Luke Bryan

Country Music’s Sexiest Men, 2017

The internet is buzzing with rumours that Blake Shelton will be named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2017.

We aren’t here to tell you that they made the wrong choice, but we are here to put a spotlight on some of the other sexy men in country music.

In the last couple of years we’ve had the chance to see these men perform on stage, and as great as they are with the microphone in their hands, they elicit a whole lot of cheers for their look up there on stage.

Have a look at our list and pics of Blake Shelton and our 10 more sexy country music men, and leave a comment to tell us who you think is tops OR who you think we missed.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton-Country Thunder 2017 Blake Shelton is one of the biggest stars in the world today. Between his regular appearances at the top of the country music charts and his seat in the spinning chair on The Voice, he’s everywhere. And as the 41 year old Oklahoman adds more salt and pepper to his look, the sexier he seems to get.

Luke Bryan

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan What do we need to say to share the point that Luke Bryan is sexy?! The dude has women pawing at him so much he’s had to make rules about it. When he rotates his hips, it turns into gifs. This Georgia daddy has got to be on every ‘sexy men in country music’ list.

Brett Eldredge

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Brett Eldredge Boots and Hearts 2017 - Brett EldredgeThis rising star is smooth as silk and dapper as hell. Whether he’s on stage with a couple buttons undone, or he’s in a tux on the way to an awards show, he shines. The eyes, the smile, the voice, and the laugh… they add up for Brett Eldredge.

Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith CNE 2015Dallas Smith-Country Thunder 2017This Canadian country music rockstar has it all going for him. Give him some ripped jeans, roll up the sleeves to see the ink, and give him a little stubble of a beard if you’re into that sort of thing. Dallas Smith is legit.

Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016 Dylan Scott BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016This country boy has muscles to spare, looking like he could lift a truck if he wanted to. And Dylan Scott‘s eyes – staring right to your soul. Dang it, he’s got Mmm, Mmm, Mmm all wrapped up.

Mark Wystrach

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Midland Boots and Hearts 2017 - MidlandAs the lead man of Midland, Mark Wystrach is turning heads. If you didn’t already know, you could probably also guess that he’s had a career as a model. He’s chiseled and has the look and we could probably forgive him if he had a Drinkin’ Problem.

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee - CNE 2017 Boots and Hearts 2017 - Chad BrownleeAnother good Canadian boy, this hockey player turned country star has it in spades. Chad Brownlee knows how to work the stage, the ladies scream for him every time we see him, and when he sings sweetly, it’s everything you dream about.

Chris Lane

Chris Lane-Trackside_Fest Chris Lane Sugar BeachChris Lane is a 33 year old from North Carolina, sharing a laid back cool that drips with sexy. And with his twin brother Cory on the drums, it’s double trouble when this country boy takes the stage in front of a crowd.

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016 Sam. Hunt. This quarterback turned country superstar drive women wild, and put tears in their eyes when he proposed to his fiancée. On award show carpets and on stage, Sam Hunt is sexy as hell.

Jake Owen

Jake Owen BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Barefoot Jake has that Florida beach cool sexy going on. Long hair or short, Jake is sexy – and when he pushes that sweaty hair back and does his thing… he nails it!

Andrew Hyatt

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Andrew Hyatt Andrew Hyatt in the shower - Side Effects Tour - OshawaAndrew Hyatt loves to work with his hands, he’s got a great beard, and this newly minted top 10 charting rising country star from Sudbury is picking up new crushes in every city he visits.

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CMC Rocks QLD: Australian Country Festival Announces 2018 Lineup

We’ve been known to have a soft spot for the Australian music industry and the artists they produce. From Keith Urban to The Lazys, and dozens in between, we’re into it. And now we’ve got something we can totally get behind: The CMC Rocks QLD Country Music Festival 2018 lineup.

You’ve got to see this thing to believe it. We’ve seen some of the biggest acts in the world of country music on stages at Boots & Hearts, the Canadian Country Music Association Awards, and at concerts all over… and Australia is getting a heavy dose of some of the best out there.

Note: It’s especially cool to see Dean Brody, High Valley, and Gord Bamford on this lineup. We know that all three of these Canadian country artists will represent us well.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Dean Brody

CMC Rocks QLD is scheduled to take place from Thursday, March 15 to Sunday, March 18 about 50 kilometres outside of Brisbane. The Willowbank, Ipswich festival is going to be big if the lineup is any indication. And really, how can it not be.

