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Shake These Walls/Hearts On Fire Tour Q&A: Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks

If you’re a Canadian country music fan, you’re probably already aware that Chad Brownlee and Tim Hicks are hitting the road together in 2017 for co-headlining dates and a Hearts On Fire/Shake These Walls combo tour.

But what you might not know if how funny Chad and Tim are when they get in the same room together… or what toy Chad would wish for this Christmas, or Tim’s favourite classic Christmas carol to sing.

So to give you a little more insight into 2 of Canadian country’s biggest stars, we got the boys to ask each other a few questions so we could share them with you!

But before we get to that, let’s look at just how impressive these tour dates are going to be…

We’ve had the chance to see both Tim Hicks and Chad Brownlee on a few stages over the last few years, and if you’ve seen 1 or both of them as well, you know a few things.

1) They both like to play loud. This isn’t soft, slow country music all the time. Although some of that lives in their full sets. This is good timing, boot stomping, beer drinking music and it’s a lot of fun.

2) They both have hits to play for the crowd. In the last few years Tim and Chad have both released some awesome songs that have resonated with audiences. And if you’ve never had a chance to sing along live to Stronger Beer, When The Lights Go Down, Stompin’ Ground, or Hearts On Fire – you need to take that chance and enjoy it!

3) Chad and Tim are both solid dudes. Good guys that we have been privileged to meet and hangout with even a little bit. That’s always a nice bonus!

Now… dates and cities. Check them out and if you can see Tim or Chad, or if you’re lucky, both of them together, we highly suggest looking into tickets!

Jan. 6, 2017 – Kelowna, BC – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 7, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 8, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Jojo Mason
Jan. 11, 2017 – Fort McMurray, AB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 12, 2017 – Saskatoon, SK – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Tenille Arts
Jan. 13, 2017 – Calgary, AB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 14, 2017 – Edmonton, AB – Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee w/ Dan Davidson
Jan. 16, 2017 – Winnipeg, MB – Chad Brownlee & Tim Hicks
Jan. 17, 2017 – Thunder Bay, ON – Chad Brownlee
Jan. 19, 2017 – Regina, SK – Chad Brownlee
Jan. 19, 2017 – Hamilton, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 20, 2017 – Oshawa, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 21, 2017 – London, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 22, 2017 – Sudbury, ON – Tim Hicks w/ Jason Blaine and River Town Saints
Jan. 26, 2017 – Montreal, QC – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band
Jan. 27, 2017 – Moncton, NB – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band
Jan. 28, 2017 – Halifax, NS – Tim Hicks w/ James Barker Band

And now… please enjoy this little Q&A session with Chad Brownlee and Tim Hicks!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Playlist

We’ve put together our Boots and Hearts 2016 Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

With over thirty artists on the #BH5 lineup (we’ve included the emerging artists who were on Spotify), we’ve got you covered for just over six hours!

There are a couple of artists who, are not on Spotify, we’ve listed them separately and we’re sure you’re going to like them, so make sure you scroll through the post.

*EDIT* Johnson Crook’s first single, Minnedosa  is now up on Spotify. We’ve updated our playlist to include it!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, here’s the link and we’ll see you there!

Did we miss your favourite track? Let us know and we’ll add it!

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2016 CMAO Awards Red Carpet & Green Room Photo Review!

The Country Music Association of Ontario Awards were full of super talented, and pretty good looking people… and we have the photos to prove it!

Check out some of the looks from the red carpet first (and leave a comment telling us who you think looked the best) and then have a look at some photos from the green room that Ray was able to snap as award winners and other fine Ontario country artists came through during the show.


The 2016 CMAO Awards Red Carpet

Jason McCoy
CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy Red Carpet-12CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy Red Carpet-11

Jason Blaine
CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine Red Carpet-6

Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels Red Carpet-23

Autumn HillCMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill Red Carpet-24CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill Red Carpet-25

Small Town PistolsCMAO Awards 2016 Small Town Pistols Red Carpet-2433

Lindsay EllCMAO Awards 2016 Lindsay Ell Red Carpet-15CMAO Awards 2016 Lindsay Ell Red Carpet-14

Meghan PatrickCMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick Red Carpet-22CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick Red Carpet-21

TebeyCMAO Awards 2016 Tebey Red Carpet-8

River Town SaintsCMAO Awards 2016 River Town Saints Red Carpet-4

Madeline MerloCMAO Awards 2016 Madeline Merlot Red Carpet-13

Ali Raney (The Lovelocks)CMAO Awards 2016 Ali Rainey - The Lovelocks Red Carpet-9

Runaway AngelCMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel Red Carpet-17CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel Red Carpet-16

Cold Creek CountyCMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek County Red Carpet-7

Lindsay BroughtonCMAO Awards 2016 Lindsay Broughton Red Carpet-19

Jessica MitchellCMAO Awards 2016 Jessica Mitchell Red Carpet-20

Andrew HyattCMAO Awards 2016 Andrew Hyatt Red Carpet-2

Marshall DaneCMAO Awards 2016 Marshall Dane Red Carpet-1

The 2016 CMAO Awards Green Room

Jason BlaineCMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine Winner-26

Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels Green Room-34CMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels Green Room-31

TebeyCMAO Awards 2016 Tebey Winner-36

Cold Creek County
CMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek County Winner-37

Prairie OysterCMAO Awards 2016 Prarie Oyster Winners-2555

KX 94.7 HamiltonCMAO Awards 2016 KX94.7-27

107.3 TillsonburgCMAO Awards 2016 CJDL-FM (Country 107.3), Tillsonburg-28

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick, Kira Isabella, Leah Daniels Green Room-33CMAO Awards 2016 Tebey, Meghan Patrick Green Room-35CMAO Awards 2016 Green Room-32CMAO Awards 2016 Badges-2565

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CMAO Awards 2016 Wrap and Photo Review!

Markham, ON – On a gorgeous Monday night, country music gathered to celebrate the Ontario artists and industry leaders that are making music so many of us are enjoying all across Canada at the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) Awards!

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoyFrom the red carpet to the award show, hosted by Jason McCoy (who was hilarious and engaging from start to finish, which was no surprise), it was a night of celebrations, surprises, amazing performances, and the chance to meet up with some of our favourite people in the country music world.

But most importantly it was a celebration… a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate just how great the country music in Ontario is. We are lucky to have great artists and producers and festivals and fans in this province, and this was a chance to recognize that.

We have a ton of photos from the CMAO awards, and we have the full list of winners for you too. But before that…

During the award pre-show, and throughout the night, we had a chance to talk to some of the artists in attendance, and we want to share some of the things we learned from them…

CMAO Awards 2016 Tebey★ Tebey was really excited to get up on stage and sing his new song, Old School, and thinks that it could turn into a real crowd favourite.

☆ Tebey also has big tour news coming for this fall… but it’s a secret right now, and we weren’t able to talk him into giving us any details. He’s sorry and we’re sorry – but we’re sure it will be exciting!

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine★ Jason Blaine is getting ready for the most exciting summer of his career with festival dates at Boots & Hearts, Pomeroy Guitars and Wagons, Lucknow Music in the Fields, and Smoke & Spurs + he’s playing with Rascal Flatts in Halifax, and more!

