Festival Announcement: The Big Feastival with Weezer, Ben Harper, The Strumbellas and more!

Just when you thought you didn’t have anymore plans to make for the summer… another sure thing comes along.

The Big Feastival is coming to Canada – and from August 18 to 20, there will be music, food, and fun for the whole family waiting for you at Burl’s Creek in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. This festival/feastival has everything (insert Stefon voice here) top chefs, crafts, art, a farm park, family olympics, camping, and Weezer!

We already know that Burl’s Creek makes for a fantastic festival grounds from our experience at Boots & Hearts and WayHome… and we’re sure that they’re going to be able to deliver a weekend that differs in offering, but compares greatly in good times and sweet memories.

On the musical stage we’re going to see…


⁍ Weezer
⁍ Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


⁍ The Strumbellas
⁍ De La Soul
⁍ Magic!
⁍ Basia Bulat
⁍ Wintersleep
⁍ Dwayne Gretzky
⁍ Choir! Choir! Choir!
and more…

AND, on the kids stage, the legendary Fred Penner has been announced alongside Paw Patrol and Splash’ N Boots.

If you want entertainment, it’s going to be there!

And food. Oh goodness the food. With chefs like Chuck Hughes, Danny Smiles, Rob Gentle Vikram Vij, and Matthew Demille on site, there are more than likely going to be good eats to follow. Heck, there’s even going to be a cooking school at The Big Feastival.

Weekend tickets come in at under $200 for adults (Aug. 19-20) with teen prices nearly half of that, and children under 12 – FREE.

Camping tickets (Aug. 18-20) for adults are less than $250, nearly half again for teens, and children under 12 – CAMP FREE.

VIP options are also available for both camping and non-camping tickets.

We’re sure that there will be more information coming soon from the team at The Big Feastival… but for now we’ve all got an entire website to sort through, get excited about, and get ready for!

Check out the video below… and some pics of Weezer and The Strumbellas – and stay tuned for more!

Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015

thereviewsarein.com February 2016 Playlist!

A new month is here… and we’re ready to fall in love with new music. And If you’re looking for some new tracks to learn and love in February, we’re here to help.

Check out our February 2016 playlist for some emerging talent, huge stars, and personal favourites.

If there are songs you think we should be adding to our playlist, because you LOVE them already – please leave a comment and let us know.

Check back in March to see what’s got our ears perked up then!

thereviewsarein.com February 2016 Playlist!

Maren Morris: 80s Mercedes

Jess Moskaluke: Take Me Home

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Jess-8076

The Katherines: Primitive

Autumn Hill: Mixtape

Autumn Hill

The Dirty Nil: Zombie EyedThe Dirty Nil Canadian Music Week 2014

Cam: Village

River Town Saints: A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

River Town Saints

Alive Through Memories: Keep Me Alive

Old Dominion: Snapback

Old Dominion Boots and Hearts 2015

Kelsea Ballerini: Peter Pan

Madeline Merlo: Whatcha Wanna Do About It

Justin Moore: You Look Like I Need A Drink

Justin Moore Boots and Hearts 2015

Mieke: Move On

Runaway Angel: Around The Bend

Dylan Scott: Crazy Over Me

Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2

Tim McGraw: Humble And Kind

Keith Urban: Break On Me

Ian Thornley: Feel

Ian Fletcher Thornley at The Mod Club

Sia: Cheap Thrills

Weezer: King of the World

Weezer Riot Fest 2015


2 years ago

Top 10 Musical Moustaches #Movember

I love Movember. I love the coming together of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to help raise awareness and money to help dudes with physical and mental health needs.

In fact, this is the 6th year in a row that I’m growing my own moustache in support of the cause.

Movember 2015 LogoSo, to celebrate the season, and draw a little more attention to moustaches everywhere – I’ve put together a list of 10 of my favourite moustaches in music.

We’ve got a mix of genres in here and that’s because we like a mix of music.

So let’s have a look at the list and some music – and if you would like to support my Movember campaign you can click this link: mobro.co/phjoshua

10. Dave Grohl
When you think of Dave you probably think of his glorious beard – but think of the music videos the Foo Fighters have given us over the years and you’ll get some lovely moustache action. We all love Dave, so we’ll count it!

