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Aussie Night Out: Marcelo Garibotto Q&A

For an Aussie, Marcelo Garibotto has a very Canadian nickname. The man they call Moose works hard in the music industry, as a manager, advocate, entrepreneur and more.

And during Canadian Music Week 2017, Garibotto acted as a show booker, putting together the Aussie Night Out at The Hideout when the traditional CMW Aussie BBQ wasn’t booked for the festival. We hung out with Moose that night, talking shop, talking music, and listening to some great talent from the other side of the world. And we realized that he had some insight to share that we weren’t going to find here at home.

So, with thanks to Marcelo, here’s a Q&A we put together that sheds some light on the Australian music scene, why bands keep coming to Toronto, who we should be listening to next, and more…

Here we go!

Q) Set the scene for us, what’s the music industry situation like in Australia right now? We’ve heard it’s rough for bands trying to play and make a go of it, is that true? (get political if you want. talk about venues closing, attitudes, etc., whatever you want)

MG) Well it’s kind of a tricky question to answer, YES it’s hard at the moment but I think it’s hard everywhere, the game has changed a lot over the past 10 years, labels have been on a downward spiral, economies collapsing and the whole music landscape changing. In saying that, I think it’s a good time to be in the game, we’ve had an increase for the first time in a decade, 6% up. It’s still down several billion dollars from what it was but up is always good right? In Australia and especially Sydney there have been venues being shut down left and right, but at the same time others have opened up! I think the biggest issue we have in Australia is that we are supersaturated with a lot of music all around the world and no real protection system to nurture Australian talent, not like in Canada… Anyway that’s my 5c worth, I could be wrong everyone has their own theory about it all.

Q) What do you think makes Toronto and Canadian Music Week so inviting or tempting to Australian bands?

MG) The fact that everyone here (Toronto) is very accommodating, it feels like people want to go out and watch music and there is a lot of camaraderie here for Aussies, I mean we are a pretty likeable bunch all over the world but it feels like what our home should be like when we visit here… Not sure what the rest of Canada is like, looking forward to exploring it as well… There is lots of love here and we certainly feel it!

Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Silver Love Club @ Adelaide Hall, CMW 2017

Q) We’ve seen bands like Silver Love Club, The Dead Love and The Lazys make the long trip to play their music – to the best of your knowledge, has it been worth it?

MG) I can only really comment on what Silver Love Club got out of it the 2nd time round (Formally MABEL), it was definitely worth it, the networking and fan base increased considerably, it always tests a band when they have to perform to a new crowd, scary and exciting at the same time. I know the boys from The Dead Love a bit and I think that they are doing very well, I know that those boys don’t muck around, they wouldn’t come back to Canada if it wasn’t working for them… As for the Lazy’s well the proof is in the pudding as they say, it looks like they are killing it, deservingly so!

Q) With no afternoon Aussie BBQ organized for CMW this year you stepped up and put together the Aussie Night Out at The Hideout, why was it important to you that the show came together and went on in 2017?

MG) Well I think it was super important to have an Aussie Showcase of some sort, to travel 20+ hours literally to the other side of the planet and not have a showcase for Australian acts would of been a real shame… When I was notified that it wasn’t going to happen (The Aussie BBQ) I was gutted, it was a pretty low point. But me being me, I thought to myself “Nah stuff that” (stuff being replaced with a word starting with F) I can do it, I can put something together and I know I can pull in all the Aussies I know to get it done, so I did! I might of been the instigator but there were a lot of people in the background that supported the event, Geoff Trio form Code One and Larry Heath from The AU Review supported the event as well… It was so important that we had to have 2 showcase in the same night!!! The Aussie Night Out @ The Hideout and The Aussie Breakfast @Rivoli, so the 20th of April 2017 was the day that the Aussies took over Toronto!!

Q) Success can be measured in many forms, in your own words and your own way, do you think the Aussie Night Out was a success?

MG) Absolutely, first of all to see the quality of the bands that played and how good the crowd was for the show, for a last minute put together showcase that very little advertising and marketing I think it was a great night! Most of the bands that could of played did and some of them had 2 shows on the same night so if you missed out on one you knew you could see them at the other venue.