☆ Jason is also getting ready to golf with his 3rd annual charity golf classic coming up on June 14 at Pembrooke Golf Club. Click to learn more!

★ Runaway Angel had a great time on their radio tour for the release of their debut album No End In Sight.

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel☆ 2 of the 3 angels are all for fun stunt adventures… but 1 isn’t. We won’t tell you who, but if you have a guess we want to hear it!

★ Meghan Patrick has been rocking hard all over the country, and broke a guitar in Edmonton last week… but it will be fixed soon and ready for the summer.

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick☆ Meghan will be at Boots & Hearts, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, CMT Music Fest, Ottawa Bluesfest, and she’ll be at the Calgary Stampede to open for Lady Antebellum. She’s excited and we’re excited for her.

★ Andrew Hyatt loves to work with his hands, and the wooden 6-pack holders he made last summer gave him a chance to marry his trades background with his 2015 EP, Never Back Down.

CMAO Awards 2016 Andrew Hyatt☆ If you want to hear more from Andrew call your local country station and request Me And A Girl And A Radio!

★ The Lovelocks have a packed summer that will take them to Havelock, Huntsville, Dauphin, Lucknow, and Tilsonburg… and they will also be at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto as part of Jim Cuddy’s Fort McMurray fundraiser on June 27. Click for more info!

CMAO Awards 2016 Ali Rainey The Lovelocks☆ Ali and Zoe are also very happy to have released Time After Time to radio. It’s their 1st cover as a single, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. We saw it live back in March, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to go find it.

★ The Reklaws will be MCing at Boots & Hearts this summer… extending the relationship that they’ve built with the festival. AND they’ll be taking the stage, which is always a good time.

Now, let’s get to the big info from the night… the award winners. HUGE congratulations goes out to both Jason Blaine and Cold Creek County for taking home 3 trophies each. And we’re also very excited for Leah Daniels who won the 2015 Rising Star Award and is now the 2016 Female Artist of the Year.

CMAO Awards 2016 TebeySINGLE OF THE YEAR (sponsored by KICX 106)
“When the Buzz Wears Off” – Tebey

ALBUM OF THE YEAR (sponsored by hmv Canada)
What Love Is All About – Johnny Reid

Jason Blaine, Deric Ruttan – “Country Side” performed by Jason Blaine

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsFEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Spring Tree Farm)
Leah Daniels

MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Havelock Country Jamboree)
Jason Blaine

GROUP OR DUO OF THE YEAR (sponsored by The Remington Group)
Cold Creek County

ROOTS ARTIST OR GROUP OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.)
The Good Family

CMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek CountyRISING STAR AWARD (sponsored by Slaight Music)
Cold Creek County

RECORD PRODUCER(S) OF THE YEAR (sponsored by MetalWorks Studios)
Jason Barry – Run Angel Run by Runaway Angel; Now Playing and Sweet Harriet by The Western Swing Authority; Boomerang by Genevieve Fisher; Toes by Scotty James

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason BlaineMUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR (sponsored by Kylemore Communities)
“Country Side” – Jason Blaine

FANS’ CHOICE (sponsored by Ontario Media Development Corporation)
Cold Creek County

RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR (MAJOR MARKET) (sponsored by Canadian Country Spotlight)
CHKX-FM (KX 94.7), Hamilton

RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR (SECONDARY MARKET) (sponsored by Lucknow’s Music in the Fields)
CJDL-FM (Country 107.3), Tillsonburg

Prairie Oyster

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees, it was a great night… but we’re not done!

Check out some of the photos we grabbed of the performances and award presentations at the Flato Markham Theatre!

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick

Meghan Patrick singing Bow Chicka Wow Wow

CMAO Awards 2016 Meghan Patrick

Meghan Patrick singing Bow Chicka Wow Wow

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel singing June

CMAO Awards 2016 Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel singing June

CMAO Awards 2016 Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell singing Workin’ on Whiskey

CMAO Awards 2016 Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell singing Workin’ on Whiskey

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine singing Dance With My Daughter

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine singing Dance With My Daughter

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill - Tareya Green

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill - Mike Robins

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill singing Good Night For Going Nowhere

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels singing Your Kiss Is Killing Me

CMAO Awards 2016 Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels singing Your Kiss Is Killing Me

CMAO Awards 2016 River Town Saints

River Town Saints singing Cherry Bomb

CMAO Awards 2016 Chris Labelle - River Town Saints

River Town Saints singing Cherry Bomb

CMAO Awards 2016 The Road Hammers & Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Clayton Bellamy & Tim Hicks-6951

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy & Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks and The Road Hammers singing One Horse Town

CMAO Awards 2016 Lindsay Ell & Patricia Conroy

Lindsay Ell and Patricia Conroy present Male Artist of the Year

CMAO Awards 2016 Marshall Dane & Aaron Pritchett

Marshall Dane and Aaron Pritchett present Female Artist of the Year

CMAO Awards 2016 Jason BlaineCMAO Awards 2016 Clayton Bellamy & Heather BallentineCMAO Awards 2016 Jason BarryCMAO Awards 2016 Prairie OysterCMAO Awards 2016 Cold Creek CountyCMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Leah DanielsCMAO Awards 2016 Jason McCoy

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Boots & Hearts 2016 Daily Lineup Announcement!

They’re Here!!!

After months of waiting, weeks of speculation, and more patience than we generally have, the Boots & Hearts 2016 daily lineups have been announced.

We don’t have stage assignments or set times yet, but we promise we will share them with you as soon as we do.

For now we can start planning our must-sees for each day of B&H year 5… and dreaming about the set lists we hope we’ll hear.

Get ready, August is coming!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Thursday Kickoff PartyThursday, August 4, 2016

★ Jake Owen
★ Emerson Drive
★ Tebey
★ Meghan Patrick
★ Johnson Crook

Remember, this is a short day, 1 stage event for the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party, so don’t be concerned about the shorter list of artists here.

Jake Owen is a great name to headline this party, he’s a summer lovin’, beachin’, bare footin’, good time waiting to happen – and with support from 4 Canadian acts we really dig, it’s shaping up to be a good night!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Friday LineupFriday, August 5, 2016

★ Dierks Bentley
★ Sam Hunt
★ Cam
★ Tim Hicks
★ Chase Bryant
★ Autumn Hill
★ The Dungarees
★ The Reklaws
★ David James
★ Cory Marquardt
★ Lindsay Broughton
★ Brea Lawrenson

Man, what a way to spend a Friday in August!

Bentley showed us how awesome he was on the main stage in Bowmanville, Sam Hunt was been on fire since he played in 2014, and Cam is one the most anticipated sets of the weekend for sure. Plus, we LOVE the Canadian acts getting some time and know that Tim Hicks, Autumn Hill, The Reklaws, David James, Cory Marquardt, Lindsay Broughton, and Brea Lawrenson will make us all proud!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Saturday LineupSaturday, August 6, 2016

★ Blake Shelton
★ Dean Brody
★ Aaron Pritchett
★ Alan Doyle & The Gypsies
★ Raquel Cole
★ Madeline Merlo
★ Jojo Mason
★ Macarthur Clark
★ SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase

Blake! What more do you need?

