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Beauty Community: The Elwins, Jukebox the Ghost and Fxrrvst

Sunday night is typically a quiet, settle in and get ready for the week ahead kind of night, unless you’re a music fan. Last night this was especially true if you were a fan of The Elwins, Jukebox The Ghost and/or Fxrrvst.

As soon as I arrived at The Mod Club I could tell it was going to be an amazing night. The front of the stage was lined up with fans waiting for the music to start and when Fxrrvst hit the stage, the crowd surged forward. Matt Fuentes and Holly Forrest joined on stage by their session guys Lucas Muccilliby on bass and Chris Savage on drums, filled the venue with their fun, catchy, melodic indie rock vibe.

I have nothing but great things to say about this band, they were super tight and I loved their sound. They’ve come a long way from the sounds they started out with, Holly’s punk music and Matt’s folk music. The duo has come together and has created something awesome.

If you haven’t heard them yet, I strongly urge you to check them out. They’re going places and I’m glad I was there to witness a part of their journey.

Fxrrvst at the Mod Club all members on stage blue background

Up next, in the middle slot were Washington-based Indie/Pop/Rock band Jukebox the Ghost. Let me be very clear when I say, there were a lot of Jukebox fans at The Mod Club. They filled the floor, they danced, they sang, they jumped up and down and they felt the music. It was beautiful to watch.

With Ben Thornewill on piano, Tommy Siegel on guitar, and Jesse Kristin on drums they guys took the stage and belted out song after song. They played songs that their fans knew and they treated them to some brand new music while promising to come back in the spring with a new album. All very good things! One of my favourite moments was when they intro’d their new song called Boring which they told us was about getting old. Funny stuff. I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on their amazing harmonies. Their voices come together and create this beautifully layered sound. This was blatantly clear when they came together, and with the help of the audience killed Bohemian Rhapsody.

This was my first time seeing Jukebox the Ghost, it definitely won’t be my last.

Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod ClubWithout delay, the stagehands quickly made the changes to prepare for The Elwins to take the stage. It was quick and painless and when the band came out, the crowd cheered.

The Elwins at the Mod ClubPlaying songs from their new album Beauty Community and favourites from Play for Keeps, the band brought everything they had. It was everything anyone could have asked for. They played with enthusiasm and joy and the room mirrored the emotions back. Their sound was crystal clear and they were technically perfect. If reactions from the crowd are any indicator, they had the entire room in the palm of their hands.

The guys have been touring since mid-October and they’re almost ready to wrap this tour, with their last date in St. Catharines on December 9th. If you’re in the area, there are still a few dates left.

Note: Turns out Sunday night was the first time all four The Elwins Moms were in the house at the same time, they look adorable!

Photos of The Elwins

The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club blue lights Matthew in the spotlight The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club Travis Stokl under the green lights The Elwins at the Mod Club Francesco Figliomeni The Elwins at the Mod Club Feurd The Elwins at the Mod Club Matthew Sweeney The Elwins - Matthew Sweeney at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club full band shot with the crowd in the foreground

More Photos of Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin and Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Tommy Siegel Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Tommy Siegel Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin

More Photos of Fxrrvst

Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Matthew Fuentes Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Matthew Fuentes Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst bass player at the Mod Club Fxrrvst drummer at the Mod Club

My Bad Imagination: The Band Perry Toronto Pop-Up

It was cold on the streets of Toronto, but inside the Mod Club it was hot when The Band Perry took the stage on Sunday night’s My Bad Imagination popup tour.

We’ve been following The Band Perry since 2009 release of Hip To My Heart, and have had the chance to cover them at Boots & Hearts and follow their radio career in the years since. And now, with a change in the program, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry have moved out of the country world and into pop as they move forward with their music.

While we believe in never judging a book by its cover, or crowd by its clothing, it was clear that about half of Sunday night’s audience was country (hats, plaid, etc.) and half was ready for pop music in leather, black, and more.

And yes, this was a pop show. The start of what The Band Perry hopes is a successful run in the genre, so those dressed accordingly were in the right place. BUT, those country fans, the ones that have followed since the first time they sang along to If I Die Young, were rewarded for their loyalty and fandom as the show went on.

Note: The crowd sang along as loud as they could when the band played a traditional country version of If I Die Young on Sunday. It was strong and emotional, and showed where they came from… and that they haven’t forgotten that.

The show started with Make You Happy – a new song that proved instantly that things have changed. And from there we got a 45 minute mix of new and old, with popup dates, that had the audience dancing, singing, and happy.

The Band Perry, My Bad Imagination Set List, Toronto

‣ Make You Happy
‣ Better Dig Two
‣ Stay In The Dark
‣ The Best One Yet
‣ Comeback Kid
‣ If I Die Young
‣ Forever Young
‣ In It Together
‣ Medley: Seven Nation Army/ Sexy Back/ Heartless/ Work It/ Milkshake/ Pony
‣ Done
‣ Look At Me Now

Note: Pop music will not be a problem for Kimberly Perry or her sassy/boss lady attitude. If you want to admire a woman that controls the joint and has fun doing it – this is her. Was then, is now.

The set was tight – and in Better Dig Two and Done, where the band rewarded fans with tracks they knew, they updated the backend to make them feel more like pop anthems than the country radio hits they’ve been in the past.

There was an air of inclusion and excitement at the show, with a pop-up stage placed on the Mod Club floor for the singing siblings to perform on. And with high fives, handshakes, and hugs The Band Perry showed that the fans that they were there for them, and that they appreciated the fans being there with their support.