Aussie Night Out - Bad PonyBad Pony @ the Aussie Night Out,  CMW 2017

Q) And if there isn’t a BBQ in 2018 (or maybe even if there is) do you think you’ll put together a follow-up to this year’s show?

MG) I think that if there is an Aussie BBQ next year I will leave it to Sounds Australia to do it, they are the best at it. Sounds does an amazing job ALL around the world putting on Australian showcases at these kinds of events (Midem, SXSW, CMW, CMJ etc..). It’s not my core business, if I put on a showcase next year, its will probably have more of an international feel, I like to connect artists, industry, general fans from all over the world, it’s what I do. So if I was to do something I wouldn’t want to compete, I would like to compliment and add value.

Q) Help everyone find some new music to listen to… give us a list of 5 Australian artists we should all give a listen to.

MG) Oh ok, this is putting me on the spot… I will give you 5 other bands that were not at CMW.

1. Tenderfoot – Blues / Rock band John Mayer meets Ryan Adams with a Tom Petty / Bob Dylan sound to it:

2. L-Fresh The Lion – He is one of my favourites right now, he’s a Hip Hop artist and if anyone knows me that is sooooo NOT my genre, I think that’s why it makes it special. Produced by ARIA nominated producer Michael McGlynn:

3. MOZA – These guys are running HOT right now, great songwriters and producers to boot!

4. The Khanz – The Khanz are a nostalgic dose of the naughties with a contemporary edge… think Glass Animals meets The Pixies… Picasso on an acid trip.”

5. Anabelle Kay – Incredible voice and another fantastic songwriter.

Aussie Night Out QuiversQuivers @ the Aussie Night Out,  CMW 2017

Marcelo Garibotto – photo credit: Ash King


CMW 2017: Aussie Night Out ft. Silver Love Club, Bad Pony and Friends

If anything can help you forget about a rainy April night, it’s a party. And if there’s anyone that knows how to eff up a party, it’s the Aussies.

So on a rainy Thursday night in Toronto, we hit the newly opened, and very sharp looking, The Hideout on College St., we hit the Aussie Night Showcase and watched the night turn into a super fun time with music and dancing and drinks and more.

There were 10 acts on the bill for the Canadian Music Week event… but because CMW is what it is, we saw 6 acts of the night and wanna tell you all about them.

1) Aeora

With her keys, Mac, and mic, Aeora hit the stage for her first show in Canada – and first show outside of Australia. As she sang and moved through her set, we could hear the power in her voice, available whenever she reached for it. And it was easy to recognize the smoothness and ease that she works with.

Tracks in the set like Medicine, Up To You, and Bossy (her new single) had a lot of vibe we could get into. Beats that were a lot of fun. And while Aeora told us that she was feeling some nerves, she worked through them and performed wonderfully. Here’s hoping we see her back at CMW again in 2018.
Aussie Night Out Aeora Aussie Night Out Aeora

2) Alice Ivy

Constant sound and motion – that’s what we got from Alice Ivy. This set was another Canadian debut, and from the very first note, Alice was putting in work!

Heavy on the beats and the fun, this is Aussie music that you can’t help but want to move and dance and shake your ass to. In fact, if you were looking for music to dance to at about 1am, we would be happy to recommend Alice Ivy to you. Trust, it’s a good time. And, when you need a break to catch your breath, just watch how great it is when she bounces all over the stage, works her guitar, and makes the music happen. It’s pretty great.
Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy

3) Quivers

Another North American debut, Quivers plugged in and were the first full band performance of the night. The sound was bigger, filled the room, and got us ready for what was coming up later in the show.

The quartet was fun to listen to, providing catchy/ poppy/ harmonized vocals that came from a fantastic mix of the 2 male and female voices up on the stage. As they played on we got to hear their single, Pigeons, and when the set ended, we wanted more. More to hear and groove on and enjoy throughout the night.
Aussie Night Out - Quivers Aussie Night Out Quivers

4) Eliza & The Delusionals

Fourth act of the night, fourth Canadian debut, Eliza & the Delusionals took the stage as a 3-piece (though they usually aren’t) and gave it all they had.

We instantly heard the loudest guitar of the show to that point, and were impressed at how tight and loud and fun and into it they were. All the way from Brisbane to Toronto, songs like Outside and Salt (the band’s newest single) made us want more. Made us want to see them take a bigger stage with the whole band, and sharing the energy and sound that they’ve shown us they have to give.

