Becoming Unstuck

I read a blog the other day by one of my mentors (I hope it’s okay with her that I call her that) and was left inspired to write and to buck up about my own life.

Kelly Diels ( wrote about being stuck. She listed some of the heartbreaking things that she has been through in her life and the amazing way that she has overcome them. It made me take some stock in what is going on in my life right now.

My employment situation is looking up after too many weeks of looking. And while I will most likely be settling for a job with responsibilities I would rather not take, I think it should pay the rent. It also reminded me, as Ms. Diels quite often does, that living my dream is possible.

There is work to be done, things needed (like a laptop/ pc) and concentration/ effort required. But it is possible.

And with that in mind I have started writing pieces that will soon be showing up online with the hope of expanding my audience, experience and skill. I have booked 2 interviews for jobs that may actually have me writing (both with their own pro’s and con’s) and continue to look for ways to build my portfolio (ps. I am available for guest posts)

Hope is creeping back in. Coffee helps with that by the way. And I am fighting back against the dark times and my own feelings of being stuck.

So, with all of this said, I have got work to do.

Thank you again to Kelly and to all of my friends and family for never giving up on me. While loved ones may not be accepted currency, I do consider myself to be a rich man.

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  1. FYI – don’t feel like you need to wait for other people to build your portfolio. I made one up – totally and completely – when I started my business.

  2. phjoshua says:

    Thank you Julie!

    I’m working on putting some things together. And encouragement and advice are always welcome.

  3. Kelly’s awesome.

    It sounds like I’m in a similar boat as you (you can read last night’s morose post on my blog if you like), and I’ve found something else very helpful: Exercise. Hard, long, intense exercise. (Specifically the P90X training program, but whatever floats your boat.) The energy comes quickly, and I dare say the endorphines are lifesavers. It’s like happy pills but the only side effect is a great body. I could think of worse things to get hooked on.

    Good luck!

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Becoming Unstuck

Hope is creeping back in. Coffee helps with that by the way.

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