Here’s what we can tell you about The Band Perry, their show in Toronto, and their new musical venture… they’re into it. It’s legit. There is nothing about the way they played, the energy they brought, or the music they showcased that makes us believe that they are anything less than 100% into this idea and this move to pop music.

And guess what… we’ve got their backs. We did when they announced the move, and we do even more now that we’ve had the chance to see it live and up close.

IF you have the chance to see The Band Perry on this My Bad Imagination popup tour – or on a bigger tour when their new album comes out, we suggest you take it.

Be ready for fun. Be ready for change. Be ready for The Band Perry.

CMW 2016: WayHome x CMW Showcase

Heartstreets, Lucas DiPasqualie, Kiki Rowe, Amir Obe, HUMANS

On Saturday night, our CMW journey found us checking out the amazing talent at The Mod Club. WayHome Music and Arts Festival knows a few things about putting together a great group of talent and Saturday was no exception.

Heartstreets - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Up first were Emma Beko and Gabrielle Godon, better known as Heartstreets. As soon as the music started the crowd surged towards the stage. The pair exuded power and energy and had the audience eating out of their hands.

The Montreal-based girls brought a blend of electronic influenced Hip Hop and RnB and delivered a fully committed performance.

Finishing up the set with “Under My Skin” they delivered a message that we should all heed, “I don’t care if you don’t like me, cause… I love myself !”. They did a fantastic job warming up the crowd and we really liked them! They’ve got a brand new EP out, “You & I” and you can get it here!

Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Up next was Lucas DiPasquale who arrived armed with an acoustic guitar, and he was joined by drums and bass. Lucas is not your typical singer/songwriter and, we were treated to some pretty sweet rap sequences through his performances.

The Markham born singer has a sweet voice and we felt like there was almost an innocence about the performance. He’s got a new EP out, “Post Secondary” and there are a few collaborators you’ll recognize.

We loved watching and the audience seemed to really like it too. We’ll be trying to catch his set when he hits the WayHome stage.

Kiki Rowe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Taking the middle spot on the bill was Kiki Rowe, aka Keandra Shan Lal. The young singer/songwriter from Mississauga sang a combination of originals and covers and she connected well with the audience.

Kiki’s blend of pop and R&B were delivered with her sweet voice and we look forward to whatever’s coming next from this artist. You can sample her debut album here and we’re pretty sure you’ll be picking up your very own copy.

Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016At this point in the evening, you could feel the energy change. The audience moved in and people continued to stream in until the floor was jammed. The lights
went down and the music came up. It was dark, very dark and smoky and Austin Millz got things started.

And then Amir Obé appeared. This was the moment the crowd was waiting for. There was no doubt that Amir was in complete control of this room. To say the crowd was into it is a serious understatement. There was singing, dancing, jumping up and down and we think this will play perfectly on a late night WayHome stage.

Amir’s bio says he’s from Detrooklyn, USA, I love this!

HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Closing out the night were HUMANS. Robbie Slade & Peter Ricq were bathed in light, backed by a cool white blow-up cloud-like feature, and had the crowd dancing immediately. They were up at the front of the stage and the combination of DJing and singing were engaging.

They fuse experimental electronic elements with catchy indie-pop hooks and it really works. The Vancouver-based duo will be a welcome addition to the WayHome festival this year.

The WayHome team put together a great sampling of talent for their WayHome X CMW Showcase and we’re very glad we were there to see it.


Heartstreets - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Heartstreets - Gabrielle Godon The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Heartstreets - Emma Beko The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Heartstreets - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Heartstreets - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016
Lucas DiPasquale
Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Lucas DiPasquale - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Kiki Rowe
Kiki Rowe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Kiki Rowe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Kiki Rowe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Kiki Rowe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Amir Obé with Austin Millz

Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Amir Obe - Austin Millz- The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016Amir Obe - Austin Millz- The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 Amir Obe - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016HUMANS
HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016 HUMANS - The Mod Club WayHome x CMW 2016





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Hearts On Fire: Chad Brownlee EP Review & Contest!

Chad Brownlee has been riding pretty high on the success of 2014’s The Fighters. He headlined a cross-Canada tour (that we saw in March 2015 at The Mod Club in Toronto), he earned new fans, a ton of radio play, and he further cemented his place on the Canadian country music scene.

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8357And now, just under two years after that release, Brownlee is back with new music.

Hearts On Fire is a seven track EP that opens with the title track, and current single. I’ve listened to the tracks more than a few times each in the lead up to the release and this review, and I think the first, and maybe the best thing I can say is that it I’ve wanted to each and every time.

This is a fun EP, with great songs from an artist that I’ve enjoyed throughout this decade.

Country fans have already responded positively to Hearts On Fire, pushing the single into the Top 10, and they aren’t wrong to have done it. And having heard the rest of the songs that are coming, I won’t be surprised to see Chad Brownlee back in the Top 10 two or even three more times this year.

Chad Brownlee, Hearts On Fire Tracklist

ChadBrownlee_HeartsOnFire Album Cover1. Hearts On Fire
2. I Hate You For It
3. Something We Shouldn’t Do
4. Might As Well Be Me
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Gone Gone
7. Damn The Radio

With zero inside information it’s hard for me to tell you what the 2nd single from the EP will be… but if I’m making guesses, I’d say I Hate You For It or Might As Well Be Me are my picks.

Hearts On Fire is a fantastic, full-sounding EP. It’s well produced and doesn’t miss out on showcasing Chad’s voice, the emotions in the songs, and everything that has earned him the respect and adoration that fans have heaped on him in the last 7 years.