American headliners Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, and Kelsea Ballerini are all super talented. And with a crop of artists including Brett Young, Luke Combs, Brothers Osborne, and more taking the stage along with them… we wish we were headed to Australia in March.

Check out the full lineup below, and if you are in Australia, or you want to make this part of your 2018 spring vacation plans – tickets go on sale Monday, October 9th. Click here to learn more.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan

We love country music festivals. We love this list of artists. We love the idea that country artists from the United States and Canada get to make this trip. And we love that Australian country music fans get to see them alongside their own local favourites!

CMC Rocks QLD, 2018 Artist Lineup

🇺🇸 Luke Bryan
🇺🇸 Darius Rucker
🇺🇸 Kelsea Ballerini
🇺🇸 Dustin Lynch
🇺🇸 Old Dominion
🇺🇸 Dan + Shay
🇺🇸 Randy Houser
🇺🇸 Brett Young
🇺🇸 Brothers Osborne
🇺🇸 Luke Combs
🇺🇸 Russell Dickerson
🇺🇸 Davisson Brothers Band
🇺🇸 Ryan Follese
🇨🇦 Dean Brody
🇨🇦 High Valley
🇨🇦 Gord Bamford
🇳🇿 Jody Direen
🇳🇿 Kaylee Bell
🇦🇺 Busby Marou
🇦🇺 Steve Forde
🇦🇺 Travis Collins
🇦🇺 The Sunny Cowgirls
🇦🇺 Troy Kemp
🇦🇺 Christie Lamb
🇦🇺 Melanie Dyer
🇦🇺 Missy Lancaster
🇦🇺 Baylou
🇦🇺 Mustered Courage
🇦🇺 Viper Creek Band
🇦🇺 Jayne Denham
🇦🇺 Casey Barnes
🇦🇺 Route 33
🇦🇺 Rachael Fahim

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Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day: Luke Bryan at Boots & Hearts 2017

As the lights went down over Boots & Hearts 2017 and it became clear that it was time for Luke Bryan to take the stage, there was a buzz and feeling of electricity flowing through thousands of country music fans in the Oro-Medonte field. And the moment that the country hit maker came out was perhaps the loudest we had heard of the festival… to that point.

In 2014, Luke Bryan headlined Saturday night at Boots & Hearts and owned the crowd from start to finish. In 2017, Bryan got the Sunday night slot – and owned the tens of thousands in attendance all over again. From Move to start the set, to Country Girl (Shake It For Me) at the end, the Georgia native might as well have been a homegrown Canadian star the way he connected with his northern fans. His playful and charming banter created the kind of engagement that live audiences feed off of, and the collection of hits and covers that Bryan and the band pumped out gave the B&H faithful a chance and reason to sing and dance and cheer.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan

Some of the biggest cheers (and laughs) came when a fan tossed their phone up on stage for Bryan to Google some lyrics… but instead of that he rolled through her messages and called a friend. Now, we don’t know if he actually called Stacey, and then asked what she was wearing. But there’s a chance he did, and in the moment, there was a lot of love in the crowd for the bit.

Sunday night was the end to a long (but not long enough?) four days of music at Boots & Hearts. But, through rain storms, evacuations, sunshine and hangovers – the crowd was still in a party mood for Luke Bryan on the main stage. They had the staying power to sing along as loud as they could, dance like no one was watching, and party like it was Saturday night part two. It was the purest example of what Boots & Hearts has been since year one at Mosport. It was loud, fun, happy, excited, and a little slice of heaven for country music fans.

Note: As we hung out by the barn during Luke’s set, we witnessed a sweet surprise proposal… and she said yes. It was a nice little moment that went unnoticed by many, but will never be forgotten by the happy couple.

Luke Bryan has now headlined Boots & Hearts years three and six… so if we look forward on that three year schedule, maybe we’ll see Luke Bryan, playing the hits we know now, and whatever new music he’s released and taken to the top of the charts by then. And judging by the reaction he got on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at Boots & Hearts, Luke Bryan would be welcomed back with open arms in 2020.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan

He turned his hat around, he rolled his hips, he shook his ass… he was exciting, funny, charming, maybe a little buzzed, and he did his damnedest to give everyone in attendance the good time they were hoping for.

And if you took a survey, we’re pretty sure you’d find that Luke Bryan did just that at Boots & Hearts 2017.