9. Rivers Cuomo
Rivers isn’t well known for his ‘stache – but he’s rocked it, and been comfortable doing so. Weezer has been part of the music I love for a long time, so he’s on the list!

8. Tim McGraw
My favourite Tim McGraw moustache is nearly 20 years old now, when a young Tim was breaking into country music and making a name for himself. His mullet/moustache combo was intense, especially with the cowboy hat thrown in.

7. Brandon Flowers
Brandon Flowers has a moustache that makes him look a little sleazy. I don’t love it. But I don’t hate it. And he’s a great performer and proud wearer of his lip sweater.

6. Jimi Hendrix
If we were judging purely on music, Jimi is higher. But we’re not. His moustache isn’t outstanding, I’ve never admired it for it’s beauty. However, it’s there and consistent and part of who he was – along with those wicked guitar skills.

5. Kix Brooks
One half of Brooks and Dunn has a moustache, and it’s enough moustache for both of them. Kix has had one hell of a career on stage and as a radio host – but he’s on this list because his moustache is a thing of beauty and often matches his hat.

4. John Oates
Such a pretty ‘stache. John Oates is best with Darly Hall, but his moustache stands on its own. Add it to his private eyes and we’re sold!

3. Alan Jackson
I love Alan Jackson, and his epic moustache. He’s had it for as long as I can remember, and I hope it lasts forever. Mr. Jackson has more hits than some baseball players. I’m happy to have him on this list.

2. Lionel Richie
In a long and storied career, Lionel Richie has done it all. And we’ve had the chance to look at his moustache while he’s done it. Welcome to #2 Mr. Richie.

1. Freddie Mercury
I’m not sure what I have to say about this one. Have a look, think about it for a minute. There you go. #1 on the list and in our hearts, Freddie Mercury.

2 years ago

Riot Fest Toronto 2015 Day 2: Photo Review

What a spectacular day of music! The sun was out, the mud from day 1 was cleared up, the music was loud and everyone was all in.

My biggest regret from Riot Fest Day 2… missing Andrew W.K

But, the rest of the day was awesome, and to prove it I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


Riot Fest 2015-005-2Riot Fest 2015-024-2


The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015Riot Fest 2015-032-2The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015The Airborne Toxic Event Riot Fest 2015


Tyler, The Creator Riot Fest 2015


Riot Fest 2015-396Riot Fest 2015-422Riot Fest 2015-449Riot Fest 2015-458Riot Fest 2015-471


The Dying Arts Riot Fest 2015The Dying Arts Riot Fest 2015The Dying Arts Riot Fest 2015The Dying Arts Riot Fest 2015


Bleachers Riot Fest 2015Riot Fest 2015-575Bleachers Riot Fest 2015


Rancid Riot Fest 2015Rancid Riot Fest 2015Rancid Riot Fest 2015Rancid Riot Fest 2015Rancid Riot Fest 2015


Riot Fest 2015-832Riot Fest 2015-852Riot Fest 2015-718Riot Fest 2015-767Riot Fest 2015-795Riot Fest 2015-800Riot Fest 2015-893Wu Tang Riot Fest 2015


Riot Fest 2015-1105Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015Weezer Riot Fest 2015

2 years ago

Riot Fest Toronto 2015 Day 1: Photo Review

It was a muddy, messy Saturday and Mother nature threw everything she had at the artists and crowd at Riot Fest Toronto – but as they say, the show must go on!

Check out some of our favourite photos from Day 1 of Riot Fest Toronto!