Note: The, Chad Brownlee former hockey player, story has been written and talked about more than a few times now, including a very well put together story by Maclean’s. But the more new music we hear from Chad, and the more we see him evolve and improve on stage, we have to wonder when that will fade away and we can just tell stories about Chad Brownlee, Canadian country music star.

There’s one more thing I need to add about the Hearts On Fire EP… it’s going to be A LOT of fun live.

Chad Brownlee NHL Preview 2015We’ve been lucky to see Chad perform a few times now, and knowing what that’s like (it’s good), it’s safe to assume that these seven songs are going to sound great when he steps up on stage and plays them to a crowd that will no doubt be singing along.

If you want to be one of the fans singing along the next time you see Chad Brownlee live, or when his next single comes on the radio… we can help.

Enter now using the widget below and you could win 1 of 3 copies of Chad Brownlee’s new EP, Hearts On Fire. Take care to follow all instructions provided to confirm your entries count, and for an extra chance to win, follow @thereviewsarein on Twitter this Wednesday, April 27 for your chance to win as well.

Good luck!

Chad Brownlee: Hearts On Fire

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CMW 2016 Preview: Ivory Hours, Morning Light Review and Q&A

I’ve spent the last week listening almost non-stop to Ivory Hours, Morning Light and I have to admit I’m having a very hard time picking a favourite track. If you pressed me really hard, I’d have to say the lead track Dreamer is my fav.

The London, ON pop-rock trio has put together an amazingly cohesive album. It has great flow, a saucy feel and it makes me want to dance. It makes me feel, and isn’t that point? The bottom line, I love this album.

Morning Light was co-produced by Dan Brodbeck (The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Lights, Stars) and the sound is new and fresh.

I had the chance to do a Q&A with Luke from Ivory hours and ask him about the album, what the band is listening to and when we can expect new music. Check it out!

Ivory Hours Morning Light Track List

Ivory Hours

photo credit – Devan Laye

1. Dreamer
2. I Won’t
3. Warpaint
4. The Priest
5. Habit
6. Animal
7. Like Them
8. Sleep Alone
9. The Young and Beautiful
10. Morning Light

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the band itself? How it started, how you ended up with this lineup?

A. The band was located in Vancouver for its first year, we were playing more intricate folk rock. When I moved back to Ontario and linked up with Chris & Thom, I shifted the focus towards pop music. I met Chris at a blues night here in London and Thom through our mutual friend & drum teacher Renato.

Q. Morning Light is the first full-length album, can we talk a little bit about the writing and recording process?

A. It was incredibly fast…the sessions occurred over three weeks but only consisted of about 7 days in the studio. It was our first time working with a producer (Dan Brodbeck) and the music really benefited from an outside ear. We were in a rush to get the album out by summer so a number of the songs (including Warpaint) were written right before recording began.

Ivory Hours Morning Light Album Cover

cover art – Francis Martin

Q. I love the cover art, what can you tell me about it?

A. It was done by our friend Francis Martin; he’s an amazing local artist who runs a gallery & studio out of Watford, Ontario. I was trying to figure out what to do with the cover when he sent me a drawing he’d worked on after he participated in one of our video shoots. I thought it was fantastic so we had him do the rest of the album & lyric booklet as well!

Q. How did winning 98.1 Free FM’s “Under The Covers”, The Edge’s “Next Best Thing” and then Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Mentorship Program contests change the band?

A. Each were different experiences but incredibly helpful to the band. The Free FM contest allowed us to put out our first studio EP (Mary) which was a huge stepping stone for us. The Edge & CWOF both offered incredible exposure and allowed us to finance a cross-country tour, in addition to setting us up for our first mainstream radio play.

Q. The next month looks pretty busy with a bunch of dates in Ontario including CMW. How’s it feel to be headlining a CMW show at The Horseshoe?

A. Awesome! The Shoe is one of our favourite Toronto venues. It’s a hotspot during the festival so we’re quite excited for our showcase.

Q. iTunes says people who bought your music also bought Walk Off The Earth, Bedouin Soundclash, Lights and Matthew Good Band, do any of those associations surprise you?

A. Matthew Good Band would be the most surprising, but whoever’s buying seems to enjoy Canadian artists!

Ivory Hours

<small.via Facebook

Q. Next are a couple questions we like to ask bands, what’s the last song you listened to and what’s your favourite thing to do that isn’t music related?

A. Luke: Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)
     Thom: Hedonistic Me (Born Ruffians)
     Chris: Lingus (Snarky Puppy)

Since we started doing music videos I’ve become really interested in film, I’ve probably spent more time in theatres in the last year than the rest of my life combined.

Q. When can we expect new music?

A. Let’s hope for fall! Working on tons of new material right now so we hope to be in the studio by summer.

I really like these guys and I’m looking forward to seeing them live. They’ve got lots of dates coming up in Ontario and you should put their CMW headlining date at The Horseshoe Tavern on May 5th on your must see list.

Big thanks to Luke for taking the time to answer our questions and for getting Thom and Chris to play along. Don’t miss Ivory Hours all ages show at The Mod Club on April 22nd!

Ivory Hours are Luke Roes – (Vocals, Guitar) Chris Levesque – (Bass) Thomas Perquin – (Drums) and you can find them at these fine internet locations:

Facebook: IvoryHours
Twitter: ivoryhours
Instagram: ivoryhours
Soundcloud: ivoryhours
iTunes: ivoryhours
YouTube: ivoryhours

Ivory Hours

photo credit – Devan Laye

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Ontario Media Development Corporation Showcase 2016, Toronto!

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (thanks to the Government of Ontario) offers funding and assistance to musicians and the industry in an effort to allow Ontario artists a chance to work and live on the art.

