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Jess Moskaluke & Friends Christmas at YouTube Space Toronto

Jess Moskaluke brought some friends to Toronto’s YouTube Space to share some music and Christmas spirit, and we were lucky enough to be there as they streamed live across the internet.

Joined by The Lovelocks, Leaving Thomas, David James, and Megan Nash – with Kate Petterson taking care of the hosting duties, and Stefan Guy on guitar – the holiday gathering of songs, stories, jokes, and more was a good time in person, and makes for a great watch on video too!

In just over 90 minutes there were 11 songs to listen to and sing along with at home, and a lot of great interaction and laughs in between.

Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Petterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James, Stefan Guy, and The Lovelocks

If we had some unofficial awards to give away they’d look something like this…

Best/Worst Dad Jokes: David James

Best (Most Unexpected) Stories: Megan Nash

Best Childhood Nickname Reveal: David James

Best Supporting Harmonies: Leaving Thomas on David James’ Sun Set On It

Best Update Of A Christmas Class: The Lovelocks on Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Best Christmas Food Traditions: Jess Moskaluke

Best Surprise Appearance: SANTA!!!!

Best Reaction To A Gift: Annika of Leaving Thomas

Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas opening their gift, David James, Stefan Guy and SantaFrom start to finish this was a lot of fun. The time flew by as it was happening live, and on a re-watch, it does too. The stories will make you laugh. Even David James’ dad jokes will give you a chuckle – and because it’s a YouTube video, we would invite everyone to leave comments answering questions like ‘What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie’.

Now, hit play, watch and listen as Jess Moskaluke, The Lovelocks, Leaving Thomas, David James, and Meghan Nash share their holiday cheer – and sing along. And, before you go, check out the rest of the photos from Jess Moskaluke & Friends Christmas at Youtube Space Toronto – and leave a comment telling us what your favourite part of the video is!

If you’re looking to skip right to the music, use the time marks on the playlist. Enjoy!

Jess Moskaluke & Friends Christmas at YouTube Space Toronto Playlist

1. Jess Moskaluke: Grown Up Christmas List (12:00)

2. David James: Sun Set On It (18:55)

3. Leaving Thomas: Do You Hear What I Hear (25:40)

4. Megan Nash: Salt The Salamanders (31:25)

5. The Lovelocks: Staycation (35:45)

6. Jess Moskaluke: Drive Me Away (42:34)

7. David James: Silent Night (56:00)

8. Leaving Thomas: Blame It On The Neon (1:02:30)

9. Megan Nash: Blue Christmas (1:10:50)

10. The Lovelocks: Oh Come All Ye Faithful (1:16:30)

11. All: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (1:29:45)

Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Petterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James, Stefan Guy, and The Lovelocks Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James, Stefan Guy, and The Lovelocks Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - David James, Stefan Guy, The Lovelocks Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson with underwear on her head Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Stefan Guy and The Lovelocks Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash opening her gift, Leaving Thomas and Santa Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke opening her gift, Megan Nash, and Santa Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James, Stefan Guy Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Petterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Bryton Udy of Leaving Thomas Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - David James opening his gift Jess Moskaluke and Friends at YouTube Toronto - Kate Peterson, Jess Moskaluke, Megan Nash, Leaving Thomas, David James, Stefan Guy, and The Lovelocks

New Music Spotlight: Serena Ryder, David James, KPT, The Lovelocks, Bülow, and Taylor Swift

We love sharing new music with the world. Across genres, from indie artists and well known stars, new songs have the ability to grab you by the ears and take you away… even if it’s just for three minutes.

Today we’ve got a mix of genres, some artists that you may or may not know, and five songs (and a special bonus, sixth) that we think are definitely worth a listen.

Ready? Let’s do this!

The Music

Artist: Serena Ryder
Hometown: Millbrook, ON
Genre: Pop/Rock
Related Artists: Sarah Harmer, Jann Arden, Chantal Kreviazuk
Single: Ice Age
Notes: With Serena Ryder’s recognizable voice and sound shining throughout the song, Ice Age‘s video shows a withdrawn elderly woman who is reinvigorated when music causes a flood of long-lost memories to return to her. It’s a message of the power of music, and we dig it.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: David James
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jojo Mason, Dan Davidson, Chad Brownlee
Single: Sun Set On It
Notes: If you want to have a laugh, hit play on this video from David James. Sun Set On It is a whole lot of fun on its own – and this no frills, zero pretension, smile on everyone’s faces, music video is a perfectly put together, good timin’ companion.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: KPT
Hometown: MLPS.
Genre: Dark Electronic
Related Artists: Die Antwoord, Justice, The Orb
Single: Sequel
Notes: The video for Sequel is straight-up cinema. Watch it with your attention on the screen as the music hits and the visuals take over your screen. If you really want it to have its full effect, turn the lights off first.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud

