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The Stellas and Lennon & Maisy at Boots & Hearts 2015!

If it’s possible for talent to be passed down from parents to children, the Stella family has done just that.

The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2463The Stellas (Brad and MaryLynne) and their daughters Lennon and Maisy (from TV’s Nashville) stepped up on the Boots & Hearts main stage on Saturday to sing some songs, tell some funny family stories and generally be loved.

From the sound check on, the afternoon audience was cheering. There are bands that would kill for the kind of pop that Maisy got when she waved to the crowd before anyone ever sang a song.

And while a lot of focus was put on Lennon & Maisy (deservedly so, they are uber talented and have a ton of career ahead of them) don’t forget about mom and dad. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, those girls come upon their talent honestly. When Brad and MaryLynne sing together it’s sweet and strong and honest. It’s also fun when it needs to be, and it seems like they really like to have fun.

Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015We sat down for a quick chat after the set with Mr. and Mrs. Stella (20 years strong and counting) and they told us that they were impressed with the crowd that showed up to see them play. They also told us that they were happy to be able to bring the girls with them, and on stage they expressed that as well.

When we asked about more dates coming up to support the It Wouldn’t Be This album they told us that there are some pretty cool things happening for them in the UK right now, so they’ll be headed there with the Zac Brown Band – and then they’ll be planning 2016 when they hope to be back in Canada again in the spring.

On a cool personal note, we talked a little about an old school friend Troy Williams who works at their Whitby music school The Music Scene, and engineered their 1st EP down in Nashville.

Both on stage and while we were chatting Brad and MaryLynne were gracious and kind and friendly – and from everything we saw, their daughters are the exact same way.

Lennon and Maisy Boots and Hearts -2591Saturday afternoon the fans at Boots & Hearts saw something special when The Stella family took the stage. No matter who was featured on a microphone, everyone was there. We saw Maisy singing along to Perfect from the side of the stage. MaryLynne sang harmonies when the girls took the spotlight. And when all 4 played together at the end of the set it really was a very special moment to witness.

This was also the 1st set of the weekend to choke us up. This House and A Life That’s Good got to me, and Trish had a tear or 2 in her eyes when Lennon & Maisy sang Boom Clap with the support of their parents and the band.

They were impressive and inclusive and made us all proud that they are home when they are in Canada.

The Stellas and Lennon & Maisy Boots & Hearts Set List

The Stellas

♥ Can’t Let Go
♥ Perfect
♥ Gravy
♥ This House

Lennon & Maisy

♥ Big Yellow Taxi
♥ When I’m Down
♥ Boom Clap
♥ A Life That’s Good
♥ Ho Hey
♥ Call Your Girlfriend

The Stellas w/ Lennon & Maisy

♥ Baba O’Reilly
♥ Medley: Waterfalls, Fishin’ in the Dark, Callin’ Baton Rouge, Wasn’t That a Party, No Choice

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

The Stellas & Lennon and Maisy Boots and Hearts -2490The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2433Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2441Lennon Boots and Hearts -2429The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2579The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2586Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015

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10 Reasons We’re Excited for Boots & Hearts 2015!

Boots & Hearts starts Thursday afternoon with the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party… and while some of the hardcore fans/campers/partiers are already in the gates – the majority of us will make our way up in time for The Reklaws at 5pm.

To get us all ready at the last minute (in case you aren’t already pumped right up) we’ve got a list of 10 reasons we’re excited for this year’s festival!

The Venue

Boots and Hearts Burls Creek SunsetWe’ve already had the luxury of touring around the Burl’s Creek park during WayHome, and it’s pretty awesome. We know there will be some changes made to the grounds from 1 festival to the other, but if the Main Stage and the Front Porch stage are where we think they will be, it’s going to be just fine.

There’s also a ton of room for bars, porta-potties, food trucks, water refill stations, lounging in the sun or the shade, and dancing to the music.

We can’t wait to get inside and check it out again.