Thrice Riot Fest 2015 Thrice Riot Fest 2015 Thrice Riot Fest 2015

Courage My LoveCourage My Love Riot Fest 2015 Courage My Love Riot Fest 2015 Courage My Love Riot Fest 2015 Courage My Love Riot Fest 2015 Courage My Love Riot Fest 2015

All Time LowAll Time Low Riot Fest 2015 All Time Low Riot Fest 2015 All Time Low Riot Fest 2015 All Time Low Riot Fest 2015 All Time Low Riot Fest 2015

MotörheadMotörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Motörhead Riot Fest 2015Weezer – There will be photos from the pit tonight, promise!Weezer Riot Fest 2015

Alexis on Fire
Alexis on Fire Riot Fest 2015 Alexis on Fire Riot Fest 2015 Alexis on Fire Riot Fest 2015 Alexis on Fire Riot Fest 2015


2 years ago

Can’t Wait to Meet You: The Small Town Pistols at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Since we started making predictions for Boots & Hearts back in the fall of 2012 we’ve been guessing that Small Town Pistols would be on the stage… and now, in 2015, our prediction finally came true. Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson came out on the main stage Friday afternoon to put on a show, introduce some new fans to their music, and take us back in time a little too.

Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1508We had a chance to sit down with the brother and sister duo after the set to chat for a bit, and before we even tell you what we talked about – you need to know that these are two of the most laid back, funny, and generous people you could ever hope to meet.

One of the highlights of the Small Town Pistols set was a surprise appearance of Steve Wilkinson, which gave us a little reunion of The Wilkinsons – and a very nice rendition of 26 Cents, which got a great reaction and a ton of singing from the crowd.

We asked how cool it was to bring their dad up with them, and immediately smiles came across their faces and Amanda told us it was awesome because they never get to do that anymore, and it’s good Ju Ju to have him up on stage with them. Tyler added that it’s always great because when he and Amanda first started the Small Town Pistols project rumours circulated in the music community and among fans that there was some sort of issue with the family or the kids had quit the band or something… none of that is true – and it’s easy to see that both Tyler and Amanda are happy to prove that when they sing with their father now.

Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1562The band also surprised us all when they broke out a cover of Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So, and nailed it. We asked them about playing it, and Tyler told us how that goes for him… “I feel like, if you play a super traditional country song like I Only Smoke When I Drink, you have the right to play whatever you want after that.” makes sense to us, we hope they keep that up.

Tyler also told us that he looked out into the crowd during the set and saw a lady waving a Mario flag and singing along to every word of Can’t Wait to Meet You and Say It Ain’t So, asking Amanda “Is there anything better than that?” – her answer, “No.”

As a great surprise, the Small Town Pistols told us that they will soon be releasing a vinyl version of their latest record, Pistology – and that it will have 2 bonus tracks that were recorded live off the floor.

Amanda is really excited that they were able to make that happen, she cited Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline as examples of women she listened to when she was young, and that’s how they recorded their music. We can’t wait to hear that bonus stuff – and hear that sweet, sweet vinyl sound.

Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1631As the Small Town Pistols took the stage on Friday the crowd was relaxed and spread out over the lawn. Standing near the stage, sitting in the grass, some with chairs, many with beer, and happy to be there. The duo came out to an intro of The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1, and got a great reaction to their energy right from the start.

Tyler and Amanda have been doing this whole music thing for a while now – but seeing them up on stage, and talking to them after made one thing very clear, they still love it. And we’re happy they do.

Check out the Small Town Pistols set list and photos from Boots & Hearts and be ready for more coming soon!

The Small Town Pistols Boots & Hearts Set List

Jester in a Crown
Blame it on the Radio
Anthem of a Runaway
I Only Smoke When I Drink
Colour Blind
26 Cents (The Wilkinsons reunion)
Say It Ain’t So (Weezer cover)
Can’t Wait to Meet You
Living on the Outside
My Family

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1497Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1640Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1639Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1517Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1476Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1545Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1531Small Town Pistols Boots and Hearts 2015-1488

2 years ago

@Phjoshua in Pictures!

Hey kids, what’s shakin’?

I was taking a look at Facebook with all the new changes that everyone is having a stroke about and ended up creeping my own photos.

I’m not a dude with 10,000 pics on my profile. I’m just over 400. And I’m totally okay with that.

In fact, I generally don’t like myself in pics at all. But once in a while someone grabs a shot that I really dig.

Let’s take a look!
Those are summer pics – the first is from Canada Day 2011 when I got to see Weezer live for the 1st time in my life. I was crazy excited. The 2nd pic was taken a few years ago at Pride in Ottawa right before I jumped in the dunk tank to raise some money for charity.

