Country Music All-Star Hockey Fantasy Draft

With the NHL All-Star Game coming up in Nashville on January 31, we decided to have a little fun with some hockey loving country music stars and hold a fantasy draft of our own.

2016 NHL All Star Game LogoThere are 14 players on the board, 12 skaters and 2 goalies… all picked because of their experience on the ice and/or love of the game.

There are a couple rules… and then we’ll get to the draft!

How It Works…

1. Trish and I will take turns making our picks from the list of country artists below until we each have a team of 7 players.

2. Each team must consist of 1 goalie and 1 woman skater.

3. All other players are up for grabs in any order.

4. Jason & Tom Petric and Brad & Curtis Rempel may be picked individually or as a combo, but if drafted as a pair the next drafter’s turn will have 2 picks to even things up.

The Players

Alan Doyle (Juno Cup goalie)
Brett Kissel (Family Tournament goalie, 2015)
Carrie Underwood (wife of NHL player Mike Fisher, Predators fan)
Jess Moskaluke (Floor Hockey Experience on tour with Chad Brownlee)
Chad Brownlee (former Vancouver Canucks Draft Pick)
Theo Fleury(Former NHL player)
 Cory Marquardt (Former Junior player)
 Bobby Wills (floor hockey experience on tour with Chad Brownlee)
 Tom Petric (High School player)
Jason Petric (High School player)
Brad Rempel (Juno Cup player)
Curtis Rempel (Juno Cup player)
Jim Cuddy (Juno Cup captain)
Dierks Bentley (Nashville Rec. League player)

Trish won a coin toss, so she’s got the 1st pick… here we go!

Round 1

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015Trish: Chad Brownlee
Not a big surprise to my readers that Chad was my first choice. I watched him work his magic at The Mod Club and I have faith. His NHL career was cut short by injury but I think. at 6’2” in this field, he’s my star defenceman.

Josh: Theo Fleury
Theo Fleury spent a bunch years playing NHL hockey, played in 7 All-Star games, and won a gold medal with Team Canada in 2002… and he’s got a country album that he released in fall 2015. I’m happy with this pick!

Round 2

dierks-bentley-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Trish: Dierks Bentley
Dierks’ spends his spare time playing with the Nashville IceHoles and from what I’ve heard, he can’t get enough hockey. He carries his hockey gear with him while on tour just in case he can get in some ice time. That’s the kind of dedication I want on my team!

Josh: Cory Marquardt
The former junior player has a lot of high energy, and I’m betting his hands are just soft enough on the ice to make some plays.

Round 3

Brett Kissel CNE 2015Trish: Tom Petric
I’ll be counting on Tom as a forward and I’m thinking I’ll put him on a line with his brother.

Josh: Brett Kissel
Brett’s a big hockey fan who strapped on the pads last Christmas to play back home. We’re playing 3 on 3, so I’m not hoping for miracles here, just someone to stop some pucks.

Round 4

Petric 2015Trish: Jason Petric (picked in combo with Tom)
Jason may have spent a little time in the penalty box  during his hockey career. I’m happy to have him as muscle on my team.

Josh: Jim Cuddy
Cuddy’s a vet who knows what he’s doing on the ice. I need a captain, and his experience being the man in charge at the Juno Cup works for me!

Round 5

Jess Moskaluke Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixTrish: Carrie Underwood
Married to Mike Fisher, Carrie knows hockey. Can she shoot and skate? I hope she’s been practicing since the Oprah video in 2012. She brings a great energy and I’m glad to have her.

Josh: Jess Moskaluke
Jess is a sweetheart, but we’ve seen her amp up the energy on stage, and she spent the When The Lights Go Down tour with a floor hockey stick in her hands. Sign her up!

Round 6

High Valley Boots and Hearts 2015Trish: Curtis Rempel
Curtis grew up playing hockey and with a Juno Cup under his belt I’m sure he’ll be an asset to my team.

Josh: Brad Rempel
I’ll take the other half of High Valley, if nothing else we should create a little healthy rivalry between the brothers Rempel!

Round 7

Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8020Trish: Alan Doyle
The most mature member of my team, and a lifetime lover of the game, Alan’s proven his worth in the net.

Josh: Bobby Wills
Bobby is another When The Lights Go Down alumni, and I’ll take him to skate with Jess, there’s got to be some chemistry there!


1: Chad Brownlee, Tom Petric, Jason Petric
2: Dierks Bentley, Curtis Rempel, Carrie Underwood
Goalie: Alan Doyle

1: Theo Fleury, Cory Marquardt, Brad Rempel
2: Jess Moskaluke, Bobby Wills, Jim Cuddy
Goalie: Brett Kissel

Results and Evaluation!

Trish: I’m happy with my picks and can’t help but think how awesome their team photo would look. Now if only we could make this game happen!

Josh: Trish has a great team, but I’m pretty happy with my 7 players… and I’d be happy to send ‘em out on the ice for a Country Music All-Star Hockey game any day of the week!

Now tell us whose team you think would win by voting in the poll!


2 years ago

20 Half-Assed Predictions for the 2015-16 NHL Season

Hockey season is back and that means it’s time to make  some ridiculous predictions for the 2015-16 NHL season.

Have a look at this list of 20 and add your predictions in the comment section.

Also, I tried to avoid the dreaded East Coast Bias – but ya, it’s probably there.

Hockey Puck emoticon 1. Phil Kessel score 50+ and wins the Rocket Richard Trophy

Stamkos Spin Goal


Hockey Puck emoticon 2 A) Steven Stamkos stumbles and score 33

Hockey Puck emoticon 2 B) Stamkos doe not sign a contract extension during the season

Hockey Puck emoticon 3. James van Riemsdyk is the Toronto Maple Leafs MVP

Hockey Puck emoticon 4. Carey Price wins 40 games for the Montreal Canadiens

Hockey Puck emoticon 5. Jaromir Jagr and his mullet play in the All-Star Game

Hockey Puck emoticon 6. An Eastern Conference team wins the Stanley Cup



Hockey Puck emoticon 7. Connor McDavid scored 34 goals, adds 48 assists for 82 total points

Hockey Puck emoticon 8 A) Raffi Torres doesn’t play a game in the NHL this season

Hockey Puck emoticon 8 B) If Raffi Torres plays a game this season the Sharks will win the Stanley Cup

Hockey Puck emoticon 9. The Lightning take a big step back

Hockey Puck emoticon 10. The Toronto Maple Leafs trade Nazim Kadri mid-season

Hockey Puck emoticon 11. 4 Canadian teams make the playoffs

Hockey Puck emoticon 12. The Buffalo Sabres will not make the playoffs



Hockey Puck emoticon 13. Sidney Crosby scores 101 points

Hockey Puck emoticon 14. Alexander Semin score 25 goals for the Montreal Canadiens

Hockey Puck emoticon 15. The New Jersey Devils will finish the season with the worst overall record

Hockey Puck emoticon 16. The Anaheim Ducks lose in the Western Conference Final

Hockey Puck emoticon 17. Bobby Ryan scores 17 goals on the season

Hockey Puck emoticon 18. The Dallas Stars score the most goals in the NHL

Hockey Puck emoticon 19. Don Cherry swears on TV and the CBC has to bleep him

Hockey Puck emoticon 20. Patrick Sharp scores a hat trick against the Blackhawks



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2015-16 NHL Canadian Country Music Season Preview

The NHL season starts this week with Montreal in Toronto, Vancouver in Calgary, New York in Chicago, and San Jose in Los Angeles… and to get us all ready for hockey we recruited 10 of our own Canadian Country Music All-Stars to give us their preview!