But really, with Dean Brody as support, clearly a list of artists that aren’t to be messed with, this is going to be a really fun day of country music.

And don’t sleep in because the Emerging Artist Showcase is a perfect place to scout new talent. Just look at Tim Hicks, Tebey, Wes Mack, Runaway Angel, Trinity Bradshaw, Johnson Crook, Eric Ethridge, and the James Barker Band as some of the examples we’ve seen in the last few years!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Sunday LineupSunday, August 7, 2016

★ Tim McGraw
★ Chase Rice
★ Diamond Rio
★ Jason Blaine
★ Dylan Scott
★ Lindsay Ell
★ River Town Saints
★ Jason Benoit
★ Jordan McIntosh
★ James Barker Band
★ Kaitlin Kozell

It’s the last day of the festival, but don’t be sad. Sunday is going to rock!

Tim McGraw returns after his year 1 headlining performance at Boots & Hearts, and it’s a set we will not miss. Add Chase Rice, Diamond Rio (bucket list!), Dylan Scott (emerging star), and even more awesome Canadian talent with Jason Blaine, Lindsay Ell, River Town Saints, Jason Benoit, Jordan McIntosh, James Barker Band, and Kaitlin Kozell and we promise you will wish this festival had a Monday night because you won’t want the music to stop!

Blake Shelton Boots and Hearts 2014dierks-bentley-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Sam Hunt Wheels Up Tour Toronto 2015Tim Hicks -7769Dean Brody-7163Madeline Merlo Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixMeghan Patrick Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016 Photo Credit Ray Williams - @APerfectPixelBSOMF Tebey Sound of Music Festival-6491River Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonJohnson Crook The Horseshoe 2016Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2jason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013jordan-mcintosh-boots-and-hearts-2014-wm-0994

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2016 CMAO Performer Announcement & Contest!

Exciting news for Ontario country music fans dropped this morning when the County Music Association of Ontario announced the live performers at this year’s awards show.

Earlier in April we found out who’s been nominated for the awards, with Tebey, Jason Blaine, and Leah Daniels leading the way… and on May 30 in Markham, we’ll find out who the winners are in all 14 categories, and get to see live performances from some of our favourite starts, and artists in the middle of breaking out right now.

Let’s get to that now actually. The performers for the CMAO Awards at the Flato Markham Theatre are all good choices that will make for a really entertaining show… we can’t wait!

2016 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Show Performers

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Autumn Hill
Cold Creek County
Genevieve Fisher
Jason Blaine
Jessica Mitchell
Leah Daniels
Meghan Patrick
River Town Saints
Runaway Angel
Tianna Woods
The Western Swing Authority

PLUS, Jason McCoy (with The Road Hammers) will team up with Tim Hicks for a special live collaboration!

As country music fans, it’s awesome to see a list of talent like this and know that all of these artists are from Ontario. For years Canadian country was thought to be from other places, but now we’re seeing the recognition of our homegrown talent, and we’re happy to celebrate that, and all of the Canadian talent that is making a mark with fans.

Now, because we love you guys… we welcome all Ontario country music fans to enter for your chance to win 2 tickets to both the Country Music Association of Ontario Award Show and the CMAO R2I Spring Tune-Up Conference in Markham (May 28 & 29). Follow the instructions in the widget to enter…


Click to purchase!


Click to purchase!


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2016 Country Music Association of Ontario Award Nominees!

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Over the last few years it’s been clear to see that Ontario is becoming a country music hotbed. Artists like Tim Hicks, Tebey, Small Town Pistols, Autumn Hill, and Kira Isabella have lit up country radio + stages all over the province, and across Canada… and it’s been awesome to watch.

2016 looks like it’s going to be another big year, and today we’re happy to help announce the Country Music Association of Ontario award nominees. All of the CMAO Awards categories are packed with talent, which makes things both exciting and difficult.

As voting members of the CMAO we won’t be sharing any predictions or votes in this post, but we can tell you that these categories are so hard to choose winners in that we have not agreed on more than a couple of our choices. Really, it’s not easy!

Tebey Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3930

Tebey at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

The CMAO Awards will be handed out on Monday, May 30 at the Flato Markham Theatre… and you could be there. Very soon we will welcome all Ontario country music fans to enter for your chance to win 2 tickets to both the Country Music Association of Ontario Award Show and the CMAO R2I Spring Tune-Up Conference in Markham (May 28 & 29). Plus you should stay tuned to our Twitter over the next few weeks because we’ll have more prizes to give away as well!

Now, the big news… if you’re ready!

2016 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Nominees

Single of the Year

“Blame” – Autumn Hill
“Bring Your Own Sunshine” – Tianna Woods
“Country Side” – Jason Blaine
“Go Back” – Leah Daniels
“My Someday” – Runaway Angel
“Our Town” – Cold Creek County
“When the Buzz Wears Off” – Tebey

Album of the Year

5:01+ – Tim Hicks
Anchor – Autumn Hill
Pistology – Small Town Pistols
Tianna Woods – Tianna Woods
What It Feels Like – Leah Daniels
What Love Is All About – Johnny Reid

Songwriter(s) of the Year

Deric Ruttan, Jonathan Singleton – “Don’t It Feel Good” performed by Deric Ruttan
Jason Blaine, Deric Ruttan – “Country Side” performed by Jason Blaine
Leah Daniels, Beverley Mahood, Patricia Conroy – “Dream Without You” performed by Leah Daniels
Shane Guse, Larry Wayne Clark – “Sweet Harriet” performed by The Western Swing Authority
Stacey Zegers, Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin, Dave Thomson – “My Someday” performed by Runaway Angel
Tebey – “When The Buzz Wears Off” performed by Tebey

Female Artist of the Year

Genevieve Fisher
Jessica Mitchell
Kira Isabella
Leah Daniels
Lindsay Broughton
Tianna Woods

Male Artist of the Year

Deric Ruttan
Jason Blaine
Johnny Reid
Marshall Dane
Tim Hicks

Group or Duo of the Year

Autumn Hill
Cold Creek County
Runaway Angel
Small Town Pistols
The Western Swing Authority

Roots Artist or Group of the Year

Heather Ballentine
Lindi Ortega
The Good Family
The Lovelocks
The Western Swing Authority
Whitney Rose

Rising Star Award

Ben Hudson
Brooklyn Roebuck
Cold Creek County
Cory Marquardt
Heather Ballentine
Jessica Mitchell

Music Video of the Year

“A Picture of You” – Johnny Reid
“Country Side” – Jason Blaine
“My Someday” – Runaway Angel
“Old Piano” – Leah Daniels
“One Horse Town” – The Road Hammers Feat. Tim Hicks
“When The Buzz Wears Off” – Tebey