We’re in – we’d recommend that you get in too.
Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals

5) Bad Pony

These 5 dudes took the stage, filled it with bodies, instruments, and sound… and we loved it. Bad Pony are a lot of fun. They play hard. They had harmonies that were both surprising and impressive. And more than anything, they rocked and rolled and entertained the hell out of the crowd at The Hideout.

Their set looks like organized chaos. There are so many things going on at the same time. Always someone bouncing, rocking, and putting on the kind of show that you can’t help but love if you love live music.

Bad Pony have been touring the US on the strength of their single, Deficiency, which we heard them blast through the speakers – and if this short set was any indication of what they can do with more time, we hope they’re back in Toronto soon to show us what they’ve got up their sleeves.
Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony

6) Silver Love Club

This was our second chance of the week to catch Silver Love Club on stage… and it was worth the repeat.

From start to finish our boys put on a show that was all kinds of good. They put out a heap of volume, and energy to match it. Mikey, as a lead singer, does everything that a frontman should, with all kinds of live rock and roll sound in his voice he moved from song to song without missing a step. And supported by some killer guitar work from Romeo, sweet sweet bass lines from Alvin, and enthusiastic drum work from Neel, Silver Love Club made the crowd happy.

Their new single Ghost Town highlighted the set. Showing off a political edge pointed at Australian government, it pulls no punches and, as we’ve been told, is just the start of the kind of message and music these boys are ready to push out and share with their folks back home, and their fans here in Canada as well.

We already knew we were into Silver Love Club, we’re doubling down now. Get on and enjoy the ride.
Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club

Aussie Night Out Aeora Aussie Night Out Aeora
Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy
Aussie Night Out Quivers Aussie Night Out QuiversELIZA AND THE DELUSIONALS
Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the DelusionalsBAD PONY
Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad PonySILVER LOVE CLUB
Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club

CMW 2017 Interview: The Honest Heart Collective

Early in the week, we had a chance to chat with The Honest Heart Collective before their Canadian Music Week opening night showcase. Thanks to Kevin Heerema and Ryan MacDonald for taking time between sound checks and all that other stuff bands do before a show, to talk to us.

It was a busy time and we were briefly and happily interrupted by the arrival of 3/4 of Silver Love Club, hugs and hand shaking commenced. Next, sound check proved too loud for us to hear over so we headed outside into the sunshine to continue. Let me just say, I love this stuff.
The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017We started out with an icebreaker question, pulled straight from their bio which claims they guys have an affinity for Irish Whiskey. Let’s get started!

Q1: What’s your favourite whiskey?

KH: Highland Park
RM: Select Reserve Jameson

Q2: What artist/band would you most love to have on a dream bill with you?

RM: Silver Love Club
KH: Catfish and the Bottleman
RM: The Killers
KH: Against Me, this almost happened, and City and Colour.

There are definitely some great choices here. And the guys kinda gushed about Silver Love Club. We get it, we love them too. We’re definitely going to have to follow up on this, almost happened, story!

At this point, the conversation went totally off the rails and the guys went to …Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, of course. 

Q3: What’s your favourite thing about CMW?

RM: 4:00 am last call and Sneaky Dee’s after the show.

What’s not to love about late night Sneaky Dee’s nachos?

Q4: What are you listening to right now?

KH: The Maine‘s New Record
RM: The New Flatliners

We talked about finding new music and playing it on repeat. These albums fit in this category. You can check out Lovely Little Lonely by The Maines and Inviting Light by The Flatliners by following the links.The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Q5: What Artist/band do you think we should be paying more attention to?

RM: Texas King
KH: I was just going to say
RM: Someone local, Emily Kohne . “She has a great voice, she’s a great songwriter, and she plays better guitar than me.”

Texas King has been on our radar for about a year and we have to agree that they’re one you should pay attention to. Emily Kohne is new to us so we looked her up, listened to some songs, and we love her voice and her guitar skills.

Q6: Have you had one of those breakthrough or aha moments?

RM: No
KH: Not Yet

The long answer, they’ve had a few things happen where it’s starting to feel like something. A show last year at Rivoli sprang to mind but they’re still waiting for that big “moment” to happen.