The Headliners

Eric Church 2015Brad Paisley, Eric Church, and Florida Georgia Line are big names who play big stages in front of big crowds – and Boots & Hearts will give all three of them that opportunity.

All 3 acts also have impressive libraries of music that the fans will be to sing and shout along to throughout the sets, and that always makes for a good time.

We’re guessing that Eric Church’s set will inspire the more whisky to be consumed and the most smoke clouds to rise – and Florida Georgia Line will give us the most pop from the young crowd, particularly the ladies when they take the stage and start playing their brand of good-time party country music.

The Emerging Artist Showcase

BnH emerging artist showcaseIn Year 1 Tebey won the contest (and Tim Hicks finished 2nd), in Year 2 The Reklaws took home the grand prize, and in Year 3 our pal Trinity Bradshaw claimed the title… so who will win this year?

The answer is… we don’t know.

Here are the contenders: James Barker Band, Eric Ethridge, Leanne Pearson, Johnson Crook, Tenille Arts, Birds of Bellwoods, Ray Gibson, and Travis Wood.

Good luck to all of the finalists, winning this thing can go a long way to kicking off a career!

The Women on Stage

When this year’s lineup was announced we were impressed and excited at the number of female acts that were included. Last year’s number was really low, but now we’re back!

Kira-Isabella-Band-2014-CNEThe Reklaws, Jess Moskaluke, The Stellas, Lennon & Maisy, Maddie & Tae, Small Town Pistols, The Lovelocks, MacKenzie Porter, Kira Isabella, Leah Daniels, Trinity Bradshaw… and more awesome and talented women will being singing songs for us from Thursday to Sunday and we can’t wait to hear them.

The women of country music deserve every play and stream and download they get – so pay attention this weekend and find a new favourite.

Little Big Town

Dallas Smith

Boots and Hearts Dallas SmithYes, we were very excited to see Little Big Town before the announcement was made that they wouldn’t be able to play the show…

BUT, we are very excited for Dallas Smith to take that slot opening for Eric Church on Saturday. Not only because Lifted is an amazing album and the show is going to get people ready for the headliner, also because Dallas is a good dude and deserves the chance to give us some Canadian content in a prime spot.

The Fans

Boots and Hearts FansThis festival is special for 2 big reasons – the talent on stage and the fans in the crowd.

Every year more people show up and sing and dance and drink and camp and have a great time. And we’re looking forward to 2015 being no different.

Yes, you’ll see people that are too drunk to function, and yes, someone will pass out and look silly… and maybe a couple dudes will try to start a fight, but with an expected 35,000 in attendance we’re expecting the same good ‘ole country fans to show up and be awesome.

The Camping

Boots and Hearts Burls Creek Camping WayHomeSpeaking of the fans, a lot of them will be camping. And while we won’t be among them, we’re looking forward to the stories from those of you who are.

As of Wednesday afternoon it seems a whole whack of people have set up camp and cracked open drinks… so the party is already starting.

Just be safe in there. Be smart. Have fun.

The Late Night Dance Parties

BnH Late Night Dance PartiesAll 4 nights of the festival will feature a late night dance party at the Front Porch Stage. The music starts at 11 with sure highlights coming from Thursday’s White Out party and Sunday’s Foam Party.

We can’t wait to see the action and everyone’s Instagram pictures after!

Seriously, tag us or tweet at us or something with your pics. We’re sure they’re going to be awesome!

The CanCon

The Road Hammer @trishcaAs we’ve said, this lineup and stacked – and a lot of the talent in 2015 is Canadian. We LOVE that, and we’re proud of it.

We’re also excited because acts like The Road Hammers, Chad Brownlee, Small Town Pistols, Emerson Drive, Wes Mack, Leah Daniels, Kira Isabella, The Stellas, and High Valley all put on a great show, and we’ll be there to see them to their thing.

Shout out to Emerson Drive btw. The boys stepped up at the last minute to fill the vacant spot that was created when Dallas Smith slid over to cover for Little Big Town. Well done boys, it was the good Canadian thing to do.