Record Producer(s) of the Year

Dave “Dwave” Thomson – Old Piano by Leah Daniels
Jason Barry – Run Angel Run by Runaway Angel; Now Playing and Sweet Harriet by The Western Swing Authority; Boomerang by Genevieve Fisher; Toes by Scotty James
Jason Blaine & Deric Ruttan – Country Side by Jason Blaine
Rick Hutt – Bring Your Own Sunshine by Tianna Woods
Scott Cooke – Our Town by Cold Creek County
Tebey & Danick Dupelle – When The Buzz Wears Off/Jealous Of The Sun by Tebey

Radio Station of the Year – Major Market

CHCQ-FM (Cool 100.1 FM), Belleville
CHKX-FM (KX 94.7), Hamilton
CICX-FM (KICX 106), Orillia
CJKX-FM 95.9 (KX 96), Oshawa
CKBY-FM (Country 101.1), Ottawa
CKDK-FM 103.9 (Country 104), Woodstock
CKKL-FM (New Country 94), Ottawa

Radio Station of the Year – Secondary Market

CFCO-FM 92.9 (Country 929), Chatham
CFRM-FM (Country 103), Little Current
CHVR-FM 96.7 (Star 96FM), Pembroke
CJDL-FM (Country 107.3), Tillsonburg
CJQM-FM 104 (Country 104.3), Sault Ste Marie
CKYC-FM 93.7 (Country 93), Owen Sound

Fans’ Choice Award

Autumn Hill
Cold Creek County
Jason Blaine
Steven Lee Olsen
Tim Hicks

Congratulations to all of the nominees – including Jason Blaine, Leah Daniels and Tebey, who lead the way with five nominations apiece!

CMAO Album of the Year 2016CMAO Female Artist of the YearCMAO Male Artist of the Year 2016CMAO 2016 Group or Duo of the Year


Jason Blaine

Tim Hicks Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3663

Tim Hicks

Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel

The Lovelocks CMAO Awards 2015-3907

The Lovelocks

Tebey Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3777


Leah Daniels at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Leah Daniels

Lindsay Broughton at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Lindsay Broughton

Deric Ruttan Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3787

Deric Ruttan

Small Town Pistols Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3692

Small Town Pistols

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Lucknow’s Music in the Fields 2016 Lineup Announcement!

It’s festival announcement day again… with Lucknow’s Music in the Fields making their 1st reveal for 2016!

MITF-2016-Main-Poster-Final-For-Web-1This beauty of a music and camping festival runs August 25 to 27 this year, with country acts lining up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night to inspire sing-alongs, dancing, maybe some drinking, and a whole lot of fun!

And as you can see in the poster, there are some big league acts coming to play in Lucknow, ON in 2016…

It’s a nice mix of homegrown Canadian talent and some of the brightest that Nashville has to offer.

It’s especially nice to see The Lovelocks and Madeline Merlo representing the female contingent, and we’re hoping more ladies are added in future announcements.

Lucknow Music in the Fields Lineup Announcement #1


 Dean Brody


 The Lovelocks


 Lee Brice

 Frankie Ballard

 Jason Blaine

 Madeline Merlo

 Jojo Mason

More artists will be announced as we get closer to the August festival… we know that because we’re still waiting to hear who will be opening the weekend at the Thursday Night Throwdown!

Check out musicinthefields.ca for more info… grab tickets for you and your sweetheart of bff or entire squad… and leave a comment telling us who you hope gets added for the Thursday Night Throwdown

We also want you all to stay tuned… because you never know if there’s going to be a contest or giveaway or awesome opportunity for us to help you enjoy some great live music and camping and good-time experiences!

Be Awesome!

Lucknow Music in the Fields Map 2016Just-Logo-MiTF2

Dean Brody

The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release 2016Lee Brice Singing Boots and Hearts 2014Tebey CNE 2014 Bandshell BannerMadeline Merlot Bright Lights Big City Toronto The Phoenixjason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013


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Jason Blaine: Boots & Hearts 2016 Performer Q&A

On Wednesday I hopped on a quick call with Boots & Hearts 2016 performer, and Canadian country music man, Jason Blaine to talk about the festival, his newest album, and what’s coming up for Christmas this year.

Thank you to Jason for taking the time to talk, we all know how busy this time of year is, and he genuinely proved what I’ve always been told: Jason Blaine is one of the nicest people in country music.

If you still haven’t picked up your Boots & Hearts 2016 tickets, we’d recommend doing it quickly – because Tier 2 pricing will be gone soon!

Let’s get to it!

Jason Blaine Performance CMAO Awards 2015-4091Q. The first thing I asked Jason was, you a morning person? It wasn’t an 8am call, but it was pre-lunch and I know he’d already been busy.

A. His response: Not really.

Jason told us that he’s a morning person because it’s required. When he got into music he thought it’d just be a lot of late nights and late mornings. But… then you have a few kids and you end up getting up early. There are early morning flights and commitments. He did add that he writes some of his best stuff late, late at night.

Q. We saw you on the main stage in the sunshine at Boots & Hearts back in 2013, are you excited to come back to even more fans at a new venue?

A. Excited, yes! He’s got good memories of 2013, all positive. We talked about the increase in crowd size (could be as many as 45,000 people at Boots & Hearts in 2016) and how cool that is. He’s also looking forward to seeing the Burl’s Creek in person.

jason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Q. Next I had to try and get a little unreleased information… so I asked if Jason knew when he’d be on stage this year? Will we see you in the sun again or will it be later?

A. Jason didn’t tell us which night it would be… BUT he did tell us that he’ll be in the third from headliner spot on Tim McGraw’s night, with Chase Rice between them.

Q. The Boots & Hearts lineup is packed with talent from Canada and the US for 2016, so I asked if there are any acts that he’s especially excited to be on the bill with?

A. Tim McGraw! Jason’s super excited to be on the bill with Tim. He’s been listening to him and looking up to him since he started in the music business.

Q. Then we went back in time a little. We’ve passed the 10th anniversary of your 1st album and we’re coming up on 13 years since you released That’s What I Do (1st single) what’s changed for you over the years that makes you feel like you’re better at your craft?

A. Here’s what Jason told us about all of that – A friend once said to him “if you don’t cringe when you go back and listen to your early stuff, you’re not evolving.”

Jason says sometimes he cringes when he listens to the earlier stuff… so I guess he’s evolving.

Jason Blaine Country Side Album CoverQ. And back to the present… Country Side has been great for you so far with 2 top 20 singles already – how happy are you with how it has turned out?

A. Not unexpectedly, he’s really happy with how it turned out. There were about 60 songs to choose the 13 from to put together the Country Side alubm. There are some tracks deep in the record that he hopes people get to know. Including one he wrote after a father-daughter dance, “Dance with my Daughter”. It’s pretty special to him.

Q. I asked how exciting it will be to be bringing the record out to tour now that fans will have had time to learn all of the songs?

A. Jason says that with this kind of a set at Boots & Hearts, he’ll be probably sticking to stuff the fans will know. They’ll want to keep the energy up, and they’ll try to think about what the fans want to hear. Some time in the new year he’ll be starting work on figuring out the specifics of the set.

Q. Then I asked Jason what his favourite thing about playing on a big stage in front of a big crowd at an outdoor festival?

