5 Quick Questions with The Dead Love

We’ve got another CMW 5 Quick Questions for you. This time we’re talking to Clint Ossington of The Dead Love. We came across this band last year at the Aussie BBQ and I fell hard for their music. It’s grunge, it’s rock, it’s loud except when it’s not. Some of my favourite tracks are the acoustic versions of Wastelands and This is a War. Their stage show is not to be missed, it’s intense and amazing.

The Dead Love have 4 scheduled shows during Canadian Music Week including  The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit Tour Showcase, The Aussie Night Out Showcase, the Black Lamb Music Launch Party and The Beaches Showcase. Check here for dates, places and times!

Let’s get to the questions!

Q1: What artist/band would you most love to have on a bill with you?

Small dirty venue with Biffy Clyro (Vertigo of Bliss period)

Q2: What are you most looking forward to at CMW?

CO: This will be our second time back to Canada since playing CMW 2016. We’ve made a lot of great friends, so besides the obvious shows, catching up with our Canadian pals is going to rule! Oh and the Caesars, those sweet sweet Caesars!
The Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeQ3: What is the first concert you remember going to?

CO: Sorry I’ll have to expand on the question a little and add a band to this – Offshore Festival, a 3-day festival down near Bells Beach Australia (you know, the POINT BREAK one!?), this stuck with me for a few reasons. I was a grommet and it was my first interstate adventure for a camping festival. Sick of it All came on and I’d never heard of them, it also seemed that way for a huge majority of the 10,000 strong crowd! Like the majority I was trying to get a good spot for Primus (who ruled) and SOIA were on prior so had to watch – they came on and no one seemed to care but neither did they and fucking dominated. Within 1 song they’d converted the whole crowd, the energy was amazing! They schooled everyone, they didn’t give a fuck and just went mental – it was killer! Respect.

Q4: What Artist do you think we should be paying more attention to?

CO: The Lazys have just finished tracking their new album, it’s going to be a fucking monster – stay on that shit for sure!

Q5: What’s up next for you in 2017?

CO: We’re well into writing album 3, so you can expect new music….we’ll actually be hanging back for another week after CMW to record a tune! We’ve got one of your hometown greats, John-Angus from The Trews, producing. It’s going to be rad!

Thanks to Clint for taking the time to answer our questions. We’re looking forward to beers, Caesars and catching up.

You can find The Dead Love at these fine internet locations.

Facebook: The Dead Love Band
Twitter: @TheDeadLoveBand
Instagram: @thedeadlove
Soundcloud: thedeadlove
Spotify: The Dead Love
YouTube: thedeadloveband

The Dead Love

The Dead Love: So Whatever at The Bovine Sex Club

On October 20th The Dead Love started their Canadian tour at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern playing songs from their sophomore album So Whatever. The band embarked on a 7 date tour in Ontario and Quebec bringing a little attitude and a lot of talent.

We caught up with the boys during Canadian Music Week 2016 and we’ve been following them closely ever since. What can I tell you about the band that will convince you to listen? The Aussie three-piece has an amazing energy, intense and positive. They can strip it down and be soft and quiet, and then they can turn it all the way up and make you want to jump up and down and bang your head. Think modern grunge with hints of Nirvana, of course. It’s punky, it’s progressive, it’s contagious and you’ll want to play them again and again.

Thanks to Clint and the boys for taking the time to answer our questions.

Q. Could you talk to us about the writing and recording process for “So Whatever”?thedeadlove-so-whatever

A. We got right back to basics with so whatever, it was more about capturing the sound and vibe as you would live! We did it full DIY at Stevie’s studio with very minimal post production, no replacing or tuning it’s all as it went in! It’s raw and real.

Q. Do you have a favourite track?

A. We all have our babies. For me it’s probably Down, Miles it’s The End and Summer is Stevie’s. But that answer would probably be different tomorrow haha

Q. I love the cover art, who’s responsible for that?

A. It’s a dude named Sindy Sin from Sydney, he does heaps of amazing work! I’d say he’s kinda like Sydney’s prolific skull guy! Be sure to check him out all his stuff rules – very fortunate to be a pal that digs the band, he did all the single art for us as well.

Q. You released the Wastelands – Acoustic video 3 months ago, what prompted doing the video? I love this video btw!

A. We always say any good song will break down to an acoustic form and translate, I guess it was just a fun thing to do to showcase it to people and let them hear it in that format. Glad you dig it 🙂

Q. What’s your favourite thing about Toronto? What’s your favourite thing about Sydney?

A. The amazing nightlife, so many cool bars, beers, fireball, people and poutine. Jumping on the plane to leave for Canada 😉

Q. Who would we find on your playlist?

A. Pretty broad amongst the 3, anything from action Bronson to Billy Talent to Slayer

Q. If you could pick any two bands to go out on tour with, who would you choose and why?

A. In Canada The Lazys because they’re our buds from Aus and equally love a few froths! Really digging The Dirty Nil at the moment, that’d be rad!

The Dead Love at The Bovine photo by rcstillsQ. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not making music?

A. Stevie and Miles the 2 pretentious fucks like going to the beach and walking up and down with surfboards they can’t ride! I like riding my pink Vespa to go shopping at IKEA and looking at all the fluffy pillows.

Q. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Don’t shit the bed.

Q. Name a band that you think our readers should give a listen.

A. The Wiggles

I’m pretty sure they’re kidding but they are Australian, and so are The Wiggles. Last words, go buy the album!

You can check out The Dead Love at these fine locations:
Web –
Twitter – @TheDeadLoveBand
Facebook – thedeadloveband
Instagram – @TheDeadLoveBand
YouTube – thedeadloveband

Thanks to RC Stills for being a gentleman and providing us with some awesome photos from the October 27th gig at The Bovine.

Love the live show photos? You can check out RC Stills images at these fine locations:
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the-dead-love-rcstills-com-28 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-58 the-dead-love-gif-rcstills-com-2 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-55The Dead Love at The Bovine photo by rcstillsthe-dead-love-rcstills-com-13 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-27 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-23

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