From OMDC…

The Ontario Media Development Corporation is the central catalyst for Ontario’s cultural media cluster. It promotes, enhances and leverages investment, jobs, and original content creation in the province’s book and magazine publishing, film and television, music and interactive digital media industries.

And on Wednesday night at The Mod Club in Toronto we celebrated and recognized that fact with artists and industry folks all over the floor. We were treated to showcase sets from A Tribe Called Red, Mehdi Cayenne, Peter Katz, SATE, and Monster Truck.

Even with just a couple songs each, every one of the performers left their mark and impressions on the assembled mass. And just to make sure we were all ready and paying attention, hostess Jully Black made a concerted effort to absolutely nail her intros and remind everyone that we were gathered, not for the free wine, but because Ontario musicians are world class, and the OMDC and OMF (Ontario Music Fund) are playing a HUGE part in the process.

Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Before the performances kicked off we stole a few minutes from Hamilton rock and rollers, Monster Truck to chat about things, and we’d like to offer one more thank you to them for that.

We asked the boys about their packed tour schedule (now through November) and they told us that they’re ready to roll, having already been out and just needing to hop on a plane to the UK to starting things back up.

They also told us that they’re looking forward to Germany and the rock and roll crowds who are ready to party from the first riff, and not holding their phones up looking for the perfect Instagram photo.

Note: Because it’s our job we did hold our phones up to Instagram Monster Truck on Wednesday night. Sorry boys.

All of the touring and festivals in Europe and North America is in support of Sittin’ Heavy, their new album… which is good!

The Monster Truck dudes also talked about the OMDC and OMF with us, highlighting their appreciation for the funds and support to the band, their label, and all of the Ontario artists who benefit. They are keenly aware that these monies allow them to write, record, and tour for a living. All while employing techs, engineers, producers, video directors, etc.

Our boy Mike Brown with a beauty!!!! #theenforcer

A video posted by Monster Truck (@ilovemonstertruck) on

And before we let Jon, Brandon, Steve, and Jer go we talked a little sports. We touched on their friend Mike Brown’s big goal for the Canadiens vs. the Ducks and how great it was to see him earn the #1 star (even if ½ the band are Leafs fans) and get some glory.

We also talked about the Blue Jays, who the boys LOVE, and it’s clear there are some concerns about the contract status of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. However, Monster Truck plans to be back in Toronto for Blue Jays baseball this summer!

In the end, the most important part of Wednesday night was the fact that the provincial government has committed to permanently (like forever) fund the OMDC, and that is good for musicians, labels, tech, and fans.

So… yay government, yay music, and yay the fact that there will be more awesome Ontario art in the future!

Be awesome!

OMDC Showcase Photos!

Monster Truck

Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016Monster Truck OMDC Mod Club 2016


SATE OMDC Mod Club 2016SATE OMDC Mod Club 2016SATE OMDC Mod Club 2016

Peter Katz

Peter Katz OMDC Mod Club 2016Peter Katz OMDC Mod Club 2016Peter Katz OMDC Mod Club 2016

Mehdi Cayenne

Mehdi Cayenne OMDC Mod Club 2016Mehdi Cayenne OMDC Mod Club 2016Mehdi Cayenne OMDC Mod Club 2016Mehdi Cayenne OMDC Mod Club 2016

A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red OMDC Mod Club 2016A Tribe Called Red OMDC Mod Club 2016A Tribe Called Red OMDC Mod Club 2016

The Dignitaries

OMDC Mod Club 2016

The Honourable Michael Coteau

OMDC Mod Club 2016

OMDC CEO, Karen Thorne-Stone

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Born To Love: The Lovelocks EP Release Party, Toronto!

On a beautiful Thursday night in Toronto, a community of country music fans gathered at the Mod Club to celebrate the release of The Lovelocks brand new Born To Love EP.

Supported by KX96 and KX94.7, Ali and Zoe took the stage to play the 7 tracks from the new EP, as well as some old favourites and covers we love (and didn’t know we’d love) for the assembled music lovers on the floor.

These 2 women put on a great set, as they always do. Impressing us with their harmonies, killing it with a full band behind them, and may we add, looking super stylish while they did it!

The Lovelocks Born To Love Album Release Party Set List

❤︎ Born To Love*
❤︎ He’s My Man
❤︎ Teardrop Tattoo
❤︎ Radio*
❤︎ Simple Stuff*
❤︎ I Do Not*
❤︎ Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)
❤︎ How Good I’m Gonna Love You*
❤︎ Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)
❤︎ Dance
❤︎ Call The Doctor
❤︎ Home Sweet Home*
❤︎ Encore: Lovely*
❤︎ Encore: Cake By The Ocean (DNCE cover)
*Tracks from the Born To Love EP

Related: Born To Love: The Lovelocks EP Review and Q&A

The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release-2365We really dig the new music that The Lovelocks have given us on Born To Love, that’s why we gave it the review we did. And to see them all played live was a special treat.

And it was a special treat for the band as well. Ali and Zoe said many thank yous on Thursday night, and seemed very grateful to be playing in their hometown to celebrate what really was a special occassion for them. We know these women, we know they work hard, we know that they love their fans, and we know that they have a passion for everything they are doing – and to see that all come together and flow through their live performance was something special for us too.

Congratulations to The Lovelocks, they’re earned everything that has come to them so far, and everything that is on the way!

Now, check out some more photos and videos from The Mod Club, and stay tuned because more awesome things are coming soon!

Cake By The Ocean Finale!