They talked about how hard and convoluted the process is for bands. “There’s so many bands out there trying to do this. You have to work really hard. I kinda feel like us being from Thunder Bay means we have to work harder. I mean we live 17 hours away from here. We haven’t had an aha moment but we’ve been grinding the whole time.”

Q7: What’s the first concert you remember going to?

RH: “Great Big Sea, they played at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. My dad took me and it was, it pretty much changed my life. It was sold out, there were 1,500 people singing along. But that wasn’t the one that changed my life. It was the second concert I ever went to. It was Colin James and watching that guy play guitar, made me wanna play guitar. I mean, I Just Came Back to Say Goodbye.”

Kevin prefaced his answer with a “My answer sucks.” We disagree, we think his answer is awesome!

KH: “My first actual, big production concert was N’Sync. It sucked! I got dragged at 7 years old. I was already into punk and rock music and everything but I had to. And then the next shows, I got my mom to take me to Sam Roberts. I was probably like 10. He played on my birthday. That really got me into, that looks really cool up there, that would be fun. And my very first show at a bar in the music scene, listening to hardcore punk was Protest The Hero and a couple of other metal bands and that got me thinking, this is where I want to be.”The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Q8: What’s up next for the rest of 2017?

They’re working on a new record. There’s no working title, that they can tell us yet. They’re in the demo stage, with two more demos to cut and then they’re ready to move forward. The guys are hoping to get into the studio in the early summer and get a new release out by fall.

Additionally, they’ll be finishing up this tour, then it’s home to work on the album. There will be lots of time tracking in the studio. They’ve also got some smaller festival shows coming up. So watch for those!

Thanks to Kevin and Ryan for the chat. We’re anticipating that “aha moment” is coming soon!

Find the Honest Heart Collective online at the following locations!

The Honest Heart Collective
Twitter || Facebook || Instagram || YouTube
Bandcamp || iTunes || SoundCloud

The Honest Heart Collective


5 Quick Questions with Silver Love Club

In our latest 5 Quick Questions, we talk to Michael Votano of Silver Love Club about changes, new music, food and more!

Silver Love Club have lots of shows during Canadian Music Week including opening night at the Honest Heart Collective Showcase and The Aussie Night Out ShowcaseCheck here for dates, places and times!

Q1: It’s been a year since we saw you last, and a lot has changed… Can you tell us about your new name, new drummer, and whatever else might be new with you?

MV: A whole year already?!? Feels like only yesterday we were sitting out the front of The Horseshoe chatting music with some beers. New year, new name, new drummer!! Unfortunately, we ran into another artist with our previous name, who was quite a bit more established than we, so we thought it best to make the change. Also ‘Silver Love Club’ is way more fun!! As for the new drummer, our best mate Neel who we’ve been friends with since forever was able to make the commitment necessary to take on the role this year, which was perfect! He’s a killer drummer & killer dude so couldn’t have found a better brother if we tried!!

Q2: You’ve also got brand new music to share, how excited are you for that?

MV: Super pumped to play almost an entirely new set at CMW this year. Really happy with the development of the new tunes. They’re a little dirtier & filthier but still a goddamn party! The tunes also all say something. I feel as though I’ve gotten a lot of my chest through the new tracks.

Q3: You’re going to be super busy during CMW with 4 scheduled shows, but are there things you want to do/places you want to visit while you’re in Toronto?

MV: YES!! We want to eat!! Point me towards to tastiest wings, poutine, burritos, dumplings, pizza & I’ll be there!!

Q3: What is your favourite thing about Canadian Music Week?

MV: The vibe is killer! So many bands, so many music lovers, you’re continually surrounded by people who share your greatest passion. The week is a great way to feed your musical soul. Also, it’s one massive party!!

Q4: What does the rest of 2017 look like for Silver Love Club?

MV: New tracks! Lots of new tracks! One every couple of months is the plan. Also touring there’s nothing better than playing your tunes for a room full of people who want to feel something.

Q5: In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

MV: A dirty, sweaty, loud party! Fuzzed out guitars, thumping bass, stomping drums & screaming soulful vocals. Probably a few swear words too. We are Australian!

Thanks to Michael for taking the time to answer our questions.

You can find Silver Love Club at these fine internet locations. 