Luke Bryan, Boots & Hearts 2017 Setlist

🎣 Move
🎣 That’s My Kinda Night
🎣 Kick The Dust Up
🎣 Rain Is A Good Thing
🎣 This Is How We Roll
🎣 Crash My Party
🎣 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
🎣 I See You
🎣 Fast
🎣 Drunk On You
🎣 Roller Coaster
🎣 All My Friends Say
🎣 Country Man
🎣 Play It Again
🎣 Mountain Music (Alabama)
🎣 Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
🎣 My House (Flo Rida)
🎣 Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars)
🎣 Strip It Down
🎣 Drink A Beer
🎣 Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day
🎣 I Don’t Want This Night To End
🎣 Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
🎣 Paradise City, band outro (Guns & Roses)

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan

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Boots & Hearts 2017 Weather Forecast!

With Boots & Hearts 2017 coming up this week… it’s time to seriously get started on the planning and packing. And if you’re going to start doing those things without checking the weather – you’re asking for trouble.

So, before you start deciding what to wear to Boots & Hearts, we suggest checking the forecast for Oro-Medonte and what it might be doing when Doc Walker, Keith Urban, Brantley Gilbert, and Luke Bryan headline Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Sadly, it looks like rain may be in the cards – which we should probably have expected since it’s darn near a B&H tradition. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun. With temperatures that will still hit the 20s, and humidity part of the equation, shorts and tanks and tees will still be the order of the day. With rubber boots, ponchos, and hoodies a smart addition to any wardrobe.

Stay up to date on the Boots & Hearts/ Oro-Medonte weather forecast as we get closer to the festival by Clicking Here as Thursday approaches.

Coors Kick Off Party Boots and Hearts 2015

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Boots & Hearts 2017 Preview: Day-to-Day Schedule and Stage Lineup

Boots & Hearts 2017 is coming, and we’re getting ready for all of the live music action that we can handle. And now we know which day, stage, and time we’ll be catching our favourite country music artists from August 10 to 13th in Oro-Medonte, ON.

Now, we know that there are going to be some overlaps in artists you want to see, so it’s important that you start planning now for your busy days at the festival. Don’t be afraid to run from one to stage to the other so you get the chance to see as many of these acts as possible.

And, when there’s a time slot that doesn’t have an artist you know, we highly recommend taking that chance to discover some new music – you might just fall in love with what you hear.

So, without any further ado, here is the 2017 Boots & Hearts day-to-day stage schedule…

Thursday, August 10

Front Porch Stage

Emerging Artist Showcase
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Vanessa Marie Carter
7:25pm – 8:05pm
Love and Theft
8:30pm – 9:15pm
Doc Walker
9:40pm – 11:10pm
KICX Late Night Dance Party
11:30pm – 1:00am

Doc Walker Boots and Hearts

Friday, August 11

Main Stage

Leaving Thomas
2:15pm – 2:45pm
Endless Summer
3:15pm – 3:45pm
Brooke Eden
4:15pm – 5:00pm
Frankie Ballard
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Dan + Shay
7:15pm – 8:30pm
Keith Urban
9:15pm – 10:45pm

Dan + Shay Boots and Hearts

Front Porch Stage

2:00pm – 2:25pm
Andrew Hyatt
2:45pm – 3:15pm
Jessica Mitchell
3:35pm – 4:20pm
Drake White and the Big Fire
4:45pm – 5:45pm
Kiefer Sutherland
6:15pm – 7:15pm
KX Country Late Night Dance Party
11:00pm – 1:00am

CMT Music Fest - Drake White & The Big Fire

SiriusXM House

Music Row Happy Hour with Buzz Brainard
4:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday, August 12

Main Stage

The Abrams
2:30pm – 3:00pm
JJ Shiplett
3:30pm – 4:00pm
Aubrie Sellers
4:30pm – 5:15pm
Chad Brownlee
5:45pm – 6:45pm
Eli Young Band
7:30pm – 8:45pm
Brantley Gilbert
9:30pm – 11:00pm

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015

Front Porch Stage

Patrick Dorie
2:00pm – 2:30pm
Nice Horse
3:00pm – 3:30pm
Jesse Gold
4:00pm – 4:30pm
Lindi Ortega
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Tucker Beathard
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Country 105 Late Night Dance Party
11:00pm – 1:00am

Tucker Beathard - The Rivoli

Sunday, August 13

Main Stage

2:00pm – 2:25pm
Dani Strong
2:45pm – 3:15pm
Delta Rae
3:40pm – 4:40pm
Cold Creek County
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Brett Eldredge
7:15pm – 8:30pm
Luke Bryan
9:15pm – 11:00pm

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts

Front Porch Stage

Tomi Swick*
2:25pm – 2:55pm
Kelly Prescott
3:15pm – 3:45pm
4:30pm – 5:30pm
Jess Moskaluke
6:15pm – 7:15pm
Country 101.1, 93.5, 106.7 Late Night Dance Party
11:00pm – 1:00am

Jess Moskaluke Trackside Fest 2016

*Tomi Swick replaces Colt Walker on the B&H schedule.