We asked each artist 3 questions (Favourite Team, Why/How Long Have You Loved Them, What Do You Expect This Season) and got some awesome answers.

HUGE thanks are going out to Chad Brownlee, Brett Kissel, Bobby Wills, Lindsay Broughton, Tim Chaisson, David Roberts, Cory Marquardt, Tim Hicks, Petric, and Yoan for playing along with our brand new idea this season. We love that there is so much love for puck in the country music community.

So, have a look and see which singer shares the same NHL team love affair as you – and leave a comment to tell us your favourite team, the story of you loving them, and what you expect from them this season!

2015-16 NHL Preview!

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee NHL Preview 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
Vancouver Canucks

Why / How long have you loved them?
Since I can remember. Growing up in BC with my Dad being a huge Canucks fan made it pretty easy to decide which team to cheer for!

What do you expect from them this season?
I think the changes they made last season was the beginning of something great. This year is simply going to add to the success that I see growing in years to come!

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?

Why / How long have you loved them?
“I’ve literally loved the Oilers since I was born. Interesting story, I was born the day the Oilers won their last Stanley Cup in 1990. My brother thinks I’m a curse to the team, because as long as I’ve been alive, they haven’t won the cup since…”

What do you expect from them this season?
“I truly believe that the Oilers will make the playoffs this year. With all that young star power, I mean, they’ve got to! If Calgary got into the playoffs this past season, then the Oilers NEED to!”

Note: On September 3, 2015 at the CNE in Toronto, Brett gave the crowd a guarantee that the Maple Leafs would make the playoffs this season. Remember that 😉

Bobby Wills

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Bobby Wills-8043What is your favourite NHL team?
Calgary Flames

Why / How long have you loved them?
My favourite team as a little guy was the Bruins as we have Massachusetts roots, but the battle of Alberta pulled me in.

What do you expect from them this season?
A playoff spot, hard to say from there. The west is so competitive it is going to be a dog fight!!

Lindsay Broughton

Lindsay Broughton at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

What is your favourite NHL team?
The Detroit Red Wings

Why / How long have you loved them?
HA! Weeell this isn’t awkward at all! To be quite honest I’m fairly new on the Detroit bandwagon! I was a long time lover, supporter and most often defender of the Leafs (stop laughing!) However I was forced to change my ways, burn the blue clothes, convert and become the enemy when I started dating a player in the Detroit organization about a year and a half ago. Yep, I am the ultimate traitor but if it’s any consolation sometimes I still secretly cheer for the Leafs… shhh..

What do you expect from them this season?
Uhmm a cup? haha..kidding. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens without Babcock being there but obviously I’m excited about the season and have faith that the new changes are going to bring big things. 🙂

Tim Chaisson

Tim Chaisson Lost in the Light Release Party ShowWhat is your favourite NHL team?
Montreal Canadiens!

Why / How long have you loved them?
Well, my father pretty much brainwashed my brothers and I since we were born to love the Habs, so as long as I can remember I guess!

What do you expect from them this season?
I’d love to see a strong play-off season myself! I also think it’s pretty cool that P.K. Subban is giving so much back to the community.

David Roberts of The Washboard Union

David Robertson The Washboard UnionWhat is your favourite NHL team?
Toronto Maple Leafs

Why / How long have you loved them?
Since I was a kid of 6, we had seasons tickets at Maple Leaf Gardens, up in the Blues, Section 29

What do you expect from them this season?
Here are my ​2015/2016 predictions:
a) ​In a Wed Oct 7th press release it will be revealed that ​The L​eafs will work a deal with ​season ticket holders who will now only pay for winning games.
b) It’s a rebuild year, or decade or whatever the term is for the 49 odd years they have been waiting to win the cup back….
c) Record Producer and world’​s biggest Leaf fan GGGarth Richardson will be hired as the new head coach and will guide the team to ​victory and win ​the ​2015/2016 Stanley Cup aka La Coupe Stanley
d) The Leafs will continue to sell out night after night…Go Leafs Go

Cory Marquardt

Cory Marquardt CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
Toronto Maple Leafs

Why / How long have you loved them?
My Dad is from Toronto and my grandpa was a big fan. I still picture them in 94-96 Potvin, Clark, Gilmore, Tie Domi and the list goes on

What do you expect from them this season?
They made some pretty big changes and I’m sure they’ll be making more. Not sure what to expect but I see them winning a cup in 20**…

Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks -7769What is your favourite NHL team?
I’m a Leafs guy

Why / How long have you loved them?
It’s sort of ingrained in the culture where I grew up that you must be a Leafs fan or face the consequences lol! Geographically, they’re the closest Canadian team and I always root for home.

What do you expect from them this season?
I’m expecting them to finally throw us a bone! Come on boys!!


Petric Live in StudioWhat is your favourite NHL team?
We’re both huge Jets fans! Toms also has a love for the Detroit Red Wings

Why / How long have you loved them?
We’ve been proud jets fans, even the years they didn’t exist in the league. Those were the years the Red Wings jersey got worn a lot. The year we both started playing hockey the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, and Stevie Yzerman was Toms all time favourite player.

What do you expect from them this season?
The Jets have a lot of young blood, which may bring some growing pains, but should also bring a lot of exciting hockey. GO JETS GO!


Yoan CNE 2015What is your favourite NHL team?
The Montreal Canadians.

Why / How long have you loved them?
I think Hockey is a part of our culture and heritage and so are the Montreal Canadians. I played hockey for 5 years and my dad has always been a really big fan of the team so we used to watch the games together when I was growing up. The last two years have been so busy for me that I don’t have as much time to follow hockey religiously as I did before but I try to support the team every time I can.

What do you expect from them this season?
I wish them the best and hopefully the Stanley Cup!

2 years ago

20 Half- Assed Predictions For The 2014-15 NHL Season

NHL Faceoff 2014The NHL season starts tomorrow night with a marque match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens…

And so here we are, the same as every season, with my list of predictions for the new hockey season. Some of these predictions are more likely to come true than others. Some are pretty far fetched. But in some reality, somewhere, all 20 of these guesses could end up being correct.