The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release 2016The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release 2016The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release-2597

Oh hey @thelovelocks! #livemusic #toronto #music #yyz #band #live #countrymusic #country

A video posted by (@thereviewsarein) on

The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release-2425The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release-8041The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release-2443The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release 2016

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Born To Love: The Lovelocks EP Review and Q&A

Two years in the making, The Lovelocks brand new Born To Love EP has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be happier for 3 reasons…

1) We’ve been waiting for new music from Ali and Zoe – and here it is.

2) The Lovelocks are truly lovely girls who deserve all of the good things that come to them.

3) It’s Good!

The Lovelocks CMAO Awards 2015-3907We’ve been lucky enough to have an early listen or 6 to the Born To Love EP, and we can tell you that this collection of 7 songs really is a great opportunity to enjoy music for a while.

From Born to Love at #1, to Lovely at #7, the combination of upbeat & fun and slow & sweet shows the range in emotions that comes from living life, and the ability for The Lovelocks to express and share parts of their lives with country music fans.

Born To Love EP Track Listing

The Lovelocks Born To Love Album Art1. Born To Love
2. Home Sweet Home
3. I Do Not
4. Radio
5. Simple Stuff
6. How Good I’m Gonna Love You
7. Lovely

There’s a chance that you’ve already heard a few of the tracks from the EP if you’ve been listening to Canadian country, or you’ve seen the girls live over the last little while. Singles Born To Love and Home Sweet Home have been well received… with Home Sweet Home holding the #1 iTunes spot for a Canadian country artist the week of its release in January.

And if you’ve seen the girls live any time since last March (when we saw them at Hugh’s Room in Toronto) you may have heard the sass-filled I Do Not.

As country music fans, please believe this, The Lovelocks have taken their time and gotten this right. This is not a rush job of an EP that was pushed out, this was measured and worked on and the result is music that they can be proud of, and that you can listen to and enjoy from start to finish.

If you’re looking for new music, and country is a genre you love, grab Born To Love on iTunes and take the time to listen to this EP. We’re willing to be that you won’t be disappointed.

Ali and Zoe took a few minutes out of their pre-release schedule to play some Q&A with us… so without any further ado, here we go!

The Lovelocks Boots and Hearts 2015

The Lovelocks Q&A

Q. I looked back and it’s been almost exactly 2 years since I picked up the 1st EP and we did our first Q&A… how great does it feel to be releasing this new music you’ve worked so hard on?

A. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun!!

Honestly – it’s like Christmas for us. We have been busy working on this album for almost a year now and it feels amazing to release our baby into the world! 😉

Q. Home Sweet Home has been a great start, and we know we aren’t the only ones who love it, how exciting was it to see that reaction from country music fans?

A. We were blown away to see so much support around this song, on both radio and Spotify. But the best part has been hearing back from our fans, many of whom have said it’s their favourite song by The Lovelocks so far. We couldn’t ask for a better response – and we are glad people love the song as much as we do.

Q. Last January when you started the Rockethub campaign for the Born to Love EP you also got a great response. Do you want to use a few words to talk about that process and the feeling of having that support roll in?

A. To be honest, we were nervous to crowd-fund again because we weren’t sure we could repeat the success from our first EP’s crowd-funding efforts. So, when we raised an additional $35,000 to record our second EP, we were truly humbled by our supporters’ generosity. It was a true testament to the loyalty and support of our fans. To date, we have raised over $65,000 which have funded both of our albums, and we literally wouldn’t be standing here without that support. We are beyond thankful.

Q. 2 Years ago we asked about the state of women on country radio, and it wasn’t really good then. How do you feel about the balance now?

A. You know what? Things are starting to look a lot better at radio for women in country these days. The pendulum is shifting back to a more balanced place, and we are certainly feeling the affects of that with our current single, Home Sweet Home. Country radio has been very quick to play it in Canada and we couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of bringing female artists back on to the radio.

Q. We’ve seen the Home Sweet Home video, and some of the behind the scenes content you’ve shared on social media… how much fun was it making that video with director Ben Knechtel?

A. Ben was so great to work with. He comes with a lot of vision, and we loved his concept for the video right away. He came up with the whole antique storeroom idea, and we absolutely knew it was what we wanted for the Home Sweet Home video as soon as we heard it. Ben has already seen a lot of success in his career with shooting music videos for artists like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, but he’s a super young and talented guy with a fresh take on what music videos can be. We really enjoyed the shoot day and are so happy with the final product!

Q. Spring and summer usually mean a lot of new live show announcements, anything you can tell us about your plans to get up on stage in the next few months?

A. We are beyond excited about our Album Release Party, coming up this Thursday, March 10th at The Mod Club (doors open 6:30pm). Beyond that, we’ve got some good things cookin’ and fans can keep their eyes peeled by following us on social media and signing up for our e-newsletter, where we usually announce these things first –

Q. Last one, in 50 words or less, tell us what you hope people get out of the music you’ve shared on the Born to Love EP.

A. Joy! We put so much love into the making of this record, and we hope it makes people feel truly happy when they listen to it.