A. He talked about the energy and also mentioned that he’s played in front of all kinds of audience including small intimate ones, but nothing compares to the energy of a big outdoor festival audience like there will be at Boots & Hearts.

jason-blaine-red-carpet-cmao-awards-2015-3602Q. I love asking this question, so I asked Jason, who the top 3 artists in your most played right now?

A. John Mayer, Joe Bonamass, Kenny Chesney. “I’m a guitar guy” Jason told us. He loves the bluesy guitar sounds of Joe and is a fan of guitar playing.

Q. And lastly, to wrap things up I asked, what are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

A. Jason told us that he and his wife will be packing up their three kids and driving up from Hendersonville, TN (just outside of Nashville) to see the family in Ontario. It’s a journey they make twice a year: Once for Christmas and once for the summer golf festival.

He also mentioned that Boots & Hearts have been supporters of his golf tournament from his first involvement with them. We chatted a bit about how great they are and how caring they are, but also how good they are at what they do.

Thanks again to Jason for taking to time to chat. I can’t wait to see him up on the Boots & Hearts main stage in August 2016!


2 years ago

Boots & Hearts 2016 Lineup Announcement #2 – Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Cam, and More!

It’s a big morning for Boots and Hearts fans. And that’s an understatement.

13 acts have been added to the B&H lineup which brings us to a total of 16 including the previous announcement of Tim McGraw and Dierks Bentley, plus the 2015 Sirius XM Emerging Artist Showcase winners, The James Barker Band.

The list of 13 is littered with returning performers, favourite Canadian acts, and 3 artists from Joshua’s One to Watch in 2016 list.

Here they are…

❤️ Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton On Stage Boots and Hearts 2014Y’all already know about Blake. He’s the winningest coach on NBC’s The Voice. He’s a 4 time ACM and 9 time CMA Award winner. He’s got more hit singles than we can even think of off the top of our heads – and he did a killer job headlining at Boots & Hearts in 2014 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. We can’t wait to see him up on the big stage again with a drink in one hand the microphone in the other!

❤️ Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt Wheels Up Tour Toronto June 2015We LOVE Sam Hunt. That’s no secret. He’s on Joshua’s Ones to Watch in 2016 list as we wait for the follow up to Montevallo. He was awesome on tour with Lady Antebellum in 2015, AND he walked away from the American Music Awards with the New Artist of the Year trophy in his hands. This former QB is running his own show, and after a rain shortened set on the small stage in 2014, he’s coming back for more at Burl’s Creek!

❤️ Chase Rice
Chase Rice Live in ConcertChase Rice is on the rise. After supporting Kenny Chesney on the Big Revival tour he set out with The Cadillac Three on the Jack Daniels and Jesus Tour to show that he’s headlining material on his own. His reputation for putting on a great show precedes him, and if he brings that to Burl’s Creek in August 2016, we should all be happy with the results!

❤️ Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks -77692015 was the 1st year that Tim Hicks wasn’t at Boots & Hearts – and we missed him. He told us at the 2014 CNE that he knew he’d have to take a year off at some point, and we’re glad it was just 1 year, and now we get him back. We’ve seen Tim live more than a couple of times now, and if any Canadian artist can step up in 2016 and put on the kind of show that Dallas Smith did in 2015, it’s going to be him. Get your Stronger Beer ready!

❤️ Emerson Drive
Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015 FeatureWhat can we say about Emerson Drive that everyone doesn’t know already? These Canadian boys have been tearing up country music stages for 20 years, and they show no signs of slowing down. They’ve played the big stage and the small stage at B&H, and in 2016 they’re coming back again to show us that they’ve still got it!

❤️ Jason Blaine
jason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Another good Canadian boy! Jason is one of the nicest people in country (according to those in country) and as we come up to the 13th anniversary of his 1st single, it still feels like he’s getting better and better and better. We saw him in the sunshine at Boots and Hearts in 2013, here’s hoping it’s the same weather and another great show in 2016!

❤️ Cam
Cam Untamed Feature BannerOh Cam… It’s no secret that I have a crush on Cam. Her voice, her lyrics, her smile, her hair – it’s a total package that is taking country music by storm. And with her debut full-length album Untamed, set to come out on December 11, 2015, we’ll all have plenty of time to learn her tracks so we can sing along at Boots and Hearts. So excited for this performance!

❤️ Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies
Alan Doyle TrishcaAlan Doyle is a Canadian music legend. His career (both solo and with Great Big Sea) has earned him tons of fans and love from coast to coast, and has turned more than 1 venue into a good old fashioned Petty Harbour, Newfoundland kitchen party. And if anyone was taking bets right now, we’d have money on him doing it again at Burl’s Creek. Be ready to dance!

❤️ Autumn Hill
Autumn Hill -8822Young, talented, hot, energetic… there are a lot of adjectives that we can use to describe Autumn Hill, and we’re sure that they’re going to add more to the list as they continue their career. In 2015 the duo cracked the Top 5 on Canadian Country Radio with Blame, and in 2016 they’ll be looking to follow that up with more shows, singles, fans, and love – and by the time August comes we’ll be itching to see what they year has brought them!

❤️ Jojo Mason
Jojo MasonThis mid-20’s Regina native is coming to Boots and Hearts for the first time in 2016, and he’ll be looking to make an impression. His debut single, It’s All Good is available now, and people are taking notice. August might feel like a long time away to some, and really close to others, but either way these 6 months are going to give Jojo Mason a chance to give us all something more to sing along with at Boots and Hearts!

❤️ Jason Benoit
Jason BenoitHe’s a hard working man, you can tell that by the tour dates he’s crammed into his schedule. And he loves to play, you can tell that by the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the stage. Fresh off of tour with Tim Hicks, Benoit will be heading to Boots and Hearts with new fans to make and (hopefully) some new songs for us all to sing. Can’t wait to see what this Newfoundlander brings to the Boots and Hearts festivities!

❤️ Jordan McIntosh 
jordan-mcintosh-boots-and-hearts-2014-wm-0994Jordan is an up and comer. Brett Kissel took him out on tour in 2015 and by his words, loved having him become a brother. Jordan has been at Boots and Hearts before, so he knows what he’s getting into (the screams from the girls that love him) when he takes the stage. We can’t wait to talk to him and watch him do his thing… maybe he’ll share some stories about Livy Jeanne!

❤️ Cory Marquardt 
Cory Marquardt CNE 2015This is exactly what Joshua wrote about Cory for the Ones to Watch in 2016 list, “He parties hard and works harder, and that’s going to result in more and more opportunity and face time for this former hockey player. We know there’s a new video (with a cameo by his dog Emma) and single on the way, and with any luck that’ll be the start of a big year.” We can’t wait to see him at Boots add Hearts to his 2016!

2 years ago

2015 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Recap

On Monday night in Markham, the brightest talent in Ontario country music gathered to celebrate the industry and the achievements of 2014.

Jason McCoy Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3739With 12 awards, and as many performances, the Flato Markham Theatre certainly was the place to be. As first time attendees and first time voters, both Trish and I were ready to celebrate with all of the friends we’ve made in the industry over the last few years – and we’re both happy to report that it was as awesome as we’d hoped.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners. And high fives to all of the performers, there was a whole lot of talent on display Monday night. Also, we need to send a high five to Jason McCoy who handled hosting and performing duties – and he nailed it!