Let me know how far off from your reality I am and pitch in any predictions of your own.

Hockey Puck emoticon Weekly Power Rankings cause fist fights between fans AND the experts that vote on them… especially in the West with Anaheim, LA, St. Louis and Chicago.

Hockey Puck emoticon The San Jose Sharks don’t make it out of round 1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and everyone gets fired and half the team gets traded.

Hockey FightHockey Puck emoticon There will be 50-75 (294-419) fewer fights in the 2014-15 season than there were in 2013-14 (469).

Hockey Puck emoticon The Islanders and Rangers both qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs… and my fingers are crossed that they meet in the 1st round!

Hockey Puck emoticon Winnipeg struggles all season long and makes a slew trades including Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien.

Hockey Puck emoticon Toronto misses the Playoffs and fires Randy Carlyle.

Hockey Puck emoticon This will not be Jaromir Jagr’s last NHL season.

Stamkos and CrosbyHockey Puck emoticon Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos will go to the last week of the season fighting for the Rocket Richard Trophy.

Hockey Puck emoticon The bottom 5 teams in the NHL: Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Buffalo, Florida.

Hockey Puck emoticon Josh Gorges and Brian Gionta will combine for 21 goals and 55 points in their 1st season in Buffalo.

Hockey Puck emoticon Manny Malhotra will finish in the top 3 in faceoff win percentage and become a Montreal fan fav with a big playoff goal.

Hockey Puck emoticon Don Cherry will be reprimanded by Rogers after his controversial comments land on the front page of major news outlets.

Hockey Puck emoticon Detroit misses the Playoffs for the 1st time in 75 years and Mike Babcock becomes the biggest free agent head coach in a generation.

Hockey Puck emoticon Phil Kessel scores 43 goals for the Toronto Maple Leafs – 15 more than anyone else on the team.

Hockey Puck emoticon Ryan Miller has an okay, but not great, season as the Canucks fight for 8th place in the West all season.

Carey Price and PK SubbanHockey Puck emoticon The Dallas Stars will be the dark horse team in the West and will challenge for 2nd in the Central.

Hockey Puck emoticon Carey Price wins 41 games and posts a sub 3.00 GAA AND stays healthy for a Habs Playoff run.

Hockey Puck emoticon Pernell Karl “P. K.” Subban steps up and earns his massive new contract money – and becomes Canadiens captain in 2015-16.

Hockey Puck emoticon The Chicago Blackhawks and LA Kings meet in the Western Conference Finals.

Hockey Puck emoticon The @LAKings remain the #1 NHL team on Twitter – but look for @BlueJacketsNHL to make a push with the support of their fans.

I don’t know how right or wrong I’m going to end up being on any of these 20 predictions… but hey, that’s what the internet is for.

Have a good season!

Be awesome!

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NHL Playoffs 2014 – The Quest For The Cup!

NHL Playoffs Banner
The Playoffs Are Coming!

That’s right, in less than 48 hours the puck will drop in Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Anaheim to start the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs… and I’m excited.

I know that many/most Canadian hockey fans are dealing with feelings of disappointment and sadness as their teams are not in the post-season tournament, but as a Habs fan, I’m hyped for more hockey.

To kick off the playoffs I’ve drafted my good friend and great hockey fan Sean to give us his picks for the first round and some thoughts on what we might see.

So, have a look at our picks, agree or disagree as you will (please don’t make too much fun of us) and share your picks for the first round of the 2014 NHL Playoffs!

2014 NHL PLayoff Bracket

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins (1) vs Detroit Red Wings (4)

Sean: Original six foes who haven’t had a playoff matchup in three generations. Grand Rapids – sorry, Detroit – took the season series and will make it closer than it ought to be. But I can’t pick against the President’s Trophy winners, and Jarome Iginla’s surprising season.
Boston wins 4-2

Josh: As much as I hate the Bruins, and I really really do (except for Jarome Iginla) I don’t see a way that the undermanned, banged up, skin of their teeth Red Wings can knock off Boston in this series. Look for 5 games.
Boston wins 4-1

Tampa Bay Lightning (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (3)

Sean: Three of the four games between these teams were decided by a single goal in overtime or a shootout., which means this series is all about the goaltending – Tampa losing starter Ben Bishop last week, while Carey Price has seemingly been doing everything right this year.
Mnn… mnh… Montreal wins 4-3 (as a Leafs’ fan, that really, really hurt to say)

Josh: This is a tight match-up with these teams finishing the regular season very similarly. The difference for me right now is goaltending. If Ben Bishop can’t compete for the Lightning the edge definitely goes to Gold Medal winning Carey Price and the Habs. 6 games here.
Montreal wins 4-2

Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (4)

Sean: The Penguins might be missing Evgeni Malkin, but Columbus is definitely without Nathan Horton. Pittsburgh’s goaltending is always the playoff question mark. However, Pittsburgh had Columbus’ number all season long. That, and the best player in the world, tell me the Pens go through.
Pittsburgh wins 4-1

Josh: Before the season I wouldn’t have picked Columbus to make the playoffs. And now that they’re here I won’t be picking them to beat the Penguins in the first round. As long Fleury can stop a puck the Pens win.
Pittsburgh wins 4-1

New York Rangers (2) vs Philadelphia Flyers (3)

Sean: Patrick Division represent – two very, very evenly-matched teams should mean a close series. Home ice will mean a lot – the home team won each game between these two this season, and Philly has been snakebit in New York for the last few years. Martin St. Louis will be motivated to validate his trade-deadline pickup, and not many teams have found a way to put him on ice.
New York wins 4-3

Josh: I don’t know enough about these teams to be quite honest. But I hate the Flyers and I think that Alain Vigneault can coach the Rangers past Philly in the opening round.
New York wins 4-3

Western Conference

Colorado Avalanche (1) vs Minnesota Wild (4)

Sean: Colorado was the huge surprise of the regular season, bouncing back from a horrible run with a very young team. Meanwhile, if the Wild were an ice cream, they’d be vanilla – I have no line on them, beyond that playoff decision tree that’s floating around telling me they should be my team now. The Avs had the upper hand in a close season series.
Colorado wins 4-2

Josh: The Avs have been a great surprise this season with Patrick Roy leading the young team from behind the bench. The Wild have been a great story and can’t be upset with their season, but I’m looking at the young stars from the Rockies to win here.
Colorado wins 4-3

St. Louis Blues (2) vs Chicago Blackhawks (3)

Sean: Both teams have been bit by the injury bug in recent weeks, putting a late blemish on St. Louis’ amazing year. Chicago looks like it’ll be healthier more quickly, and as the defending champion, have to be taken very seriously. It feels like the Hawks are just too stacked, but Ryan Miller is going to have a lot to prove here and could put the Blues on his back long enough for them to heal up a bit.
St. Louis wins 4-3

