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CMW Preview: 19 Songs You Need to Hear at Canadian Music Week 2017!

The schedule is crazy. There are bands all over the city from all over the world. So here we are to try and give you some guidance.

Even if you can’t make it to every concert and showcase, you can start finding new music, and singing along to the tracks you know, with these 19 songs. Click any of the song titles to watch a video… or press play on the playlist at the bottom of the post and get your groove on!

Enjoy – and leave a comment telling us which songs you already loved, and which ones you’re happy you found…

Bleeker – Highway
Bleecker Julian Taylor Showcase CMW 2016

High Valley – She’s With Me

Silver Love Club – Rachel
Mabel The Nightowl CMW 2016

Jess Moskaluke – Drive Me Away
Jess Moskaluke Bright Lights Big City Toronto The Phoenix

The Dead Love – Summer
The Dead Love CMW 2016 Horseshoe

Madeline Merlo – Whatcha Wanna Do About It
Madeline Merlo BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

The New Electric – T-Shirt

Alee – Moonshine

The Beaches – Give It Up

Drake White – Livin’ The Dream
United States/Country
CMT Music Fest - Drake White & The Big Fire

The Honest Heart Collective – Liar’s Club

James Barker Band – Chills
James Barker Band SiriusXM Fan Stage BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

Texas King – Come Find Me
Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016

Andrew Hyatt – MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio)
CMT Music Fest - Andrew Hyatt

Courage My Love – Stereo

Dani Strong – Wild One
Dani Strong Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016

Melissa Etheridge – I’m The Only One
United States/Rock

The Rifle & The Writer – Gig & Colour

Repartee – Dukes

CMW Preview & Contest: The New Electric [Q&A]

Canadian Music Week 2017 is so close we can taste it… and we’ve got exciting things to share.

1) Kyle, from Calgary’s The New Electric has joined us for a Q&A to talk about the band, the music, coming to CMW, and more…

2) We’re giving away 2 Canadian Music Week wristbands that are good for the entire festival… including The New Electric at The Velvet Underground with Courage My Love on Thursday, April 20!!!

That’s right folks, use the widget at the bottom of this post to earn up to _ entries – and be ready to check your email on Monday, April 17 to see if you’re the winner!

And now, check out our Q&A with Kyle… with our thanks to him for playing along and giving us great answers to share with all of you.

Q: Toronto is a long way from Calgary, how excited are you guys to be coming to Canadian Music Week and playing at The Velvet Underground?

A: Very stoked! Toronto is such an electric, beautiful place. We enjoy every trip and look forward to playing The Velvet Underground. We’ve hung out there but have never played it so it should be super fun. Not to mention, CMW is always a blast!! We get to see lots of industry friends and get up to no good, like I said… A BLAST!

Q: You’ve had the chance to work with some great talent in the music industry (producers, other bands) early in your career, how has it felt to have that kind of success in your corner as you grow?

A: We’re so lucky and we appreciate everyone who has believed in us at every step along the way. There are some amazing talents and we’re so lucky to call some of these Titans, friends and colleagues.

Q: “Life’s What You Make It” was a hit in 2016, how cool is to look back at that as your first “big” year?

A: It’s crazy how much of a blur it is at first. We were so busy playing, practicing, building a show etc. etc. that when you stop and reflect, it all starts to sync in and it’s like… wow! That happened. Seriously though. So fortunate.

Q: The new single “T-Shirt” is out now – and the lyric video is making the rounds online. How excited are you to have new music out to share – and to see the response so far?

A: I love “T-shirt”. It’s such a fun song that we really put our hearts and hard work into. We’re very proud of it and it’s so so so fun to see it charting and doing well and our fans loving it!

Q: What is your favourite part of getting out on stage in front of a live crowd?

A: The presence of the experience. The moments and connection you make with the crowd and fans. I love the excitement and energy of the risk that they may like you…they may not… you may do well… you may not…. all these variables kind of wrap up the human experience into a 45 min set and that’s fun!

Q: Tell us something that about the band… or each of you… that we won’t find in a google search. (favourite food, hobby, quirk, hidden talent, etc.)

A: Adam (drummer) is an elementary school music teacher. Indy (bass) is hugely into motorcycles… he rides a Triumph. Chris (guitar) is a pro sound engineer and works big shows in Alberta with his dad. Kyle (me) I’m a dad! My son’s name is Sabin and he’s the coolest!!

Q: In about 50 words, what can fans expect when they see you with Courage My Love at CMW 2017?

A: They can expect to have fun and be part of our show. Some laughs, some high energy and chill vibes. We try and create a unique experience that leaves you with hooks in your head and moments that you might remember. They can expect to hang with the band and watch CML’s set with us!

Catch up with The New Electric online and stay up to date with what’s coming next!

Facebook: @thenewelectric
Twitter: @thenewelectric
Instagram: @thenewelectric
YouTube: @thenewelectric

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