Thanks to Trish we have photos of award winners, performers, nominees and other awesome talent at the 2015 CMAOs. Have a look!

2015 CMAO Award Winners!

In the order they were handed out, here are the CMAO award winners.

Group or Duo of the Year

sponsored by The Remington Group

The Western Swing AuthorityWestern Swing Authority Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3644

Rising Star Award

sponsored by Slaight Music

Leah DanielsLeah Daniels Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3749

Jason BarryRecord Producer of the Year

sponsored by Metal Works Studios

Jason Barry

KX-947 CMAO WinnerRadio Station of the Year (Major Market)

sponsored by Canadian Country Spotlight

KX 94.7 – Hamilton

Country-1073 CMAO WinnerRadio Station of the Year (Secondary Market)

sponsored by Lucknow Music in the Fields

Country 107.3 – Tillsonburg

Music Video of the Year

sponsored by CMT

Small Town Pistols: I Only Smoke When I DrinkSmall Town Pistols Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3692

Roots Artist or Group of the Year

sponsored by Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.

Western Swing AuthorityWestern Swing Win CMAO Awards 2015-3873

Songwriters of the Year

sponsored by SOCAN

Alyssa Bonagura/Patricia Conroy/Amanda Wilkinson/Tyler Wilkinson – I Only Smoke When I DrinkSongwriter of the year Patricia Conry and Small Town Pistols CMAO Awards 2015-4010

Female Artist of the Year

sponsored by Spring Tree Farm Garden Centre

Michelle WrightMichelle Wright CMAO Awards 2015-4066

Male Artist of the Year

sponsored by ticketbreak

Tim HicksTim Hicks Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3663

Single of the Year

sponsored by Boots and Hearts

Small Town Pistols – I Only Smoke When I DrinkSmall Town Pistols Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3877

Album of the Year

sponsored by hmv

Tim Hicks – 5:01Tim Hicks Win CMAO Awards 2015-4086

2015 CMAO Award Performers!

High fives to all of the CMAO Awards performers. There were no misses, only hits – and it was awesome to see such a great  selection of talent from Ontario taking the stage. This isn’t a complete list, but here are some of our fav snaps from the stage Monday night.

Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3943Leah Daniels Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3952

Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill CMAO Awards 2015-4033Tareya Green Autumn Hill CMAO Awards 2015-4035

Russell deCarle Trio

Russell DeCarle Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3966

Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine Performance CMAO Awards 2015-4091

Deric Ruttan

Deric Ruttan Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3977

Small Town Pistols

Small Town Pistols Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3877Small Town Pistols Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3889


Tebey Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3930

Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks Performance CMAO Awards 2015-4188Tim Hicks Performance CMAO Awards 2015-4158

Jason McCoy

Jason McCoy Performance CMAO Awards 2015-4231Jason McCoy CMAO Awards 2015-4255

2015 CMAO Award Favs!

And while not everyone was a winner or performer, they looked great and we love them. Here are some more pics of the great talent we have in Ontario!

Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3668

Lindsay Broughton

Lindsay Broughton Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3614


Tebey Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3777

Victoria Banks, Leah Daniels, Beverley Mahood, Giselle

Victoria Banks Leah Daniels Beverley Mahood Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3717

Deric Ruttan

Deric Ruttan Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3787

Riki Knox

Rikki Knox Red Carpet CMAO Awards 2015-3762

The Lovelocks

The Lovelocks CMAO Awards 2015-3907

Patricia Conroy


and… Joshua

josh cmao-3567

3 years ago

2015 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Performer Preview! [Interview]

CMAO LogoThe Country Music Association of Ontario Awards are coming up on May 25th at the Markham Theatre, and we’re pretty excited!

As voting members for the first time in 2015, both Trish and I feel like we’ve got a little bit more on the line for this award show, it’s a big bonus that we’ve had a chance to see and meet so many of the Ontario country artists that are nominated and will be performing at the award show.

To get us all ready for the 2015 CMAO Awards we asked 4 of the scheduled performers a few questions… and they were cool enough to answer. Big thanks to Lindsay Broughton, Jason Blaine, Tim Hicks and Deric Ruttan for being awesome.

ps. You can win 2 delegate passes to the Country Music Association of Ontario 2015 Spring Tune-Up Conference, CDs from Jason Blaine, Tim Hicks, Deric Ruttan, and The Road Hammers + a $20 HMV gift card in our very own contest – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! 

Now, on with the show!

Q. Here’s an easy one to start, on a scale of 1 to Awesome, how does it feel prepping to get up on stage in front of your fans and peers at the 2015 CMAO Awards this year?

Lindsay Broughton CMAO 2015Lindsay: A. Is it possible to be a few points above awesome on the scale? I’m SO excited to have been asked to perform at this years CMAO’s and I have been counting down the days on the calendar since the moment I found out I was going to be taking part in the show. In saying that, I feel like it’s always a bit nerve wracking performing in front of music industry peers and hometown fans because there is a slight bit of added pressure thrown into the mix! Overall though, the butterflies are a good thing and very helpful in the preparation process so I’m really looking forward to the 25th.

Jason: It’s always an honour to be nominated and to get to perform along side my peers for the country fans in Ontario. It’s also inspiring just to be in the presence of greatness, like Jason McCoy’s beard. Just being in the same room with it for five minutes before you go on stage makes you wanna rock like a Road Hammer.

Tim: It’s always a great honour when I’m asked to perform at these kinds of events. Getting to celebrate Canadian country music is so exciting and getting to do that in my home province just gives it that much more of a heartbeat for me. So…. yeah, pretty awesome!!! I’m stoked to say the least!

Deric: Off the scale. Performing and sharing good music is an honor, and one I am thankful for every time I’m asked.

Q. Ok, this might be a tough one to answer… which of the (other) performers are you most excited to see up on stage?

Lindsay: Haha! That’s not a fair question! To be quite honest I’m just excited to sit back and watch some of my good friends put on a great show. It’s always so interesting and fun to study the different ways artists capture their audiences and I feel like this group of performers is so diverse and each one will be bringing something different to the table on the 25th.

Jason: Other performers?! Are you telling me I now have to cut 10 songs from my set…?

Dustin Rabin Photography, Tim HicksTim: It’s always a pleasure to watch Jason McCoy do his thing. I’ve been a fan of his for a long, long time, so it’s really exciting for me to be able to watch him at an arm’s length. He’s such a natural, comfortable, and seasoned performer- all the things I’ve strived to be my entire career. But more than his performance, I’m looking forward to watching him host the show again. He’s just so dang funny!

Deric: This is a tough one because many of us have been fortunate to share a stage a number of times over the years. I will say that it’s always fun to see my buddy, Jason Blaine, get up there. Especially if he plays “Layin’ Your Love on Me”, a song we co-wrote that landed us a CMAO Songwriter of the Year nomination. Is that self-serving? Probably.