Josh: The Blues have had a fantastic season and bringing in Ryan Miller was HUGE for them. But they’re sliding right now and the Blackhawks should be getting Kane and Toews back which gives them scoring, defense and leadership.
Chicago wins 4-3

Anaheim Ducks (1) vs Dallas Stars (4)

Sean: The Ducks have a lot to prove after an untimely exit in last year’s playoffs, and a lengthy swoon just after mid-season. Meanwhile, Tyler Seguin seems poised to continue this season’s coming-out party and be a difference-maker. Every first round needs a big upset, and this one feels like the most likely choice to be it.
Dallas wins 4-2

Josh: The Ducks have been lights out for most of the season with a balanced attack and Teemu Selanne who we all love. I think this team is going to try to make a run and the Stars are the first ones to fall along the way.
Anaheim wins 4-1

San Jose Sharks (2) vs Los Angeles Kings (3)

Sean: San Jose has their own bad playoff mojo to overcome, but comes armed with strong team defense and a core group of forwards in Logan Couture, Joe Pavelski, and Joe Thornton who’ll be hard to handle. On the other hand – Jonathan Quick? Drew Doughty? The team with a Cup in their recent history brings world-class defense and goaltending.
LA wins 4-3

Josh: The Kings have a ring, the Sharks don’t. And while I don’t think that this is the year Joe Thornton gets to raise the Stanley Cup, I do think that they knock off their California rivals in round 1.
San Jose wins 4-2

There you have it. Round 1 picks in the books!

Stay tuned for more playoff coverage as we make our way towards Lord Stanley’s Cup!

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20 Half- Assed Predictions For The 2013-14 NHL Season – The Review

2013-14 NHL Banner

On the first day of the NHL season I wrote a list of predictions… many of them were pretty ridiculous. Some of them were based in real opinion and expectation. And now that we’re inches away from the end of the regular season I’ve run them all down to see just how accurate I was for the season.

Also, if your team isn’t going to the playoffs this season, I feel for you. Here’s hoping you can still enjoy the hockey that is left to be played.

Here we go.

1. I will win my fantasy pool.
Lost in quarter-finals. I’ll get ’em next year.

2. Jarome Iginla will lead the Boston Bruins in scoring.
With 4 games left on the schedule Iginla leads the Bruins with 30 goals and is 2nd in points. This prediction was never supposed to come true and it’s way closer than I ever thought it would be.

3. George Parros will log the most fighting majors of any Montreal Canadiens player in 20 years.
Well that didn’t pan out as planned now did it… especially after opening night.

4. Phil Kessel will play up to the level of his new ($8 million per year) contract. David Clarkson will not.
It’s always debatable as to whether a player is worth $8 million… but it’s not debatable that David Clarkson has not played as well as expected, or up to the standard that his $5.25 million demands with his play this season.

5. The Edmonton Oilers will make the playoffs on the last day of the season.
Hopes were way too high on this one. And with 4 games left the Oilers are 24 points out of the playoffs in the Western Conference.

6. Roberto Luongo will win 42 games in the regular season.
In another weird year for Luongo there are only 23 wins on his stat line. Here’s hoping next season is better for him in Florida.

7. Cory Schneider will win 16 games in the regular season.
With 4 games left in the regular season Schneider has exactly 4 wins…

8. Steven Stamkos will not lead the NHL in goals.
Listen, I’ve been a little worried that I jinxed Stamkos with this prediction. That injury sucked! But still, another correct prediction has been made.

9. Both the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks will make the playoffs with their new coaches.
The Rangers look good to make the playoffs with 3 games left, another win should wrap it up for them. But the Canucks need to win out and to get help. It looks like I was only half right on this one.

10. Jay Feaster will not be fired in Calgary. Until the Olympic break that is.
So the firing came 2 months sooner than I thought it would. Is anyone surprised?

11. Daniel Alfredsson will have 3 goals and 6 assists vs the Ottawa Senators this season.
Alfie only came through with 1 goal and 2 assists vs the Sens this season… he was also a +3 and looks like he’ll be in the playoffs.

12. The Leafs and Habs will meet in the playoffs. 6 games. Montreal wins 4-2.
Unfortunately the Maple Leafs will not be joining les Canadiens in the playoffs this year, so this prediction is a bust.

13. Tim Thomas will make politically insensitive comments and be suspended by the league.
Probably for the best that I was wrong about this one.

14. Jason Spezza will play 76 games and assist on 24 Bobby Ryan goals for Ottawa.
Spezza won’t get to 76 games… and Bobby Ryan only has 23 goals… the math adds up to me being wrong.

15. Danny Briere will score 24 goals for Les Canadiens.
With 3 regular season games left, Briere has 13 goals. So wrong again.

16. The Chicago Blackhawks will make it to the Western Conference Finals. And lose.
We’ll have to wait and see on this one!

17. Ryan Miller will play the entire depressing season in Buffalo.
Thank goodness for Miller that I was wrong here. That Blues team looks like it could be the one to knock off the Blackhawks in the conference finals.

18. Alexander Ovechkin will finish the season with 87 points. Sidney Crosby will have 99.
Ovie has 74 points with 4 games left in the season and Sid has 102 points with 4 games left as well.

19. The Phoenix Coyotes will make the playoffs. The Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators will not.
As I write this Dallas sits in 8th, Phoenix in 9th and Nashville is 10th with a few games left before it’s all said and done. I could end up right here.

20. Patrick Roy will prove to be a great coach for his young team. But the Colorado Avalanche will finish 9th in the West.
Saint Patrick has done a great job coaching his young team… and they will be in the playoffs. I’m glad to be wrong.

Enjoy the end of the season and the playoffs.

It should be awesome!

4 years ago

Maybe Ridiculous NHL Trade Rumours

NHL Trade Talk BannerNow that the NHL is on Olympic break and the roster freezes have set in, it seems like a great time to start looking hard at the NHL rumours that are bound to come up as we come out of the break and move closer to the March 5th.

I’ve put together 7 rumours that could be completely ridiculous… but they could also not be so ridiculous depending on how desperate or charming certain General Managers can be on the phone in the next month.

Ready? Ok!

Toronto Maple Leafs get: Nail Yakupov – Edmonton Oilers get: Nazem Kadri
Calm down Leaf fans. I know you love Nazem, and I don’t blame you. But there have been frustrations and who knows what’s coming in the next contract talks – and the truth is that Coach, Randolph Robert Carlyle isn’t a huge fan of the young man. And in Edmonton, Yakupov’s troubles have been well documented. That team is stacked with young talent that needs to put it together. Maybe both of these players just need to be transplanted for their own good, and the good of their current teams.