The Thursday Night Kick Off Party

BnH kick off partyThe party starts Thursday night thanks to Coors Banquet! 5 acts, 6 hours of country music, and a whole lot of fun are coming – and we can’t wait.

Really, it’s true.

2013 and 2014 both gave us awesome kick off parties with acts like Brett Kissel, Dallas Smith, Tim Hicks, and Emerson Drive – and this year shouldn’t be any different.

Be ready for The Reklaws, Jess Moskaluke, Old Dominion, Blackjack Billy, and The Road Hammers to put on the biggest Thursday night at Boots & Hearts yet.

See y’all soon.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

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5 New Country Acts We’re Excited to See at Boots & Hearts 2015

Boots & Hearts is coming. We’ve been over that. Single Day VIP passes are available. Daily schedules have been released. Excitement is growing.

We all know who the headliners are, and we love them. Just like you, we can’t wait to see Brad Paisley, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett, Dallas Smith, Jess Moskaluke, Kira Isabella, etc, etc, etc… but there are other acts, new acts, that we can’t wait to see up on stage as well.

So let’s break down 5 of the acts that aren’t headliners yet – but are on their way.

Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels CMAO 2015Fresh off her Rising Star win at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards, Leah Daniels is getting ready for a huge push!

With Go Back going Top 20, Dream Without You climbing the charts right now, and a stage show that continues to get better and better. We can’t wait to see what the Uxbridge girl brings to the Boots & Hearts stage. You can be sure you’re going to see a big smile, a big voice, and a boat load of enthusiasm.

Be ready to hear some new music, maybe some great covers – but most of all, be ready to see an artist that you’re going to hear a lot more of in the next few years!

Maddie & Tae

Maddie and Tae Start Here Album CoverIn 2014 these girls took the country music world by storm with Girl In A Country Song. And now we’re only 2 and a half months away from the release of their debut full length album, Start Here, and that’s exciting for fans and for Maddie & Tae.

Fly has been a strong 2nd single for the duo and we can’t wait to hear those 2 songs as well as like Your Side Of Town, Sierra, and maybe a few new ones that we haven’t heard yet. Boots & Hearts is going to feel like an unofficial Canadian album release party – just 3 weeks early. We’re ready for that!

Old Dominion

Old DominionWith Break Up With Him all over the place right now it’s hard to believe that there are many country fans that aren’t familiar with Old Dominion. And if you don’t know that song yet, maybe you remember Shut Me Up from just a little while ago.

The songs that these boys sing lead us to believe that we’re going to get a fun set. The harmonies are tight, the potential for some loud guitar action is there – and with a few thousand of their closest Canadian friends in the audience we have a feeling that they’re going to be excited.

Shut me up by showing up/ With strawberry stuff on your lips you know I like so much/ Just a little kiss will do the trick/ Give me something else to do with my lips…

Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott Lay It On MeWe’ve said a lot about Dylan Scott already (Boots & Hearts Preview: Dylan Scott Q&A and 7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Dylan Scott). We’re fans and we’re ready for more.

We know that Dylan’s set is going to include Lay It On Me, Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, as well as covers of Keith Whitley’s When You Say Nothing At All and maybe even Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud since it was so huge on Facebook, YouTube and iTunes.

It is also pretty safe to say that Dylan Scott is going to bring a ton of Southern Boy Charm with him when he comes to Burl’s Creek. And we can’t wait.

Lennon & Maisy

Lennon and MaisyWe really have no idea what we’re going to get from Lennon & Maisy and Boots & Hearts. They could have their own set. They could pop up on stage with their mom and dad (The Stellas). But either way I’m guessing that we’re going to see them on the main stage. There’s too much recognition thanks to ABC’s Nashville.

If we do see the girls take the stage on their own we’re hoping that we get to see covers like Ho Hey, Boom Clap and maybe even Call Your Girlfriend. And with the release of the girls’ new book, we’re expecting to hear In The Waves as well. Oh, and if we don’t hear A Life That’s Good, we’ll be sad.

