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5 Quick Questions with Honey Beard

As we get close to Canadian Music Week 2017 we’ve got some 5 Quick Questions entries for you. First up is Honey Beard. When I wrote my second round announcement post I gave this band a listen and loved them. The Irish-Canadian Dark Synth-Pop duo calls Toronto home and they can be seen at the Lisbon Lux & Ride The Tempo Showcase on Thursday, April 20th at Longboat Hall.

Let’s get right to it,  5 Quick Questions with Honey Beard.

Q1: What artist/band would you most love to have on a bill with you?

G&T: A big inspiration for what we do is Depeche Mode, to support them would be a dream come true. Locally, fellow synth-pop band For Esmé would be a band that we’d love to play a show with, very talented and wonderful live.

We love, that they chose For Esmé because we love them too!

Q2: What are you most looking forward to at CMW?

G&T: We’ve been going to CMW for a few years now and for us, the venue hopping aspect of the festival has always been our favourite thing. It’s all about discovering the lesser known band, that’s where the excitement is for us. There is very little that can match the discovery and surprise you get when a band you know little about blows your mind. CMW are experts at providing that to the music lover.

Q3: What is the first concert you remember going to?

Gaz: My first large concert was Metallica, Dublin in 1992. It was amazing!

Tom: My dad took me to see James Taylor for my first concert when I was about 9 years old. The first concert I went to “on my own” was a Warped Tour in Montreal. It was sweaty and muddy and dirty and amazing.

Q4: What Artist do you think we should be paying more attention to?

G&T: Impossible to pick one! There are 3 shows we would love to get to at CMW: Meet The Blue are playing at The Painted Lady at same night as us (unfortunately),an Irish Band called We, The Oceanographers are playing Stop Drop and Roll on Friday night at midnight –  but there is also a stacked bill playing at Longboat Hall on Friday night that is a ‘Women in Music‘ show with Kylo and Hey DW! We’ve seen these ladies live before and they are awesome!

Q5: What’s up next for you in 2017?

G&T: We Just released our Debut album ‘Dreamless Sleep‘ and it’s been getting a great reception so far. We are pretty hyper-critical of ourselves but we’re both very excited about what we created and right now we’re in the process of pushing the album out there to the opinion makers (which is not easy). We have a second launch show in Montreal (M-Bar) on April 29th, and then more Canadian shows over the summer before we go to Ireland to play a mini tour of festivals.

Thanks to Gaz and Tom for taking the time to answer our questions and if you’re looking for a show to fill up your Thursday night, we recommend checking out Honey Beard.

Honey Beard

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