Buffalo Sabres get: 3 draft picks, Michal Neuvirth & Brandon Segal – Washington Capitals get: Ryan Miller
Fact: Miller is 99% out the door in Buffalo. Fact: New GM Tim Murray doesn’t want to lose him for nothing. Fact: Washington could improve their team with a veteran goaltender with Ryan Miller’s skill set and ability. This deal would see Buffalo retool and Washington prepare for a playoff push. Win/win?

New York Islanders get: 2 draft picks, Mika Zibanejad, Shane Prince and a Beavertail – Ottawa Senators get: Thomas Vanek
Almost every hockey expert in the world says that Vanek wants to land in Minnesota to start next season. But the Islanders want to move him now. So why not Ottawa? They could use some more goals. And Jason Spezza would love another sniper to try and gel with.

Buffalo Sabres get: 2 draft picks & Curtis McKenzie – Dallas Stars get: Matt Moulson
Much like Vanek, Moulson needs to be moved. It was probably the plan all along when Buffalo brought him in. Dallas needs a push to get into the playoffs… they don’t want to stay in the current tie for 8th. Moulson is a good player and this deal would see Buffalo add a 23 year old winger and 2 more draft picks.

Calgary Flames get: 1 draft pick & Colton Sissons – Nashville Predators get: Mike Cammalleri
The Flames are a mess, this we know. And Cammalleri needs to be somewhere else, sooner rather than later. Nashville doesn’t score much and maybe the plucky forward would fit in well in the Country Music Capitol. The Flames can’t expect to get much back in this deal – I think a pick and an AHL player might be as good as it gets.

Winnipeg Jets get: 2 draft picks, Douglas Murray, Christian Thomas – Montreal Canadiens get: Evander Kane
Rumour has it that Kane is available. Rumour also has it that Montreal is looking for a top six forward that can put the puck in the net. It seems like a perfect match to me. Maybe Douglas Murray isn’t the guy they want to take, but Thomas could turn into something and draft picks are always available on trade deadline day.

Side note: As a Habs fan I would welcome Evander Kane with open arms.

Montreal Canadiens get: a bag of pucks & a 3rd-5th round draft pick – Any team in the NHL gets: Rene Bourque
Honestly, someone make an offer. Please.

We all know that more rumours are coming. Hell, SportsNet has been running the trade tracker for what seems like 2 months… and there’s nothing happening yet.

The best thing that we can do is keep our eyes and ears open and hope that our favourite teams make the best moves possible for now and the future.

The countdown is on!

4 years ago

My Team Canada Includes…

Team Canada 2014 Sochi Olympic Hockey JeresysThe official Team Canada Olympic Men’s Hockey roster will be announced this Tuesday, and Canadian hockey fans and pundits are already buzzing with what-ifs and who-shoulds.

Note: The additional buzz added because of Team USA’s shenanigans is just icing on the cake for anyone who wants to make something out of, what is at this point, nothing for Team Canada.

Steve Yzerman General Manager Team CanadaHowever, there are some controversial picks to be made or not made when General Manager Steve Yzerman makes the Team Canada roster announcement on January 7th.

We know that this is a team decision that has fallen on Doug Armstrong, Ken Holland, Kevin Lowe, Bob Nicholson, and Brad Pascall as well. It’s not an easy job… there are going to be people that question this team selection. That’s what Canadian hockey fans do.

Sidney Crosby Team CanadaNow we’re not talking about picks like forwards Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews or John Tavares. Or even defencemen like Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith and Shea Weber.

We’re talking about the bubble players. The guys who people can’t agree on for one reason or another. The players who have all-world skill and are stars in the NHL… but may or may not get a chance to wear the maple leaf on their chest in Sochi this February.

Patrick Sharp Team CanadaFor some reason there isn’t 100% consensus about Patrick Sharp. I don’t understand this at all. Sharp was invited to the ball hockey practice in Calgary last summer. He’s an All-Star forward who has familiarity with Toews, Keith and Seabrook. And he’s one of the hottest hockey players on the planet right now with 13 points in his last 10 games, 24 points in his last 20, and he’s a +22 through 44 games with Chicago this season.

This dude needs to play for Team Canada in Sochi. End of story.

PK Subban Team CanadaAnother player who can’t seem to get the country’s hockey lovers to agree on his place on Canada’s Olympic Men’s Hockey Team is Pernell Karl Subban.

P.K. is coming off a Norris Trophy winning shortened season. He’s a plus player on D. He regularly plays against the top forwards in the NHL. And so far this season he sits 3rd in the league in scoring by defencemen. The only Canadian d-man he trails… Duncan Keith. How do the 2 match-up? Keith has 13 more assists, but 4 fewer goals. Keith is +18, Subban is +13. Keith plays 24:21 a night, Subban plays 25:10. I’d say that P.K.’s numbers fair pretty well against a dude everyone agrees needs to be on this team.

Am I more passionate about Subban because I’m a Canadiens fan? Probably. But if he’s not one of the top 7 defencemen in Canada, I’m a fool.

Roberto Luongo Team CanadaThe last roster spots that even the experts can’t seem to agree on belong to Team Canada’s goalies. We know that 3 men will get the call to join the Olympic contingent in Sochi, Russia from February 7 to 23.

Many of us expect that there will be a change from the trio of Roberto Luongo, Martin Brodeur and Marc-Andre Fleury that wore the maple leaf in Vancouver 4 years ago. In fact, 2 of those 3 goaltenders could be left off of the 2014 roster.

Carey Price Team CanadaWho will go and who will start? Those are the 2 most important questions that need to be answered. Yzerman will answer the first one on Tuesday. The 2nd one won’t be answered until the tournament starts and the coaches, led by Mike Babcock, make their decision. But for my money the starter in goal for Team Canada this winter has to be Carey Price.

Again, maybe I’m a little prejudice because of the Habs fan thing. But I don’t really think I’m alone in thinking that it’s Price’s turn to take the ball and run with it. Luongo has been streaky in the last 4 years and Price has only improved since the Halak trade that officially gave him the crease in Montreal. Price also has experience winning gold for Team Canada at the World Junior Championships. Carey gets my vote.

So, if Carey Price is the starter and Roberto Luongo returns to Team Canada as the 2nd goalie, who gets the 3rd spot on the roster?

I’ve got it as a 3 man race for that 3rd and final spot. We know that Chicago’s Corey Crawford and Phoenix’s Mike Smith were both invited to the orientation camp in Calgary and both have endeared themselves to various hockey people across the country. And while I don’t think that either of them have made a rock solid case to be a lock for Team Canada, I do think that they both deserve to be discussed.