Good times.
These 3 are all from the last 12 months. The first was taken on Rannie’s bday – I like the hair in my face… because it hides my face. The middle pic was taken at a costume birthday party in Ottawa last fall. That outfit was a Value Village special and while the pants were ridiculously tight, it was a hit. The 3rd pic is from Shake a Tail in the winter. Lisa is clearly the star of the pic, but I’m doing my best to look classy in my shirt and tie combo.
These photos were both snapped by Rannie at #Tweetgasm events at The Gladstone in Toronto. The 1st comes from Movember 2011 as you can see by the smooth cheeks and budding soup strainer. The second was taken this summer and was featured as my profile pic for a minute or 2. Notice the sunglasses, see those around the city and it just might be me!

Thanks for stopping by – remember to smile, you never know who’s taking pictures of you!

6 years ago

Canada Day at Downsview Park w/ Weezer and The Hip!


On Canada Day I was lucky enough to hit Downsview Park with good friends to see Weezer and The Tragically Hip. As a bonus we saw Broken Social Scene, Hey Rosetta! and even Buck 65 when he popped on stage to do a Beastie Boys cover with BSS.

The best part was being with 4 people who are awesome and totally worth spending a day with.

The second best part was how amazing Weezer was on stage. They played the songs the crowd wanted to hear. They were fun. They invited us to sing along and they gave me chills.

Side note: I had pretty much given up on seeing Weezer live since it is something I’ve been thinking about and wishing would come together since high school.

Big thank yous again go out to Windows Canada – who not only hooked us up with tickets to be at the show – but then the gang in the tent gave us sunglasses – what a score!

Thanks to Rannie (@photojunkie) we even have video evidence that it was amazing being in the crowd for the day – check out the sing-a-long clip from Say It Ain’t So!

The third coolest thing was running into Katie and Alana who I have known for a combined 50 years or so. Port Hope High School can be found everywhere!

This isn’t a review – I don’t have a ton of photos – but there is one that Rannie took of me before the Weezer set that I love to pieces.

This Is What A Moment Of Excitement Looks Like!

That’s all for now kids – it’s early – I have coffee to drink – and a day to make awesome – so do you – get to it!

7 years ago

Happy Canada Day from The Tragically Hip and Weezer!

Everyone Loves Canada Day Cupcakes!


Hey kids, I’ve got something awesome to share – Windows Canada hooked me up for Canada Day at Downsview Park.

That means that I get to see The Tragically Hip, Weezer, Broken Social Scene, Hey Rosetta! and Buck 65 all in one fantastic holiday!

I’ve never seen any of the acts on the bill so I’m pretty hyped for that. And I love me some Weezer, so that’s especially fantastic in my twinkling eyes.

If you’ve got tickets and are going to be there make sure to look for me. I have no idea what I’ll be wearing. Probably something red (which will make me easy to find I’m sure) if I can make up my mind. I will try my best not to be wearing any Canadian flag temp tattoos or things of that nature. But I can promise nothing.

There were other options for the day – and I’m a little sad that I won’t be at the Rogers Centre to see Roy Halladay and the Phillies. But to have the chance to spend the day with friends, outside, in the sun, with Buddy Holly ringing in my ears is way to good to pass up.

Side note: I really should try to get some flip-flops and sunglasses!

I live a pretty charmed life my friends. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Good friends, good family and good interwebers. There’s not much more that I can ask for.

I’m sorry that I’m not giving away tickets for tomorrow – but it just wasn’t an option this time around. Perhaps something will come up for us in the future.

Side note: If you’re having cupcakes tomorrow for any reason, throw a candle on there and blow it out for Canada’s birthday!

I may not write about the concert tomorrow – but I’m sure other people will. Keep your eyes open for reviews, pictures and all sorts of stories. It should be an awesome time for everyone.

I gotta jet for now. Here’s me wishing you all a Happy Canada Day! – and to my 2 readers south of the border, Happy Independence Day!

Stay awesome!

7 years ago
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