Q. In a few of your own words, can you tell us about the CMAO and how important it is to country music in Ontario?

Lindsay: The CMAO is one of the greatest organizations to come out of Ontario for country musicians, industry folk and even fans. I feel like it’s so important to recognize the hard work and talent of everyone in Ontario industry from artists, to radio personalities and stations to songwriters. I don’t want to speak on behalf of everyone in the Ontario industry but I can definitely say that I believe having the CMAO’s has brought the Ontario country music community closer and given us all a very positive encouraging platform to call home. It’s a community of talent and hardworking people that I’m proud to be a part of.

Jason: Without the CMAO, it would be kinda like having a farm full of animals but no barn to put ‘em in…

Tim: Well, the CMAO “IS” country music in Ontario, so the one can’t be spoken of without the other. It’s so important to shine a light on all the talent in our province, cause there’s a staggering amount of talent RIGHT HERE! I’m so proud to be from Ontario and to be a part of the CMAOs, it can’t be expressed in words.

Deric Ruttan CMAO 2015Deric: Being a Muskoka boy, when I see other songwriters and musicians representing Ontario, I’m filled with pride to be amongst their ranks. An organization like the CMAO is integral to sustaining that camaraderie through education and celebration of the next generation of Ontario talent.

Q. No pressure, but can you tell us what song(s) you’re going to be singing at the show?

Lindsay: A. You can never go wrong with a Jackson 5 smash to get the audience moving… haha kiddin… let’s leave this as a surprise.

Jason: “Country Side”… It was a Top 5 single for us in April and it’s also the first single from a new record… but promise you won’t tell!

Tim: Nope, you’ll have to wait and see 😛

Deric: No!

note: Sorry Jason, we had to… but thanks for trusting us 🙂

Q. In 50 words or less, tell us what we can expect from your performance at the 2015 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards.

Lindsay: Without giving too much away, the audience can expect a fun and energetic live performance from me at this years CMAO’s .

Jason Blaine CMAO 2015Jason: First, it the organizers will let me and budget permitting, I will descend from the rafters via an invisible cable onto the hood of a flaming red jacked up truck, shooting laser beams from the headlights and I’ll begin twerking my way across stage for three and a half minutes. Or, I’ll just sing my song and play my guitar the best I can and have fun 🙂

Tim: I’m just gonna do my thing. It’s always have a blast when I get to perform with the Western Swing Authority backing me up. They’re such great players, so the smile you see on my face will be 100% real. Those kinds of situations are always the most fun for me, kind of a “squeeze your cheeks together and go” moment! So much fun!

Deric: The vibe is definitely going to be fun. The song I’m playing is a feel-good tune from the new album, and it’s one of my favorites to do in front of a live audience.

3 years ago

CONTEST: CMAO 2015 Spring Tune-Up Conference & Swag!

Congrats to our CMAO Conference and Prize Pack winner, Liz Morgan!

Thanks to our friends at the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) we have a great prize pack to give away!!!


HmvLogo-HiRes-Prcs-Pink 2

  • 1 Country Music CD prize pack including CDs from Jason Blaine, Deric Ruttan, The Road Hammers, and Tim Hicks!
  • 2 delegate passes to the CMAO conference (May 24 & 25) at the Delta Hotel Markham
  • HMV $20 gift card

prize pack does not include travel, accommodations, or tickets to the CMAO Awards show, sorry guys. 

Total value of the prize pack is over $300 and we can’t wait to give it to someone!

You already know that the music on those discs is awesome, and a great reason to enter, and $20 to spend at HMV is a nice little cherry on top – but what about the conference?

The 2015 Spring Tune-Up Conference is going to be awesome! Have a look at some of things you’ll be able to check out…


TimHicks_501Day 1 – Sunday, May 24th

– Sharp Thoughts From A Sharp Mind: In Conversation With Derrick Ross

– Show Us The Money! The Dollars And Sense Of Funding // Moderator: Beverly Mahood

– Are We Engaged Yet? Getting More Bang With Your Marketing Buck

– Rhyme And Publishment: Getting Your Music To Sync

– The ‘New Faces, Going Places’ Industry Showcases  // Hosted By: Michelle Wright

Day 2 – Monday, May 25th

Jason Blaineeverything i love CD COVER– ‘A‘ ‘G‘ood ‘M‘orning To You! Have Your Say In The CMAO // AGM Breakfast

– The Write Stuff – SOCAN Songwriters Super Session // featuring: Deric Ruttan, Victoria Banks & more!

– The Formula Reformed: Artists Share Their Personal Recipes For Success // Featuring: Jess Moskaluke & Chad Brownlee

Full details, including times and industry speakers confirmed for each R2I panel, can be seen on the CMAO website.

Deric Ruttan Take The Week OffJust look at that list of sessions that you could be part of. Names like Beverly Mahood, Michelle Wright, Victoria Banks, Jess Moskaluke and Chad Brownlee pretty much tell you that these 2 days are going to be packed full of fun and some really smart country music industry people sharing their thoughts and experiences.

PLUS, Deric Ruttan in a songwriters session?! Dude just wrote Mine Would Be You and Blake Shelton took it all the way to the top!

If you love country music, if you’re trying to make a life out of country music, or if you just want to learn more about the music industry from people who truly do know what they’re doing – the CMAO Conference really should be on your list of things to do.

TheRoadHammers_WheelsSo, enter the contest using the widget below (make sure to follow the instructions on the entries) and tell your friends to enter too – because if they win they’re going to need someone to bring with them!

Remember that this takes place in Markham, Ontario on May 24th and 25th. So if you live too far away to attend, pass the link on to your country loving friends who are a little closer.

We promise more contests are coming for everyone!


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Take Me There: Catching Up With Brooklin’s Lindsay Broughton

Lindsay Broughton is a homegrown Ontario girl looking to make her mark in country music. And if the starlet from Brooklin stays on the path she’s on right now, she will.

Lindsay Broughton Perfect DressWith the 2013 Country Music Association Rising Star Award already on her mantel, the young singer/songwriter has 2 more nominations in 2015 for Album of the Year and Video of the Year.

On the strength of her album, Take Me There (released November 2014), Lindsay’s star has only grown and her name and music have reached more and more people in the country music community.

What all started with a field trip to Nashville, continues today, with more trips to the Country Music Capital of the World to write more music to record for her fans.

We caught up with Lindsay on the phone to talk about the upcoming CMAOs, new music, the country music community and more, thanks to a couple tweets.

Check it out…

Fan Question #1: What is your favourite/the best concert you’ve seen?

Lindsay made a good point about our first concerts always holding a special place in our hearts (like a first love maybe?) – and then she let spill that her first concert, that special one in her heart, was Britney Spears on the Baby One More Time Tour.

She followed up though by telling us that more recently, her fav concert experience took place in Michigan where she saw 2015 Boots & Hearts headliner, Eric Church take the stage. In Lindsay’s words, “it’s like a country concert and a rock concert at the same time”. If we weren’t already excited enough to see Mr. Church this August, we are now.

CMAO Female Artist of the Year 2015Fan Question #2: Can you make a choice for Female Artist of the Year at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards?

Now, we don’t fault Lindsay one little bit for this, but she did kinda dodge this question. She was sweet and fair in saying that all of the women nominated (Genevieve Fisher, Kira Isabella, Brea Lawrenson, Beverley Mahood, Tianna Woods, Michelle Wright) have a really strong chance to have their name called at the CMAOs and they all had a great 2014.