Thanks again to Ali and Zoe, find them at these fine internet locations…

Facebook: The Lovelocks
Twitter: @heylovelocks
Instagram: @thelovelocks
YouTube: The Lovelocks

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Ian Fletcher Thornley – Secrets at The Mod Club

With twenty plus years active in the music business Ian Fletcher Thornley is the consummate professional. Looking happy, youthful and healthy on stage, I don’t have to wonder how things are going.Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club

From the early days of Big Wreck, through the Thornley days, Ian seemed like a he’s in a different place and it’s a very good place. The near sellout crowd at The Mod Club were what I would call fans, in the truest sense of the word. Fanatical, appreciative and all in. With just a quick check on social media you’ll see, they are a community and they love Ian. And he loves them back, he said so.Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club

Note: Opening for Ian was Chris Caddell of Chris Caddell and The Wreckage. Chris seemed a little nervous but he didn’t need to be. The packed house was warm and appreciative. His voice, lyrics and guitar playing were captivating.Chris Caddell at The Mod Club Chris Caddell at The Mod Club

Touring to support the Secrets album, the set is mostly a quieter, gentler sound than early Big Wreck. The music is honest and heartfelt. Ian was joined on stage by Dave McMillan (Big Wreck, Thornley) on bass and Glen Milchem (Blue Rodeo) on drums, the three are a cohesive unit with Ian’s haunting, unique voice leading the way.Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club Dave McMillan Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club - Glen Milchem

Although most of the songs were from the new album we did get a taste of The Albatross and an amazing, goose bump level version of Blown Wide Open. The entire set was incredible, and while it may have seemed odd to those around me, I never sang a single word. All I wanted to hear, was Ian.

Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club
Thanks to Ian for coming home and finishing up this leg of the “Share Your Secrets” tour in Toronto. There was a film crew kicking around the venue so I’m sure we’ll be seeing footage soon. If you’re out on the West coast, get ready he’s back on tour in March.

Ian Fletcher Thornley - Set List - The Mod ClubIan Fletcher Thornley at The Mod ClubIan Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club Dave McMillanIan Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club

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Cairo: With You at Toronto’s The Mod Club

The Edge’s Jingle Bell Rock Series
Cairo, Birds of Bellwoods and Blue Sky Miners

Saturday night in Toronto was the first show of The Edge’s Jingle Bell Rock concerts. The first in the Discovery Series at The Mod Club, and it was amazing! The Edge is donating $1 from each ticket sale to The Daily Bread Food Bank and you can be a part of it by attending any of the upcoming shows.

An early start, we saw Blue Sky Miners take the stage at 7:30. The crowd built slowly as the Toronto based indie/folk/rock band filled The Mod Club with their unique sound. They played from the October self titled debut release to a warm welcome from the crowd. Blue Sky Miners Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell Blue Sky Miners Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBellBlue Sky Miners Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell

The next band up was one we’re quite fond of and we’ve written about them before. Birds of Bellwoods took the stage just after 8:00pm. Playing from their recent EP “The Fifth” and introducing a couple of new songs including one they were playing for the first time live. We wanted to mention that while Stevie mentioned not feeling 100% and dealing with the effects of cold meds, we thought they sounded perfect.

Birds of Bellwoods Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell Birds of Bellwoods Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell

Prior to the start of the Birds of Bellwoods we had a chance for a quick chat with Cairo. What did we learn? I didn’t know that Nate’s old day job was in social media and after engaging with them on social media, that doesn’t surprise me. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and we hope to meet with them again soon.

Cairo took the stage at 9:00, except for Nate. Instead, nestled about 10 feet in front of the stage was a mic stand. Quiet, soft, up, intimate, up close and personal, one with the audience. They had our undivided attention.

Cairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell

Hopping up on stage the band played songs from “A History of Reasons” and more. Can you picture this? A cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” accompanied by special guests Terra Lightfood and Jacquie Neville of The Balconies. It was amazing! And yes, we have video!Cairo Toronto The Mod Club Terra Lightfoot and Jacquie Neville EdgeJingleBell

An amazing night full of fun, sincerity and crazy energy.  During the encore told us they’d be taking a break. It’s been a long tour and they’ve earned it. We’re hoping for new material to come from the break and can’t wait to hear it.

Photos of Cairo – The Mod Club November 21, 2015Cairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell Cairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBellCairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBellCairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBellCairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBellCairo Toronto The Mod Club EdgeJingleBell



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CMW 2015 Friday Night ft. The Dead South, Shore Thing & Midday Swim

Friday night, on the west side of town, we mixed things up with a little indie pop rock, some folk indie soul and a side of Americana folk roots.

CMW Friday Indie Lineup

Midday Swim
Shore Thing
The Dead South

Midday Swim

First we hit The Mod Club for a little Midday Swim. We’d had someone recommend that we check out this band and the timing and location were just right. There was a good sized crowd for an 8:00pm show and the energy was positive. The band formed less than a year ago were tight and professional.

Midday Swim CMW2015 The Mod Club

Shore Thing

We moved to the Smiling Buddha and Shore Thing was setting up just as we arrived. The four piece from Ontario were charming and told us the story of having their van towed during load in, sorry guys. Great lyrics, nice sound, we’d go see them again.

Shore Thing The Smiling Buddha CMW2015

The Dead South

Next up was The Dead South. They were the reason we were here. We’d seen them before at the eOne/Gibson Juno Party and they’d made an impression. It was great to see them in such an intimate venue. They didn’t disappoint. They played a fairly long set and finished up with one of our favourites, “Honey You“.

The Dead South CMW2015 Smiling Buddha

From the moment they started playing, the crowd moved forward. Feet started tapping and then started stomping. The four member band dress alike, move together, their voices blend beautifully together.  If you get a chance to see them, take it!

#cmw2015 @thedeadsouth

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For more photos of all three bands you can visit Adventures of an Urban Girl.

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Jim Beam Rock and Roll Night at CMW 2015 ft. Scott Weiland

Many thanks to our friends at Jim Beam for making this post, and Thursday night’s adventure for us and our contest winners possible. When in doubt, Make History!

Thursday night in Toronto a whole bunch of rock and roll fans congregated at the Mod Club to see Scott Weiland take the stage and put on a show… and while they weren’t sure what kind of show they were going to get, they were ready.