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Boots & Hearts 2017 Day-to-Day Lineup Announcement!

We’re closing in on 3 months away from Boots & Hearts 2017 at Burl’s Creek Event Park… and with seven new names added to the lineup this morning, it feels like we’re nearing the full list of performers.

And adding to that is the announcement of the day-to-day lineups for this year’s festival!

Yes, we now know who we’re going to see on which day. And yes, there are more details to come, telling us who will play on the main stage, who will be on the front porch stage, and what time we’ll be seeing everyone… but this is a huge start to the planning process, and amps up the excitement for each day of August 10 through 13.

Let’s start at the start, with the Thursday night Coors Banquet Kick Off Party, and go through the weekend!

And, for each day we’ll key in on a couple of names (headliners not included) that we think you should be ready to watch… and enjoy!


Thursday, August 10 – Coors Banquet Kick Off Party

Doc Walker
Vanessa Marie Carter
and more…

This one is easy… both Doc Walker and Vanessa Marie Carter are going to be awesome. But after seeing 5 acts on stage last year during the kick off party, we’re waiting to see who else gets added here!

Friday, August 11

Keith Urban
Dan + Shay
Frankie Ballard
Kiefer Sutherland
Drake White & The Big Fire
Brooke Eden
Endless Summer
Jessica Mitchell
Andrew Hyatt
Leaving Thomas

Ugh, so this is not as easy… Drake White & The Big Fire are awesome, if you haven’t seen them before, you need to make your way to the stage for them. And if we’re going to pick more, which we have to do, we’re highlighting Jessica Mitchell, Andrew Hyatt, and upstart duo Leaving Thomas.

Saturday, August 12

Brantley Gilbert
Eli Young Band
Chad Brownlee
Tucker Beathard
Aubrie Sellers
Lindi Ortega
JJ Shiplett
The Abrams
Jesse Gold
Nice Horse

We all know how great Chad Brownlee is, so let’s skip him and move to JJ Shiplett and The Abrams. We’re looking forward to both of these sets, and can’t wait for more country music fans to hear their music.

Sunday, August 13

Luke Bryan
Brett Eldridge
Jess Moskaluke
Cold Creek County
Delta Rae
Dani Strong
Kelly Prescott
Colt Walker

Last day, and it’s still not easy. If you haven’t seen Alee yet, go listen to her brand new record and then get ready to see her on stage… and you are not going to want to miss Midland. Those Texas boys are good, and funny, and we’re willing to bet that they’re going to kill it on the big stage.

So there you go… this is who we’ll see each day at Boots & Hearts 2017. Now, get ready to be even more excited every day as we get closer.

And stay tuned for contests, interviews, previews and more!

Jess Moskaluke Boots and Hearts 2015Jessica Mitchell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-Vanessa Marie Carter The RanchChad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015CMT Music Fest - Andrew HyattDani Strong Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016


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Lady Gaga Takes On The Super Bowl LI Half-Time Show

We’re heading into Super Bowl LI with an eye on Lady Gaga. Yeah, it’s a big game but we’re not here to predict the game, we’re here to talk about the half-time show!

Last year Gaga stepped up to sing the National Anthem and landed herself in the top 10 all-time performances. This year she’s taking the stage at half-time and the rumours are flying! Will she be joined by Beyoncé or maybe Tony Bennett? Will she turn her performance into a political message? Will she start her performance on the roof of the stadium? Will she announce a tour in support of her fifth studio album, Joanne, after the Super Bowl? We’ll find out all the answers later today.

My thoughts? Guest artist or not Gaga is going to kill this performance. The multi-Grammy winning artist has a great catalogue to draw from and we’re hoping that she plays some of our favourites. My best guess, she will include Million Reasons, are we placing bets on this stuff? I’m also finding hard to believe she won’t say something political, come on guys, it’s Gaga! Now onto the roof, there’s rain in the forecast so I’m going to say no to this one. Will she make a tour announcement, 100% yes!