No matter what happens we know that the crowd is going to pop for Lennon & Maisy, and we can’t wait to see their faces and hear their voices when that happens!

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Boots & Hearts 2015 Day-to-Day Lineup!

Here we are…

With 2 months + a day until country music fans descend upon Burl’s Creek, the team at Boots & Hearts has gifted us with the day-to-day lineup cards! We knew that this was going to be a stacked festival. The names that kept getting announced have had country fans excited since day 1 when Florida Georgia Line was announced on Breakfast Television.

And now we know who is playing which day from Thursday all the way through Sunday!

Previous experience may lead us to believe that the names at the top will be performing at the end of the night, and the names at the bottom in the small print will be performing on side stages in the early afternoon sunshine… but we don’t know for sure just yet.

Here’s what we do know…


Boots and Hearts Coors Banquet Kick Off Party 2015

The Road Hammers
Jess Moskaluke
Blackjack Billy
Old Dominion
The Reklaws


Boots and Hearts Friday Lineup 2015

Brad Paisley
Justin Moore
High Valley
Maddie & Tae
Dylan Scott
Small Town Pistols
Austin Webb
Ty Baynton
Kaitlin Kozell
Genevieve Fisher
Jesse Labelle
Abby Stewart
Open Sky


Boots and Hearts Saturday Lineup 2015

Eric Church
Little Big Town
Chad Brownlee
David Nail
The Stellas
Lennon & Maisy
Mackenzie Porter
Melissa Payne
Jesse Labelle


Boots and Hearts Sunday Lineup 2015

Florida Georgia Line
Thomas Rhett
Frankie Ballard
Dallas Smith
Cannan Smith
Kira Isabella
Wes Mack
Trinity Bradshaw
The Lovelocks
Leah Daniels
Them Dang Rattlers
Kate Suhr


This festival is stacked from top to bottom, just like it is every year!

Click Here to read more Boots & Hearts posts and interviews – and stay tuned because we’ve got more posts, more previews, more information – and more coverage from Oro-Medonte coming up!

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Pistology: Catching Up with the Small Town Pistols [Interview]

Small Town Pistols 2015“I grew up with that band” it’s a thing you hear a lot of people say. But in the case of the Small Town Pistols, it rings just a little bit truer.

Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson started their career in country music with their dad (Steve) as The Wilkinsons. They were celebrated and successful and I knew every word to every song. And when that ended, both siblings took time to work on their own projects before eventually coming back together to work together as the Small Town Pistols. Their 1st record as a duo won them the 2014 CMAO for Album of the Year and the Canadian Country Music Association Award for Group of the Year.

Now they’re nominated again for 4 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards (Single of the Year, Songwriters of the Year, Group or Duo of the Year & Music Video of the Year) and prepping to drop a new album.

But before any of that happens, we caught up with Amanda and Tyler for a little Q&A action so we can all get answers about the CMAOs, new music, Boots & Hearts and more straight from the source.

Here we go!

Small Town Pistols home pageQ. First thing we have to ask… How great did it feel on Wednesday to hear that you’d been nominated for 4 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards?

Tyler: We were super excited! Obviously awards are not the reason why we make music but to have your peers and friends think you made something worth nominating is a huge honour.

Amanda: it’s a huge deal for us. We are incredibly proud of the province we live in. We’ve been saying for years that we need an award show in Ontario because so many other provinces have had their own. It’s insane how much talent we have in our own backyard and now we get to celebrate it.

Q. We’re hoping that you’re going to be in Markham for the awards, can you tell us if you’ll be performing?

Amanda: We’ll most certainly be there for the show. As for performing, only time will tell!

Small Town Pistols InstagramQ. I Only Smoke When I Drink is the track that put your name on this year’s ballot… and now fans are starting to hear Can’t Wait To Meet You on country radio – how do you feel about the new track and the reaction so far?

