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Fingerprints: Eli Young Band at Boots & Hearts 2017

Saturday nights were made for live music, and at Boots & Hearts 2017, the Eli Young Band came through big time with exactly what we needed. The boys from Texas came north and warmed up the big stage for headliner, Brantley Gilbert, and they did a hell of a job.

From the top, Eli and the boys were on fire. Notes were hit, things were tight, fans were singing, dancing, cheering, and waiting for the hits they so desperately wanted to hear. Throughout the set, we heard a selection of radio hits, fan favourites, and cuts from their 2017 album, Fingerprints. As they rolled from song to song we watch girls pop up on shoulders, couples swaying together, and friends with arms over shoulders, shouting along and allowing the music to wash over them and bring them together in a moment.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young Band-

Note: We learned on Sunday that Alee is a big Eli Young Band fan, telling us about sitting around listening to songs like Always The Love Songs and singing along almost 10 years ago now.

With all of the new country artists and bands that have burst onto the scene in the last few years, it may be that the Eli Young Band has become underrated. Go ahead and listen to Jet Black And Jealous, Drunk Last Night or Crazy Girl and you’ll be reminded how great they are. And then go listen to songs like Saltwater Gospel, Skin & Bones, and Never Land to be reminded of how good they still are today.

Up on stage, the Eli Young Band made us happy, and that’s always what we’re hoping for from live music performances in any genre.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young Band

If you haven’t seen the Eli Young Band live, or if it’s been years since you did, we’re here to suggest that you Click Here to find a show near you and get there!

Eli Young Band, Boots & Hearts 2017 Setlist

👉🏼 Prayer For The Road
👉🏼 Jet Black And Jealous
👉🏼 When It Rains
👉🏼 Skin & Bones
👉🏼 Dust On The Bottle (David Lee Murphy)
👉🏼 Dust
👉🏼 Never Land
👉🏼 Saltwater Gospel
👉🏼 Drunk Last Night
👉🏼 Come Together
👉🏼 Small Town Kid
👉🏼 Guinevere
👉🏼 Always The Love Songs
👉🏼 Even If It Breaks Your Heart
👉🏼 Learning To Fly (Tom Petty)
👉🏼 Crazy Girl

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young BandBoots and Hearts 2017 - Eli Young Band Crowd

Boots & Hearts Preview: Andrew Hyatt & Alee Q&A

Boots & Hearts is coming, and it’s easy to tell you it’s one of our favourite weekends of the summer. It’s also easy to tell you that we’re excited to see Alee and Andrew Hyatt hit the stage to sing their songs.

These two Wax Records artists are coming to B&H to show the country music crowd what they have to offer… and if you haven’t seen them before, you’re in for a treat. And, if you have seen them, you know why you want to be there at the front of the stage to see each of their sets.

To get us all ready, we hooked up with Alee and Andrew for a little pre-festival Q&A action. We’d like to thank them both for their honesty, humour and use of emojis.

Q: What three words would you use to describe the feeling of getting up on a big stage in front of a bunch of rowdy country music fans?

Alee: Adrenaline-rush

Andrew: Hot and Heavy 🙂

Q: Which act are you most excited to see at Boots & Hearts this year?

Alee: Been a huge Eli Young Band since I was in junior high… so excited to finally see them live!!… but I mean, also, Brett Eldredge… 😍

Andrew: Keith Urban is definitely always a great show. Definitely looking forward to seeing as many of the acts as possible!


Q: How has the reception of your new music been with crowds so far in 2017?

Alee: Honestly, could not ask for more love from the fans! It has been pretty amazing to see social media posts with lyrics, or little messages about what certain songs mean to them… and it’s always magical to see them singing along at shows! I’m pretty blessed!

Andrew: It’s been amazing to see such a positive response to the current single and the record! It’s what drives me to keep going!

Q: Which Andrew Hyatt song is your favourite?

Alee: For starters – every Andrew Hyatt tune is a jam. I just tend to jam extra-hard when Goodbye Gone comes on.
Q:  Which Alee song is your favourite?

Andrew: Hard to pick! I love Bad Habit! Such a great hook!
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Q: Can you tell us something about you that we wouldn’t find in a Google search?

Alee: I used to play saxophone in a jazz band.

Andrew: I’m on Bumble haha

Q: If we got a look at your playlist right now, who would the top 3 artists be?

Alee: Rihanna, Rascal Flatts, and Thomas Rhett

Andrew: Jason Isbell, Donovan Woods, and Needtobreathe

CMT Music Fest - Andrew Hyatt


Q: What is your number #1 festival tip for the fans?

Alee: Check out as many artists you don’t know as possible! Never know when you’ll find a new fave!

Andrew: Hydrate, and for the love of God shower at least once! 😂

Catch both of these homegrown Canadian talents at Boots & Hearts 2017… and if you don’t have tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Click Here! 

Boots & Hearts 2017 Lineup Announcement: Chad Brownlee, Jess Moskaluke, Eli Young Band, and more!