Facebook: SilverLoveClub
Instagram: silverloveclub
Twitter: silverloveclub
Youtube: SilverLoveClub

CMW 2017: The Honest Heart Collective Showcase

Canadian Music Week opening night, finally! On Tuesday night we headed to Adelaide Hall a little early to interview tonight’s headliners, The Honest Heart Collective. We’ll have that interview up shortly. But let’s talk about tonight’s lineup.

I like to call this one, the night of rock bands and their fabulous frontmen. First on stage were Bad River. There isn’t a lot online about this band, except for the bandcamp page. I listened, I liked them and they put on a great set live.
Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017The second band of the night was Silver Love Club. It’s been a year since I’ve seen this band live and for the record, that’s too long. Their set was almost exclusively new material with my favourite song thrown in for fun. Amazing energy, fun, and they’re technically so tight. They’re playing all over this festival and you should go see them!
Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 My surprise for the evening came in the form of The Danger Bees. Frontman David Macmichael is quirky and fun. He commands your attention and the band backs him up with precision. There were moments of “hey that’s very Weezeresque” but just hints of it. They’re pretty unique and I enjoyed their set immensely. Last thought, I was left wondering is that Run DMC tee meant ironically? I don’t think so.
Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Our fourth band of the night was Le Trouble. This Montreal-based band fit perfectly on the bill. High energy, fun entertaining front man and really great musicianship. Montreal isn’t far and I hope they visit often.
Le Trouble - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Getting the spot before the headliner is kind of a big deal. Texas King took this responsibility seriously and brought their A game. It’s been a year since I saw the band last and they’ve got a lot of new material. Jordan Macdonald and his band turned up the volume and the crowd responded by singing along.
Texas King - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017When The Honest Heart Collective hit the stage it was after midnight and Adelaide Hall was packed. Not bad for a Tuesday night! I love this band. I love how rich their sound is. They’ve got new music to play and rumour has it they’re recording an album later this year. Okay, it’s not a rumour Ryan told me himself. Our full interview with the band will be up shortly. Watch this space.

This band fills up the room, fills up the stage and fills up my heart. Touching lyrics, great harmonies, if you haven’t listened yet, you should.
The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017
Bad River
Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Silver Love Club
Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Danger Bees
Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Le Trouble
Le Trouble - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Texas KingTexas King Adelaide Hall 2016Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016The Honest Heart Collective
The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017

CMW 2017: Trish’s 3 Don’t Miss Shows ft. The Honest Heart Collective, Aussie Night Out, UTA Showcase ft Julian Taylor Band

It’s almost here! Canadian Music Week is so close I can taste it.

There are so many choices and to help you with your planning, I’ve picked three shows that I think you shouldn’t miss during CMW 2017.

The Honest Heart Collective – Adelaide Hall

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Honest Heart Collective / Texas King / Le Trouble / The Danger Bees / Silver Love Club / Bad River

This show is also on Joshua’s list and that’s because we both know a great thing when we see one. It’s an amazing opening night lineup. Some of these bands are brand new to me but some of them are favourites and I’m happy we’ve got this show to get the week started.

Aussie Night Out – The Hideout

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aeora / Alice Ivy / Quivers / Eliza & The Delusionals / Bad Pony / Silver Love Club / Letters to Lions / Heart Beach / The Dead Love / Pretty City

I’ve written in detail about this showcase and you can read everything you need to know about all of the bands here but let me remind you that while all of the acts are Aussie based there’s a little bit of everything genre-wise for everyone. Stop by, say hello and check out some amazing talent from Australia.

UTA Showcase – The Horseshoe Tavern 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Dead Projectionists / The Treble / One Bad Son / Adam Baldwin / Julian Taylor Band / Birds of Bellwoods / Towers / Radio Caroline

Saturday is going to be a late one but with this lineup, we’re pretty sure you’ll be sticking around until the end. Indie rock, alternative rock, hard rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, with some funk and soul thrown in for good measure. It’s going to be a high energy show and I’m thrilled to see some of my favourite Toronto bands and I’m always excited to see acts that are new to me. new music… is there anything better?