Tyler: So far the tracks has received great response. It’s always exciting to write, record and then release a song. We are attached to it in a different way so it’s great to watch the fans make it their own

Amanda: You always hope as a writer your songs resonate with the fans. Whether you are an expecting new parent or already have children or if you’re a family member or friend who is anticipating the birth of a child this song is about those honest feeling you feel. It’s been amazing to see the reaction to it.

Q. And now we need to ask… can you tell us when the new album is going to be released in full?

Amanda: The album will be titled Pistology and is set to be released May 26th

Small Town Pistols facebookQ. We saw Tyler a little while ago checking out The Lovelocks and The Stellas (both CMAO nominees) in Toronto – have either of you seen any other great live music lately that we should try to catch when we can?

Tyler: One of the last shows I got to go to was Bad Suns… they were so good live and carry such great melodies. People should definitely check them out!

Amanda: Brothers Osborne is a new fav of mine. And Elle King.

Q. Looking ahead a few months, you’ll be playing Boots & Hearts this summer for the first time – what have you heard about the festival, and what are you looking forward to?

Tyler: We have a lot of friends who have been to B&H they said it was nothing but a blast. We are soooo stoked to play with Brad Paisley again!

Amanda: Apparently the audience is a blast!!!! I love summer festivals. Honestly if we weren’t playing we’d be in the audience. 🙂

Q. Last question, in 50 words or less, tell us what’s coming next for the Small Town Pistols.

A&T: Promotion our new single ‘Can’t Wait To Meet You’ and the upcoming album. Gearing up for shows this summer and hopefully a tour in the fall!!!

Big thank you to Amanda and Tyler for playing along! We can’t wait for the new album to drop in May (the day after the CMAO Awards) and our fingers are already crossed for a local stop on a fall tour!

Find the Small Town Pistols online at these fine locations…
Facebook: Small Town Pistols
Twitter: @smtownpistols
Instagram: @smalltownpistols
iTunes: Small Town Pistols

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It Wouldn’t Be This: The Stellas at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room!

The Stellas at Hugh's Room in TorontoTalented, attractive, funny, very in love, Canadian, and live right in front of our faces…

The Stellas came home-ish on Friday night to play Hugh’s Room in Toronto. It was the first time that we’d had a chance to see the Oshawa/Whitby couple take the stage to play their songs, and it was long overdue.

Brad & Marylynne were in complete control of the packed house, telling jokes and stories, making fun of the band and each other and themselves, making the audience laugh between songs that, at times, nearly had us crying.

It would be an understatement to tell you that The Stellas are under-appreciated for the amount of talent that they bring to their music. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had that 1 big radio hit. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had the push on US radio. Maybe it’s because we often think about their daughters Lennon & Maisy before we think of them.

Note: Cool to see Tyler Wilkinson of the Small Town Pistols in the crowd and taking in the show.

We did our best to get the set list written down during the show, but we kept getting distracted by things like singing along and tearing up and laughing. However, we have some of the set to share…
The Stellas Hughs Room TheReviewsAreIn

  • Perfect
  • Gravy
  • In This House
  • Stay A While*
  • Riding in the Back Seat
  • It Wouldn’t Be This*
  • The Man Upstairs**
  • Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young)
  • Baba O’Reilly (The Who)
  • Mash-up: Waterfalls/ Fishin’ in the Dark/ Callin’ Baton Rouge/ Wasn’t That A Party/ Mercedes Benz (TLC, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Garth Brooks, The Irish Rovers, Janis Joplin)
  • Encore: No Choice (Peter, Paul and Mary)

The Stellas at Hugh's Room Toronto March 27 2015*Stay A While and It Wouldn’t Be This will both be featured on The Stellas new album which drops on May 4, 2015. The date just happens to be the couple’s 20th anniversary, not a bad gift to give to each other.

**Brad let loose with the news that The Man Upstairs has been put on hold for Blake Shelton, so keep an eye out for it!

To say that we had a good time Friday night would be easy. To explain the show that The Stellas put on with just a few words, photos and music videos, is hard.