My 3rd guy is coming from off the board. Jonathan Bernier has had a very sturdy start to the season in Toronto with the Maple Leafs. And Team Canada management made it clear that they were going to look at who was playing the best hockey when it was time to go to Sochi. With that in mind I think that Bernier also deserves to be part of this conversation. Heck, he has a better GAA and Save Percentage than both Smith and Crawford.

Corey Crawford, Mike Smith, Jonathan Bernier Team Canada Goalies

I think it’s fair to say that whoever goes as the 3rd goalie is going to sit in the press box most nights, but I don’t think any of them would turn the opportunity down.

No matter which names get called on Tuesday morning you can be sure that there will be outrage and second guessing and upset fans scattered throughout the country.

The best that we can do is trust that Steve Yzerman and his team know what they are doing and get ready to cheer with our hearts on our patriotic sleeves.

There are only 34 days left until we start the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Get ready!

4 years ago

Movember Journal 2013: Day 9

Moustache Banner Day 9Happy Movember everyone.

It’s day 9 now and I’m well on my way to a moustache that I can be proud of!

In the last couple of days since the last journal entry some big things have happened. The Moustache Growers Union Local 416647 has welcomed Michel Neray as the 12th member of our team. We’ve surpassed the $600 mark in donations as a team. And I took my moustache out on the town.

Joshua and Jay Chan Mo Day 7 on the StreetcarOn Day 7 (Thursday), Jay Chan and I hit up the ArtBomb Auction and Trade event at The Spoke Club thanks to Trish. We watched people trade art, saw a couple other Mo Bros in the crowd, had a Steam Whistle or 2 and then headed over to The Winchester for karaoke. Yes, that Winchester. The venue for this years’ Movember Challenge Karaoke Toronto event coming up in just 3 short weeks!

Side Note: I came home with a sweet Justin Blayney that Julie snapped a pic of me with. Can’t wait to hang it!

Joshua and Rannie Mo Day 8 at the ACCOn Day  8 (Friday), Rannie and I took our Mos to the ACC to see the Maple Leafs tangle with the New Jersey Devils in the annual Hall of Fame Game. It was an amazing pre-game ceremony that paid tribute to Canada’s Veterans as an early Remembrance Day celebration and then introduced the 5 new members of the Hockey Hall of Fame: the late Fred Shero (represented by his son Ray), Geraldine Heaney, Brendan Shanahan, Chris Chelios and Scott Neidermayer.

Side Note: The Leafs won 2-1 in a shootout. So Toronto fans were a happy bunch when they left the building.

Also in the last 2 days I have started using Facebook to feature amazing moustaches from the past and present in a pseudo Hall of Fame presentation. On Friday we honoured Tom Selleck, perhaps my favourite Mo Bro of all time. And today we celebrate Lanny McDonald, which is no coincidence since he was at the arena for the game last night. If you want to stay up to date with the honours, friend me on the Facebook.

Here’s the most awesome part – we’re not even half way through the month yet.

There is still time for you to help us raise funds to fight the good fight.

Fact Time:
•    20% of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime.
•    Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year olds and 16% among 25-44 year olds.

That’s why we’re doing this. To be able to give better support to people who need it. And a lot of people need it.

If you can help, even with 1 Dollar – please do at

Thank you to everyone who is supporting a Mo Bro or a Mo Sista.

You are awesome!

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20 Half- Assed Predictions For The 2013-14 NHL Season

Molson Canadian Welcomes the 2013 14 NHL SeasonSo the NHL season started last night with 3 games on the schedule and now we are officially into 2013-14.

As I’ve done in the past with the NHL and MLB I’ve got a list of predictions for the new season. Some of them are more likely to happen than others. Some are unlikely to happen at all. And one looked really likely going into last night, but now we don’t know.

Let’s take a look at my list of 20 Half- Assed Predictions For The 2013-14 NHL Season.

PS. These predictions come in no particular order.

1. I will win my fantasy pool.

2. Jarome Iginla will lead the Boston Bruins in scoring.

3. George Parros will log the most fighting majors of any Montreal Canadiens player in 20 years.
Note: This is the prediction that looked great… but now we all have to wait and see how big George recovers from his concussion. Get well soon buddy.

4. Phil Kessel will play up to the level of his new ($8 million per year) contract. David Clarkson will not.

5. The Edmonton Oilers will make the playoffs on the last day of the season.

6. Roberto Luongo will win 42 games in the regular season.

7. Cory Schneider will win 16 games in the regular season.

8. Steven Stamkos will not lead the NHL in goals.

9. Both the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks will make the playoffs with their new coaches.

10. Jay Feaster will not be fired in Calgary. Until the Olympic break that is.

11. Daniel Alfredsson will have 3 goals and 6 assists vs the Ottawa Senators this season.

12. The Leafs and Habs will meet in the playoffs. 6 games. Montreal wins 4-2.

13. Tim Thomas will make politically insensitive comments and be suspended by the league.

14. Jason Spezza will play 76 games and assist on 24 Bobby Ryan goals for Ottawa.

15. Danny Briere will score 24 goals for Les Canadiens.

16. The Chicago Blackhawks will make it to the Western Conference Finals. And lose.

17. Ryan Miller will play the entire depressing season in Buffalo.

18. Alexander Ovechkin will finish the season with 87 points. Sidney Crosby will have 99.

19. The Phoenix Coyotes will make the playoffs. The Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators will not.

20. Patrick Roy will prove to be a great coach for his young team. But the Colorado Avalanche will finish 9th in the West.

Enjoy the season kids.

Stay Awesome!

2013 14 NHL Logos Banner

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Because It’s The Cup – Stanley Cup Final!

Because Its The Cup - Staney Cup Final bannerLadies and gentlemen, we are finally here. After a gruelling 48 game regular season (I’m not joking, that was a lot of games in a short time) and 3 rounds of playoff hockey so far, we have finally arrived at the Stanley Cup Final!

Congratulations first of all to the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins for outlasting the rest of the league and advancing to play each other for the chance to lift Lord Stanley’s legacy over their heads.

To the other 14 teams who made it to the dance but didn’t get to the promised land, good on you as well. It was a crazy year and while many will downplay the accomplishments of the 2013 NHL season, it’s still not easy to win in this league.

Now, there can only be one winner when this best of seven series concludes. And there can only be one Stanley Cup Champion. Both of these teams have reason to believe that they can be the ones to come out on top. And there are stats and stories and evidence to back up whichever pick you want to make.

My pick is Chicago.

It’s easy to say that I’m not picking the Bruins because I really dislike them. But that’s not the only reason.

It’s also easy to say that I’m making the wrong pick because the fire power in the Blackhawks line-up is similar to that of the Penguins and just look how that turned out.

But I really think that the ‘Hawks have a better defense than Pittsburgh, waaaaay fewer questions in goal and at the end of the day they do have 2 star studded lines that can score a lot of goals, a 3rd line that can cause problems and also put the puck in the net and a 4th line that knows their role, gets out there, hits people and gets off.