Boots & Hearts is back with a big announcement today… with 20 new names added to the 2017 festival lineup.

Some of these artists we’ve seen a bunch, some we’ve never seen at all, and that makes us pretty freakin’ excited for August 10-13, 2017.

Get yourself ready, this is getting big.

Today’s Announcement Includes…

Chad Brownlee
We are happy campers to see this Canadian headliner added to the Boots & Hearts lineup. Chad isn’t new to the festival, but he has new music to share since the last time he hit the B&H stage.

We can’t wait to see Chad up there, with the entire crowd singing along to his radio hits!

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015

Eli Young Band
If you were looking for a name you knew, this should be it! The Eli Young Band are sure to bring a bunch of energy, talent, and smooth sounding songs to the Boots & Hearts stage when they play their set.

We don’t know which day we’ll see them, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s gonna be good.

Frankie Ballard
Frankie’s back! Mr. Ballard played Boots & Hearts in 2015, and now he’s coming back to do it again. We expect the crowd to be bigger and louder, and we expect that Frankie Ballard will be ready for it.

Get ready to sing loud when he plays Cigarette and Sunshine & Whiskey.


Jess Moskaluke
YES! Ms. Moskaluke is still the top of the heap when it comes to Canadian women in country music. Her third consecutive CCMA win for Female Artist of the Year should tell you that.

Jess has been on the small stage twice in her Boots & Hearts career – the last time playing the kick-off party. This year we’re expecting to see her on the main stage, playing for some very excited country music fans.

Jess Moskaluke Trackside Fest 2016

Kiefer Sutherland
Yes, that Kiefer Sutherland. If you haven’t listened to Kiefer’s 2016 album, Down In A Hole, give it a listen now (click here to listen on Spotify) and get ready for his stage performance.

This isn’t the first Hollywood star to play the festival… year 1 attendees will remember Kevin Costner getting it done.

Kiefer Sutherland Band at The Horseshoe Toronto Jazz Festival 2016

Tucker Beathard
We saw Tucker last year at a small showcase in Toronto… and after seeing him sit with his guitar and sing, we can’t wait to see the full show when he’s plugged in with the band.

His star is rising, you’ve probably heard Rock On, and you should go listen to Momma and Jesus to get yourself ready.

Tucker Beathard - The Rivoli

Drake White and the Big Fire
We saw Drake White last summer… and the dude is a lot of fun on stage. He sounds great and he brings a love for doing what he does when he’s up there. And he’s got a great hat.

This will be a sing and drink and dance along set.

CMT Music Fest - Drake White & The Big Fire


Brooke Eden
This Florida powerhouse has been on a ton of “ones to watch” lists in the last 2 years, and now we’re going to get to hear in person why she’s landed on all of them.

Boots & Hearts is bringing girl power to the stage. And we’re into it.

Cold Creek County
Canadian country fans already know these boys… but if you haven’t seen them yet, this is a great opportunity. They bring as much energy as anyone in the game when they step on stage. And they fill the stage with dudes and sound when they get to playing.

Be ready, this one is going to get loud.

Aubrie Sellers
They call her a Texas/Nashville hybrid… and we can get behind that. Sellers will be making her Boots & Hearts debut – which means a whole lot of fans to grab. And we’re sure she’ll be up to it.

Get ready for this 20something to show you what she’s got.

Lindi Ortega
Lindi Ortega is an underrated add to this list. With all kinds of critical acclaim, and fans who absolutely love her, Ortega is going to be great at Boots & Hearts.

Her signature sound and style are going to present some awesome “wow” moments for new fans this summer.

Endless Summer
Clint and Bob Moffat may never have been names that country fans thought they’d see on a festival lineup… but here they are. Endless Summer has been putting in work to show their country chops and build their fanbase. And, they’re super nice guys who can truly play and sing.

The boys announced online that they will be handling some hosting duties on the weekend as well – so be ready to see them on stage more than once.

CCMA Awards 2016 Strut Social House Endless Summer

They hype is legit when it comes to Midland. You may have seen other country artists talking about how much they’re into what these guys are bringing… and if you haven’t, we can tell you that we trust their judgement.

We don’t know where these new comers will land on the schedule, but we’ll be there to listen.

JJ Shiplett
We had a feeling that JJ would be making the trip to Boots & Hearts this summer to share the new music from Something To Believe In, and we’re very happy that he’s going to have that chance.

Be ready for a sing along and grab a beer, this is gonna be good.

The Abrams
The Abrams have been rising stars for the last little while… and their single, Champion, has been heard by a lot of people. The boys opened for Brett Kissel on the Ice, Snow & 30 Below tour – and got a shout out to us from Brett during Canadian Country Music Week 2016.

We’re expecting some energy with this one – to go along with a great sound.

Jessica Mitchell
Thank Goodness! We love this talented young woman, and the small taste of her that Boots & Hearts fans got on the SiriusXM stage just wasn’t enough. If you only know Workin’ On Whiskey, please go listen to her EP (click here to listen on Spotify) and get ready.