If we weren’t in countdown mode for Boots & Hearts before, we are now.

Do yourself a favour and check out more from The Stellas online – and if you have a chance, go see a show soon!

Facebook: The Stellas
Twitter: @thestellas
YouTube: The Stellas
iTunes: The Stellas

The Stellas: It Wouldn’t Be This

The Stellas: Perfect

The Stellas: Riding In The Back Seat

The Stellas at Hugh's Room in Toronto March 2015
The Stellas Hughs Room Toronto TheReviewsAreIn black and white

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Hugh’s Room Debut: The Lovelocks

The Lovelocks at Hugh's Room in TorontoIt was a long time coming, but Friday night in Toronto a few people got to cross some things off of their To Do List.

On Dundas St. West in Toronto, in front of a full house, The Lovelocks played the Hugh’s Room stage for the very first time, as the opening act for The Stellas. They were fantastic!

Ali and Zoe probably feel like they should have been on that stage a long time before this. Not because of any sense of entitlement, but because they both live in the neighbourhood. And, the reputation of the venue makes it a must play for anyone in the industry.

The ladies played a lively and completely enthralling set, mixing songs from their 2014 EP, tracks from their upcoming 2015 release, and well known crowd pleasing covers.

The Lovelocks Ali Raney at Hugh's Room in TorontoConfession: I may have been too busy singing along with the show to take as many notes as I wanted… so this isn’t a full set list, but The Lovelocks set did include:

He’s My Man
Teardrop Tattoo
Rocking Chair (written w/ Lisa Brokop)
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
I Do Not*
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)

The Lovelocks Zoe Neuman at Hugh's Room in Toronto*This one is coming up on the new record. The Lovelocks told us before they started playing that it was going to be a little sassy, and it was. In fact, it seems there is a clear Shania influence – it almost instantly reminded me of That Don’t Impress Me Much – and that was totally okay by me!

Note: The other things that got crossed off of To Do Lists… well, 1 list – mine. Friday night was my first show at Hugh’s Room and it was the first time catching The Lovelocks live on stage. Like I said off the top, it was a long time coming.

The Lovelocks Hugh's Room Toronto TheReviewsAreIn InstagramHere’s the thing with The Lovelocks… Ali and Zoe are friends, and it shows. And not just in a “we’re in a band together so we’re friends” kind of way. They were friends before this all started, and it’s easy to see that their friendship is an important part of their lives, not just their careers. It makes watching them sing live really fun. The smiles on their faces, the laughs when they joke, and the shared appreciation for the audience and the situation that they are in…

The Lovelocks are a pleasure to watch and listen to. If and when you have the chance to see them, take it. Don’t wait as long as I did.

Find The Lovelocks online to learn more about Ali & Zoe…
Facebook: The Lovelocks
Twitter: @heylovelocks
Instagram: @thelovelocks
YouTube: thelovelocksband
iTunes: The Lovelocks

The Lovelocks: Rocking Chair

The Lovelocks: Dance

The Lovelocks: Teardrop Tattoo

The Lovelocks at Hugh's Room in Toronto March 27
The Lovelocks at Hugh's Room in Toronto March 27 2015
The Lovelocks at Hugh's Room in Toronto March 2015

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Boots & Heart 2015 Ticket Giveaway!

Congratulations to our winner of 2 General Admission Passes to Boots & Hearts 2015, Macy Groulx!

Hey friends, guess what?!

The awesome team at Republic Live has hooked us up with a Pair of General Admission Passes for Boots & Hearts 2015 – and we’re going to give them away to one of you!

Boots and Hearts 2015 HeadlinersThese passes are currently on sale for $269.99 plus fees and taxes (for 4 days of entertainment) but 1 lucky winner is going to check out Eric Church, Brad Paisley, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett, Maddie & Tae, etc., etc., etc. on the house.

