Saturday Night Fever, The Cunninghams @ The El Mocambo

Remember when I launched this bad boy and I said that we were going to review everything.  Well we’re one step closer today, because I’ve got a rock show to review.  And it was awesome!

May 1, 2010 will go down in history as the night The Cunninghams premiered the video for their single, Gunblaster.  It will also be remembered as the 1st time I saw them play on the mythical stage of the El Mocambo at 464 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON.  Yes, that El Mocambo.  The one that you’ve been hearing about for years.  The one that has had everyone on it.  Everyone.

Saturday night The Cunninghams; Reggy, Nigel, Clapsbury and Pierce, added their names to the list.  It was a real rock and roll show my friends.  No fireworks, lasers or lip synching.  Just loud, energetic, move your body music.

The audience, made up of friends, family, fans and people walking around on a Saturday night (like me) was right into the show.  Cheers after each song, dancing all over the floor and at one point the stage, and beer being downed, as it is meant to be.  It was easy to tell that the boys on the stage were the draw as the crowd grew right before they hit the stage.

The music was good too.  Believe me, I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t.  What fun would that be?

It was one of those nights when I wished that I had learned to play guitar instead of writing when I was a teenager.  And as much as I love karaoke, it reminded me that real rock and roll is about a lot more than having a drink and spitting on a communal microphone.  These guys love it.  It was easy to see, from start to finish (an encore no less) that they want to play music.  This isn’t something that the guys are doing just for kicks.  They are rock and rollers.  Awesome.  Jealous.  A little intimidated.

Here’s my short list of things that confirmed to me that this was in fact a good set of rock and roll.

  1. The audience was dancing.  Guys with girls, girls with girls, girls by themselves, people on stage and even 1 dude in the corner.  It wasn’t me.
  2. The booze was flowing.  Good music helps people feel comfortable and have fun.  When people are having fun at a bar they don’t mind paying downtown Toronto prices for bottled beer.  Even Labatt 50.
  3. There was a merchandise table selling t-shirts, cds and stickers.  Real rock and roll band stuff.  It is true that I own a pair of Foo Fighters socks, but The Cunninghams had the real stuff that people wanna buy.
  4. It sounded good!  Too many shows have bands that look like they’re having fun, which is awesome, but I have no idea what they are singing or screaming or doing.  The sound on Saturday was great.  It kept me involved in the songs and the show.
  5. It made me want to play music.  It’s as simple as that.  If I leave a show and catch myself singing or playing air guitar or drumming on my legs I know that I had a good time at a good show.

It kind of reminded me of seeing The Constantines when I was in college.  And that was a good show by a band that has seen some success come its way in the way of album sales, critical acclaim and a friggin’ Juno nomination.  I’ve got a feeling that 10 years from now I’ll have the same feeling being able to say that I saw these guys before they were all over the place.  So, ya.

Other cool stuff I found out:  These guys know how to make social media work for them.  Check out for links to them on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, iTunes and more and more and more.  They are accessible.  So accessible that I’m going to be able to get pictures from them to throw up on my Twitter and such.  They are the Royal Family of Rock and Roll.  Which makes sense given the names Reggy, Clapsbury, Pierce and Nigel.  They rock a show.

All said, I was super impressed.  Sometimes I forget that rock and roll isn’t just big stadiums and pyrotechnics.  It’s sweat and smiles and original tracks and fans and love for the music.  Saturday night was a great reminder or where it all starts and why it’s still awesome.

And like I said before, liking the music is always an added bonus.

Keep an eye out for more updates from these guys.  Add The Cunninghams on Facebook and Twitter.  Check out their Myspace page when you have some time to listen to their tracks.  And when you see their names on a marque someday, remember this blog.  I know I will.

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Saturday Night Fever, The Cunninghams @ The El Mocambo

Keep an eye out for more updates from these guys. Add The Cunninghams on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their Myspace page when you have some time to listen to their tracks. And when you see their names on a marque someday, remember this blog. I know I will.

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