So what can we expect from the 12 minute Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show? Straight from Gaga’s lips, we can anticipate a tremendously athletic performance.

Just in time for this huge performance Lady Gaga has released some new merch,  this is a perfect marketing opportunity and the new merch is awesome!

You can get ready for tonight’s performance with The Essentials Playlist.

I’m excited and I can hardly wait! Bring it, Gaga. We’re counting on a spectacle!

While you’re waiting for the game to get started, enter our contest. We’re giving away a Boots and Hearts prize for Luke Bryan’s National Anthem over/under 2:15. RT with your pick. One correct bet will win!

EDIT – We’ve got the full version of the Half-Time Performance!

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Boots & Hearts 2017 Preview: Luke Bryan Top 10

The addition of Luke Bryan to the Boots & Hearts 2017 lineup  brings 15 more Hot Country Airplay #1 hits to Oro Medonte, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

In 2014 we saw Luke take over the main stage and whip 30,000+ into a frenzy as he rolled through his set, danced and shimmied and drove the ladies wild… and we’re willing to bet that he’s going to have the same influence over 45,000+ in 2017.

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts

Bryan has released 5 full length studio albums. Two of them went to #2 on the country album charts, three of them when to #1… So it’s not really all that easy to give you a Top 10 list of singles. But that’s why we’re here, so that’s what I’m going to do.

In no particular order, here are 10 awesome Luke Bryan hits to get you ready for August 2017 at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds.

Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

Drink A Beer

Home Alone Tonight ft. Karen Fairchild

Drunk On You

Country Man

Do I?

Crash My Party

Play It Again

Roller Coaster

Huntin’ Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day

Bonus: She Get Me High

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Analogue Gallery’s Sound Image Competition 2016

On Queen Street West, in Toronto, there is a special gallery, one that believes that music is all it needs. Analogue Gallery is a place for music lovers of all kinds to come together, remember, and if they’re so inspired, take a piece of it home with them. The brain child of Lucia Graca the gallery has become a place you can view and buy works from established photographers as well as a place for newer photographers to showcase their work.

Analogue Gallery

Photo Credit: Kimon Kaketsis

Lucia comes to this place honestly and with grace. She’s been in photo pits on four continents, her photos have been in many music magazines, she’s toured with bands, her work is critically acclaimed, she knows her stuff and I’m thrilled to have a chance to work with her.

Last night I was honoured to be included in this year’s Sound Image Competition. With just over 50 photos, the gallery was full of energy and people last night for the opening. The gallery was packed with celebrity judges, friends, family, supporters and hopefully buyers.

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts

Photo Credit: Trish Cassling
Luke Bryan at Boots & Hearts

Norman Wong – photographer
Barrie Wentzell – photographer
Brendan Canning – musician (broken social scene)
Kardinal Offishall – rapper
Troy Beyer – NOW Magazine photo editor
Lucia Graca (Gallery Director)

The big winner last night was Vanessa Heins. Photographers’ choice went to Hayley Hasessian. Congrats to the winners but I’m sure I speak for all of the photographers when I say, we all felt like winners last night.

The show is on until February 5th and after that it will appear at Toronto Festival and Note Bene.

Here’s a link to the Facebook Album with all of the entries.

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Country Music Needs to Stop Hating on Country Music

Country music needs to stop hating on country music!

Sam Hunt with guitar Wheels Up Tour Toronto June 2015If you’ve ever read the comment section of a Sam Hunt or Florida Georgia Line video, you know what I’m talking about. And if your gut reaction to that sentence is to say, “That’s not real country music”, I really hope you keep reading this post.

In the last few years we’ve seen the country charts include monster hits tagged as Bro Country, we’ve seen Kid Rock, Don Henley, and Steven Tyler release country records, we’ve lamented the evolution of Taylor Swift from Tim McGraw to Shake It Off, and we’ve also seen Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves celebrated by the country music community for their work.

All of this has happened in country music, and it has very clearly made some “True Country Fans” upset. Because they love Willie and Waylon and Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn, they hate FGL and vocally attack their popular music as an affront to the genre that they love. They post memes about country music not being dead, just asleep, and waking up with Chris Stapleton. And I get it, people like what they like, and they don’t like what they don’t like. The issue right now is that the conversations don’t stop at “I don’t like this song/album/band”, they continue to “this isn’t country music”.

Our reality in country music in 2015 is that we’re still saddled with an outdated and overly simplified categorization of the genre. And an even more outdated view of what that means.

