Reviewing Great Music On A Summer Day

So I know that we’re knee deep in winter at this point.  But I’ve got summer on my mind.

I’m a lover of music.  Lots of music.  I fall asleep listening to Country.  I clean listening to Pop.  I rock out listening to Rock.  I bliss out to Show Tunes.  And so on.

So I’m sitting here thinking about how awesome it would be to be sitting on a beach, or by a pool or somewhere warm, but not too hot, with a drink and some friends that would let me pick the music and act like they enjoyed the tunes as much as I would.

I the realm of Rock I’m going for The Foo Fighters right away.  It’s no secret that I love Dave Grohl and everything that he does, they put on a great show that had me singing along when my jaw wasn’t in a fully dropped position.  Great guy.  I’ll also tune in to Our Lady Peace circa grade 10 (these guys were the tops) and The Killers because they’re my go to on karaoke night.  Over all those guys have some great tunes that everyone can sing along to.

But we’re not done there.  As everyone is enjoying their beer, or rye, or Malibu and Coke or Daiquiris or whatever, we keep the hits rolling.

The Pop records go on and I’m picking Katy Perry because she’s got a great little voice and some catchy tunes.  Beyonce gets a shot because she’s Beyonce, are you kidding me; I can’t leave her off this list.  Rihanna makes a strong push to be on here because she makes me wanna get up and dance.  And the booze will make me want to do the same thing.  And I’ll finish off this all female Pop-stravaganza with Kelly Clarkson.  The original American Idol.  I love her and the music and her everything.

Show Tunes totally get to come on as everyone starts to get a little bit tipsy.  They’ll have everyone up and singing along and swaying their hands and bodies from side to side.  RENT and Hairspray get top billing from me for the fun up-beat, up-tempo songs that I know.  The Glee soundtrack gets a spin as well, because even though not all the tracks on there are Show Tunes, everything that they sing has that Show Choir quality to it.  Even Don’t Stop Believin’. (You can hate all you want, but it sounds really good when those kids sing it)

After dinner, when some people have peaced out, but the others have stuck around, the sun has set and the drinks are still flowing, but slower than before, I get into the Country.  I don’t care who you are, I’m gonna throw on some Country and Western that makes you fall in love with the genre.  Put your preconceived notions aside and prepare to enjoy yourself.  I know that a lot of people love Beyonce and sided with Kanye at the MTV show, but I love Taylor Swift and her CD is good times.  I’m also leaning toward The Zac Brown Band who did great things for Country music at the Grammy’s with their performance.  Carrie Underwood gets a vote too, even though I’m not a huge fan of her taste in men.  She has a great big voice and some fun tracks to go along with the traditional Country hits.  Tim McGraw gets some play with wife Faith Hill.  We’ll throw on some Kenny Chesney even and pretend that we’re on an island just loving life.

Just think about it.  All of that great music mixed with bbq, friends, water, patio lanterns, candles, warm weather, a sun set, a lawn chair, and maybe even some sparklers.  Like I said, I know that it’s winter right now, but I got a little bit warmer while I put all these plans together.

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One comment on Reviewing Great Music On A Summer Day

  1. phjoshua says:

    After thinking some more I’ve decided that a couple of acts have to be added to the list.

    In the world of Rock I’m going with Kim Mitchell and Rush. 2 great Canadian acts that feel like summer.

    On the Country side we need to add Sugarland, Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town. These 3 groups make great music, have fantastic voices and make me happy.

    And lastly, on the Country list goes Shania Twain. She’s a legend. And I love her no matter how long it’s been since she was at the top of the game.

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Reviewing Great Music On A Summer Day

So I know that we’re knee deep in winter at this point. But I’ve got summer on my mind.

I’m a lover of music. Lots of music. I fall asleep listening to Country. I clean listening to Pop. I rock out listening to Rock. I bliss out and to Show Tunes. And so on.

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