I don’t think that this is going to be easy sledding for Chicago though. Boston does bring a crazy hot goalie to the mix with Tuukka Rask playing as well as anyone in the world. They also have Zedano Chara, the monster that he is, with the longest stick on the planet and the strength of an angry bear. What we’ll have to see is how they handle Chicago’s pressure and if they can get in the zone and score some goals. Chicago just beat a great goalie in Jonathan Quick and should be prepared for the challenges that Rask will provide.

In the end I am taking Chicago over Boston in 6 games. 1 of those games will go to overtime and the last game of the NHL post-season will be played on Monday, June 24th in Boston.

Here’s hoping that you have a ton of fun watching the Stanley Cup Final. I have a feeling we’re going to see some good hockey.
Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

5 years ago

Because It’s The Cup – Round 2 Predictions!

Because Its The Cup Round 2 bannerNow that 2 game 7s have been played (congratulations to Boston & New York) we know how things are going to shape up for round 2 of the NHL playoffs.

There were a lot of stories in the 1st round and I would imagine that we are going to see a few more storylines open up in the 2nd round of play. The puck drops on Tuesday night with 2 games, Ottawa in Pittsburgh 7:30pm & San Jose in Los Angeles 10:00pm.

Let’s take a look at the conference semi-finals in the west first and then the east to see who will have a chance to play for the right to face-off for Lord Stanley’s Cup!


Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose Sharks: Kings in 6
The Sharks swept the Canucks in their first round match-up which was not expected and showed us all how much “will to win” they are bringing to the Stanley Cup tournament in the spring of 2013. Meanwhile, the Kings were in a helluva physical battle with the Blues in St. Louis that resulted in many claims (and rightly so) that it was the best series in the first round (that was before the game 7s).

In this 2nd round go I’m taking the Kings because that’s who I think is going to win. I think that they’re going to do a better job handling the Sharks attack and, if they aren’t hurting too badly, will be able to dish out some hits that could get the Sharks off of their game. I also think that the mental toughness and recent positive experience of the Kings will help them out while their twitter account (@lakings) will continue to be brilliant. Look for Jeff Carter to score 4 goals in the series.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings: Blackhawks in 5
The other western conference series gives us an original 6 shootout that should be just another step to the finals for Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp and company. Kudos to Detroit for outlasting the Ducks in the 1st round, but while they may be better than we gave them credit for, they aren’t as good as the boys from the windy city.

If the Blackhawks are able to get on the powerplay they should put up some series goals that may be too much for the Red Wings to overcome. I also think that the ‘Hawks feel like they should win, can win and know how to win this series and that’s a good feeling for a team to have. Provided they don’t take 4 wins for granted when the puck drops, they should get through to the conference finals.

Note: I had the Ducks getting through the west to the finals… that isn’t going to happen – so I’ll take Chicago in their place now.


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators: Penguins in 6
Listen, I know that as a Habs fan I picked Ottawa to be moving their gear out of Kanata and onto the golf course. I was wrong. But this time I won’t be. The Penguins are the favourite to win the east. They are stacked with offensive talent. And while they have questions in goal, they are good enough to move on.

Yes, I addressed the Penguins problems in net. How could I ignore them? In my round 1 preview I said this: “I think NYI will solve Fleury in 1 game and make everyone question him just like last year…”, well they did a little bit more than that and now we’ve seen back-up Tomas Vokoun in game action. Maybe we’ll see him again against Ottawa. I think they have to give Fleury a chance to regain his form and I think that the Penguins will get the job done.

Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers: Bruins in 7
Both the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers had to play 7 games in the 1st round to get their 4 wins and they are probably/likely/without a doubt tired and worn down. That is why I think this series will go to 7 games as well. Neither team is at full strength or full speed and I think games 1 and 2 will highlight those facts in Boston.

This series is also the 2nd original six pairing in the 2nd round – that’s pretty cool. And the series also features 2 top tier goalies with Rask looking to stay confident and Lundqvist looking to stay hot. I think King Henrik is the better tender… but I think Boston is deeper and more productive in their 3 top lines and that will be the difference. Don’t look for a ton of goals in this series – you probably won’t find them. The Bruin will bang and crash and grind this one out on their way to Pittsburgh.

So… there we have it. My picks for the conference finals: Chicago vs. Los Angeles and Pittsburgh vs. Boston.

There’s a lot of hockey left to be played, so buckle up and get your water bottle ready.

And prepare yourselves for more cheering and more heartache… Because It’s The Cup!

5 years ago

Because It’s The Cup – Welcome To The Playoffs!

Because Its The Cup bannerAs you may have heard, the NHL Playoffs have begun and there are a lot of excited people in Canada and around the world because of it.

Yes, I know, the playoffs started Tuesday night – but about an hour ago the puck dropped in Montreal to kick off the 1st round series between les Canadiens and the Senators and so my Journey To The Cup has officially begun!

Because I love the Habs and I am encouraged by the (shortened) regular season that they had and I am a fan – I am picking them to win this series against Ottawa. Now, it may not be the sweep that I would really love to see. In fact, I think that this thing goes at least 6 games. But I do think that the speed, points from the D, fore checking and goaltending are good enough to get the job done.

Elsewhere (Toronto), there is a ton of excitement as the Maple Leafs have played their first playoff game in 9 years. It didn’t go as planned for the blue & white faithful (a 4-1 loss in Boston) and there is now a search for answers and options to turn things around for game 2 vs. the Bruins. I’m taking Boston in this one. They’re bigger, stronger, more experienced and frankly, the better team. Look for 5 games here.

Out west the Canucks did not look exceptional in their game 1 match-up with the San Jose Sharks. But I do think that they have a roster that can turn things around and win this series. The Sharks won’t go quietly into that good night though and this thing will take 6 or 7 games with Roberto Loungo holding on to the goalie job as long as he can.

In the non-Canadian team series I’ve got picks too…

Kings vs. Blues: Kings in 6
I know they lost game 1 in OT, but I think that the reigning champs can get it done. Also, I want more tweets from their team.

Red Wings vs. Ducks: Ducks in 5
The Wings are in the playoffs for the 200th season in a row – but the times they are a changing and the Ducks are the deeper and better team.

Rangers vs. Capitals: Capitals in 5
They’re explosive, talented and playing really good hockey right now. Look for the power play to get the job done and King Henrik to be beat when it’s not always his fault.

Blackhawks vs. Wild: Blackhawks in 4
They were the best team in hockey this season and they are deeper up front and have had solid goaltending almost every night. Look for more close games, but game 4 could be a blow out on the road.

Penguins vs. Islanders: Penguins in 5
The Pens are a ton better than the Isles and this could be a sweep – but I think NYI will solve Fleury in 1 game and make everyone question him just like last year before Pittsburgh moves on to round 2.