Brad Paisley Boots and Hearts 2015Brad Paisley’s Country Nation proudly boasts that there are over 2,000 stations playing country music in the United States. That’s an awesome number, but let’s step back for a second and really look at what rock and roll has done in its evolution.

From Elvis and Buddy Holly to U2 and Foo Fighters, rock and roll has changed. In any major North American market you’re bound to find a New Rock station, a Classic Rock station, Alt-Rock, Soft Rock, etc, etc, etc. And in record stores or online we see Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Prog Rock, Southern Rock, Metal, etc, etc, etc. But in country music we have country music.

Let’s call back for a minute to the “It’s not country” thing. Rock and roll fans love to hate Nickelback en masse, but they don’t try to claim that they aren’t a rock band, or that they don’t make rock music. See?

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 Saturday NightThe entire genre, from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr. to Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan sits under one category. One listing. One banner to hold all of the music we like and don’t like.

There is nothing wrong with writing, singing, buying, or loving new country music that is popular on radio and the Billboard charts. And there is nothing wrong with loving roots artists that are holding onto influence from Hall of Famers like Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton.

As media, fans, industry, and artists we need to stop creating bullshit rules and boundaries about what is Real Country Music and saying it’s wrong if a song doesn’t fit your personal description of country music.

We have one country music that all of us need to either embrace regardless of our tastes, or use as an excuse to keep on hating.

None of us have the right to say that a musical genre can’t evolve. That an artist can’t express themselves and explore something new. Or that an audience whose grandparents love Marty Robbins, can’t love Maddie & Tae.

The country music community has always preached a message of inclusivity, and that all are welcome if they love the music.

Well now it’s time to practice what we preach and understand that country music you don’t like, is still country music.

Welcome to 2015. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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2016 CMA Awards Results and Wrap

And the CMA goes to…

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the CMA Awards last night we’re highly recommending you make an effort to watch it. ABC has posted the entire show on YouTube!

Country Music Awards 2015 – Full Show

But even without the surprises of the award winners, this is an awards show that shouldn’t be missed by country music fans anywhere.

There were some amazing collaborations and some spectacular performances. And today everyone is talking about the Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performance. Watch it now and see why!

Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton Live at the 2015 CMA Awards!

And now, without any further ado, here are your 2015 CMA major award winners. Congrats to everyone, especially the big winners of the evening, Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town!

Luke BryanLuke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 Saturday Night

Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert Boots and Hearts

Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton
Traveller, Chris Stapleton

“Girl Crush” – Little Big Town
“Girl Crush” – Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose – Little Big Town
Little Big Town

Florida Georgia LineFlorida Georgia Line Boots and Hearts 2015

“Raise ‘Em Up” – Keith Urban feat. Eric Church

“Girl in a Country Song” – Maddie & Tae

Other performances to not miss are Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and John Mellencamp, Thomas Rhett and Fall Out Boy and of course Reba and Brooks and Dunn!

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood were amazing hosts and I’m giving them the Comedy Duo of the Year award. Don’t miss their performances as well as Eric Church, Kelsea Ballerini, Florida Georgia line… did we miss anyone? Kudos to ABC they’re all over the broadcast and have everything you could want to see on their YouTube page.

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May 2-4 Country Music Party Playlist

The long weekend is here, and that means it’s time to pour a drink, turn on some music and have some fun.

Sorry that I can’t handle the drinks for everyone, but whether you’re a beer person, or a whisky person, or rum, or vodka, or wine, or a Fireball person… I can help with the music.

Check out this country party playlist that I’ve curated and have yourself a party. There’s a Spotify list at the bottom of the post to make it easy for you 😀

And don’t be scared to leave a comment telling us what you’re drinking this weekend and what songs we should add to the playlist.

Day Drinking

Little Big Town

Lay It On Me

Dylan Scott

Raised By A Good Time

Steven Lee Olsen

A Real Good Radio

Kira Isabella


Cory Marquardt

Raise Your Glass

Brett Kissel

Stronger Beer

Tim Hicks

Night We Won’t Forget

Jess Moskaluke


Sam Hunt

Get Me Some Of That

Thomas Rhett

Run Angel Run

Runaway Angel

Wastin’ Gas

Dallas Smith

When The Lights Go Down

Chad Brownlee

Girl In A Country Song

Maddie & Tae

Kiss You In The Morning

Michael Ray

Born Again In Dixieland

Jason McCoy


The Lovelocks

I’ve Been Everywhere

The Road Hammers


Courtney Cole

Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

Luke Bryan

Click the list to play ’em all now!