And now I’m going to cheat and add a couple more bands to my list. I’ve said it before if you haven’t seen Crown Lands live yet, put them on your “must see” list. They’ll be playing both Friday the 21st at Hard Luck Bar and Saturday 22nd at The Bovine.  Second on the cheat list is Andrew Hyatt. He’s been around a little while but Andrew just keeps getting better and better. If you haven’t seen him yet, now is the time to get on board. His latest release She Ain’t You reaches into your heart and says what we’re all thinking. Andrew’s playing the KX Country’s Hot Shots Showcase on Tuesday, April 18th.

Kevin Comeau – Crown Lands

Cody Bowles – Crown Lands

CMT Music Fest - Andrew HyattAndrew Hyatt at CMT Music Fest 2016

CMW Preview: 19 Songs You Need to Hear at Canadian Music Week 2017!

The schedule is crazy. There are bands all over the city from all over the world. So here we are to try and give you some guidance.

Even if you can’t make it to every concert and showcase, you can start finding new music, and singing along to the tracks you know, with these 19 songs. Click any of the song titles to watch a video… or press play on the playlist at the bottom of the post and get your groove on!

Enjoy – and leave a comment telling us which songs you already loved, and which ones you’re happy you found…

Bleeker – Highway
Bleecker Julian Taylor Showcase CMW 2016

High Valley – She’s With Me

Silver Love Club – Rachel
Mabel The Nightowl CMW 2016

Jess Moskaluke – Drive Me Away
Jess Moskaluke Bright Lights Big City Toronto The Phoenix

The Dead Love – Summer
The Dead Love CMW 2016 Horseshoe

Madeline Merlo – Whatcha Wanna Do About It
Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

The New Electric – T-Shirt

Alee – Moonshine

The Beaches – Give It Up

Drake White – Livin’ The Dream
United States/Country
CMT Music Fest - Drake White & The Big Fire

The Honest Heart Collective – Liar’s Club

James Barker Band – Chills
James Barker Band SiriusXM Fan Stage BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

Texas King – Come Find Me
Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016

Andrew Hyatt – MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio)
CMT Music Fest - Andrew Hyatt

Courage My Love – Stereo

Dani Strong – Wild One
Dani Strong Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016

Melissa Etheridge – I’m The Only One
United States/Rock

The Rifle & The Writer – Gig & Colour

Repartee – Dukes

CMW 2017: Aussie Night Out Showcase

You may have noticed that there was no Aussie BBQ listed among the CMW Showcases this year. Well as of Thursday we’re thrilled to announce that there will be an Aussie Showcase after all. The Aussie Night Out Showcase will take place on Thursday, April 20th with doors at 6:00 pm at the newly relocated The Hideout!

We’ll be onsite interviewing bands and taking in the live music all night and we’d love to see you there.

First on the bill is  Aeora, electronic pop with an Aussie twist. Melbourne’s Lisa Spencer has been stirring things up in Australia and she’s bringing her unique sound to the Aussie Night Out.

You can also catch Aeora at the Painted Lady later Thursday night.

Alice Ivy the 23-year-old is a singer, guitarist and beat maker and she’s quickly developed a cult following in Australia. Come by and see what they’re excited about.

She’s doing a couple of sets during CMW and then heading to the US for a short tour.

Just after 9:00 pm  Quivers take the stage. This is their first visit to Canada and singer-songwriter, Sam J. Nicholson and his band bring a pop sound full of guitar and optimism.

This is the band’s first visit to Canada and we hope they feel like they’ve found a second home here and come back very soon.

Eliza & The Delusionals bring us Aussie indie-rock with a pop hint that gets stuck in your head. They’ll be on stage at 9:50 pm.

Founded in 2015 the band is interesting to watch but it’s the music that keeps our interest long term. Check them out online and then check them out live.

Next on the bill is Bad Pony. Brand new to me, I’m excited to see what the indie pop/rock band bring to their live performance.

The five-piece call Sydney home and they’ve been together since 2012. Their new album “Deficiency” is another step forward for the Aussie band.

Just after 11:00 Silver Love Club take the stage. The band, formerly known as Mabel are bringing a new name, a new band member and new music. I’m expecting all the energy and enthusiasm I’ve seen in the past and more. They’re one of my favourite bands period and I can hardly wait!

They’re playing four sets during the week so check the schedule and make sure you include this band on your “Must See” list.

Letters to Lions bio reads “Described as a concoction of swooning aggression and dance pop sensibility with comparisons to Kings of Leon, WU LYF, last Dinosaurs and Foals; the boys may just become your new favorite indie band.” We’re definitely in!

