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Juno Fest

Coming Soon: JUNOFEST 2017 – Ottawa, ON

The JUNOS are coming! The JUNOS are coming! But, before we get to the JUNOS, we’ve got JUNO Week and JUNO Fest. JUNO Week starts March 30th with the JUNO Cup Jam. Featuring performances at The Bourbon Room with Adrian Sutherland (Midnight Shine), Amanda Rheaume, Barney Bentall (High Bar Gang), Cosmo Ferraro (Ferraro), Darryl James (The Strumbellas), … Continue reading Coming Soon: JUNOFEST 2017 – Ottawa, ON

WayHome 2017 Lineup Announcement!

We’ve been waiting, all of us, patiently (mostly) for this day – and now it’s here… WayHome has released the lineup for the 2017 music and arts festival, and the time is now to get excited for July 28-30 at Burl’s Creek. With the release of their photo clues last week, WayHome started a conversation … Continue reading WayHome 2017 Lineup Announcement!

thereviewsarein.com February 2016 Playlist!

A new month is here… and we’re ready to fall in love with new music. And If you’re looking for some new tracks to learn and love in February, we’re here to help. Check out our February 2016 playlist for some emerging talent, huge stars, and personal favourites. If there are songs you think we … Continue reading thereviewsarein.com February 2016 Playlist!


Where Do We Go From Here: The Reason Rocks CMW

Canadian Music Week – one of the biggest Canadian music and media festivals, it’s been touted as one of Canada’s most influential conferences. Started in 1981 this year CMW is 32 years old. Now offering music, media, comedy, film and award shows, there’s something for everyone. There are shows for everyone, including free and all … Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here: The Reason Rocks CMW