Artist: The Lovelocks – Staycation
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jessica Mitchell, Jess Moskaluke, Meghan Patrick
Single: Staycation
Notes: The Lovelocks are back with something a little different than fans are most used to from the Toronto country duo. Staycation could be a breakthrough radio and mainstream track for Ali and Zoe, and if it is, it will be well earned. Have a listen today and have yourself a little staycation.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Bülow
Hometown: Worldwide
Genre: Pop/Electronic
Related Artists: Blitz//Berlin, ROMES, Ria Mae
Single: Not A Love Song
Notes: If you want new everything… here you go. Bülow, the teenage pop breakthrough, offers a fresh sound, fresh voice, and a sound that’s going to get stuck somewhere in your head. Get ready for it. And more where this came from.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple


Artist: Taylor Swift
Hometown: Reading, PA
Genre: Pop/Country
Related Artists: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez
Single: New Year’s Day
Notes: New Year’s Day is the 15th and final track on Swift’s new album, reputation, and is the closest to the country Taylor that her early fans remember. The ballad fits perfectly with her very first single, Tim McGraw, and now that it’s been released to country radio, we’ll all have a chance to see how the multi-genre star performs in her original setting.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

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Downtown Kids: David James Album Review and Interview

David James had a busy summer playing stages and putting together his new EP, Downtown Kids, to share with the country music world.

We’ve listened to the album (a few times) and had the chance to catch up with David on the phone as he prepared for the album launch, a new single release, and the video to go along with it. To say he’s a busy guy would be an understatement.

I asked David about the summer, and making a record while working a busy road schedule, and he told us that it was both nuts and exciting.

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-

The recording was done with producer Dan Swinimer (Madeline Merlo, Jojo Mason) in his studio at his home. David told us about the experience and being made to feel like part of the family. It sounds like a pretty great way to make a record – comfortable, relaxed, and with experience.

The resulting album is a lot of fun packed into 18 minutes. The six songs work together for a listening experience that will work for listeners, and should work very well for David James too. The new single, and lead track on the EP, Sun Set On It is quick hitting, and the kind of song that makes you want to dance in your sock feet at home. There are shades of the things we love about Dan Davidson here, and that ain’t a bad thing. David’s voice works in the song – it’s a banger – and we’re into it.

Fans and country radio listeners may already be familiar with two of the songs on the EP, with What If I Don’t and Later already hitting the airwaves with releases earlier in 2017. Both songs are a great fit for James, and we’re certain that we’ll be seeing people sing along to them the next time we see him on a stage performing.

Six songs is about five fewer than we wish we were listening to on Downtown Kids… but here’s hoping that this means we’re not going to have a long wait before the next project from the Manitoba boy comes to us!

While we were on the phone we also touched on working with his new producer, having the chance to play at home, and we played a round of 5 Quick Questions with the Manitoba country singer.

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

5 Quick Questions with David James

Q1) What album can you play on repeat without skipping songs?

David: The Very Best of the Eagles

2) What is your favourite Tragically Hip song?

David: Blow At High Dough

David also said that he loves Ahead By A Century, but the band has been playing Blow At High Dough forever and he’s pretty sure he loves it most.

Q3) What is your favourite late night fast food joint?

David: Johnny G’s in Winnipeg – open til 4am.

Q3b) Go to menu item?

David: Chicken Fingers

David asserts that he is a chicken finger connoisseur and Johnny G’s has the best in the world.

CCMA Awards 2016 David James Green Carpet

Q4) Did you have a childhood nickname?

David: DJ

Nothing fancy or complicated, but it gets the job done.

Q5) What artist do you think people should be listening to more, or paying more attention to?

David: Canadian country as a whole.

David told us how much he believes in the talent in Canada, and that we should all be pushing for more exposure and celebration of the music coming from our home country.

Big thanks once again to David James for taking the time to catch up, we’re hoping to see him again soon, and we’ll be here to tell you all about it.