But it wasn’t all Weiland, 3 acts took the stage first to get things started, get the crowd warmed up, and turn the night into a full on Canadian Music Week rock show.

The Luke Austin Band
Stuck on Planet Earth
Josh Beech
Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts
Luke Austin CMW 2015

The Luke Austin Band

First on stage, a rock and roll quartet from right here in Toronto. The Luke Austin Band kicked off the show.

Mr. Austin himself set up the band’s time by telling the crowd, “for the next 45 minutes we’re going to be entertaining, and you’re going to be entertained.”

The hometown boys didn’t leave anything out in their attempts to make that statement true. With high energy, steady sounds, a pretty cool mash-up cover of CCR’s Proud Mary & Eminem’s Lose Yourself, a set closing performance of their most recognizable track, Long Road Home – The Luke Austin Band was in fact entertaining.

It’s party rock and roll. It’s grab a drink and have some fun while you’re listening rock. Especially if you get to see them live.

Good job boys, we’ll be seeing you again soon.
Stuck on Planet Earth Mod Club CMW 2015

Stuck on Planet Earth

From nearby Woodbridge, the boys of Stuck on Planet Earth told the Mod Club crowd that they were here to represent the 905 on Thursday night.

This was the second time we’d seen Stuck on Planet Earth play CMW… the 1st was 2014 at Tattoo Rock Parlour, opening for The Reason.

Billed in the Canadian Music Week program as Alternative/Grunge/Rock, the trio played with a bunch of energy, and a lot of enthusiasm. With vocal responsibilities split between the 2 dudes at the front of the stage, this is most definitely a “less talk, more rock” band.

If you’re out with friends, looking for a live show and cold beer, pay the cover to see Stuck on Planet Earth if they’re playing near you.
Josh Beech CMW2015

Josh Beech

“My name is Josh Beech and I’m from South Fucking London” – and so the opening act for Scott Weiland introduced himself and his set at the Mod Club on Thursday night.

While the program bills him as Folk/Singer-Songwriter, this wasn’t a solo acoustic set. With his electric guitar joined by drums and bass, Beech’s music is probably best defined as Electric Singer-Songwriter.

As the set started we were talking to Luke Austin, who told us that Josh Beech is one of the cooler guys he’s ever met… and then a minute later, after a heckler got under Beech’s skin, the music stopped, some words were exchanged, there was a little tension – and then we were back to the music again.

Beech is good with the audience, bringing them into the music – at one point even jumping down onto the floor to play some guitar. And they loved him back, with great applause from the full Canadian Music Week room.

If Josh Beech is playing somewhere near you, we’d recommend going to see him play some music.
scott weiland-2617

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts

The main event. The reason the room was full. The reason Jim Beam gave us tickets to give away and put us in the VIP (thanks for that guys). There was a buzz in the room in the moments leading up to 11pm when Scott Weiland took the stage with the Wildabouts.

Being completely honest, we didn’t know what to expect. Having seen some unflattering things on the internet lately, we didn’t want to set ourselves up…

But all of that, the wondering and curiosity, quickly gave way to cheering and singing and enjoying the hell out of a Scott Weiland rock and roll show. To say that expectations were shattered would be an understatement. Weiland was in complete control on stage, working the microphone, bullhorn, and swaying, arm swinging, twirling dance moves like the rock star he’s always been.

STP hits like Big Bang Baby and Vasoline took us back in time 20 years – and while we always try to be objective in the moment, especially at a show with as many question marks going into it as this one, there wasn’t a moment where we weren’t screaming along with the rest of the Mod Club crowd when those hits were being played.

The only draw back, the set was short. And while that was expected, it was still a bummer because it was going so well that we wanted more.

But… we got to meet Scott Weiland quickly after the show and it sounds like there could very well be a Toronto tour date coming this summer – and that one will definitely be longer with more hits and more singing along.

Forget about that video you saw, because Thursday night at Canadian Music Week, Scott Weiland crushed it.

Scott Weiland Meet and Greet Toronto, CMW 2015Luke Austin Band Mod Club CMW 2015Stuck on Planet Earth CMW 2015Josh Beech CMW 2015Josh Beech Mod Club CMW 2015Scott Weiland CMW 2015 The Mod ClubScott Weiland The Mod Club CMW 2015scott weiland-2556scott weiland-2625-2scott weiland-2630scott weiland-2632



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Ticket Giveaway: Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts – Canadian Music Week 2015!

Congrats to our winner, Jade Towle and her guest! And thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways in the future!

Thanks to our fine friends at Jim Beam, we’re giving away 2 general admission passes to see Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto!

Show Details:

– Date: Thursday, May 7, 2015
– Time: Doors open at 7pm
– More: Jim Beam presents the Canadian Music Week Mod Club takeover featuring Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts.
– Even More: Supporting acts include, Josh Beech, Stuck on Planet Earth, and The Luke Austin Band.

Set Times:

8pm The Luke Austin Band
9pm Stuck on Planet Earth
10pm Josh Beech
11pm Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts

Want to win? It’s all social!

– Click below to send a tweet – that’s an entry.
Check out our Facebook Page and leave a comment on the Scott Weiland Contest post – that’s an entry.
Follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on this post with your handle – that’s an entry.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning at 10am!

Claiming your prize:

– At 10am this post will be updated with the winner’s name and Twitter handle, if applicable.
– If the winner comes from Twitter, we will tweet at them from @thereviewsarein
– Once confirmed, the winner(s) will have to meet us at the venue to claim their prize and enter the concert. Those details will be worked out between us and the winners.