She may not have made a choice, but we’ll let it slide!

And now onto some questions from us…

Q. How excited are you for your nominations?

Lindsay told us that she was in Nashville when she found out about her nominations, so she was already in a pretty excited state. And in fact, she was in a writing session with Jason Blaine, so they both found out about their nominations at the same time – and that they were competing against each other for Music Video of the Year.

To hear her speak about the nominations was a lot of fun. It was easy to hear the excitement in her voice. Something that can’t be manufactured – and that just makes us want to root for her even more.

Lindsay Broughton Pretty in PlaidQ. What role has community played for you, and what is the sense of community like in Country Music?

We kind of stumped Lindsay at first with this one. We’ll admit that it’s probably not the most common question in the world – but we went with it anyway!

“Community is the base of country music”, Lindsay told us. She spoke about her early career and the support that she got locally from people asking to buy her music, or when and where they could see her perform. She gave a shout out to nearby KX96 who have always been good to her and played her music for the fans to hear. And she told us that her old high school still plays her songs each fall when the new students arrive. She acknowledges that the support at home is a huge part of her being where she is now in her career, and it’s clear to see that she’s thankful for it.

On the industry side Lindsay told us that “everybody is friends with everybody” and that the CMAOs will be kind of like a family reunion with artists coming together to congratulate each other and catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

Lindsay also told us that, on a personal level, it’s cool to be able to call these other very talented artists, her friends – and to be able to pick up the phone and call them when she hears a new single on the radio.

Q. What’s coming up this summer?

As she told us earlier, there’s been some writing going on in Nashville… and with a quick burst of excitement, she told us that she’s pretty sure she has her next single – which means she has to get back in the studio to record and release this summer.

Lindsay will also be playing shows at US Army bases for the first time this summer, including her first show at Colorado Springs where she’s been told the crowd could be as big as 45,000.

Lindsay Broughton Take Me ThereQ. What would it mean to win Album of the Year or Video of the Year at the 2015 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards?

As humbly as you may expect, we heard again that it’s an honour to be nominated, and it would be an honour to win. Lindsay shared that it’s “always a nice feeling to be recognized” and that a win in either category would be “another piece of acceptance in the musical community”.

If you haven’t seen Lindsay’s Video of the Year Award submission: Take Me There, check the bottom of the post. And if you haven’t bought the Take Me There album yet, click on the iTunes link.

Thanks a ton to Lindsay for taking the time to chat – we can’t wait to hang out on May 25th at the CMAO Awards.

Find Lindsay Broughton online at these fine locations…
Website: www.lindsaybroughton.com
Facebook: Lindsay Broughton
Twitter: @lindsbroughton
YouTube: Lindsay Broughton
iTunes: Lindsay Broughton

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Boots & Hearts 2013 Spotlight: Tim Hicks, Chad Brownlee, High Valley, Aaron Lewis, Jason Blaine

Tim Hicks

Boots & Hearts kicked off on the Front Porch Stage Thursday night, much to the delight of thousands of country music fans who made the trip to Bowmanville for the extra night of music and partying.

2nd on stage Thursday night was Tim Hicks, an emerging artist who has been nominated for the 2013 CCMA Rising Star award and has his debut album set for release on August 27th. Hicks put on a helluva show for the fans crowded around the stage. His brand of country is high energy, fun and includes a lot of shout outs to parties and beer. Check out Stronger Beer and Hell Raisin’ Good Time as great examples. It’s the kind of music that puts new country fans in a good mood.

Hicks played a great set including covers of Outkast’s Hey Ya and Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again. He also issued a Twitter challenge to the fans with the offer of a free t-shirt to the best tweet he got with the #throwdown hashtag. This guy is going places. Watch him!

Tim Hicks at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]Tim Hicks at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee was selected 190th overall by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2003 NHL Draft. But when injuries sidelined his hockey career he turned his attention to the guitar that he’d been playing for almost as long as he’d been skating and decided to make a go of country music. It worked.

Brownlee took the main stage at Boots & Hearts on Saturday afternoon in jeans, a t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap and immediately had the crowd in the palm of his hands. With the sun shining and the grounds dried up from Friday’s downpour, the fans were ready for a good time and Chad delivered. His guitar heavy sound filled the air and his energy transferred from the stage to the ground.

The best sing along moment of Brownlee’s set came during Hood Of My Car and I have no doubt that with more albums, singles, videos and festival sets like he played on Saturday, Chad Brownlee will have many more moments like that to look back on in his career!

Chad Brownlee at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

Chad Brownlee at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

High Valley

The brothers Rempel (Brad, Bryan and Curtis) that make up High Valley took to the Boots & Hearts Main Stage on a sunny Sunday afternoon and did a great job of warming up the crowd for a day of music and dancing. Opening up with I Will Stand By You the fans were engaged instantly, singing along and putting their hands in the air.

All 3 boys can play their instruments (Brad: Guitar, Bryan: Bass, Curtis: Mandolin) as well as sing with smooth harmonies on every track. And they love to play to the crowd which was evident when they covered Paul Brandt’s When You Call My Name, One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful and The Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way (in Low German) all of which drew huge cheers from the crowd.

This is a good looking and good sounding band with a bright future ahead of them. I have a feeling that this won’t be their last festival. And that the ones coming up will have them featured more and more prominently.

High Valley at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

High Valley at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis became famous as the front man of the band Staind. A rock and roll outfit that topped the charts 5 times. But now Lewis has gone country. And classic country at that. With a sound that would fit on playlists with the country stars that your grandparents listened to, he is a genuine throwback. In fact, he sang with Charlie Daniels and the late George Jones on his track Country Boy.

With a heavy steel guitar sound and slow, story telling lyrics and a voice that drips with country music it’s hard to believe that Lewis ever sang anything else. It will be interesting to see if he continues to make country records or goes back to Staind. Maybe, if Aaron Lewis fans are lucky, he’ll do both.

Aaron Lewis at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]Aaron Lewis at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine started playing guitar at age 8, caught my attention with his single, Rock In My Boot in 2007 and has been a rising star in country music ever since. On Sunday he hit the Main Stage at Boots & Hearts and did a fantastic job of getting the crowd pumped up and loud for the headliners to come with his music, enthusiasm and engagement.

Jason looked like he was the happiest guy in the world when he was up on the stage. Or the catwalk where he spent a lot of time during his set. And with a new record, Everything I Love, out now – it’s easy to see why he’s happy. There’s also the CCMA nomination for Songwriter of the Year that might have him in a good mood. And of course, he won Single of the Year in 2012 for They Don’t Make Em Like That Anymore. It’s been a positive run lately for Jason.

No matter the reason, Jason Blaine put on a great show Sunday playing old hits, new music and generally being excited and enthusiastic from start to finish. I’ll tell you what, he would be a great get for any country festival in the next decade or so! Good luck at the CCMA’s Jason, we’ll be cheering for you again this year.

Work Hard, Play Harder, Be Awesome.

Jason Blaine at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]
Jason Blaine at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

Jason Blaine at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]

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