Are You There World? It’s Me, Josh

Hi world.  How are you?

I’ve been thinking.  And what I’ve been thinking is that I should really introduce myself.  And I’m not talking about the usual, hi I’m a 28 year old writer who loves sunsets and sports.  Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s relevant.  I will add though that I’m a Pisces who digs sports.

What I don’t dig, and am not really great at is talking about myself.  Now I love talking, people will line up to tell you that.  But when I talk about myself and get all introspective I also get nervous and paranoid.  I get worried that you’ll see my pimples and scars and wrinkles in glorious HD.  You might even see some grey hair, and that scares the hell out of me.  But maybe it’s necessary.  Maybe you need to see my flaws to also see my charming smile and cute dimples.  Maybe my wrinkles will help explain why I feel the way I do about family and money and friends and myself.  And because I want to share those feelings with you all, perhaps it will all be for the best.

So here come the wrinkles.  I’m the oldest child in a large, expanded, extended and hard to follow family.  I’m the product of a broken home, low self-esteem and personal battles.  I’ve learned, lost, listened, laughed and loved.   And I’ve felt love from many.  My friends and family grow more precious to me every day.  They support me, love me, push me and pick me up when I’ve fallen.  And believe me, I’ve fallen, a lot.  At times it’s been very public, at times very private and at times it’s been nowhere but in my own mind, but they don’t care.  They pick me up and dust me off every time.  Yet I still find it hard to open up and share with them.

What they know and what I share, intentionally or not, is that I care deeply and often foolishly, I have an addictive personality, I’ve struggled with self-image and self-worth issues (and continue to fight them from time to time) I crave attention because I fear being forgotten, I routinely put myself second or third to avoid dealing with my own problems or situations, I hate confrontation and negativity and I love Batman and sports.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why is he telling me all of this?  Who is this guy?   The answers are right here.  I’m just a guy.  I’m not changing the world, I’m not breaking new ground, but what I am doing is looking to connect.  I want to write about things that matter to me.  Sometimes light and fun, other times not so much.  When I write about tough things though it’s important to me that you know I’ll always be looking for a silver lining because I hate the negative.  Likewise, when I’m writing about baseball or Batman I want you to see the giant smile on my face.  I want you to know that I’m feeling like a happy little kid and it’s okay for you to feel the same way.

I also want to write things that matter to you.  I want you to feel like you can say, “Hey Josh, what do you think about steroids or life or public transit?”

I want my writing to start a discussion.  And if I’m not the one you discuss it with, that’s cool by me.  If you read something and want to call your mom because it reminded you that you miss her and it’s been a while, I’ll be happy with that.

Note:  Call your mother, she loves you.  And if you can’t call yours, call a friend’s mom, or grandma or your favourite aunt.  Somebody’s day will be made by your call.  Trust me.

In the end I really just want you to know that no matter what I write, it will be real.

So, world, with your permission I’m going to re-launch

There will be some changes that you may notice right away.  Others will take time.  But if you come aboard now I promise to make it a fun journey.

Many thanks.  Keep smiling.


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6 comments on Are You There World? It’s Me, Josh

  1. Leesa Fluke says:

    Definitely, if you don’t want to call your mom, or can’t call your mom, call a favourite Aunt….. this Aunt loves that!

    And, Josh, I’m one of the ones in your corner as you well know. And, I’ll always be one to dust you off, and cheer you on, no matter what you choose.

    I love you, my nephew, and I’m not ashamed for anyone to know it!

    Aunt Leesa

  2. Aunt Karen says:

    Josh, I believe I know more about you this minute than I ever have. You are a fine young man, with many deep thoughts, and I am proud to be your aunt.

  3. phjoshua says:

    Are you seeing this folks, I have some pretty awesome family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Mark Murray(Dad) says:

    You forgot Dads, they will always take your call, and be glad, even if its collect.
    Don’t forget you can depend on all of us, any time any reason.
    Love you always and glad to let everyone know.

  5. phjoshua says:

    And dads. I’ll never forget dads. I promise.

    Love you too.

  6. Hi Josh,
    I follow you on that great forum called twitter and I just wanted to write about this current post. After reading this it actually brought me to tears. What you write I feel the same way. I moved 2000 miles away from home and miss my family and friends 24 hours a day, seven days a week. when you write “They support me, love me, push me and pick me up when I’ve fallen.” a picture of my parents shines bright in my mind! Thank You for reminding me to call home just to tell them that I love them and appreciate everything that they do for me. You truly can find strength and inspiration in some odd places when you least expect it!

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Are You There World? It’s Me, Josh

I’ve been thinking. And what I’ve been thinking is that I should really introduce myself. And I’m not talking about the usual, hi I’m a 28 year old writer who loves sunsets and sports. Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s relevant. I will add though that I’m a Pisces who digs sports.

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