to see the action and everyone’s Instagram pictures after!

Seriously, tag us or tweet at us or something with your pics. We’re sure they’re going to be awesome!

The CanCon

The Road Hammer @trishcaAs we’ve said, this lineup and stacked – and a lot of the talent in 2015 is Canadian. We LOVE that, and we’re proud of it.

We’re also excited because acts like The Road Hammers, Chad Brownlee, Small Town Pistols, Emerson Drive, Wes Mack, Leah Daniels, Kira Isabella, The Stellas, and High Valley all put on a great show, and we’ll be there to see them to their thing.

Shout out to Emerson Drive btw. The boys stepped up at the last minute to fill the vacant spot that was created when Dallas Smith slid over to cover for Little Big Town. Well done boys, it was the good Canadian thing to do.

The Thursday Night Kick Off Party

BnH kick off partyThe party starts Thursday night thanks to Coors Banquet! 5 acts, 6 hours of country music, and a whole lot of fun are coming – and we can’t wait.

Really, it’s true.

2013 and 2014 both gave us awesome kick off parties with acts like Brett Kissel, Dallas Smith, Tim Hicks, and Emerson Drive – and this year shouldn’t be any different.

Be ready for The Reklaws, Jess Moskaluke, Old Dominion, Blackjack Billy, and The Road Hammers to put on the biggest Thursday night at Boots & Hearts yet.

See y’all soon.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

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When The Lights Go Down: Chad Brownlee & the Toronto Blue Jays

Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0495Before an awesome and entertaining 7-6 extra innings Blue Jays walk-off win, Chad Brownlee took over the TD Music Stage outside gates 10 and 11 and put on a country music showcase for Toronto baseball fans.

Brownlee and the band came on stage in brand new Blue Jays jerseys and looked good doing it. And while the common thought would be that the Canadian country star would give a short set at the pre-game party, he didn’t. With 12 songs, including 2 great covers, Chad Brownlee put on a full show that got people clapping, singing, and chanting along.

For real, Brownlee did a great job of getting fans ready for the game, starting his own “Go Jays Go” chant from the stage between songs. Well done.

Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0475He also showed off his good guy side when he pulled a sign out of the crowd and signed it, telling the crowd about the good work of the Tim Horton’s Foundation and their now 7 camps across Canada. We saw firsthand the love Brownlee has for the charity when he auctioned off a custom hockey stick guitar during his When The Lights Go Down tour this spring.

Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0596Mid-set we got a little visit from Danny Valencia who told the fans that the team is very excited about the trades made this week, giving us a “I really feel like we’re all in. It’s playoffs or bust” quote. Then Danny, Chad, the band, and some Jays crew girls threw t-shirts into the crowd.

And how about some love for Blue Jays President, Paul Beeston who hung out with the fans for the entire pre-game fun. You know it’s been a good week when that happens.

@SimplyAmber444 - Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0466Shout out to superfan Amber who we spotted in the front row. This girl loves live music and has had some awesome experiences over the last year at least. Check her out on Instagram to see some of her cool moments.

All said and done, this was a cool pre-game treat – and a nice little preview of what we hope to see from Chad next weekend at Boots & Hearts 2015. We can’t wait for Saturday and Chad’s turn on the main stage!

Chad Brownlee Set List – Blue Jays Friday Fan Festivals

Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0521 Love Me or Leave Me
Hood of My Car
Just Because
Fallin’ Over You
Where the Party At?
Carried Away
Come Together (The Beatles cover)
Smoke in the Rain
When the Lights Go Down
Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover)

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0356Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0439Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0343Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0549Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0604Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0319Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0613Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0625Chad Brownlee Blue Jays Game-0450

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Who Will Replace Little Big Town at Boots & Hearts 2015

Update: We have an answer…

The Boots & Hearts schedule now shows Dallas Smith moving out of his original time slot on Sunday and into the empty slot on Saturday opening for Eric Church. Emerson Drive will now be joining the B&H lineup, taking over in Smith’s Sunday spot.

Got it? Good!


Sadly, Little Big Town has announced that they will be cancelling all of their shows for the first 3 weeks of August as Jimmy recovers from his vocal condition by doctors orders.