David James, Downtown Kids Tracklist

1. Sun Set On It
2. Staring At Stars
3. Turn Me On
4. Downtown Kids
5. What If I Don’t
6. Later

David James Downtown Kids Album Cover

Lonely Girl: David James at Boots & Hearts 2016!

2016 Canadian Country Music Award nominee David James is still trying to wrap his head about the success and love he’s seeing as an emerging artist. But the more we see and hear from the Rising Star hopeful, the more we believe he should start accepting it!

We checked out David on the Boots & Hearts front porch stage and then had a chance to hang out for a few minutes in the shade to talk about how things went, what’s coming up, and then posed for some pics!

On stage we got to hear and see David James entertain the Friday crowd with songs from his debut EP. We heard The One I Always Wanted, Lonely Girl, What We Weren’t Looking For, Some Hearts, Starts With A Girl, and Lay It On Me. David also peppered in covers like Sweet Thing (K. Urban), Can’t Feel Me Face (The Weeknd), Treasure (Bruno Mars), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin), and You Wreck Me (Tom Petty) to keep everyone in a singing and grooving and dancing mood at the tented stage.

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

During the set, as David James sang What We Weren’t Looking For we saw a couple together in the crowd, singing at each other – it was very lovey and sweet.

We asked David about seeing people singing in the crowd and he told us that it’s cool, especially as a new artist to see and hear the connection country fans are having with his music.

When we talked to David we asked him about being the only MDM artist at the festival this year, and he told us that he was happy to be there to represent, and that Jess Moskaluke and Chad Brownlee gave him some advice and encouragement coming in… and then when we were talking about the upcoming CCMAs and related festivities, he let it slip that he’ll be closing the MDM party in London… and we can’t wait to see that. It’s going to be one hell of a party, and he’s going to be a big part of it.

Here’s what we know, the success that David James has experienced so far in his early career is just the start of what’s the come. If he can keep doing what he’s doing we’re going to be seeing him and talking to him again real soon!

David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-Greg Keyes - David James' Band BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James with Joshua Murray BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016David James BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

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Boots and Hearts 2016 Playlist

We’ve put together our Boots and Hearts 2016 Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

With over thirty artists on the #BH5 lineup (we’ve included the emerging artists who were on Spotify), we’ve got you covered for just over six hours!

There are a couple of artists who, are not on Spotify, we’ve listed them separately and we’re sure you’re going to like them, so make sure you scroll through the post.

*EDIT* Johnson Crook’s first single, Minnedosa  is now up on Spotify. We’ve updated our playlist to include it!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, here’s the link and we’ll see you there!

Did we miss your favourite track? Let us know and we’ll add it!

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Boots & Hearts 2016 Daily Lineup Announcement!

They’re Here!!!

After months of waiting, weeks of speculation, and more patience than we generally have, the Boots & Hearts 2016 daily lineups have been announced.

We don’t have stage assignments or set times yet, but we promise we will share them with you as soon as we do.

For now we can start planning our must-sees for each day of B&H year 5… and dreaming about the set lists we hope we’ll hear.

Get ready, August is coming!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Thursday Kickoff PartyThursday, August 4, 2016

★ Jake Owen
★ Emerson Drive
★ Tebey
★ Meghan Patrick
★ Johnson Crook

Remember, this is a short day, 1 stage event for the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party, so don’t be concerned about the shorter list of artists here.

Jake Owen is a great name to headline this party, he’s a summer lovin’, beachin’, bare footin’, good time waiting to happen – and with support from 4 Canadian acts we really dig, it’s shaping up to be a good night!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Friday LineupFriday, August 5, 2016

★ Dierks Bentley
★ Sam Hunt
★ Cam
★ Tim Hicks
★ Chase Bryant
★ Autumn Hill
★ The Dungarees
★ The Reklaws
★ David James
★ Cory Marquardt
★ Lindsay Broughton
★ Brea Lawrenson

Man, what a way to spend a Friday in August!

Bentley showed us how awesome he was on the main stage in Bowmanville, Sam Hunt was been on fire since he played in 2014, and Cam is one the most anticipated sets of the weekend for sure. Plus, we LOVE the Canadian acts getting some time and know that Tim Hicks, Autumn Hill, The Reklaws, David James, Cory Marquardt, Lindsay Broughton, and Brea Lawrenson will make us all proud!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Saturday LineupSaturday, August 6, 2016

★ Blake Shelton
★ Dean Brody
★ Aaron Pritchett
★ Alan Doyle & The Gypsies
★ Raquel Cole
★ Madeline Merlo
★ Jojo Mason
★ Macarthur Clark
★ SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase

Blake! What more do you need?

