Kevin Smith <3's Twitter... So We Reviewed Him.

In the intro to this blog I said that we are going to review just about everything on this website.  And today I’m going to try to illustrate that point.

I’m going to take a stab at reviewing the Twitter habits of Kevin Smith.  I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith and his work.  In fact I watched Clerks II on IFC this weekend.

Mr. Smith is an infamous and popular Tweet-er with 1,359,030 followers at the time of this post.  His user name is @ThatKevinSmith and I’m sure he’d be happy to have you follow him.

Not too long ago (September 7) he ran a 24 hour Tweet-a-thon to answer fan questions, hype his book and movie and talk about whatever he happened to be doing.  Before he started the marathon session he warned anyone with mobile updates to turn them off lest their phone fry from over use.

Most of Mr. Smith’s updates lately have been with regards to upcoming Q&A sessions all over the world as he is soon set to go on a tour.  He also does a thorough job of talking about SModcast and the book that has been released with the best of SModcast held within.

It can, has and will be said by some that Kevin Smith has a potty mouth and can be vulgar.  He is not opposed to toilet humour, as evident in his flick Dogma (if you’ve seen it you know what I mean) or in his previous book, My Boring-Ass Life.  His Tweets are no different.  If you’re looking for information on his sex life, bowel movements or eating habits, check out his updates.

What Kevin Smith does well with Twitter, that many other people shy away from is post multi part updates.  There are often times when you will see a 1/2 or 1/3 at the start of a Tweet.  It’s not a terrible idea since everyone is limited to 140 characters per update, and Kevin Smith is a wordy guy.

With all said and done I’m happy to follow @ThatKevinSmith on Twitter as a fan and as someone that likes to laugh at funny stuff when it’s available.

In my biased opinion I’ll give him an A- grade since I started following him.

p.s. If you want to follow me on Twitter you’re more than welcome to, I love the attention @phjoshua.

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Kevin Smith <3's Twitter... So We Reviewed Him.

Mr. Smith is an infamous Tweet-er. His user name is @ThatKevinSmith and I’m sure he’d be happy to have you follow him.

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