That means that as of right now (or whenever the announcement is made public by Boots and Hearts) there is an empty time slot of 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Saturday night. And that means we need to figure out who could replace the Girl Crush singers on the main stage before Eric Church headlines the night.

We’ve brainstormed a few options… let us know what you think.

Little Big Town Replacement Option 1: Chad Brownlee

When-The-Lights-Go-Down-Toronto-Chad-8368Chad Brownlee is currently scheduled to play before the Little Big Town slot. So why not just bump the Canadian country star up to 7pm?

It would mean adding a half hour to the 1 hour set that Brownlee has been planning, but we’re confident that he can take tracks from his 3 albums + maybe a cover of Thinking Out Loud to fill that time and keep the fans happy. We just saw him in the spring on the When The Light Go Down tour, and he was excellent!

But, if we move Chad Brownlee up to 7pm, we have to replace him from 5:30pm to 6:30pm… why not Tebey? There are no shows currently showing on his website and we know he puts on a great show. So we say get him in there and let him show the Boots & Hearts crowd why he won the 2012 Emerging Artist Showcase.

Little Big Town Replacement Option 2: Another BIG Name

If you’re itching for another big name to fill the LBT slot and leave Chad Brownlee where he is, we’ve got some options that we think could work based on availability, and awesomeness…

Darius Rucker Boots and Hearts 2015Darius Rucker: We’ve seen Rucker’s name online already as a replacement that people want to see. And we’d agree. The former Hootie and the Blowfish lead singer is on our list of artists we need to see. He’s a member of the Opry and if the Republic Live team can get him – we’ll be happy!

Kacey Musgraves: One of the hottest names in the genre right now, Musgraves is cool, talented, and pushing her Pageant Material album. We can only imagine the volume of the crowd singing along to Biscuits and Gravy, Merry Go ‘Round, and Follow Your Arrow as the evening fades and night begins.

Terri Clark Boots and Hearts 2015Terri Clark: Canadian country legend, member of the Grand Ole Opry, hit maker, crowd pleaser, all around awesome entertainer – why wouldn’t we want to see Terri Clark. With a HUGE career and a list of hits longer than your arm, Clark can own a Canadian crowd. We saw her years ago opening for Brad Paisley in Ottawa, and it was damn near a double headlining show with the pop that she got from the audience. We say yes, bring on live versions of Boy Meets Girl, The World Needs A Drink, Emotional Girl, Dirty Girl, No Fear, etc.

Brantley Girlbert Boots and HeartsBrantley Gilbert: The tattooed singer always looks like he’s having a good time, and more than anything that’s what we need to be looking for here. With the requisite hits (Country Must Be Country Wide, You Don’t Know Her Like I Do, Bottoms Up, One Hell Of An Amen) and a big attitude, he’d be a great fit leading into Eric Church!

Jennifer Nettles: We included Nettles in our 2015 predictions, but she didn’t make it to the schedule. But now she’s got Sugar to share with the world plus That Girl, Me Without You, Who Says You Can’t Go Home – and the entire Sugarland library. In fact, we’d love to see Sugarland play as a duo, but Kristian Bush has a show in Illinois on Friday night, so we’re not as hopeful about that.

Little Big Town Replacement Option 3: Eric Church

Eric Church 2015Right now Eric Church is scheduled to play from 9pm to 11pm… but what if he played longer? What if he took a page out of Neil Young’s WayHome playlist and put on a 3 hour show for the Boots & Hearts crowd?

3 hours is a long time, so we’re probably asking for too much there. But there is a way this could work. If Church comes on at 8:30pm and plays until 11pm we’ve got that covered – and if Chad Brownlee comes on from 6pm to 7:30 instead of 5:30pm to 6:30pm, we’re in better shape. A hour between sets isn’t awful, people could deal with it.

The only thing we don’t like about that plan is that it doesn’t replace Little Big Town…

Now we want to know, who do you want to see replace Little Big Town at Boots and Hearts 2015? Tell us in a comment – we’ll see you there!

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

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