But really, with Dean Brody as support, clearly a list of artists that aren’t to be messed with, this is going to be a really fun day of country music.

And don’t sleep in because the Emerging Artist Showcase is a perfect place to scout new talent. Just look at Tim Hicks, Tebey, Wes Mack, Runaway Angel, Trinity Bradshaw, Johnson Crook, Eric Ethridge, and the James Barker Band as some of the examples we’ve seen in the last few years!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Sunday LineupSunday, August 7, 2016

★ Tim McGraw
★ Chase Rice
★ Diamond Rio
★ Jason Blaine
★ Dylan Scott
★ Lindsay Ell
★ River Town Saints
★ Jason Benoit
★ Jordan McIntosh
★ James Barker Band
★ Kaitlin Kozell

It’s the last day of the festival, but don’t be sad. Sunday is going to rock!

Tim McGraw returns after his year 1 headlining performance at Boots & Hearts, and it’s a set we will not miss. Add Chase Rice, Diamond Rio (bucket list!), Dylan Scott (emerging star), and even more awesome Canadian talent with Jason Blaine, Lindsay Ell, River Town Saints, Jason Benoit, Jordan McIntosh, James Barker Band, and Kaitlin Kozell and we promise you will wish this festival had a Monday night because you won’t want the music to stop!

Blake Shelton Boots and Hearts 2014dierks-bentley-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Sam Hunt Wheels Up Tour Toronto 2015Tim Hicks -7769Dean Brody-7163Madeline Merlo Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixMeghan Patrick Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016 Photo Credit Ray Williams - @APerfectPixelBSOMF Tebey Sound of Music Festival-6491River Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonJohnson Crook The Horseshoe 2016Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2jason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013jordan-mcintosh-boots-and-hearts-2014-wm-0994

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Songs About A Girl: David James EP Review and Q&A

Winnipeg born and raised, David James is ready to officially announce himself to the world of Canadian country music.

Yes, you may have already heard his name on the radio with Some Hearts, or maybe What We Weren’t Looking For… but you need to be ready for more, because it’s coming!

The release of David James’ first EP, Songs About A Girl, is going to give you more – and if you liked any of what you’ve heard so far, we’re willing to bet that you’re going to like this too!

Songs About A Girl Track List

David James Songs About A Girl Album Art1. Lonely Girl
2. Some Hearts
3. What We Weren’t Looking For
4. The One I Always Wanted
5. Starts With A Girl
6. Lay It On Me

The release of the full EP is big for David. It was a lot of planning, a lot of effort, patience, and most of all work. Not just on recording the 6 songs, but to get to this point at all.

And having heard a lot of music, it’s easy to tell that he has not skimped on the work – and he has been gifted with talent.

If you’re in the mood at all to listen to a dude sing about love from all angles, from the start to the end, Songs About A Girl is begging for you to hit play. And it won’t matter which side of the equation you’re on, these songs will translate.

David James has put in the work, and the result is a 6 song EP that is going to open the door for more new music, more name recognition, and more love from country music fans!

The EP comes out in full on Friday, March 11… So pre-order now, or be ready to get your copy of Songs About A Girl on iTunes… you’re gonna dig it.

Congrats to David, and thanks to him also because we’ve got a Q&A ready for you all right here, right now!

Q. This EP has been nearly 2 years in the making since you joined the MDM Road Fam, and were a CCMA 2014 Discovery Program Finalist… On a scale of 1 to 10, how great does it feel to release these songs to the world?

David James 2016A. Definitely a 10, it feels amazing and a true sense of accomplishment. It’s been quite a long road to get here… we started cutting for this EP back in the spring of 2013. But, I am so proud of every single one of these songs. They all mean something to me, evoking an emotion or aspect of the human experience that I hold valuable. Being my first EP, it was important to me we get it exactly right, that we didn’t cheat the listener. Every detail has been meticulously planned and crafted, and I’m so incredibly satisfied with how it all turned out.

Q. We don’t want to jump to “concept album” when we’re talking about the new Songs About A Girl EP, but all of the songs are… about a girl. Coincidence, or did you plan it all this way?