Good Luck!

[tweetthis]I’m entered to win 2 tickets to see Scott Weiland, Thursday night with @thereviewsarein #MakeHistory #CMW2015[/tweetthis]

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Jim Beam presents the Mod Club takeover featuring Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts – CMW

Jim Beam presents the Canadian Music Week Mod Club takeover featuring Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts.
With Josh Beech, Stuck on Planet Earth, and The Luke Austin Band

When The Lights Go Down Tour Review: Toronto

On Tuesday we hit the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto to check out Bobby Wills, Jess Moskaluke, and headliner Chad Brownlee on the When The Lights Go Down Tour.

From start to finish everyone had a great time… but it wasn’t just a 2 hour concert, the tour offered a lot more than that for the fans who wanted it!

The When The Lights Go Down Tour VIP Upgrade offers fans a chance to come check out soundcheck, meet & greet with the artists, get some swag and pictures and autographs, and it was a lot of fun to be there with them as it all went down. Chad, Jess and Bobby were all great with the fans, and even put on a little acoustic set together for the small group in the Mod Club.

Highlight of the VIP Experience: Bobby Wills’ cover of Garth Brooks’ classic, The River.

And now, onto the show.

Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8068Bobby Wills took the stage first, and he did a great job of bringing the crowd into the night and starting the St. Patrick’s Day party.

Wills played a fun set with a big smile on his face. It’s easy to see that he loves what he’s doing up there. And the crowd loved it too. The set included recent singles like Crazy Enough and Never Didn’t Love You from his Crazy Enough album, and threw in a little throwback to his 2012 single, Show Some Respect.

And then he wrapped things up with his most recent release, Undressed, with the help of the night’s next performer, Jess Moskaluke.

Note: After the meet & greet we had a chance to chat with all of the artists and Bobby was quick to mention that he’d love to play Boots & Hearts. Here’s hoping that we see him there in 2016.

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Jess-8074After her duet with Bobby Wills, Saskatchewan’s Jess Moskaluke took over the When The Lights Go Down Tour stage.

Her energy level was fantastic right from the start, and I was a happy guy hearing Good Lovin’ to kick things off. It’s a really fun song that some of Jess’s new fans may not know since it’s not on the Light Up The Night album.

Speaking of the album, Moskaluke did treat the fans to a number of songs from the disc, and they showed her that they’d been listening, singing along en masse to Used, Night We Won’t Forget, Cheap Wine and Cigarettes and the title track, Light Up The Night.

The first time we interviewed Jess none of us knew how huge her 2014 was going to be… and now that we’ve been in touch a few times and seen how crowds respond to her, we won’t be surprised to watch her have more years just like it and bigger.

Unexpected Highlight: Jess threw a cover mash-up in with her set, giving us an awesome showing of Big and Rich’s Fake ID & Meghan Trainor’s Lips are Movin’. We had no idea it was coming, and she knocked it clean out of the park!

Before we get to the headliner, we need to take a second to shout out the band. The 5 dudes up on stage come from all across Canada (Newfoundland to BC) and they did a fantastic job. These same talented men stayed on stage all night, playing and singing backing vocals for all 3 acts – and they never dropped their energy a single inch. Well done boys.

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8357Last up, headlining his first Canada-wide tour, and totally ready to do so, was Chad Brownlee.

Let’s start at the start… before Brownlee ever took the stage my jaw dropped. While some artists have music to bring them to the stage (Miranda coming out to Beyonce’s Run the World was memorable) Brownlee went a different route. The former Canuck’s draft pick was intro’d by Hockey Night in Canada’s Jim Hughson calling a mix of play-by-play action featuring Chad’s name. It was 100% Canadian, and I loved it.

Also, let’s deal with this too… Chad Brownlee is aggressively handsome. It’s not a hard conclusion to come to, but we did it while he stood on stage, playing for a crowd that was totally into him.

We got a lot of music out of Brownlee’s time on stage. There wasn’t a minute wasted in his set… and in case you were wondering – this is what the set looked like.

  • Smoke In The Rain
  • Sitting On The Hood Of My Car
  • Matches
  • Listen
  • The Fighters
  • Fallin’ Over You.
  • Ed Sheeran Cover: Thinking Out Loud
  • Stay/ Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
  • Carried Away
  • Where The Party At
  • Just Because
  • Love Me Or Leave Me
  • When The Lights Go Down

And then it was time for the encore… and it was awesome.

I’ll be honest, it took me a minute to recognize the first  track, but as he got closer and closer to the chorus, it clicked… we were treated to a 6 dude rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar… and they nailed it.

But as cool as that was, it wasn’t quite as boss as what came next, and ended the show. The band started to play a few notes, Brownlee started singing and we got a funked up country version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ smash hit, Uptown Funk. Bobby Wills and Jess Moskaluke came back out to sing and dance along with the final song of the night and the entire Mod Club joined in on the ‘Hot Damn’s and Uptown ‘Funk You Up’s.

Final Verdict: The When The Lights Go Down Tour was a lot of fun and Bobby Wills, Jess Moskaluke and Chad Brownlee put on a great show with the added bonus of the VIP upgrade in the afternoon.

If you’re west of Toronto and you like any of these 3 artists you need to check the Tour’s website to find a tour date near you.

You won’t regret it!

When The Lights Go Down Tour Encore 2
Bobby Wills When The Lights Go Down Toronto-8020When The Lights Go Down Toronto Jess-8076When The Lights Go Down Toronto Jess-8125When The Lights Go Down Toronto Jess-8107When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad Brownlee-8342When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8368When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8367

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