Prepare for jokes, songs, and feelings when Jessica Mitchell gets on stage at B&H.

Jessica Mitchell at The Horseshoe Toronto Jazz Festival 2016

Dani Strong
Dani is a hard working, talented country artist – and we’re happy that she’s going to get this chance to play at Boots & Hearts. We’ve had the chance to see her play on a couple of stages over the last 2 years, and we’re sure she’ll bring the same love to the stage this summer.

Be ready for a good time, it’s gonna happen.

Kelly Prescott
Kelly is on the rise. Featured as December 2016’s CMAO artist of the month, she’s been working hard, playing hard, and showing a whole lot of people that she’s got what it takes to play with the big kids.

We’re looking for energy, great songs, and Kelly Prescott working hard again to show new listeners that she’s one to watch.

Andrew Hyatt
We like Andrew a lot. Can’t lie. He’s a good dude who plays good music, builds all kinds of woodshop projects when he’s got the time – and sent us a hilarious Christmas wish to share last year.

You might not think you know Andrew Hyatt, but be ready to sing along to MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio) when he plays it loud.

CMT Music Fest - Andrew Hyatt

Jesse Gold
Another up and comer, Jesse will be looking to show the country fans at Boots & Hearts that he belongs and that they should be listening. And we think he will. Be ready for all kinds of effort and passion for the music when he’s playing.

You won’t be disappointed.

and more…

Stay tuned for more from Boots & Hearts 2017 – we can’t wait to hear what the next news is going to be… but we know we’re going to have contests, fun info, and more to share.

Crash My Party: Luke Bryan at Boots & Hearts 2014

For nearly 2 full hours Saturday night Luke Bryan held court in Bowmanville at Boots & Hearts 2014.

And believe me when I tell you this, he owned that crowd and set fire to the night.

With a burst of pyro the set started and Luke Bryan and his band opened with That’s My Kind Of Night. The pop from the audience was amazing. They waited all day for that moment – and after the rain that came down Friday – it was about as perfect as it could get.

The set continued, with 30,000+ voices singing along to every damn word of every song. It was an amazing atmosphere to be in the middle of. Whether it was Rain Is A Good Thing or something slower like Roller Coaster, there was an all-in feeling.

Luke Bryan Guitar Tall Boots and Hearts 2014Note: In the 3 years that I’ve been at Boots & Hearts there has NEVER been a crowd as large or excited for an act as this crowd was for Luke Bryan. Blake Shelton has his work cut out for himself on Sunday.

Bryan also showed that he’s charming and endeared himself to all of the locals when he started telling stories about being out fishing for smallmouth bass on Rice Lake. He also made a comment about the deer situation in Ontario – make no doubt about it, Luke Bryan is a hunting, fishing country boy.

After the first half dozen songs or so Lee Brice came onto the stage to sing with the headliner, and together they covered Crazy Girl (which Brice wrote and the Eli Young Band recorded) and the crowd ate it up and gladly sang along as loud as they could when prompted. And before Brice left the stage the 2 treated the Canadian crowd to an abbreviated version of our 2nd national anthem, Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69.

While the piano was still out on the stage Luke sang Shut It Down, covered Alabama’s Mountain Music, and belted out #1 single Do I. I will confess that I love the sound of a piano, and on a song like Do I, it is the perfect way to hear it live. Well done sir.

Luke Bryan and the Crowd Boots and Hearts 2014The next surprise came when Chris Stapleton (hailed all day long by other performers as the best singer in the world) popped out on stage to sing Drink A Beer as a duet. It was an emotional moment, with the crowd singing along to a song that is heartbreaking in the story it tells – and as true to the country genre as anything else you’ll find. Big ups to Chris for writing such a beautiful song.

For the rest of the set it was all Luke, and not a single person (especially the ladies) were upset about that at all. More hits rang out to the crowd including 2 of my favourites, Drunk On You and Play It Again… and then, as it has to, the end came with a long, awesome, fun and rowdy rendition of another HUGE hit Country Girl Shake It For Me.

Saturday morning when we drove into Boots & Hearts I knew that I was a Luke Bryan fan. What I didn’t know is that he could make me a bigger fan. But by putting on the kind of show he did, by charming and joking with the crowd, by letting them sing along and turning 2 hours at the end of a long day into a party – he did just that.

Go find someone else who was at Boots & Hearts 2014 on Saturday night and ask them what they thought. I bet you’ll hear the same thing.

Check out MORE pics of Luke Bryan from Boots & Hearts 2014 on Trish’s blog right HERE!

Luke Bryan on stage at Boots and Hearts 2014Luke Bryan Guitar Boots and Hearts 2014
Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 GuitarLuke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 DancingLuke Bryan Fans Boots and Hearts 2014
Luke Bryan Crowd Boots and Hearts 2014
Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 Set List

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