A. It’s funny how it turned out. It wasn’t planned like that, though it seems those are the types of songs I’ve been gravitating toward lately; unabashedly honest, raw and emotive stories about the most important human interaction of all – love.

Q. Boots & Hearts is one of our favourite weekends of the summer, what have you heard about the festival, and how excited are you to be coming this year to play?

A. Anytime you have an opportunity to play an incredible festival, it’s truly an honour. Boots & Hearts is special though in the sense it’s become so huge and important to the Canadian country scene in such a short time. It’s really beautiful to see country music fever really taking hold of Ontario, and the entire country. Everyone I’ve talked to about it has raved at what an amazing weekend it really is. I’m blessed to have been invited, and we are excited to put on a hell of a show for everyone!

David James Songs About A Girl Release 2016Q. Lots of people are going to be getting to know you with this new release. Can you tell us all something that we wouldn’t find out about you in a Google search?

A. Sort of embarrassing, but the first time I ever heard my song on the radio, I was in a flower van (much like you’d see on A Night at The Roxbury) delivering flowers. I’d been working in the family business for as long as I can remember. It was a cool moment… I’d been working so hard at music for so long, so it was then that I really knew it was all I wanted to do.

Q. Let’s play “what if” for a second… on your next record, if you could duet with any Canadian artist you wanted, who would you choose?

A. That’s such a difficult question to answer, as there’s so many incredible female artists hitting their stride in Canadian country music, and that is such an important, empowering thing for the genre. I’m a big believer our female talent north of the border rivals any around the world. There’s a number I’ve had in mind for a while, but I guess we’ll see what eventually falls into place! Would love to have a duet or some guest appearances on my next album.

Q. In 50 words can you tell us what you hope people get out of Songs About A Girl?

A. The coolest feeling for an artist is when you float music out into the universe, and people are able to bring the same stories, passions, and emotions into their lives, and connect with them and to you. We all go through the same high’s and low’s in life, and music has the ability to really humanize those experiences.

Ontario, we’re comin’ for ya! Pumped to announce I’ll be playing at the @bootsandhearts festival this year! This one is…

Posted by David James Music on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2 years ago

Boots & Hearts 2016 Lineup Announcement #3 – Jake Owen, Dean Brody, Diamond Rio, Dylan Scott and More!

It’s a big morning for country music fans in Ontario with 16 new names added to the 2016 Boots & Hearts lineup!

There are personal highlights for me (DIAMOND RIO!!!) and some big names that people have been waiting to see on the B&H stage, plus acts that we’ve seen before and are very happy to see returning to the Boots & Hearts stages.

We’re also excited to see emerging talent represented on this list, and while the Republic Live team has always shown us that they’re willing to give young artists a chance, it’s still awesome to see every year.

So, let’s take a look at some of the highlights and what we think we can expect from these fine country music acts.

❤️Jake Owen
Jake Owen CMT AwardsJake is an artist that I am very very happy to see on this list. I can not wait to see him on stage in either jeans or board shorts, swaying and singing, and generally making sure we’re all having a good time. My guess is that this is a set that’s going to happen as the sun is getting ready to go down on us at Burl’s Creek, and we can’t wait for that barefoot blue jean night.

❤️Dean Brody
Dean-Brody-Boots-and-Bourbon-Toronto-2015 SLIDERMr. Brody is one of our favs here on the blog. We talked to him last summer while he was on his lunch break at the sawmill (building his own house) and watched him kill it pre-game with the Blue Jays. It’s always a good time when he takes the stage, and the Boots & Hearts crowd has always shown that they love him. Here’s hoping we get some whistle and ukulele this August!

❤️Diamond Rio
Diamond RioI LOVE Diamond Rio, I have since I was a boy, and I am thrilled to see them announced for B&H 2016. I’ve predicted them before, and here we are… I can not wait to hear tracks like One More Day, Meet In The Middle, Norma Jean Riley, How Your Love Makes Me Feel, and more! Don’t mind me if I’m singing along to every single song in this set.

❤️Chase Bryant
Chase BryantChase Bryant is an artist on the rise… he’s only 22, but already making a name for himself on the country music scene, and that’s why he’s on this list today. Chase has two Top 20 singles already, and we won’t be surprised if there are 1 or 2 more before he gets to Boots & Hearts this summer.