Have a great long weekend y’all!

Be Awesome!

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2015 ACM Awards – Live Tweet Look Back

Sunday night the largest crowd ever for a televised award show gathered at AT&T Stadium near Dallas, Texas – and along with everyone watching at home, they were given one hell of a show to watch, hosted by 2 of our favs (and 2014 Boots & Hearts alumni) Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton!

Because we were so excited about the Academy of Country Music Awards this year, we live tweeted the show from @thereviewsarein. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of tweets and retweets. If you missed them last night, or missed the show and want some highlights – here you go!

Note: There was a lot of switching from Twitter to NHL Gamecenter Live to watch that hockey game. #GoHabsGo

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Boots & Hearts 2014 Wrap and 2015 Predictions

Boots and Hearts 2014 Night Crowd 1It’s been 2 weeks since we stood with 30,000+ country music fans at Boots & Hearts 2014 – and we’re still thinking about it.

From Thursday night’s start with The Reklaws, Natalie Stovall & The Drive, Brett Kissel, and Dallas Smith to Saturday and Sunday night’s headliners Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton the music was hot, the crowd was into it and everyone had a great time!

We would love to thank Republic Live, the Boots & Hearts staff, volunteers, security and all of the vendors for helping us have an awesome time and making us want to come back again in 2015.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2014We also want to thank Brett Kissel, The Reklaws, and Trinity Bradshaw for being awesome off stage when we chatted and laughed and took pictures together. It was a great addition to covering the music and we appreciate it.

I’ve been at Boots & Hearts each of the first 3 years, and I can safely tell you that 2014 was the biggest, loudest, most electric atmosphere yet. We had performances from newcomers and legends and artists that are littering the charts with their hits right now. And all of them gave their fans awesome sets.


I had no idea Dan + Shay were going to be as HUGE as they were at Boots & Hearts. When they came onto the Front Porch stage it was packed with young fans (mostly young ladies who were very vocal in their support) who knew every word to every song those 2 dudes sang. It was a pretty great surprise for me as a fan of live music.

TheReviewsAreIn Trinity Bradshaw Interview Boots and Hearts 2014Trinity Bradshaw – SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase Winner! We had the chance to meet Trinity backstage and do a little interview and get to know you session after her Saturday performance in the Emerging Artist Showcase contest – and we pretty much fell in love with her instantly. Not only does she have a killer voice and stage presence, and forget the fact that she’s gorgeous, Trinity was funny and at ease and lovely to talk to about her career, the music she loves and even her Canadian country music crush.

Tim Hicks x 2. Trish is a big Tim Hicks fan and getting a chance to see him and shoot him on stage twice on Saturday was a great treat. The acoustic set he played at his album release party was a fun way to start the day, and Tim did not disappoint when he took his turn on the main stage later in the afternoon.

Luke Bryan Boots and Hearts 2014 Saturday NightThe Headliners. Truth: We skipped out on Toby Keith because of the weather situation on Friday night – but the combination of Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton on Saturday and Sunday totally made up for it. If you get a chance to see either or both of these dudes in a big concert setting where they can put on a show like they did in Bowmanville, take it.


Friday night’s weather was a bummer and really severe with the wind and rain and hail. And while it’s true that it rains every year at Boots & Hearts, this year was heavier than the others. Here’s hoping that 2015 breaks the trend.

Thanks to the weather we lost out on seeing The Road Hammers in 2014. That sucked.

2015 Predictions

If I had to guess about any 2014 acts returning to Bowmanville in 2015 I would choose The Road Hammers and Tim Hicks.

The Road Hammers become an easy choice because of their washout this year. I don’t know if they’ll be able to fit Boots & Hearts into their schedule next August – but it would sure be cool if they did.

Tim Hicks Boots and Hearts 2014 SaturdayTim Hicks has been at Boots & Hearts all three years that the festival has been running. He finished 2nd in the 2012 Emerging Artist Showcase, came back in 2013 to play at the Kick Off Party, and has now graduated to the Main Stage. When he says that he looks forward to Boots & Hearts all year, I believe him. And it’s hard to imagine the festival without him.

A couple days before this year’s festival I made predictions for the 2015 headliner announcement – but then we didn’t get an announcement. However, the predictions are still pretty solid in my mind.