I’ve got the Penguins in the final for the east vs. the Ducks from the west when it’s time to hand out the Stanley Cup.

And in that series I’ll take the Pittsburgh Penguins, with Sidney Crosby on the ice, the win the 2013 Stanley Cup.

Good luck to all hockey fans, I could be wrong on all of these predictions so keep cheering!

Stay awesome!

Go Habs Go!
Montreal Canadiens Banner Image

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The 2013 NHL Fantasy Draft Blog

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey BannerThe time has come, NHL fans are getting ready for the new season and it is now time for us to hold our annual NHL Fantasy Drafts.

Last night at 10pm my draft took place and I sat with the 6th overall pick in the 16 team league.

Note: The fantasy sports team name issue is huge and should not be taken lightly. This year I got very lucky and with the help of my co-workers and our affinity for ermahgerd the MAHNTRERL CERNERDERN were born! 

With my 1st pick and the 6th choice overall in the draft I decided that I was going to grab Claude Giroux. And then he got taken with the 5th pick. Sucky. Instead I drafted Daniel Sedin with my 1st round selection.

A 16 team league has a lot of players flying off the shelf really quickly. And with a snaking draft order I didn’t pick again until 27th overall where I ended up taking Zach Parise with hopes that he’ll earn some of that new money in Minny. My 3rd round pick came up fast and I scooped up Patrick Sharp who I always like.

Rounds 4-9 looked like this:

Yahoo Fantasy NHL Hockey Division

Objective: Win the Richard division!

4. Alexander Edler (needed a defenseman – I hope he scores more than once in a while)

5. Craig Anderson (needed a goalie and had to ignore the divisional rival thing)

6. Jeff Skinner (love the upside, fingers crossed for production)

7. Semyon Varlamov (not the plan at all, but that’s the way things go sometimes)

8. Brent Burns (needed another D and was probably a little swayed by his sweet headshot for this season)

9. Justin Williams (good player, hopefully he’ll stay healthy and get some run on the 2nd PP unit with the defending champs)

Now, I will fully admit that I feel I did much better in my mock draft earlier in the day than I did in the first half of last night’s real deal. Ugh.

However, in the 10th round I got a guy who I think could do some damage: Ales Hemsky! Yes I know he’s not RNH or T.Hall or Eberle – but I think that he’s going to benefit from the young legs around him and put points on the board. I hope.

I’ve got another reclamation project and my 3rd Dman, Sheldon Souray. I’m hoping that he’s got something to prove and he’ll blast some beauties from the blueline.

12, 13 & 14 look like this: Paul Stastny, Brendan Smith & Tyler Kennedy. If I get some production and value from those guys, I’ll be happy! 

In the 15th round, with the 230th overall pick, I took the lone Montreal Canadien on my team: Rene Bourque. I’m betting on Bourque to get comfortable, hit a couple hot streaks and score a bunch of goals… or take some penalties.

My last 3 bench spots weren’t bad when it came to getting the guys I wanted that were still left in the pool. They have a chance to do some damage. And they have a chance to suck it up and provide nothing. Them’s the breaks.

16. James van Riemsdyk (I had to get over the Leafs thing)

17. Chris Neil (I had to get over the Sens thing)

18. Dustin Penner (It could work!)

So now I’ve got a roster of 18 hockey players who may or may not produce and who I may or may not have available for trade right now. Are there things I wish I’d done differently? Sure.

But there’s always next year!

Here’s hoping that you had success in your NHL fantasy draft and that you have a great season!

Be Awesome! Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Footer 2013

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The Shortened NHL Season Survival Guide!

NHL Lockout Over! via ESPN.comWith the news that the NHL and NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement on a 10 year CBA it’s time to start thinking about the fact that we might actually have hockey this season and a Stanley Cup winner in 2013.

So, it’s time today to move past the Lockout Survival Guides and move onto the Shortened NHL Season Survival Guide.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally:
After 113 days of lockout we’re all a little rusty in our NHL fandom. We haven’t cheered after big wins or wept after heartbreaking shootout losses. In the next week or so take the time to get ready for the emotions that will come flooding back when your team hits the ice in real game action. I would recommend watching old game tapes, reliving past glory and defeat, remembering what it’s like to be in the game. Not being ready for the ups and downs of even a shortened season will leave you vulnerable to emotional overload. Get prepared.

Get Your Gear Together:
I know that a lot of fans have refrained from wearing their t-shirts, hats, hoodies, lucky team socks, jerseys and other paraphernalia during the lockout. But now, if you’re so inclined to return as a full fledged fan of NHL puck, it’s time to dust off that gear and get ready to rock it.

Note: If you’re looking at celebrating the end of the lockout by purchasing a new jersey from your favourite team, keep the upcoming buyouts in mind! For instance, I would not recommend buying a Canadiens’ Scott Gomez or a Maple Leafs’ Mike Komisarek.

Personally, as hard as the lockout has been to endure and stay positive through, I can’t wait to see people in their NHL team gear.

Recognize That Your Diet Will Be Smashed:
I know we just started a new year and many of us have resolved to eat healthier and lay off of the fried foods and beer that we love so much. And not having hockey probably would have helped that. However, it’s back and that means games on the big screen with draft beer and chicken wings and nachos and cheeseburgers and french fries. Maybe we should all stick to more wraps and chicken breasts and veggies – but come on man, we all know that’s not going to happen. We all better start scheduling in an extra jog every week.

Get Ready For A Sprint:
Often we talk about the long regular seasons of sports like hockey and baseball and basketball as a marathon and not a sprint. But that’s when we’re talking about a full season worth of games over a full season’s calendar. That’s not what we’re getting from the 2013 NHL season. In all likelihood we will be looking at a 48 game season that will lead into a regular play-off format. That shortened season does not allow for a lot of growing pains or low energy periods or terrible road trips. It also doesn’t allow for fans to not be into the games or to say things like “that game doesn’t matter anyway” or “we’ll get ’em next time”. And think about how HUGE divisional games are going to be in this shortened season. It’s going to be an Olympic sprint!

Love The Game:
I know that we’ve all been disillusioned by the lockout and the actions of both the NHL and the NHLPA, but there’s one thing that we also have in common: We Love NHL Hockey. So be angry, be hurt, be skeptical, but remember that you love the game and you love your team. And now they’re coming back. You don’t have to forget, but think about forgiving because in the end, this is what we wanted. NHL hockey back before this season got cancelled.

As Gary Bettman said, “We’ve got to dot a lot of i’s and cross a lot of t’s. There’s still a lot of work to be done but the basic framework of the deal has been agreed upon.” – I believe that the work will get done and the NHL hockey season is on the way!

Get Ready!

Full NHL ArenaGo Habs Go - 2013

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