❤️Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2My man-crush is back baby! We were introduced to Dylan largely because of Boots & Hearts 2015, and it’s been a great ride as a fan ever since. From our first Q&A he’s been surprising us, and when he rocked the small stage last year the roof almost blew off the tent. Be ready for more of that in 2016 as the boy from Louisiana comes back to Ontario to make more fans, and to hear more ladies scream for him.

❤️Lindsay Ell
Lindsay EllSpeaking of crushes, have you heard Lindsay Ell play guitar? Because that alone is enough to make you stop and stare. Add her voice and you’ve got the reason she’s coming to play ont he B&H stage. There’s a chance the some of the 45,000 in attendance won’t know what they’re getting into when Lindsay plugs in, but they’ll know exactly why they need to follow her when she’s done!

❤️Raquel Cole
Raquel ColeRaquel is going to get to introduce herself to a whole bunch of country music fans at B&H. With a sweet voice, the ability to command attention with just a guitar and microphone, and a smile on her face – Boots fans are going to be happy with this performance. We’re willing to bet on that.

❤️River Town Saints
River Town Saints CMW 2015These guys?! Love it! We first saw River Town Saints opening for Kira Isabella at Canadian Music Week last spring… and now look at them. A Little Bit Goes A Long Way has people taking notice for all the right reasons, they fill the stage with sound when they get started, and the energy levels are going to be high from start to finish. This is a set that you need to circle on your schedule. Trust us.

❤️Madeline Merlo
Madeline Merlot Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixThis announcement makes us happy! Madeline is awesome on stage and in person, and with a new album coming in 2016 we know that she’s going to be ready to give the fans a show in the summer sun at Boots & Hearts. Here’s hoping we get to meet up with the rising star for a little Honey Jack and conversation to talk about everything that she’s got planned for the fans at this big show!

❤️David James
David JamesRepresenting the MDM stable of artists, David James is ready for his turn up on the stage this summer! With a new EP on the way, this Manitoba boy has been making waves with Some Hearts, and his hard work in the country music industry. We know that he already has a fanbase that’s growing day-by-day, and by this summer David should have no problem at all with name recognition and entertaining the crowd.

❤️Lindsay Broughton
Steak Stock 2015 Lindsay BroughtonWe love Lindsay. She’s awesome. Oh, also she has some great music to share with the country fans, and we know that she loves to get up and put on a show. We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again, and this summer at Boots & Hearts a whole bunch of people are going to see it too. We’re already planning a hangout with Lindsay to talk about the festival and just how great this is going to be!

❤️The Reklaws
The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015They’re Back! Jenna and Stuart are becoming part of the Boots & Hearts DNA, and that’s totally okay with us. Last year they did a great job getting the Thursday night kick off party started, and we know they’re going to bring it again in 2016. There’s also a strong chance that we see them grab the microphones to host the weekend on the main stage, and we’ll probably get to hear their original Boots & Hearts track again this August.

❤️The Dungarees
The DungareesThey’ve opened for Blake, Reba, Miranda… they’ve played Big Valley Jamboree, Dauphin CountryFest – and now The Dungarees are ready to at Boots & Hearts 2016 to their list of big show accomplishments. These 5 boys look like they mean business… and at B&H thousands of us are going to see exactly what they’re brining to the party!

❤️Kaitlin Kozell
Steak Stock 2015 Kaitlin Kozell bandWe saw Kaitlin last summer at Steak Stock in Ajax, ON and were really impressed with everything she brought to her set. She’s got the guitar, the songs, the smile, the energy, and you can tell that she really loves being up on the stage with the crowd in front of her. The Boots & Hearts crowd will be bigger than the one at the race track, and we’re excited to see how she responds!

❤️Brea Lawrenson
Brea Lawrenson 2The CMAO nominated Lawrenson is coming to Boots & Hearts, and y’all should be happy about that. Brea has been performing her songs, writing new songs, recording songs, and continuing the cycle with the passion it takes to make it in country music. It’s great to see more Ontario music added to the lineup and we are happy that Brea Lawrenson is part of this list.

❤️MacArthur Clark
MacArthur ClarkAll the way from Peterborough, ON MacArthur Clark are coming back to Burl’s Creek after taking the stage for both WayHome and B&H in 2015. The boys offer a offers an new take on traditional Country, R&B and a touch of Gospel that we know the Boots & Hearts crowd can get into… that’s why they’re coming back again in 2016!

2 years ago
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