Now, it is important for me to tell you that these passes do not include camping or any other accommodations, they do not include travel to or from the venue at Burl’s Creek Event Park, and they don’t include food or drinks or merch and other such things. But they will get you into the park each and every day – and if you want to buy a camping pass, you can. And if you want to buy food and drinks and t-shirts and hats, you can do that too!

The total value of this prize, including taxes and fees is approximately $660… so ya.

Boots and Hearts 2015 LineUpIf you want to check out the big names listed above as well as Dallas SmithThe Stellas, The Lovelocks, Leah Daniels, Trinity Bradshaw, Lennon & Maisy, and more – just use the widget in this post and enter up to 5 times for your chance to be the big winner.

It’s easy. Really. Leave a comment on the blog here, that’s an entry. Follow Boots & Hearts on Twitter, that’s an entry. Follow me on Twitter, that’s an entry. Check out The Reviews Are In on Facebook, that’s an entry. Tweet out this post using the widget, that’s an entry. 5. 5 chances for you to win.

The winner will be contacted by email after the contest closes Friday, February 6, 2015 at 8pm eastern standard time.

Oh, and to be fair, my family will not be eligible to win. Sorry y’all, I love you, and you can still get your friends to enter and take you if they win!

Note: Before you hit submit on your entries you must click the highlighted text in the box to send your tweets/follow on Twitter. 

Remember, share this with your friends and family because if they win, you’ll be able to remind them that they owe you!

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome. Good Luck!

And if you’re looking to buy tickets or camping for Boots & Hearts 2015, CLICK HERE!

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Women in Country: Canada Leads the Way!

Country music, like all music, goes through swings and cycles of popularity among certain artists or trends. Recently the prevailing trend has been Bro Country… but that’s changing – and Canada is leading the way.

Yes, male artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Dallas Smith and Florida Georgia Line are still selling out arenas and hitting #1 on the charts in Canada and the United States – but the women are coming. In fact, they’re already here and they’re starting to make noise in a big way. And we’re all for it!

jess-moskaluke-on-stageOn Tuesday the 2015 Juno nominations were announced, and in the Country Album of the Year category we saw 3 female artists named in the list of 5. Congratulations to Jess Moskaluke, Kira Isabella, and MacKenzie Porter on their fantastic records – we don’t know who we’re even going to cheer for on March 15th.

Aside from the award nominations, we’ve had other signs that things are turning around. Perhaps we have CanCon rules to thank, but Jess, Kira, and MacKenzie have been joined on the radio by artists like Lindsay Broughton, The Lovelocks, and One More Girl. Add that list to American hit makers that include Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Maddie & Tae, and Danielle Bradbery and all of a sudden you’re looking at some excellent balance on country radio in Canada. It has been refreshing to hear and fun to listen to.

Edit: We need to add Leah Daniels to this list because we just learned that her current single “Go Back” will be landing in the Top 40 this week. Congrats to Leah.

But even better than radio play is live music!

Boots and Hearts 2015 Profile PhotoThis year the Boots & Hearts Music Festival has really made a step towards equality in their lineup after having only a small handful of female acts booked in 2014. It’s hard to blame them for last year’s lineup – they have to book acts that are popular and will sell tickets. But 2015’s lineup is awesome with 12 female solo acts or duos + 3 more acts that will have women prominently on the microphone (Little Big Town, The Stellas, Small Town Pistols). That’s HUGE. We’re looking at 15 of 30 acts having a female voice! Congrats to, Canadian owned, Boots & Hearts for making that happen – and to all of the acts for busting their humps to get to where they are.

Here’s the list…
Kira Isabella and Josh at The Rockn Horse-3147Kira Isabella
Maddie & Tae
Trinity Bradshaw
Leah Daniels
Lennon & Maisy
MacKenzie Porter
Kaitlyn Kozell
The Lovelocks OutsideThe Lovelocks
Genevieve Fisher
Melissa Payne
Kate Suhr
Abby Stewart

We Love It!

Now, are we still going to hear male country singers going on about pretty girls and pick-up trucks and beer? Of course we are, that’s never going away!