A 4-piece indie band from the Southern beaches of Sydney, the band consists of Curt- drums, Joel- Guitar/vox,
Jackson- bass and Adam- guitar/vox.

Heading past the midnight hour Heart Beach bring their #indiepop #oceanpop #skuzzpop #janglepop #postpunk #newwave #coolwave sound to Aussie Night Out. A fun, interesting, simple sound that draws you in. Heart Beach are from Hobart Australia and they are Claire McCarthy (vocals/bass), Jonathon McCarthy (guitar/vocals), Christopher Wessing (lead guitar/drums).

It’s going to be a late one and I’m thrilled that The Dead Love are going to be staying up late with me.  We met up with these guys last year at the Aussie BBQ and I fell hard for their music. Aussie rock at it’s best. They put on a show and always leave me wanting more. This year they’re playing four shows during CMW so you have no excuse for not seeing this band!

Rounding out the night is Pretty City. We just did a CMW 5 Quick Questions with the band and we’re looking forward to meeting and seeing them in person.

Their CMW bio describes their sound as psych indie rock and all we can say is, show up and see ’em!

We’ll keep you posted on any scheduling updates.



CMW 2017: Joshua’s 3 Don’t Miss Shows ft. The Honest Heart Collective, The Beaches, High Valley

Canadian Music Week 2017 is coming faster than you might be ready for… and that’s freaking exciting. It means there’s a week of music coming that will mix what you know, what you don’t know, what you already love and what you’re going to fall in love with.

And to get you started with your planning, I’ve picked three shows that you shouldn’t miss during CMW 2017!

The Honest Heart Collective – Adelaide Hall

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Honest Heart Collective / Texas King / Bad River – all on stage to put on a show… and if the Facebook event is to be believed, The Danger Bees and our Aussie boys, Silver Love Club (formerly Mabel) will be there too!

If there ever was a time to go out and see live music on a Tuesday night, it’s during CMW… and if you’re looking for the show you want to be at – this is the one.

Last year Trish hooked up with The Honest Heart Collective for a CMW preview which was awesome, and we’ve seen Texas King on the Adelaide Hall stage before – add together all of the previous experience and I’m sure that this is a Tuesday night concert that you do not want to miss out on.

Get ready to have some fun and kick off your week.

The Beaches – The Horseshoe Tavern

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Beaches / The Brains / shy kids / The Dead Love

1) Who doesn’t want to hang at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern on a Friday night?
2) You should want to see The Beaches be the bad ass women they are on stage during CMW!
3) Aussie rockers, The Dead Love are on the bill – and we certainly don’t want to miss that!

For real, this is going to be a Friday night concert that goes loud and hard and punches you right in the face – in the best way.

We’ve seen and hung out a little bit with The Dead Love, and we can’t wait to do that again. AND we saw The Beaches in all of their GRL BAND glory at the WayHome Xmas party in 2016… and we liked it a lot. Add in some new to us music from The Brains and shy kids and this is going to be a Friday night worth talking about on Saturday morning.

SiriusXM House w/ High Valley – The Great Hall

Saturday, April 22, 2017

High Valley / Madeline Merlo/ Jess Moskaluke

As far as country music shows go, this is going to be a good one! With three Canadian acts lined up to take over The Great Hall stage, we know what we’re going to get. Or at least we think we do.

UPDATE: 3-Time CCMA Female Artist of the Year and 2017 Juno winner for Country Album of the Year, Jess Moskaluke has been added to this show!

We’ve seen all of these performers more than once, and have had the chance to talk to each of them as well. They’re all doing what they love. They’re all good at what they do. And they’re all good to their fans.

There may be a few surprises on this Saturday night full of music… and that’s fine with us. We’ll be ready!

Now… check out some pics of the acts we’ve seen before, and get ready for more this April during Canadian Music Week 2017!

Texas King

Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016

Silver Love Club

Mabel The Nightowl CMW 2016

The Beaches

The Dead Love

The Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 HorseshoeThe Dead Love CMW 2016 Horseshoe

High Valley

High Valley Boots and Hearts 2015High Valley CNE 2016 Bandshell

Madeline Merlo

Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

River Town Saints

River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016-River Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonRiver Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and Bourbon


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