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CMAO 2017 Awards Show and Conference Contest!

The 2017 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards are coming, and London, ON is going to do a great job hosting.

We know this because we just experienced a hell of a good time with the country music family during Canadian Country Music Week 2016… ask around and people will tell you the same thing.

Now, because we know this weekend is going to be amazing, we want to send you to experience it!

Yup, we want you to go check out the panels at the CMAO R2I (Road to Independence) TuneUp Conference and the CMAO Awards show on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11.

It’s going to be a great time. It’s going to be filled with country music’s brightest stars from Ontario. It’s going to be a weekend that you won’t soon forget. Memorable moments will happen. Selfies will be taken. Stories will be told. And you could be there.

If you haven’t been to the awards show in the past, you should know that it’s going to have some amazing musical performances… Your host, Jason McCoy, is sure to sing you a line or two, and backed by house band, The Western Swing Authority, you will see no fewer than 11 artists live on stage.

2017 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Show Performers

♫ Aaron Pritchett
♫ Cold Creek County
♫ Deric Ruttan
♫ Genevieve Fisher
♫ James Barker Band
♫ Jason Blaine
♫ The Abrams
♫ Jessica Mitchell
♫ Meghan Patrick
♫ River Town Saints
♫ Tim Hicks

At the bottom of this post there’s a widget that you can use to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to win 1 pair (2) of tickets to the R2I (Road to Independence) TuneUp Conference and 1 pair (2) of tickets to the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Show!

But before we get to that, let’s have some fun. As members of the CMAO, we’ve already cast our votes for the 2017 awards – and now we want to see who you think should win. We’ve picked out six categories featuring some of our favourite, and your favourite, Ontario country artists. Vote for the artist you think should win, then use the widget and enter for your chance to be a winner!

Good luck!


Note: This prize does not include travel or accommodations. Please keep that in mind when entering and hoping to win!

CCMA Awards 2016: Saturday Night w/ Doc Walker, Jesse Slack & Johnson Crook Photo Review

On Saturday we were pulling double duty covering both the Canadian Country Music Association‘s First 2016 Awards Ceremony and the Outdoor Stage. Night after night, the crowd at the Country Music Week’s outdoor stage continued to grow and by Saturday evening the Talbot Street/Covent Market space was jammed with concert goers.

Opening up was Johnson Crook, followed by Jesse Slack and fan favourite, Doc Walker.

First up from Toronto was one of our favourites, Johnson Crook. The boys look happy and right at home playing on the big stage!
johnson-crook-ccma-16 johnson-crook-ccma-12 johnson-crook-ccma-10 johnson-crook-ccma-8 johnson-crook-ccma-7 johnson-crook-ccma-6 johnson-crook-ccma-3 johnson-crook-ccma-1Next up was Jesse Slack, we’ve been following Jesse but this is our first time seeing live. We like what we see!
jesse-slack-ccma-1 jesse-slack-ccma-2 jesse-slack-ccma-3 jesse-slack-ccma-4 jesse-slack-ccma-5 jesse-slack-ccma-6
It’s been a while but kids, Doc Walker is back!
doc-walker-ccma-1 doc-walker-ccma-4 doc-walker-ccma-5 doc-walker-ccma-6 doc-walker-ccma-7 doc-walker-ccma-8 doc-walker-ccma-12 doc-walker-ccma-13 doc-walker-ccma-14 doc-walker-ccma-15
We hear that Dead Flowers were awesome and you can check out The London Free Press’ coverage here!

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