Lady Antebellum: With a brand new album, 747, coming at the end of September it’s fair to think that Lady A will be touring for a while to support it. And a crowd pushing 40,000 strong has to be a tempting audience to pitch an album to.

Keith Urban: Mr. Urban is a superstar, and in 2014 he added the Calgary Stampede to his list of the big shows he’s got under his belt. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Aussie would make an appearance in Bowmanville on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. Plus, I know he puts on a great show and would be a big ticket seller.

Eric Church: When I was making predictions for 2014 I had a choice to make – Eric Church or Luke Bryan. I chose Luke Bryan and I was right. So it makes sense that I would add Eric Church and his new brand of outlaw country music to my list of 2015 predictions.

It would also be easy to predict that there will be a bigger crowd at Boots & Hearts 2015. The only. only thing working against it is the fact that August 6-9, 2015 isn’t the long weekend. However, this festival is gaining momentum – and as announced after this year’s weekend wrapped up, has now become Canada’s largest camping and music festival. It’s hard to argue against those kinds of facts.

Final Word

Boots & Hearts continues to be one of the highlights of my summer – and I can’t wait for the 2015 festival lineup to be announced piece by piece.

Stay tuned for more predictions and coverage of Boots & Hearts announcements as we get count down the next 11.5 months.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome.
Boots and Hearts 2014 Crowd Girls Photobomb
Boots and Hearts 2014 Night Crowd

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Parking Lot Party: Lee Brice, Tim Hicks and Sawyer Brown at Boots & Hearts 2014

Lee Brice Singing Boots and Hearts 2014Saturday was a busy day at Boots and Hearts with music from 1 to 11 on the front porch and main stages. It gave us some awesome moments, some great performances, and (thanks to Trish) some pretty cool pictures to share.

One of the biggest acts of the day was Lee Brice in the opening slot for headliner, Luke Bryan. Brice is making a big name for himself in country music right now, and it’s showing with his busy schedule. Hell, he played the Grand Ole Opry on Wednesday before making his way to Bowmanville.

Brice opened his set to a loud cheer and gave the crowd a set of songs that they know and clearly love. Hard To Love, Friends We Won’t Forget, Don’t Believe Everything You Think all had hands up and smiles on faces. It helps that Lee Brice was charming and engaging with the crowd, working them well for his set and to get them warmed up for later.

Note: Speaking of later, Luke Bryan brought Brice back out sing Crazy Girl which he wrote for the Eli Young Band, and a short rendition of Canadian classic, Summer of ‘69.

Brice’s set also included fantastic versions of Woman Like You and Love Like Crazy before he left briefly and came back for an encore wearing a Boots & Hearts hockey sweater with Brice and #14 on the back, matching Paul Brandt’s from Friday night.

The encore was exactly what the crowd was waiting for with Lee Brice’s most recent hit, I Don’t Dance, and his drinkfest anthem, Parking Lot Party.

Great job by Lee, you can check out more pics from his set at Trish’s blog HERE!

Tim Hicks Boots and Hearts 2014Before Brice, a Canadian country star was on the main stage.

Tim Hicks has become synonymous with Boots and Hearts – competing in the SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase in 2012, playing the Kick Off Party in 2013, and now launching a new album and rocking the main stage in 2014.

Trish did a great job of snapping pics of Tim and covering his day – check out the full review and more pics HERE!

Sawyer Brown Boots and Hearts 2014Also on Saturday was a band that I have loved for 20 years. Sawyer Brown had hits all over country radio when I was growing up, and I know the words to many of them.

So seeing even part of their set at Boots and Hearts made me a very happy boy. From the second they stepped on stage there was all kinds of energy, with lead singer Mark Miller dancing and jumping and looking like a 26 year old, not a 56 year old.

I was especially happy to hear radio hits, Drive Me Wild, The Boys And Me, and 6 Days On The Road… those are the songs I remember from the Crook and Chase Country Countdown on Peterborough’s Country 105.1 when I was a kid – and I still love them to this day.

Added to Sunday’s performance by Neal McCoy, Sawyer Brown helped add some nostalgia to Boots and Hearts 2014, and I think it was a better festival because of it. I can’t wait to see who they bring up to Bowmanville in 2015 to sing us some classic country hits.

Check out more pictures of Mark and the rest of Sawyer Brown on Trish’s blog HERE!

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome.

Lee Brice on stage Boots and Hearts 2014
Sawyer Brown Dancing Boots and Hearts 2014
Tim Hicks Beach Ball Crowd Boots and Hearts 2014

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