But we’re also going to hear from some very talented women in country music. They’re going to release more albums and singles and videos. They’re going to put on more concerts, book more festivals, sell more t-shirts and generally keep being awesome. And we’ll be here to support them every single step of the way.

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3 years ago

Boots & Hearts 2015 Preview: Catching Up with The Stellas [Interview]

The Stellas Album Cover

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The Stellas have been making music for years. In fact, they’ve been at it for 20 years now, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Originally from Whitby, Ontario (just east of Toronto) the married duo of Brad and MaryLynne are working on their second album and will be coming to Boots & Hearts in 2015 to put on a show for the crowd. It will be their 2nd time at the festival, and just like all of us, their first time at the new Burl’s Creek venue.

We were able to catch up with The Stellas by email to see what’s coming up for them, talk about Boots & Hearts, and get to know them a little better.

Here we go…

Q. You guys have been at this music thing for a while, and it’s working out pretty well for you. How cool is it to be playing big festival shows like Boots & Hearts when you got your start in small city Ontario?

The Stellas Lennon and Maisy

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The Stellas: It’s one of our favourite places to play! We were so grateful to have had the opportunity to play the festival in 2013. Now we have the opportunity to play it a second time with the added magic of our children, which only makes it that much more amazing! Not to mention.. we met a long time hero of ours, Rita Coolidge, the last time we played Boots & Hearts. 🙂

Note: In case you didn’t know, because I forgot to mention it, Brad and MaryLynne are the proud parents of Lennon & Maisy, 2 super talented girls you may know from YouTube or ABC’s Nashville.

Q. Barrie isn’t as close to Whitby as Bowmanville would have been, but it’s closer than Nashville, how does it feel to be coming “home” to play to a big crowd this summer?

The Stellas: Having the opportunity to play in front of a big crowd is always exciting, but knowing that we’ll be looking at the faces of those we know and love, just makes it that much more amazing! It’s like a big family and friend reunion!

Q. And Boots & Hearts is going to be a family affair for you with the girls coming up to play as well. Is this going to be your summer working-vacation, or is there a real vacation planned for the family this summer?

The Stellas Boots and Hearts 2015

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The Stellas: Playing music with the whole family is never work, but we will most definitely carve out some extra time while we’re there to spend it with family and friends. 🙂

Q. Now back to work questions, what other big things are coming up for you in 2015 that we should know about?

The Stellas: We are releasing our second album! It has been a longer process than anticipated as there’s been a lot going on, but we are so excited for everyone to hear what we have been working on!

Q. 1 last serious question before a couple fun ones to wrap things up. What can you tell us about the next album from The Stellas, because we’re really digging Gravy and want more 🙂

The Stellas: Thank you! This album is a collection of songs we feel really proud of. It’s always a challenge with the first album. Everyone is a little more conservative on the first go around. With this second album, we were able to put songs on there that we wrote and really loved. There is a wide range of songs.

The Stellas Boots and Hearts 2015 Profile


Q. Dream Time: You’re putting together the tour of a lifetime and you get to bring 2 or 3 other acts out on the road with you – who are you playing with every night?

The Stellas: It would be quite the variety! Probably Marty Robbins, KISS, and if Michael Jackson were still alive…him too! 🙂

Q. If we could sneak a peek at your playlists right now, who would we find in your top 3 most played?

The Stellas: Marty Robbins, Lori McKenna, and Bread.

Q. In 50 words or less, tell the Boots & Hearts fans what they can expect when The Stellas take the stage this August!

The Stellas: Expect us to pour our hearts out, make you laugh, dance and feel the love & music!!

Big thank you to Brad and MaryLynne, The Stellas! We can’t wait to see them up on the Boots & Hearts with Lennon & Maisy stage this August. If you don’t have your tickets yet, get ’em here!

Find The Stellas online at these fine locations…
Facebook: The Stellas
Twitter: @TheStellas
YouTube: The Stellas

3 years ago
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